Jun 30 2007

In memory of United’s greatest

I’m posting again after a long time. I’ve noticed how most of the posts for some time now have been battling transfer rumours spread by obnoxious tabloids. This isn’t going to be one of those.

This is about a sadness that wells up every time I think about two players that have left United via the ‘back door’. These two, together, have proven to the world what they can do when playing together. No points for guessing. Its Ruud and Becks. The first was the result of a really bad case of the club trying to offload a jaded star and for a decent price while they still could. The second, well, is a truly sad story.

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Jun 30 2007

Manchester United 2007/2008 Home Kit

It’s official folks.

We finally have the official pictures from Manchester United showcasing the new 2007/2008 home kit (due to launch on 1st August in the game against Inter Milan, methinks).

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Jun 30 2007

Shirt Numbers Anyone?

Wayne Rooney will wear the No. 10 shirt from next season.

While practically numbers don’t really matter, we all as fans understand the subtle significance. A number 10 especially can be a stamp of confidence from a manager to a player, which can egg him on to better things, and give him a sense of responsibility.

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Jun 29 2007

Tevez, Hargreaves, Heinze | Anderson’s Work Permit

Tag: Manchester United News @ 10:15 am

The week’s almost over and we sit down to decide how best to waste the time in the weekend. Football will certainly be among the to-do list nonetheless. So let’s quickly run through the news reports of the day.

Yesterday’s comment section was buzzing with reports of Tevez snubbing Inter. I must admit, I didn’t expect a snub so soon. But with Inter also apparently cooling off their interest, and Tevez asking to be given more time to decide on his future, nothing can be really known until the Copa America gets over. And going by the way a full strength Argentina spanked the American kids, they look like the most focused team of the tournament. I’m sure players like Tevez and Heinze would want to put their club future on hold for the moment.

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Jun 28 2007

Strikers, Strikers and Only Strikers

Tag: Manchester United News @ 10:30 am

It’s become a fad now. Everyone wants to link us to strikers. And it’s not just the media. Players take enormous pride either by announcing that United are interested in them, or by saying they ‘rejected’ overtures from the club.

While the barrage of rumors linking Arsenal with any player (to have clocked even 5 minutes on the pitch as a striker) is justified by the departure of Henry, only Torres has been linked with Liverpool. We, on the other hand, have strikers aplenty on our books when our forward line is relatively settled. And for those people who talk a lot about our apparent lack of a reliably deadly finisher, let me assure you that we can comfortably get through next season, while managing to contend for all four trophies till the very end. While I am not saying we will win all four, we will be in contention for each of those four trophies till late in the competition.

So dear players and media, go pick on another club.

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Jun 27 2007

United are on vacation, you should be too

Tag: Manchester United News @ 6:48 am

What the hell are you guys doing trawling for United news when the players are on a break and the manager’s off enjoying the sun?

Manchester United are not going to sign anyone this week, and despite what the Daily Mail and their ilk will have you believe, United aren’t going to sell anyone this week either.

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Jun 26 2007

5 reasons why Tevez needs Manchester United

Tag: Manchester United News @ 9:50 am

We’ll all talked about how Manchester United a reliable striker in the Berbatov mold to help us win the Champions League. And if you’ve been reading RedRants, we’ve also talked a lot about why Tevez would be as good, if not better, for United.

But what about Carlitos Tevez? How come no one has come out and talked about what would be best for the player?

So here are 5 top reasons why Carlos Tevez moving to Manchester United will be the BEST possible thing for his footballing career:

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Jun 26 2007

Should Dong Go on Loan?

Dong Fangzhou – A player who sacrificed two and a half years before he could get a work permit and play in England. Everyone knows that his signing is a stunt by United to capture the Chinese market. Many fans don’t want him to play for United. We understand that. Part of that is because no one have ever seen how he played for Royal Antwerp. The following video illustrates that he is decently athletic and has a decent shot. He should be loaned to some Premiership club or Championship club to see how he can really fare. Loaning out in England has helped with Foster, Evans, Bardsley and Simpson. He might be moulded into a decent striker who when returns to United can sit on the bench whenever required, play in the cups and otherwise help the reserves, only with more confidence.

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