Aug 31 2007

Preview: Reds vs FC Ireland (a.k.a Roy Keane’s Sunderland)

Manchester United Crest  Sunderland Club Crest

So the Mackems head to Old Trafford for a game which sees the return of a lot of familiar faces. Most prominent among them is manager Roy Keane himself. It’s also a side that has other ex-Reds such as Liam Miller, Andy Cole, Dwight Yorke, Danny Higginbotham, Kieran Richardson and Paul McShane.

Now that is a lot of ex-Reds. Anyhow, given the run we’ve had so far we would be anything but sympathetic about Sunderland’s situation and the players should be expected to be in a murderous mood to get some momentum going in the run in to the Chelsea game.

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Aug 31 2007

History Beckons As United Discover Their Group

Tag: UEFA Champions' League @ 10:10 am

As most of us already know, the year 2008 would represent 50 years since the Munich disaster. It is also 40 years since the 1968 European Cup win.

Ideally, we would love to mark these occasions with a win in the Champions’ League. Of course, it would be great if such a thing actually happened. Anyway, we admit we didn’t bring out a ‘breaking news’ of some sort once the UEFA draw got over. But now that you’ve had some time to have looked at the groups it might be good to discuss about how our group stacks up with the rest.

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Aug 30 2007

Manchester United 07/08 Home Kit: The Video

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Groann. So I suspect you might have been already sick and tired of my kit posts. But I guess we can never really have enough of them, can we? So here is the video of the kit launch and photoshoot, complete with player sound bytes. And some words from the designers.

The video was a mostly good natured one, with players especially Rooney in full flow trying pranks on Rio and Neville. The kit shoot, of course was before Nani, Anderson and Hargreaves arrived in OT. So don’t expect the new lads in the shoot.

Anyway, I shouldn’t be boring you. So here’s the video. [via Manunitedpies.]

Football Shirt Culture :New Manchester United 07/08 nike kit

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Aug 30 2007

Deadline Day Approaches. So, United vs Chelsea: Who Spent More?

CashEd’s Note: This article was written a couple of weeks ago. Just added Belletti’s signing to it.

With transfer deadline day looming large over us, it would be a good time to look at our closest rivals and compare our spending with them. So over to you Ronak…

Jose Mourinho insists the pressure is on United this season after our extensive summer spending spree. But are his claims yet again unfounded? Have we really spent that much? Let’s take a look at the significant moves of past two seasons:

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Aug 29 2007

Now, Which Striker Is United Material?

It has been rumoured that Fergie has been looking at a few strikers recently, but with the recent announcement of Ole Solskjaer’s immediate retirement, United are left short of quality frontmen and it wouldn’t be surprising to see the great Scot make one more visit to the transfer market before September 1st.

Currently, our 3 main strikers are Wayne Rooney, Louis Saha and Carlos Tevez. But if you look at other top Premiership clubs, it becomes clear that 4 strikers are the ideal.

Here’s what the other top clubs’ strike force look like:

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Aug 29 2007

Heinze And Solskjaer Represent Two Different Worlds In Football Today

Ole Gunna Solskjaer(Note: This is Part Two of the two part tribute to Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. Yours truly, here, couldn’t really be satisfied with what he’s written to do complete justice to the man, so he felt it was better to use a contrasting example of another departed ex-Red to fully highlight the true importance of players like Ole. Part One, which was a video & images tribute, can be read here.)

No one could fathom that a player who was signed from a little known club, which went by the name of Molde, instead of another future legend (albeit for another club, Newcastle) would go on to become a legend himself. No one quite expected a player to make such a name for himself by just coming off the bench. No one could quite imagine a player to be so influential off and on the pitch and yet slip under the radar for most part. It was certainly in keeping with everything that Solskjaer stood for. The player, who, of course, despite the numerous contributions made by him for the United cause would be forever remembered for that day.

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Aug 29 2007

A Word To Some Departed Souls

Tag: Site News @ 9:40 am

Antonio Puerta of Sevilla passed away last Sunday. It is an extremely sad day for the club, his family and for the rest of the footballing brethren.

Tim Stannard, the Football 365 La Liga columnist, who writes on his own blog Laligaloca has a tribute post for him. He mentions that he was more or less a Dani Alves equivalent on the left side of Sevilla. Another important cog in the smooth machine that was Sevilla over the past seasons, he was particularly known for his wonder goal that took Sevilla to the UEFA cup final.

May his soul rest in peace.

Tim Stannard’s article

Similarly, our condolences to the family of the young Rhys Jones. We also feel sad for the family of QPR striker Ray Jones who was killed in a car crash.

May your souls RIP. The footballing community is united in your grief.

Aug 28 2007

To The (20)Legend, The Departed: Part I

Ole Gunnar SolskjaerAccording to reports from Sky Sports, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has decided to call it a day. He ends what has progressively become a far more troublesome knee than expected. Obviously it hasn’t been holding up as well as he thought and probably if he thinks that it is indeed time to quit, then so be it.

(Note: This post was written when news was filtering in from Sky. BBC also brought out reports. Although has remained mum so far. Anyway, even so, take this post as a trip down memory lane for our Ultimate Super Sub. If he does retire for real, then a tribute post will follow. Read on…)

A full tribute post is in order, with this being a curtain raiser (or an appetiser if you may).The encomiums will follow shortly. For the moment, just let these images, chants, clips sink in. We’ll get to the main course in some time.

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