Cole: “United will buy in January”


Zemanta Related Posts ThumbnailFormer Manchester United striker Andy Cole has insisted rumours from inside Old Trafford suggest that United will sign a player or two during January, but has warned that David Moyes might have to be prepared to pay a premium for his targets, while clubs will be reluctant to part way with their players.

The January transfer window has been open for a couple of days and while United have been linked to a host of players, there are still doubts over whether David Moyes will welcome some new faces at Old Trafford this month.

After the embarrassing fiasco of the summer transfer window United are in desperate need of a couple of quality signings, with the central midfield area and the left-back position likely to top the United manager’s list of priorities, given both were again brutally exposed in New Year’s Day’s defeat against Spurs.

With Ryan Giggs in his 40s, Michael Carrick just back from injury and neither Tom Cleverley nor Anderson capable to provide the quality United need in the middle of the park, United have struggled throughout the first half of the season while deadline day signing Marouane Fellaini is still to make his mark at Old Trafford.

Cole, however, believes that while United are normally not a club to spend money in January, we could see some arrivals this month.

“From all the noises coming out of the camp, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a bit of activity,” he told United Review.

“Our club, historically, doesn’t do too much in January but we have a new manager with new ideas.

“I just wonder who will want to sell their better players halfway through a season. There are also inflated prices to consider as well.

“You get chairmen bumping prices up because they know their players are in demand and other clubs will pay what they have to pay for what they need.

“Those chairmen are in very powerful positions, especially if the players concerned are tied down to long-term contracts.”



  1. The usual bullshit is already being wheeled out.”Hard to prise players from their clubs in january”, “Don’t usually get value for money in the january transfer window”.I expect a couple of signings that won’t exactly have you jumping for joy, just stop gaps or long term potential, whatever bollocks moyes might come out with.

    • @THE RED BARON: I don’t expect anything, to be honest. Moyes knows that nothing bar a major signing or two will do and stop-gap signings would only heap pressure on him and the club. Therefore I suspect the Glazers will try to minimise the risk by doing sweet sod all, as usual.

  2. First of all get leighton baines, that midfield is turning out not to be united’s main problem. We need a marquee signing, someone with cojones to take games by the scruff of the neck and instill fear in opposition defenders i.e a ronaldoesque kinda player. I suggest we push that marco reus button really hard, arjen robben too. Someone with a badboy reputation who isnt afraid to go off the game plan in desperate times and conjour up something on his own. he also could be a midfielder. This current united team reminds me of that united team just before we signed cantona, i.e talented but no spark. in a nutshell we need leighton baines and that player.

  3. Yes, it is notoriously hard to prise players from their clubs when you don’t want to spend money, that’s a common knowledge 🙂

    • @Andrija Djuranovic: Maybe we shouldn’t have paid £5.5m over the release clause for Fellaini, who has been a disaster then?
      Money is an issue, we cannot compete with the likes of City and Chelsea. But we can compete with Arsenal, Spurs, Liverpool and Everton. It is about spending wisely, not wasting it as we have done so far this season.

      • @Stephen: Moyes shouldn’t have spent £27m on Fellaini, but you could hardly blame him for the Glazers not making the cash available to him. United can’t compete financially with Chelsea, City, Bayern Munich or PSG but the our main problem is the lack of structure behind the scenes. Other clubs either spend big or have scouting systems that allow them to snap up talent for relatively small fees, we have neither.

        • @Dan: That is somewhat of a contradiction Dan. Saying that cash wasn’t available, then allowing Moyes to over pay for Fellaini is an oxymoron.
          We wasted time chasing a player who clearly had no intention of signing. Fellaini, who we should have never signed, was available for £5.5m less a few weeks later, you cannot blame the Glazers for Moyes and Woodward’s stupidity, regardless of what parasites they are.

        • @Dan: The Glaziers business strategy is actually quite simple. The need to make money. They don’t know football and they don’t know UK. They are therefore dependent on OT management to indicate what is needed. If the manager says he needs, they have no choice but to “find” the money from somewhere. I know they are parasites, but when it comes to business, they are no stupids.

        • @Dan: At DM United the situation is a bit tricky. If you as manager say “you need”, you will need to justify why the current crop of PL champions are not “good enough”. Fergie did it with this team (and ran away with the league on top of it), why can’t you? You were then hand-picked? Are you admitting that you’re not good enough?
          That is what DM will need to convince the owners of. That is also why it is so apparent that summer signings or attempted signings had nothing to do with strenghtening the team, but more for PR during the transition from Fergie to DM.

          On a side-note… can someone please explain to me why we “need” to sign Baines?

  4. This January will say alot about the long term direction of the club imo.
    Without atleast a CM being brought in, top 4 is gone.
    Without top 4 we can say good bye to £80m+ in CL revenue and with that can say goodbye to any slim hopes anyone may have that we’d see a bit of investment coming next summer.
    Not to mention, with no CL football to offer, and with the club probably being seen as a club on the decline by the rest of the world, it’s goodbye to any hopes of players of any note coming in.
    Oh and that’s not even mentioning it’s the WC in the summer, which inevitably means “value for money” signings are going to be at a premium 🙄
    Basically we’ll be fucking screwed.
    But hey, long as the brand is doing ok, and we’re selling shirts, then all is good.

    • @tonymontanna4united: How many shirts are Nottingham Forest and Leeds selling today 🙂

      I agree with you that given a WC year, signings of value are unlikely. But at last WC we signed an unknown Mexican BEFORE the WC, who turned out to be quite a hit. I can see us secure a couple signings in January/February who will join in June…

      Anyone betting on Mata??

  5. All I’m waiting for is the day an announcement is made regarding Moyes’ dismissal. Signing this player or that player is not going to improve a thing. You have to show a little bit of ability with the limited resources you have first, before we can be content with you leading the club. Moyes has shown absolutely zero evidence that he has any level of the required talent.

    • @Jay Wire: Can’t help but blame EA Sports for the transfer frenzy that we continually get caught up (myself included). We tend to believe that buying better players will magically improve the team like on FIFA. What we tend to forget is that the “manager” in fifa actually knows what he is doing and what he wants.

    • @Jay Wire: Very true comment.We can sign as many “world class” players as we want, but if you have a management set up that show signs of them all being totally out of their depth, both mentally and tactically, we’re just basically pissing in the wind.Just be a case of one step forward-two steps back.

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