Sep 30 2007

Brum 0-1 Reds: Another Scrappy One-Nil Win

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Sorry to burst expectant readers’, well, expectations. But I couldn’t watch the game. I had some frustratingly pressing matter to attend to during that time and I was, well, frustrated as hell to not be watching the game. Although, upon hearing what some of my mates had to say about the game, the comments on the last post and some other sites I thought I might have been equally frustrated watching the game.

Oh well. I’ll still try to piece up something based on observations, and leave the stage to you, dear readers, to give your more informed observations.

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Sep 29 2007

Brum vs Reds: Preview

Tag: Manchester United News @ 11:00 am

Birmingham City Club CrestManchester United Crest

We visit St Andrews Stadium to play Steve Bruce’s men today. The Birmingham players would feel confident after managing to hold Liverpool to a draw last week. If they manage to escape with points today, they would feel very good about their chances of survival this season.

Brucie’s made his team rather tough to beat, bringing in his combative qualities. They will do what many teams have been doing against us — park the bus, and stay extremely disciplined in defence.

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Sep 29 2007

Giggs and Brown to Remain Reds | Ex-Reds Clash | Wenger Threat | Takeovers And Other Such Nonsense

Tag: Manchester United News @ 10:10 am

RoundupLet’s quickly get the roundup out of the way before we move on to the preview of the Birmingham game.

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Sep 29 2007

Can the Guardian Please Find a Better Writer than Daniel Taylor?

Tag: Manchester United News @ 10:10 am

Ahmed beat me to it at Soccerlens, but I guess I independently thought of this. Therefore here it is.

For those who haven’t heard or read any of Mr. Taylor’s articles, this may come as something out of the blue. But the effects are there for a lot of people to see. While I am not an expert on matters pertaining to football — otherwise I would be paid loads for that — I can still tell the difference between something honestly written and something that’s being instantly pulled out of someone’s backside — to, presumably, meet a requirement, say, of one sensational story per week.

So while it is possible to give some leeway to a lot that is written by columnists these days, certain pieces, like the one written by Mr Taylor, is hard to stomach.

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Sep 28 2007

Fergie Ensures United’s Kids Get Knocked Out

Tag: Match Reports @ 10:15 am

A belated post. But the time that has passed hasn’t tempered the feelings I’ve had, during and immediately after the match, in the slightest bit. There are many reasons really.

I have read quite a few opinions around the place. James Ryddel of A Kick in the Grass thinks it is a good thing we got knocked out — especially for disgruntled season ticket holders supposedly wilting under the weight of having to pay for Carling Cup games. Nevertheless, the turnout – something nearing 63,000 – never actually betrayed such concerns.

Scott at the RoM, couldn’t care less about the loss.

So I guess it’s my turn to share a bit of my exalted levels of punditry. So here goes.

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Sep 26 2007

Man Utd vs Coventry City: Preview

Tag: Manchester United News @ 10:15 am

Morning all. ‘Massive’ game against Coventry today. The sky blues fans are certainly excited about the game. Moreover it would be a big game for the young ‘uns who would be looking to make a mark. I wonder if any channel is willing to telecast this game. It looks highly unlikely, at the moment. So we would have to make do with some indifferent radio commentary and post match reports tomorrow.

Anyway, on to the teams.

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Sep 25 2007

Injury Update | ‘Lion’ Tevez Speaks | So Does Carrick

Some injury news today. Call it good or bad, Mikael Silvestre, who was earlier ruled out for the entire season, could now make a comeback as early as March next year. Fergie says that his operation went well in France and things aren’t as bad as it was thought to be.

Meanwhile skipper, Gary Neville would still take longer to get back into action. Credit should be given to Wes Brown who, despite certain sections of fans thinking him to be poor, has been a very good cover for the captain.

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Sep 24 2007

Man Utd 2-0 Chelsea: Reds Rub It In

Tag: Match Reports @ 11:00 am

It wasn’t a vintage United performance. Not in anyone’s wildest dreams. However, it was a game where we controlled things completely. There were moments where it looked like we were getting our stride back. But for most part, we drifted to familiar territory that we’ve seen this season. Nevertheless, the performance was much better than what we’ve seen over the past few wins and it looks like we might actually shift several notches over the coming weeks.

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