Oct 31 2007

Roundup: Recycled, Unsubstantiated Trash Dominate United News

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Today let’s take a small little break away from the Arsenal game. I know a lot of you ranters on the comment threads are itching for a preview post, and of course the big game in the weekend. But I’ll just do my part in prolonging your agony for a day, if I could.

So let’s take a breather from the Arsenal frenzy for just a while, shall we?

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Oct 29 2007

Scholes Out for Three Months. Great News?

So while I saw this earlier in the morning in the Lancashire Evening Post (irony?) I was holding off till I got to hear something more official. Well, here it is now as a spokesperson from Manutd.com confirms the news.

As we know his first scan was inconclusive he was sent for a second scan, the results of which, has now been revealed as knee ligament damage.

Scholesy has to now go for an operation to get his knee fixed.

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Oct 28 2007

United Equal 100 Year Record As Fans Get Value For Money

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This has to be a great time for United fans. How nice it must feel to be supporting a club that also happens to be playing some outstanding football. Of course, the luckiest of the lot would have to be those who get to see them live in action at the Theatre of Dreams week in, week out.

While the Glazers continue to be a much despised lot — what with the ridiculous increase in ticket prices and the Automatic Cup Ticket scheme — the performance of our team, so far, has been nothing short of breathtaking. This team is easily the best we’ve had since our Treble and this is just the beginning.

All this, of course, could be possible only because of certain elements in the club, without whom, we wouldn’t have been able to watch the kind of football that we are witnessing at the moment.

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Oct 27 2007

Man Utd 4-1 Middlesbrough

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So our boys play host to Middlesbrough on the back of, what has been, a free scoring run in the past three games. We have put 4 past three teams, consecutively, and if we do repeat that today, we would be smashing a 100 year old record for scoring 4 goals in each of 4 matches.

It certainly would be a handy record, but that would be the least of the priorities when the lads step on the pitch.

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Oct 26 2007

Great News for United as Players Return from Injury

Today should be a good news day as we have only good things to tell. So without too much dilly dallying from my side, let me get on with the roundup.

Owen Hargreaves looks set to feature in the starting XI against Middlesborough. I know we’ve heard this plenty of times in the past month or so, but today it just looks a little convincing.

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Oct 25 2007

Why We Love John O’Shea

I’ve been trawling through pages randomly when I bumped across this article on the Telegraph. It started off like the usual articles one gets to read on the back of a great performance by United. The usual stuff — on this occasion, bringing Rooney’s birthday into perspective, as if his day had an astral significance on events that unfolded in Kiev — punctuated the article, with facts that United’s injury ‘crisis’ hasn’t really affected their play.

But it was towards the end of the page that I came upon these quotes from our Utility Man.

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Oct 23 2007

Dynamo Kyiv vs Manchester United: Preview

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Morning one and all. Today we face Dynamo Kyiv, the Ukranian Champions, in our Champions’ League group fixture. Must be exciting, eh?

It must be exciting, wouldn’t it? All United games have to be exciting. Something about it being the United way and all that. But then we are wasting a little time talking about things that are old hat and not the thing at hand. So let’s get down to talking about the game, shall we?

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Oct 22 2007

Vidic Returns For Kiev | SAF’s Plan Sounds A Little Dodgy

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I am not sure if I should turn this into a preview post already, given tomorrow is the Champions’ League game against Kiev/Kyiv, or retain the roundup nature of your morning weekday posts. But maybe I’ll retain this as a roundup and consolidate team news and actual preview for tomorrow.

So let’s get on with providing you with your daily dose.

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