Jul 31 2007

Rooney Ready For Big Year

Wayne RooneyAs Manchester United fans, we consider Wayne Rooney to be a world class striker. We group him in with the Thierry Henry’s of the world. However, as a friend and Arsenal fan recently pointed out to me, Rooney’s statistics do not point to a player that is of world class quality. Instead, it shows a player who has shown flashes of world class potential, but just does not have the numbers to warrant such high praise. Rooney is very creative with the ball, but he is not an out and out striker like Henry. However, according to Sir Alex Ferguson, this will all change this year.

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Jul 30 2007

Roundup: Vidic, Evans, Tevez, Heinze

Tag: Manchester United News @ 10:10 am

Manchester United CrestThere were quite a few stories that, I admit, I didn’t cover over the past few days. Not that I wasn’t aware of them. Just that I was swamped with work (in my real life, that is) that I couldn’t get to the part of writing posts.

Today’s round up will certainly not be comprehensive. Nonetheless, it will refresh things for those living under a rock for the past 2-3 days.

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Jul 29 2007

Air Superiority

HeaderThere are very few flaws that one can find in a masterpiece. When you do, indeed, you tend to wonder if those rare gaps were accidental after all- or if they were part of the contrivance of the great mind behind the rest of the glory. Fergie’s third ‘reich’, to me is posing just such a quandary. I really don’t know whether what I’m saying here was overlooked by him, or if he’s got a twinkle in his eye and a smirk on the inside of that wrinkled gum-chewing countenance. Either way, it is pretty loud a gap as I see it.

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Jul 28 2007

Heinze Has Gotten On My Nerves

Gabriel HeinzeOkay, needless to say, *Insert RANT ALERT here*.

This site has been doggedly loyal to Heinze, several times sticking its neck out time and time again, that we might have ourselves gotten bored of our Heinze worship. We’ve even pulled Pool fans’ legs in the process. (Not that we will ever stop doing that, though)

But sometimes when you expect certain things to happen and they don’t, life gets a tad frustrating.

Tiresome – but necessary – rant follows.

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Jul 27 2007

Scholes’ Injury is a Blessing

Tag: Manchester United News @ 10:10 am

Paul ScholesYou wouldn’t get that usually in a United site. Especially when someone, of the stature of Paul Scholes, faces the grim prospect of being out of the side for a good month. Not to mention the time he will surely take to get back into his stride, coming back from the long layoff.

Make no mistake, this would have been seen as terrible news had it been last year. But this year, you couldn’t have asked for a better blessing than this.

To stop myself from sounding retarded, by beating around the bush, allow me to explain.

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Jul 26 2007

Daily Roundup: Rooney-Tevez, Rossi-Pique and Eagles

Tag: Manchester United News @ 10:30 am

Manchester United CrestNot much to talk about today apart from linking you all to news that has become pretty stale by now.

Anyhow, let’s get on with the routine.

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Jul 26 2007

Rossi Scores Two in Two Games

Giuseppe Rossi
While the attention has been trained on the exploits of the new signings in Asia, of the likes of Nani & Co., Rossi has been quietly warming up to the next season in style back in England. Since there hasn’t been adequate reports on his progress I thought I can very briefly touch up on that.

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Jul 25 2007

High Court Comes to Tevez’s Rescue

Tag: Manchester United News @ 10:10 am

After taking a mini-break from Tevez-gate we are back. We had to wait till we heard what FIFA had to say and, quite unsurprisingly, those half-wits decided to pass the buck – this time to the Court of Arbitration for Sport. However Kia Joorabchian sprang into action and finally decided to do what he ought to have done way back in April (when the Hammers tore up his contract) – he serves a writ on West Ham, taking them to the High Court.

All this is pretty much the gist of the latest happenings in this tedious soap opera. So what now? Would the CAS do a better job? Would the High Court be our best option yet? Let’s look into this in a little more detail, shall we?

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