Apr 30 2008

Man Utd 1-0 Barcelona: Reds March On To Moscow

Crisis? What crisis? That was so easy wasn’t it? Surely we’re going to wallop every team that comes our way from now on, aren’t we?

Okay, let me not attempt to jinx the team anymore, but to quote a certain Scottish manager — I forget his name — football… bloody hell!

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Apr 29 2008

Moscow, we’re going to Moscow!

Match report to follow 🙂


Great stuff by the lads. Outstanding support from the crowd. They won’t be able to talk for a week, I’m sure. Let’s savour these moments for now. I’ll put some videos or pics as I find them, but the match report will come up only tomorrow. Hang on tight, and feel free to rant your guts out.

Over to you…

Found this on video Youtube, don’t know if it’s relevant, but enjoy! 🙂
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Apr 29 2008

Man Utd v Barcelona: Preview

Sorry for the late preview.

So it boils down to today. It could make our season or break it. I know this is a strange thing to say because we can still win the title. But for a manager like Fergie who desperately wants to win at least a double, this would be as close as they come.

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Apr 28 2008

Worry over Rooney and Vida | Evra’s Abuse | Curbs Plans Weak Squad

Tag: Manchester United News @ 10:00 am

Small Monday roundup for you all.

The official site has still been cagey about the Rooney and Vidic situation. The Sun claims that Rooney is only 30% fit. But then, only the Sun is capable of zeroing in on such a percentage.

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Apr 27 2008

Chelsea 2-1 Man Utd: So, Is This harakiri In Progress?

Tag: Match Reports @ 10:00 am

I’ve been trying my best to write a match report for the past hour or so. I bet this is going to be a bad one. It’s going to be incoherent, but it has to be done. So here goes…

Manchester United look set to gifting the title to Chelsea after being in the lead all this while. Sure, we still are in control of our destiny realistically. But we have to beat West Ham and Wigan to ensure we win the title. Also there is the small matter of a Barcelona side that needs to be seen off at OT on Tuesday; not too much time to recover one suspects, considering the Spanish giants rested six of the players in their weekend loss to Deportivo.

We, ran around for 90 minutes on Wednesday in Camp Nou and did an equal amount of running around yesterday. Trust me, to win on Tuesday — and next weekend — would require a little more than a grit of the teeth. It’s not going to be easy, but, to use a cliche, when have we done things the easy way?

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Apr 26 2008

Chelsea v Man Utd: Preview

Tag: Manchester United News @ 10:00 am

I had a dream yesterday. Barcelona bangs four goals against us at Old Trafford. Then we come back and keep pounding their net, scoring goals in the process — and in bucket loads. But for some reason the score still reads 4-2, or something like that. Apparently we keep scoring but we still seem short. Then I woke up briefly and checked the date on my watch, and thanked my stars that it was only a dream. And then I slumped back into bed only for that dream to continue — the same thing on loop. We keep banging in the goals and we still seem short. Then we take the lead. Only for them to go on a three goal blitz. I didn’t know the final score because it became clear that they were winning, and try as we might we didn’t manage to overhaul them. I couldn’t take it any longer: I woke up, brushed my teeth, rushed to work and calmed myself over a cup of coffee.

Moral: Dreams can be rather crap.

Oh well, hopefully Ronaldo, Rooney and co read this (I know, I am so full of myself eh?) and vow to never let such a dreadful thing happen. Ever.

Right. Now that I’ve got that off my chest let’s move on to today.

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Apr 25 2008

A disgruntled fan’s views on the Barca game

Being a Manchester United fan comes with some responsibility: you just have to taunt every single Liverpool fan you come across and if you attend games, make the atmosphere incendiary – it would really help players. In return, you are the fan of a club who has a divine right to domestic success and your team plays some of the nicest football out there. Or not.

There was huge anticipation ahead of the Barcelona – Man Utd game in the Champions League semi-final. Many bloggers or journalists or drunk ‘experts’ (call them what you will) made everyone believe that this would be the game of the season. In all fairness, the game wasn’t all bad. Messi was outstanding, Xavi and Iniesta had some blinding moments and even Thierry Henry looked on form. The only problem is that these were all Barcelona players.

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Apr 24 2008

Barcelona 0-0 Manchester United – Much better than last season

Red Rants had some problems in the last 10 hours or so – first our server was under maintenance for a looonnnggg time (they picked one hell of a time to do maintenance), and then there was a problem with our database that didn’t allow people to post comments. Both problems are resolved now, and I thank you for your patience and hope that you haven’t migrated somewhere else in the meantime.

We will be shifting servers in the near future to avoid any such future problems.

Ok, back to the match itself. In case you haven’t seen the game, I suggest finding a place to download it and watch it again, or trying to catch a replay on TV. My hangover prevents me from going play by play over last night’s events, although to the teams’ credit I managed to go through the whole game without sleeping (as opposed to the shit on a stick affair at Anfield when I dozed off 10 minutes into the game). If you’re pressed for time, read the beeb’s report or guardian’s minute-by-minute coverage.

What I DO want to discuss though, is the nature of United’s performance and what that holds for the coming days (both the Chelsea game and the second leg at Old Trafford).

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