Jun 30 2009

Exclusive: The sorry life of a former United player

Welcome. Today we tell you the story of a player who not too long ago wore the famous red shirt of our club. We must warn you that the story is grim, in a Dickensian sort of way; for a start the protagonist is allegedly a dick who alleges that others may also be dicks — hence the Dickensian theme.

This is a story of a man, sorry boy (manchild?), who wishes to remain anonymous; let us call him Charles.

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Jun 29 2009

United to overpay for Valencia this week?

The Mirror carries the story today according to which, Antonio Valencia flew in last night for a medical to sign for United. It’s only the Mirror that’s running the story, sans quotes, but considering the Ronaldo transfer was confirmed at the end of last week, it was only a matter of time this happened.

The sum quoted is £16m which is what I have a problem with. Personally, any sum over £12-14m is too much for a winger who’s been consistent, but not outstanding. True, he’s an out and out winger and does give us some width.

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Jun 25 2009

Interview with Aon – Manchester United’s future sponsors

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Chris Toy (Studs Up) recently interviewed David Prosperi, Vice President (Global Public Relations) at Aon. It’s an interesting read and it’s nice to see how Manchester United is viewed from outside football i.e. once you take away football partisanship.

For those of us who have supported the club from before 99 or even before the Premier League started (I got in at ’94), it’s quite amazing to see United completely dominate English football for the best part of two decades and as a result become the most popular and most valuable sports team in the world.

It’s good to focus on the here and now and we’ve seen with Liverpool how ‘past glories’ get you nowhere, but once in a while it’s good to step back and get some perspective on what United, and to a great extent, what the likes of Sir Alex Ferguson and (Sir) Ryan Giggs have achieved.

In any case, here’s the interview with David Prosperi (Aon).

Jun 23 2009

Pre-Order the new Manchester United home kit

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Manchester United’s 09-10 home kit (the last one to bear the AIG logo) is now available for pre-order.

From initial images it seems to be a plain red top with the white shorts bearing a red stripe down the sides. The white V-neck collar that some leaked images showed earlier this summer is missing, but there does seem to be a ‘V’ across the shirt, either in a darker shade of red or in white (with the color blacked out for the promotional images).

The kit will be revealed on 1st July and launched on 16th July.

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Jun 22 2009

Benzema, Benzema and more Benzema. But it’s only talk.

This will be a short one, and I can’t help but point out the overwhelming twisting of quotes to fit headlines.

First of all there is a quote from Bernard Lacombe, the advisor to Lyon’s president, who talked about clubs being flush with cash. And that it would be difficult to resist a big bid if it came: “If United want to buy Karim then what can you do?”

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Jun 20 2009

Ronaldo is really two humans in one body

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“Manchester United is my home. Even when I say my heart is here people still make things up. But this is where I want to play.” – May 24, 2009

Question asked yesterday: “When did you know you would be going to Real Madrid?”

“After we won the European Cup I thought there is no more I can achieve here. And when you have done all you can, you know it is time for a new challenge.

The News of the world article says it all really.

Note: Comments closed on this one. Enough discussed about Ronaldo already. For any discussions, please head to the previous post.

Jun 20 2009

Breaking down the United-Tevez-Kia tug of war

So it has come to pass. Manchester United have announced that Carlos Tevez has decided to reject United’s offer to make his loan move permanent. Here’s the statement:

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Jun 19 2009

Benzema ‘Prefers’ Madrid but United better sporting brand than Madrid

Jean Michael Aulas, Lyon’s chairman, who’s allegedly charismatic according to reports has revealed that whilst Karim Benzema will most likely stay with Lyon for another year, if he decides to depart, it would be for Madrid.

Don’t trust me? Well, here’s the quote:

“No-one is intransferable, but knowing Karim, if he did leave, it would be to Real Madrid. For the moment, we are not talking about transferring Karim.”

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