Bwing on the Wizards?


Britain Soccer FA CupOne of the few positives out of Wednesday’s dull and uninspiring win against West Ham in the FA Cup was that, in Anderson, Wayne Rooney and Nani, Sir Alex Ferguson has now recovered three players that could prove crucial to United’s chances of success this season.

Nani, in particular, is a player that United desperately need to fire on all cylinders from now until the end of the season, for the Portuguese’s ability to turn a game on its head is a commodity too precious to do without when the fixtures pile up thick and fast when even the most straightforward of game can turn into a banana skin, as United experienced last season notably away to Wigan.

Nani, though, looked far from a recovered player on Wednesday night, alternating good touches with more irritant traits of his game – selfish when in possession and overzealously willing to go too ground even with very little contact.

While it would have been unrealistic to expect him to hit the ground running straight away after such a long spell out, he Portuguese divides opinions like very few players do.

Many United fans wouldn’t shed a tear if he was to be shipped out in January, while just as many believe that Nani is the only world class player in United’s ranks, behind a Dutch striker who’s been in rather good form recently.

ZahaSir Alex Ferguson has repeatedly stated that he’s not prepared to part way with the Portuguese in the January transfer window, but United’s pursuit of Wilfried Zaha corroborates the opinion of those that believe Nani’s future lies away from Old Trafford.

Antonio Valencia and Ashley Young, Nani’s main rivals for a starting spot, haven’t enjoyed a great run of form either, with the Ecuadorian a shadow of the player that had developed into arguably the best out and out winger in the league last season, while the former Villa man has suffered another injury just when he was starting to build on some good performances.

With Shinji Kagawa’s potential still largely unfulfilled, Sir Alex Ferguson faces a dilemma – stick with a more traditional 4-4-2 hoping that Nani, Valencia and Young will rediscover their form, or revive the love affair with the diamond-shaped midfield that could make the Japanese flourish?

The question has no right answer, but whichever route Fergie chooses to go down to, it’s likely to determine the outcome of United’s season.

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  1. United need bale on the left and zaha on the right, with young as a suport to both. sell nani and valencia. Also at some stage but Wilshire from Arsenal maybe offer nani in exchange plus cash

  2. “just as many believe that Nani is the only world class player in United’s ranks, behind a Dutch striker”
    only Nani’s mother would have such opinion, My dog can do tricks but he didn’t get nominated for Ballon D’or.
    Nani’s game is all about Nani!! not a trait of a “WORLD CLASS PLAYER”
    Those with short memories, praise Nani for a 30yard match winner, forgetting the 10 previous shots he took with a team mate waiting for a tap-in. He is a gifted player but his development has plateaued, probably time for him to find a new challenge.

  3. nani will never be worldclass!!! and rvp is not the only worldclass player, as we do have a rooney who is worldclass

      • @Moscow: really? well for one that is not difficult, but what i will say is he is inconsistent, selfish and erratic and i for one cant wait to see him gone

        • @ash is the man: I’d rather an erratic match winner than an overrated Englishman who cost the same money, and Valencia who once his pace goes will become no better a footballer than you and me.

          When he was used properly for half a season he got himself 9 goals and produced 18 ASSISTS.

          We need to get rid of Welbeck and sign a midfielder.

      • @Moscow: When was last time Nani provided a game winner for us??
        Keep the faith bro, but I think you’ve thrown your saddle on the wrong horse.

  4. Fulham laid down like little lambs at the Etihad, this should now be the cue for United to step up like wolves at Whiteheart Lane.

    If there was ever a time for our lion-hearts to put on a brave face and ravage the white-shirts, it’s now.
    Go in there and show these pretenders their place, which, by the way, is a nose hair ahead of Liverpool and a fathom behind the ambitions of the PL’s top 4.
    Whenever I hear the Spurs name raised the very next name raised is Bale – the be-all and end-all of all conversations about Tottenham. If they lose him to some generous Spanish benefactor, the Spurs are lost in the middle-earth of the English PL.
    Block him, mark him, put a spy on him, basically take him out of the game and we will be golden in this match up.

    Tough match-up for sure, but my money is on a 3-1 United win.

  5. moscow the difference is young and valencia know they are not worldclass and play for the team, i believe we still need a good quality winger but the fact is nani just has never done it in my opinion and will state that being in ronaldos shadow didnt help, but if he moves on it will be best for him and the club

  6. Nani is Championship quality . The word world class and Nani can’t be used in same sentence . He performs well in 1 out of 10 matches whereas at United you need to perform in 9 out of 10.

  7. off the ball fouls are taking our quick pass players off their feet at critical attacking moments. how the hell do we have so many yellows already and these pretenders are allowed to maraud?

    every free kick is white knuckle time. need another goal quick to slow these guys down.

  8. This is probably the strongest United bench i have seen in last 5 years. Add few and they can be 3rd in the league.

  9. how many yellows are we going to get when spurs are allowed to kick out at our boys as much as they like??? đŸ™„

  10. bullshit. the ref fucked us that was a foul on welly and he gives it against us. sam all match fuck of you salt and pepper tosser

  11. We played pretty well in the first half with great and slick passing, movement, and looking dangerous. I thought we had done enough to get a clean sheet, but on a day when the defense stood strong, our attack was weak and incapable of putting Tottenham to the sword. Rooney coming on didn’t do much besides the Penalty-that-should-have-been.

    Despite his nice interplay, touches, and dribbles, Welbeck in incapable of finishing or providing the final pass. He was guilty of starting off 2-3 nice moves but ending them with poor passing and decision making. He is 22 going on 23… not a youngster anymore.

    Again, we were not clinical enough. We had chances with RvP and Kagawa wide open wasted with a poor pass. How Chicharito sits on the bench when out-of-form Valencia gets to play… it’s beyond me.

    Onwards and upwards, please! And let’s get Chicharito off the bench… it’s criminal!

  12. If Rooney and Valencia can be given playing time to regain form then Nani deserves to be in every team sheet. Both players came on and completely distorted our game. Valencia is the most useless player currently and all these assertions that he plays for the team is just nonsense cos he hardly tracks his man and going forward he is completly clueless.

    The draw in the end was a fair result but we should have been about 3 goals up in the first half but for poor final balls (cue Welbeck).

    Finally, we have a future world class keeper and should do everything to keep him.

  13. United’s EPL Matches leading up to Manchester Derby: Southampton, Fulham, Everton, QPR, Norwich, West Ham, Reading, Sunderland.

    I would expect United to win all of these (with Everton being at OT). Can City win all of their upcoming games? Their games include home games against Chelsea and Liverpool and away at Everton. If we get to Derby with more than 3 point lead, we should hold on to top spot and lift trophy in May!!!


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