Dec 31 2008

Who the f*** are Man United?

Champions of the world, that’s who.

I’m elated. Celebrated Rooney’s goal like a loon. There’s been a lot of cynicism towards the merits of this tournament, mostly from bitter rivals – who’d secretly love to have the chance to be there – but disappointingly from United fans as well. I don’t know whether it’s just snobbery or an insular parochial view to football in general, but it’s unjustified.

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Dec 30 2008

Man Utd 1-0 Boro: One-nil to the United

Tag: Match Reports @ 4:15 pm

It was as I said yesterday. The unforgiving nature of the Christmas schedule lends itself to games that call for a good old fashioned scrap fest. Teams will come to Old Trafford, dig themselves a nice trench, build a wall and sit sipping some classic blend of English tea.

Of course, that doesn’t mask the fact that there are problems in the side — the lack of ability to put the ball in the net being just one of them.

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Dec 29 2008

Man Utd v Middlesbrough: Preview

United play their second game of the Christmas programme after returning as ‘Champions of the World’ from Japan. Thankfully, our clear dominance was rewarded against the joke of a team that was Stoke City — cue, ‘brave Stoke’s hearts broken’, and more such tripe from the rags. It was just the sort of win we needed after returning from a gruelling schedule. And I would gladly take these kinds of wins right through this Christmas/New Year period. It’s like one of those bitter pills — you know it’s hard to swallow but you do so anyway because it’s going to be for the greater good. So I’ll be prepared to sit through periods of push, prod, huff and puff that my beloved team is offering for now with the hope that we’ll inch closer to Liverpool and, hopefully, ahead of Chelsea.

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Dec 21 2008

Manchester United Make History As World Champions

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Rooney scored the only goal of the game in the 73rd minute and Van der Sar denied Quito with quality saves to crown Manchester United as World Champions and officially the best club football team in the world (we already were, but it’s nice to have FIFA and UEFA bowing down to us, don’t you think?).

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Dec 21 2008

Liga de Quito v Manchester United, Club World Cup Final Match Thread

Tag: Manchester United News @ 8:35 am

Manchester United take on Liga de Quito at the Yokohama International Stadium in 3 hours to play the Club World Cup final.

You like it, you don’t like it, it doesn’t matter anymore because in 5 hours or so we’ll either be World Champions (and the first British club to win the title) or the laughing stock of England because mark my words, while everyone puts down this competition, the moment United slip up we’re going to get pilloried with jibes of ‘you couldn’t beat the Mexicans’ and what not.

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Dec 20 2008

Mourinho’s Inter, Liga de Quito and proof that Berbatov can be happy

Tag: Manchester United News @ 1:30 pm

Much (MUCH!) has been made out of yesterday’s Champions League playoff draw and much more will be said between today and February when the damned matches actually start.

Are Inter going to be too much for United? Will Jose beat Fergie again? Will Arsenal and Chelsea fall to the Italian revolution (or some such nonsense)? Can Madrid stand the might of the great Rafa?

Please. Get a fucking grip. Two seasons ago this time around Barcelona and Liverpool were paired together in the round of 16, with FCB in blistering form and Pool dithering around like only they can. Come February it had all changed with Barcelona stuttering and literally defeating themselves while Liverpool kept their heads and took their chances.

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Dec 19 2008

United Win and Some Non-game Thoughts

Tag: Match Reports @ 2:02 pm

I couldn’t catch it live. And watching the whole match on tape, with prior knowledge of the result, can do only so much to the excitement a live match can generate.

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Dec 18 2008

Gamba Osaka v Man Utd: Match Thread

It’s the semi-finals of the World Club Championship — a tournament, despite my being happy if we lift the cup, I couldn’t care less about.

To me, it’s a big distraction with an already crowded league schedule. The timing is most ill-advised with a jam packed Christmas schedule, and we are still playing catch up in the league despite slip ups by Chelsea and Liverpool.

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