Jun 30 2008

Wenger Speaks Sense As Platini Loses his Mind

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Is Michel Platini for real? Or is this different from the rather good player that strolled the park many years ago?

Yesterday he made a statement backing Real Madrid over the Ronaldo saga. Now, I don’t have any problem with UEFA over not taking action against Real; there is hardly any substantial evidence to back United’s complaint. But when Platini goes as far as to encourage Madrid, then it gets a little bit worrying.

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Jun 28 2008

The Red Exodus | Rio Sure of Ron | Neville v Brown and Other Tales

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Yesterday it came to everyone’s knowledge that 5 players from the United academy were released. A club statement was issued:

Midfielders Michael Barnes, Sean Evans and Ritchie Jones and defenders Kieran Lee and Michael Lea are all free to leave Old Trafford as of 30 June. Academy striker Chris Fagan and fellow scholar Conor McCormack have also been released.

The youth system was discussed in great detail yesterday, so I’ll spare you from another argument on the youth system.

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Jun 27 2008

Is Manchester United’s Youth System Redundant?

[Warning – this is a longer than usual post, since this is too big a topic to cover in a few snappy paragraphs. Still, I think it’s an important area, so if you have a few minutes then settle in for a read and a think.]

There’s no doubt that we have been spoilt in the past. In the nineties, our youth system produced a quite extraordinary series of top class players. I don’t need to list them, but I will anyway because of the memories they bring back: Sharpe, Giggs, Scholes, Beckham, Gary Neville, Phil Neville and Nicky Butt. All effectively “free”, and all of whom played their best years for United.

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Jun 26 2008

Arshavin Likes Fergie…

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… and Scolari and Wenger. He thinks the Premiership is the best league; he watches the English league in the weekends; and, more importantly, he wants to change clubs. He said all this in an interview to the BBC [audio link — thanks to a comment from yesterday’s post.]

So where’s the catch?

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Jun 25 2008

Why Carlos Queiroz is More Important than Ronaldo

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Carlos Queiroz has been linked with the Portugal job since Scolari quit, and for good reason too; he’s done a great job at United and won over a lot of fans with time. The man himself has been coy over his future refusing to speak anything, citing the now popular excuse with the Man United staff for just about anything: vacation.

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Jun 24 2008

It’s Holiday Time at Old Trafford

Tag: Site News @ 10:00 am

Welcome back. Hopefully most of you might be able to read this now that the site is fully functional. As mentioned yesterday, we went through a bit of house cleaning — house moving, rather — as we shifted servers and made changes to the backend.

While we planned an overhaul of the visible part, we decided that can wait. However, we will hope to add some more features that’s visible to you to make the commenting experience better and more expressive.

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Jun 23 2008

Should United Bet on Ronaldinho?

Tag: Manchester United News @ 10:00 am

I know this question has been posed before, but I think it deserves a separate space of it’s own. [Why you ask? Because I think it does!]

On a day where the likes of Zizou have jumped in on the Ronaldo should go to Madrid bandwagon I’d rather sidestep Ronaldo talk for a day and talk about some transfer targets. So today, it’s Ronaldinho for me.

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Jun 21 2008

United’s Transfer Strategy — Is There More to Their Denial?

[Warning: Highly speculative article involving yours’ truly thinking out loud for most part. Kindly bear and do add your 2 pennies’ worth at the end.]

Yesterday, following Ronaldo’s interview with Guillem Balague Manchester United Football Club, issued a statement on its official site reaffirming what it’s been saying all along: that Ronaldo is not for sale.

This is the rare occasion where United are being put in a position where they don’t want to sell a player who seemingly wants away. [I personally think he does want away, but for the sake of those who think we should wait till he comes out and says it definitively, I’ve added the word ‘seemingly’]

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