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Redrants is an unofficial Manchester United site for fans and it receives good readership as well as active participation as evidenced by the comments threads in our articles. Since this is a fairly robust community of mad Reds who spend a fair bit of their day here, it is a great place for you to advertise and be seen.

Well, that was the sales pitch (which was true). On to the facts, though:

  • We receive over 2000 page views a day with over a 1000 uniques out of that.
  • On a monthly basis we receive traffic that’s over 80,000 page views and 45,000 uniques.
  • We are also featured on various news aggregators, such as Newsnow which are widely read.

So if you are interested to advertise kindly read on:

Advertising Options

You have two basic advertising options: graphic ads and CPM-based advertising.

  • Graphic Ads: $100 / month in the ads panel on the sidebar.
  • CPM-based Ads: $1 CPM for 300×250 or 468×60 banner at the end of each article. Minimum ad buy $100.

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