African central defender tipped for United future


Ramy RabiaA United reserve player, currently on duty with England in the FIFA U20 World Cup in Turkey, has tipped one of Sunday’s Egyptian opponents to shine and hinted he could be on his way to United.

Ramy Rabia plays his football in Cairo for Al Ahly and has already made full international appearances and, while proud to wear the colours of his hometown team, Rabia admittedly has a dream.

The 20-year-old has become infatuated by the English Premier League; by its history, its famous clubs and its fast, physical style of play that fits his own attributes to a tee.

England, he told, is where he wants his bridge to lead.

“The English league is definitely my favourite,” he said. “I don’t have a particular team I support but I love watching all the great sides: Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester United. That’s the kind of football I love and my hope is definitely to play there at one stage in my career. It’s my dream, and I think it’s the kind of league that would suit me.

“Some English clubs have been mentioned as being interested in me, and I know Arsene Wenger said some nice things about my performances for Al Ahly at the Club World Cup. I don’t know what will come of that but I know I need to do well here and show everyone that I am a good player.”

There would, of course, be no better opportunity to impress an English audience than when Rabia and his Egypt team-mates go up against the Three Lions on Saturday in their final Group E fixture.

Despite his youth, Rabia appears to possess the sort of attitude that takes players to the top of their trade.

After a disappointing tournament so far, Rabia has spoken about his captaincy. “It’s a very big responsibility for me to be captain and a very big honour too,” he said. “I really appreciate the coach putting this faith in me, especially because I missed all of the friendly matches and the preparation work before this tournament due to an injury. I only came back a few days before our first game, so I didn’t expect this honour and I know I owe the coach a lot. As captain, I have been trying to speak to the players and build their confidence back up because I can see that some of them have been nervous about playing in a World Cup.

“We all know we should have done a lot better. But the most important thing for us now is to win and give the Egypt fans something to cheer, because their support for us here in Turkey has been great. The players are all hurt by what has happened but we have looked closely at our mistakes and everyone is determined to turn things around. We still believe we can do something.”

SkySports linked United with Rabia last month and when fellow players begin to talk about certain individuals I think you need to take notice of it.

The England v Egypt U20 group match kicks off at 7pm UK time tomorrow, I can’t see any coverage on the main channels but I’m sure there will be a stream knocking about somewhere. Follow our Twitter or check back here around kickoff time and I’ll try to find one. If you know any please share it with us. It should be a decent match as both teams HAVE to win to have any chance of qualifying and you might just get a glimpse of a future United signing.



  1. I honestly wished United would put Bebe like projects on the back burner. Finding elite talent in places like the Middle East or in places like Africa or India is like searching for a diamond in the rough. The old proverbial needle in a haystack scenario. Show the money and go to football rich countries that are football factories and outbid competitors for the best young talent instead of slumming it I say.

    • @Grognard: This is an example of United doing a FIFA like form of Global Branding.
      You’re right there’s no abundance of talent in those Federations, but there is a growing number of football crazy up and comers, just looking for another way to spend their newfound wealth. United will take a player and give him all the spoils and publicity, and then if he doesn’t work out, …. well, we’re way ahead financially.
      It’s the modern way, … the Glazer way!!

  2. DM-Day -2

    Although Moyes has a relatively short commute to the Carrington training ground, he has already warned everyone that he may well be late to work on Monday.
    The problem seems to be a combination of things which includes, but is not limited to, him navigating the minefield of potential problems awaiting his arrival.
    Defusing the Rooney situation in really his priority. The alternative is a messy public scene and then a springboard into the transfer market with the jackals and vultures already licking their lips and sharpening their talons in wait of our Striker demise.
    Don’t get me wrong I care little about Rooney now or his future, but it’s the future of United under Moyes’ stewardship that I do care about. DM will be wearing shoes 5 sizes bigger than what he’s be used to for the past 10 years and a steady start would appear essential. There is still time to deal with the little imp and it should be at a time that suits United the best.
    Another issue, now, is Evra. Moyes after going for his favorite rapscallion, Baines, has cast Patrice adrift. He may well end up at Monaco as part of the “Ligue 1 Spring revolution” movement leaving United shorthanded if Kenwright plays hardball on the TF (likely too, as he has most probably committed to Martinez that his squad will not be dismantled).
    Again, I won’t be upset if Evra leaves, his best defending-days are long gone, but what it comes down to is that the odds are stacking up against Moyes, and of course, our immediate future.

    No doubt that he will show up on Monday, but I fear he might be looking from side-to-side instead of straight ahead.

    • @Redrich: Moyes is indeed creating a hornets nest already with the Rooney situation and tipping his hand about Baines. I knew that Evra would react poorly to this but I am surprised at how quickly he did so. I’d personally love to show him the exit and offer him s road map to Monaco. Like Anderson, he has never been one of my favorites. I can’t count the times he pissed me off with his poor play. Yet Fergie continued to go with him at the expense of Fabio and now Buttner. This forces Moyes hand and I’m afraid now he will overpay to get Baines. May I make a suggestion to DM? Fabio Coentrao.

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