Jul 31 2008

So How Does One Define Tapping Up?

This comes fresh off the Madrid press. Well not fresh exactly but outrageous nonetheless. Ramon Calderon has again, not surprisingly, opened his mouth. Consider this from the Telegraph:

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Jul 30 2008

Saha, Giggs and Agents, EVDS and Other Stories

Tag: Manchester United News @ 10:00 am

Morning all from the Red Rants towers — er, I don’t think I’ve greeted anyone like this before.

Let’s quickly settle down to what we do best — rounding up the news stories of the day (and yesterday).

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Jul 29 2008

How to Buy a Player From Spurs: A Primer

1. Employ a Spanish waiter to go to the podium and scream at the top of his voice that he’s interested to sign one of their players — preferably under the glare of Sky, BBC, ITV or whoever is interested.

2. Wait for their Chairman to go mental and report your club for ‘tapping up’ / ‘improper conduct’ or whatever sophisticated jargon the Cambridge educated bloke may choose to word his accusation with.

3. Apologise and admit that the comments made by the manager (or Spanish waiter, however applicable) was inappropriate and make a donation to the Tottenham Hotspur Foundation.

4. Throw some money and sign the player.

Spurs fans, nothing personal: the proof is in the pudding.

We can’t do the same though, because Fergie has denied making an open statement about Berbatov. Bah!

Jul 28 2008

Scholes & Co. Stomp All Over Sailorboys

Tag: Match Reports @ 10:10 am

A friendly game that I managed to watch in full — the unofficial 39th game everyone was talking about — ended in a rather one sided affair. I don’t read too much into pre-season fixtures anyway, but it’s a welcome distraction from the other transfer rumours that fill football websites in the summer.

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Jul 26 2008

Tevez for £32m? Tevez Quotes Denied + Kaizer Chiefs Friendly

Everyone seems to agree that Manchester United have completed the signing of Carlos Tevez for £32m. Everyone, except the official site, who haven’t yet confirmed anything.

Just how they managed to get the exact figure remains to be seen, but £32m for Tevez? Really?

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Jul 24 2008

Irresponsible Media Stir Up Another Storm

Various media outlets, including the Guardian, have run up headlines like ‘Tevez: Let Ronaldo go to Real’ or ‘Ronaldo should be allowed to go to Real – Tevez’.

Here is what the actual quotes look like, in English (considering these have been translated from Spanish, surely):

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Jul 23 2008

Fergie Comes Around On Rooney

Tag: Manchester United News @ 10:00 am

Alex Ferguson, according to a story on the Guardian today, admitted that Rooney’s real position is through the middle either upfront or just behind.

On first glance it may appear like an admission of past mistakes but it could also mean that he’s fairly confident about snaring Berbatov from Spurs.

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Jul 22 2008

Join 08/09 Red Rants Fantasy Football. Win Prizes!

Tag: Site News @ 10:06 am

There have been requests for a fantasy football league to be setup in the comments, so I thought I’d do it. I just wasn’t sure if it would keep up the attention span of people for an entire season, but hey, if there are prizes to be won, then I guess that is enough motivation.

Anyway, here is how you join:

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