Oct 11 2007

Neville to Play Today | Best Central Defence in Europe | Transfer Rumours | Losing Another Young Talent

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Hello readers – Red Ranter is away (something about a Page 3 photo-shoot), so I’ll be filling in today. Be nice and leave a lot of comments 🙂

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Oct 10 2007

Ron Writes off Chelsea | Drog Rubbishes Himself | Pique Is Patient | And A Slow Day

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Boring day, I am sure, it’s going to be. So is the news. Slow as it could be. I even took a break yesterday from posting anything relevant. But again, I don’t think much was missed by the absence of the daily mandatory post of yesterday.

Anyway, we have to soldier on. I will probably get some posts out discussing about players and other things in the next few days, so we’ll have useful things to talk about. We could also talk about international football, but I wouldn’t be too arsed to have that discussed on this blog. Although, if someone is interested to write a bit on how our lads fared in the international games, be my guest. Of course, I’d expect a certain standard of writing that isn’t necessarily Shakespearean (who writes that kind of stuff these days anyway), but at least conforms to the basic framework of the English language. So there.

Moving on, let’s see what we can talk about today.

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Oct 08 2007

Brazilian Twins Spotted at Old Trafford | Neville to Play Liverpool | Anderson to Porto Fantasies | Keane Tips United Over Arsenal

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So back to another Monday and another longish looking week. In fact, the week looks longer now that there is no real football coming our way. At least not at club level.

So we’ll have to be prepared for however little news that pops up, now and then, as we try to negotiate the dry spell. Hmm… so what do we do in the meantime? Well, we could start counting sheep for starts; would help us catch some sleep. Or we could browse random football websites (and blogs) hoping for something sensational to come up.

Or, of course, we have the option of getting on with our regular lives — the offline one, that is. Pfft. On to today’s roundup.

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Oct 07 2007

United Storm After the Lull, as Wigan Fall Victim

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It’s a very nice period, this. For weeks we have seen some underwhelming – but nonetheless, assured – stuff from United. 1-0 wins were the forte, built on a strong, mean defence and, arguably, a bit of luck at times to get goals — while not playing fluent football.

It was the proverbial second (or first) gear that we were playing in. Possession was dominant in all the games with the final third disappointing. But we always hoped (or dare we say, we knew) that, with the team and players we had, this kind of ground-out wins wouldn’t last too long. Some team was going to be spanked sooner or later. Not just us, even the manager concurred.

Can Manchester United score? They always score! But will they score heavily? That was the question.

So we waited and waited. Until yesterday.

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Oct 06 2007

United 4-0 Wigan: The Goals Are Coming!

Tag: Match Reports @ 3:15 pm

Brilliant show from the lads. Has been long time coming. Will get a match report out later, in my own slow pace. Your comments opinions on the game welcome in the meantime.

UPDATE: Read full match report here

Oct 06 2007

United vs Wigan: Preview

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So we take on Wigan today in a post-noon kick off. It’s one team we’ve had good results against in recent times. So one would hope that, against a team with such a wretched away record as them, (and us, with such an outstanding home record this season) there could be only one possible result in this game.

But let’s keep our feet on the ground for the moment, shall we?

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Oct 04 2007

United We Rant: Vent Your Spleen

Tag: Site News @ 10:49 am

A lot of you United fans might have certainly heard of United Rant a well written Man United fanzine that a lot of us read often. However, it’s mysteriously never been updated; not for the past six months leaving many people wondering what on earth ever happened to the site.

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Oct 04 2007

Luck, Toil and A Bloodied Head as United March On

Tag: Match Reports @ 10:23 am

There is a hint of ruthlessness in the way United have played this season among piles of misplaced passes, over-hit shots, and sluggish movement. After starting on a blazing note at the beginning of the season, in terms of attacking verve, the lack of goals probably had a lot to do with an alarming drop in the kind of swagger that the team is known to display.

The Roma game, which by the way couldn’t have possibly been expected to go the way of last season’s encounter, nonetheless, promised a much open game than the fare that has been served thus far this season.

Thankfully, in terms of its openness, the game did deliver as advertised. And like most open games, there were plenty of nervy moments and close calls — another test, this time against genuinely good opposition, for a defence that has managed to hold fort quite admirably, this season.

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