Nov 30 2007

Injured Captain Continues Wretched Run While Wazza Has Until Lunchtime

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Update: Word from the official site is that Neville might be back for the Roma game. But we have heard about his ‘impending return’ a lot for the past eight months. We’ll have to wait and see.
And Rooney looks likely to play against Fulham. Now here goes another article rendered irrelevant! Oh, well. Read the rest of the article if you still have to.

It’s now official. Or so it will be, if all these months weren’t enough to convince us. The Telegraph confirms some of our worst fears. Captain Gary Neville may not be back until after the New Year.

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Nov 28 2007

United Get the Job Done, Just

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I will be very brief, and apologies for those expecting something elaborate. Pressing issues, setting the house in order are just some of the minor things that need to be addressed in the offline life. So short posts will be the order of the day for the moment, at least.

Right. So we move top of the table for sure. Which means we can field our Carling Cup XI against Roma and rest the lads so that they stay fresh for the Liverpool game played three days later.

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Nov 27 2007

Manchester United vs Sporting Lisbon: point to prove for Fergie

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A quick one today, as the Red Ranter has gone to save the world from various evils while I’m too hungover stoned to care whether Saha will re-injure himself tonight or not.

So, the highlights:

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Nov 26 2007

Cheap Tevez, Brilliant Nani, ‘Mental’ Fergie and the Usual Chatter

Tag: Manchester United News @ 11:29 am

Right. Without waffling around too much, here is bringing you your morning dose of United chatter.

There is much talk going on about there being a deal in place to sign Tevez. SAF is visibly pleased with the Argentine’s performance — and rightly so — and says that we will make his move to OT permanent. What follows this is rather interesting, though:

“The fee is in place. I won’t tell you what it is but it is still cheap. I want to make his happen. He has impressed everyone with his appetite for the game.”[link]

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Nov 25 2007

Reds Fall Off the Pace as Bolton Grab Win

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Bolton Club Crest 1 Manchester United Crest

So that’s what happened: A loss to a club placed at the bottom rung of the table. No doubt, the warning signals were there; they have been unbeaten under Gary Megson and even managed a draw against Bayern Munich. This was a local northwest derby and passions would run high. An away game it was and it came immediately after the international break.

So was that enough excuse to lose? Well, not really.

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Nov 24 2007

Bolton vs Man Utd: Preview

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Bolton Club Crest  Manchester United Crest

The international break is over, and will not return for a while now (as I complete my run around my room like a lunatic), and we very quickly cut to the match today. Man Utd take on Bolton Wanderers, who are now playing under new manager Gary Megson.

The Trotters have been unbeaten under their new manager and even managed a draw against mighty Bayern Munich who, as we know, are no mugs.

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Nov 22 2007

An Open Letter to England Fans

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Dear England fans,

I am sorry for what happened yesterday. I am sure it wouldn’t have been easy. Seeing a team, as fancied as yours, getting knocked out of a showpiece event would make your summers quite hard to negotiate. But let’s not talk too much about next summer. Let’s talk about the present.

It must be slightly unnerving seeing a team managed by the Clown. You couldn’t be blamed for it, could you? After all you were clamouring for a foreign manager, after the sacking of Sven. Or was it English? Bah! I forget.

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Nov 20 2007

Super Rooney Returns | Vidic Interview

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Wayne Rooney is back. Well, not quite in the sense that he’s match fit. But he’s back in training thanks to his superhuman powers of recovery. It seems, he’s been called by Steve McClaren to get the team pumped up prior to the Croatia qualifier. I know, desperate times call for desperate measures. Here’s hoping that he doesn’t get too excited or trip over a piece of training equipment.

Bolton might be a bit too soon for him, but if not against Sporting, he would surely be back for Fulham. This is as good a news as one could ever get. I can feel more confident about us facing the ‘dippers now.

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