Sep 30 2008

Aalborg v Man Utd: Preview

Fergie was in particularly non-cooperative mood with the press, basically telling the English media to fuck off. He cites the misquote (that Chelsea were too old for the title) in South Africa as a reason why they won’t hear from him again. Of course he had to attend the pre-match conference according to UEFA rules, so we do have quotes from him.

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Sep 29 2008

Man Utd 2-0 Bolton: Ref Reprieve Earns Win

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No, it wasn’t a penalty; everyone by now would testify. I’m not sure if Ronaldo dived, as lot of pundits would claim — though, I think he could have stood his ground. But it was the sort of break you needed in the game to come away with a win.

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Sep 27 2008

Man Utd v Bolton: Preview

Tag: Manchester United News @ 10:00 am

A quiet few days later, United return to a Premier League game that’s at home. The start has been gruelling for us with the injuries and the fixture list, among a few reasons, but if Fergie’s prophecy — that we’ll be fine by October — is to ring true, today would be a game we should be looking to stamp our authority.

Bolton haven’t been particularly stellar, and at home one should expect us to knock them over easily. The question, though, is how.

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Sep 25 2008

The Effects of the Injury Crisis

Our sluggish start to the season has been much discussed and much lamented. All sorts of reasons have been offered up for this, many individual players have had their reputations torn apart. I think that a lot of people can’t see the wood for the trees, and are missing either the main reason why we’re struggling or have lost focus on it because it has been going on for so long. So let me remind you: we’re in the middle of an injury crisis.

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Sep 23 2008

The Belated Match Report + Boro Preview

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Ok, so here’s the report that I got down to pen. Let me cut to it right away without much fuss.

Read on after the jump.

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Sep 22 2008

Chelsea 1-1 Man Utd: One Point Won, But Two Points Lost

Tag: Match Reports @ 7:30 am

I had a draft of the game ready but somehow lost it. I will rewrite the match report during the day, hopefully. Till then feel free to continue your discussion.

In short, I’ll say this: it’s a point earned at the Bridge, but it’s also a case of what might have been had we held on for a win. Not quite vintage United yet — if you don’t count our fondness for slow starts — but certain players stood out for me, some of whom wouldn’t have figured had we made a list of our picks for top players of our season so far.

More on that, among other things, in a post as soon as I find that draft or find time to re-write one myself.

Sep 21 2008

Chelsea v Man Utd: Preview

Tag: Manchester United News @ 10:21 am

The magnitude of the situation has been spelled out by pundits and fans alike. SAF recognises the importance of not falling nine points behind Chelsea. Win today and we’ll be three points behind with a game in hand. Lose and we’ll be — you guessed it — nine points behind; not a situation one might want to be in so early.

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Sep 19 2008

John Terry, AIG and Fergie’s Rant on Hackett

We all, by now, are aware that John Terry’s red card has been rescinded. The word, I can’t seem to find the link, goes that his punishment (i.e., the one match ban) has been ‘reduced’ rather than his red card being revoked. This in itself strikes me as strange, because I would imagine a red card would at least warrant a one match suspension.

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