Jan 31 2009

Man Utd v Everton: Live!

Those reading on feed readers. click through to this post to view the live blog. Comments welcome in the comments section
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Jan 31 2009

Man Utd v Everton: Preview

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Tricky fixture although history suggests otherwise. Everton’s history at Old Trafford over the past 10 years has been dismal, but their recent form leading up to this game suggests it will not be a cakewalk. David Moyes deserves plenty of credit for making his patched up, strikerless squad achieve what it has so far. Goes to show you can do a lot with a good stable management structure — Tottenham, kindly take note.

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Jan 27 2009

West Brom v Man Utd: Match Thread

A depleted defence heads off to face the Baggies as United look to maintain it’s position at the top of the table. Everton earning an FA Cup replay against Liverpool hasn’t helped matters for us as we will now have an extra game in January with an already hectic schedule.

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Jan 26 2009

On Shirt Sponsors and United’s Injuries

After successfully overcoming gruelling trips, and battling debilitating illnesses I come before you to do what used to be a daily routine of mine — writing about Manchester United.

I’ve missed reporting, analysing, ranting on my share of United related stories, so I shall hope to make up for the negligence in due course — however impossible it might seem.

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Jan 18 2009

United on Top of the league, for now

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This is a thread for those finding the older one too sluggish to load. Feel free to add to this thread. I was infected with a mystery illness, right now it’s a case of severe bronchitis, or something. This has made my mobility limited. I should be well by this week though — hopefully. Then I can start posting more regularly. I did read comments from people who were getting disgruntled with this blog more and more. I see your pain and hope to get this rolling soon. But I’ve made my promises far too often now… so I’d rather prove it in action instead of making further excuses. Over to you.
*cough* *cough*

*clearing phlegm*

Jan 12 2009

Man Utd 3-0 Chelsea: Blues Swatted Like Flies

Tag: Match Reports @ 9:38 pm

Flashback to 2006. The month was April, if my memory serves me right. United were in with a chance — the minutest there may be, if any — of staging a miracle comeback to win the title. The task was always going to be improbable. Impossible, even. We had a sizeable point deficit with the league leaders Chelsea, who were in their peak, impenetrable days. We lost 3-0 at Stamford Bridge. Chelsea ran away with the title.

What was I thinking anyway; our midfield had Giggs and O’Shea!

The details escape me, but the margin of defeat hurts to this day. I always craved for the day we would humiliate them similarly. True, we beat them 2-0 in Avram Grant’s first game in charge, but that was 11 against 10 — Mikel’s red card mitigated the level of joy I’d have got.

But not yesterday. And we had Giggs and Fletcher in midfield. Of course, I had reservations about that selection but more on that later.

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Jan 11 2009

Man Utd v Chelsea: Match Thread

The big game today; some would say the defining game for either side, but I’ll leave the building of hubris part to the folks at Sky.

But before talking about the game let me talk about yesterday.

Yesterday was beautiful. The day before yesterday was hilarious. Fat Spanish Waiters should stick to waiting on orders in Spanish restaurants. Not write/give speeches. It would be a stretch to link said fat waiter’s bile with the 0-0 draw at the Potteries yesterday, but there couldn’t have been a better sight for a Manchester United fan.

Liverpool’s 0-0 draw at Stoke was frustrating on only one count: the inability of Stoke’s big men to put one of Delap’s laser guided missiles into the net.

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Jan 08 2009

Hurt Pride (Park) and Looking Ahead to Chelsea

I happened to give the game a miss — not intentionally, mind — but it turns out, from reports all over, that my decision was far from ill-advised.

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