Jul 08 2007

Sunday Roundup: Brazilian Starlet, Tevez’s Word, Owen, Rossi

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A very good morning to you all. Enjoy the Sunday while you can.

Let’s get down to today’s (and some of yesterday’s) stories quickly.

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Jul 07 2007

Owen Hargreaves Will Be Key

Of all the signings Fergie has made this summer. The one likely to prove the most crucial was his securing of long term target Owen Hargreaves. The much marginalised and underrated, Canadian born English man is actually the one Roy Keane replacement Fergie has been looking for since Keane started losing his powers back in 2004.

Though it is clear that the one thing United would probably never replace about Keane in the team is his leadership and influence, his playing game was completely replaceable.

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Jul 06 2007

Manutd.com: Reds Announce Tevez Capture

Update 3: The Beeb’s got this report. According to that Kia Joorabchian’s lawyers say, the deal has progressed with the “knowledge and permission” of West Ham United. Wonder what will happen now. Expect the deal to take a while.

Update 2: Eggert Magnussen has now opened his mouth. Wants Tevez to spend his next three years with the Hammers. Pah!

Update: Sky Sports seem to have confirmed it. It’s a two year loan!

We were talking about not believing the Tevez rumours until they came from the horse’s mouth. Now we think that the horse has indeed spoken (or umm… neighed?).

Anyway, we found this link [via UnitedRant forums] which has the headline saying Reds Announce Tevez Capture, but no content.

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Jul 05 2007

Tevez Update: It Might Just Happen

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More reports are pouring in. They are all over the place. And now, it’s the BBC’s turn..

BBC’s Radio Five Live Sport thinks a deal could be done by the weekend. Nice. Really, nice. For those living under a rock (or sleeping, or plain stoned), for the past few hours, please read this.

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Jul 05 2007

Manchester United Sign Tevez?

Reports are just coming in and looks like Manchester United have signed Carlos Tevez.

The Times carries this report.

Happiness, overflows as I write this, but how certain are we about this deal? Read on.

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Jul 04 2007

Featured Video: Hargo’s Crackers

Michael Carrick wasn’t quite the goal scorer at Tottenham, although we now know he is capable of scoring a scorcher or two, don’t we?

Owen Hargreaves wasn’t particularly prolific at Bayern. In fact, his goal return was pathetic. But he wasn’t meant to score goals anyway, was he? But he has scored some, more than decent, goals. And my, my… some of them are actually pretty well taken efforts.
I would be really happy if he gets even a couple of those next season. Video after the jump.

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Jul 04 2007

Today’s Roundup: Ronaldo’s hair, Smith, Keano, Heinze, Silvestre

Tag: Manchester United News @ 10:20 am

Quite a few things to report today. Of course, we’ll spare the Scousers this time! Apparently they don’t take criticism too lightly. I know, certain things can really hurt. So let’s move on to worthwhile things.

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Jul 03 2007

Why Heinze Won’t Go to Liverpool

The answer is very simple really.

Manutd.com carries a report where Heinze says that he would deliberate about a move to another club. But the club needs to really, really convince him that the move would be right for him.

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