Nov 28 2009

Manchester United vs Portsmouth: Preview

After a miserable midweek Champions League match against Besiktas, the Premier League is here to save the day as bottom club Portsmouth host the Champions at Fratton Park. However, Sir Alex begins his two-match ban, so Mike Phelan will be handing out the touchline instructions.

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Nov 25 2009

Man Utd v Besiktas: Preview

Sorry about the delayed preview post. Here goes…

United play Besiktas at Old Trafford, having already qualified for the Champions League round of 16 — unlike some other sides who couldn’t even qualify. It’s now a question of us winning the group.

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Nov 25 2009

Let’s all laugh at Liverpool

Tag: Manchester United News @ 12:12 am

I don’t indulge in schadenfreude, but I’ll make an exception. I had a long day outdoors, getting stuff fixed etc., so imagine my horror when I discovered what I’d missed in the day’s Champions League action. I surely didn’t feel I deserved to miss the occasion as it happened.

So, to make up for my loss, I thought let’s have a dedicated thread in revelling in someone else’s misfortune.

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Nov 24 2009

Jonny Evans: on Manchester United, Northern Ireland, Ferguson…

The BBC have a wonderful little feature on Jonny Evans. [video link here] If you haven’t watched it I suggest you do.

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Nov 21 2009

Manchester United vs Everton: Preview

Another international break has ended finally giving United the opportunity to avenge the 1-0 defeat against Chelsea. Willing victims, Everton, line up at Old Trafford in the day’s late kick-off, with Sir Alex Ferguson’s touchline ban not set to begin until after the match; he will surely demand a victory before he takes his seat in the stands.

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Nov 20 2009

Cantona: Domenech’s the worst coach since Louis XVI

Tag: Manchester United News @ 10:22 pm

We continue to edge closer to United related news, but this was too difficult to pass up. When the King speaks we have to listen:

“I think that Raymond Domenech is the worst coach in French football since Louis XVI. If it was up to me, I’d put (Bordeaux coach) Laurent Blanc in charge of the France team,” the former Manchester United hero continued.

“He continues the season with Bordeaux, he wins the league with Bordeaux and he wins the World Cup! I’m not the only one who thinks that… What shocked me most wasn’t the handball, honestly,” said Cantona.

“What shocked me most was that at the end of the match, in front of the television cameras, this player (Henry) went and sat down next to an Irish player to console him, even though he’d screwed them three minutes earlier.

“If I’d been Irish, he wouldn’t have lasted three seconds.”

Nov 19 2009

A few thoughts on Henry, ‘cheating’, the universe etc

This is a United blog. I’m quite aware of that. We are also in the midst of the international week which, thankfully, is coming to an end. [Almost feels like a birthday present] But sometimes, even events that transpire during a spell of supposed irrelevance, such as yesterday, can turn out to be pertinent and worth discussing in a shrine — such as this site — so engrossed in red-tinted worship.

So bear with me this once.

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Nov 16 2009

On Premier League’s new media rules

The Telegraph ran this story about a new set of Premier League rules being passed, giving the press and media rights holders wider access to the managers and players.

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