Comments Policy

This page contains our comments policy. Kindly take the time to read through it.

We moderate comments on this site and we do care to read through all of them. The commenters take sole responsibility for their comments. While we completely support the readers’ need to freely express themselves on this site, as moderators, we would like to lay some guidelines:

  • Required Information: As a commenter, you will need to provide your name (can be your nickname, doesn’t matter) and a valid email address. The email information is required to tackle comment-spam as well as for contacting individual readers. We will not reveal your email information to a third party.
  • For first time commenters: If you don’t see your comment appearing immediately, it is because all new user comments are held for moderation by the system. We do check our moderation queue regularly, although allow for at most 24 hours for your comment to be visible. If it doesn’t then your comment was either considered unsuitable or there was an error by the comment moderation system. If you thought your comment was valid, the validity of which is explained subsequently in this page, feel free to Contact us.
  • For returning users: If you don’t see your comment appearing, it could be because it was held in the moderation queue wrongly or we found it unsuitable. Again you are welcome to get in touch with us.
  • Acceptable/Unacceptable Comments:The following are do’s and don’ts for commenters on this site.
    • Try to keep the discussion on topic. If that is not possible, maybe because it’s a slow day, at least keep it football related. We understand debates relating to Man Utd could also spill over into general footballing discussion. So we don’t mind that.
    • We don’t mind it if you are not a Man Utd supporter. As long as you don’t seek to wind others up and try to keep it well-reasoned we are okay with it. Just don’t forget that, first and foremost, this is a Man Utd blog, and we don’t really have to agree with your opinions. We can be biased as hell and you’ll have to deal with it.
    • Do not try pimping your blog in the comments or request link exchanges. The comments section is for discussion, not advertising. If you have written some post elsewhere that is extremely relevant to the current discussion, you could quote part of it in the comments and link the rest to the page where you wrote it. Otherwise, stay away from the comments. For that you always have the contact form, where I may or may not accept a link exchange based on my judgement of your site.
    • Foul language is acceptable provided it is not aimed at a fellow commenter. You could swear as an expression of frustration, anger or whatever figures of speech swear words are used for, as long as they are not aimed at another commenter.
    • Do not launch a personal attack on a fellow commenter, just because you don’t agree with him. Attacking his comments is acceptable if it is backed up with well reasoned comments of your own. So keep that in mind.
    • Never type your comments in CAPITAL LETTERS. Use it very sparingly if you must, but only for emphasis. We will not tolerate entire sentences written in Caps. For many, use of capital letters amounts to shouting at the reader and it is not good commenting etiquette. Instead try using bold or italic tags as explained in the comment formatting section, to get your point across. Trust me it’s not too difficult.
    • Text messaging (sms) lingo: Similarly never — and by this I mean, never — use text messaging (sms) lingo. So, for example, a comment that’s entirely written like, “mkl carrick iz da cool plyr, mez thinkz” or too much “roflmao or lols” would be outrightly deleted. No second thoughts. Use smileys. They convey emotions much better. We don’t mind the occasional “lol’s” or “rofl’s” but too much of that and we’ll start getting annoyed.
  • Formatting of comments:As we mentioned in the bit about using capitals, there are other ways of getting your point across, if you want to emphasise specific words in your comments
    • Use of the formatting bar in the comments section: We would encourage commenters to make use of the formatting bar just above the comments box. (You know, the black/dark grey box just above where you type the comments.) Click on it and you will see different buttons show up. So if you want to bold a specific text in your comment, highlight the comment and click on ‘Strong’. Similarly you could create a hyperlink to an article as well as italicize text. You could always get in touch with us if it’s all too much to digest. We’ll be willing to help.
    • Use of Smileys: There are a wide range of smileys. You just need a certain key combination to get your smiley show up automatically. Like for example a colon ‘:’ followed by a closing parantheses ‘)’ gives this: 🙂 There are plenty other options here.
  • Occasional banter is also okay as long as it’s good natured and doesn’t look to wind up one another. Although this would be highly subjective and it’s up to our discretion.

Finally, while we are generally reasonable as far as opinions go on the site — you could say my article sucks as long as you have a solid reason to back that up — if you feel you’ve been attacked by another commenter, do not try to confront him. Most likely he will keep on with his side of things and you will be involved in a seemingly endless and pointless slanging match that you can’t seem to get out of. Your best option is to ignore. If you still feel strongly about it, contact us and we will resolve it. We don’t want a comment thread to be ruined because two commenters want to wash their dirty linen there. It won’t be worth it, and you could risk being banned for good.

For United fans especially, if you do get angry rival fans trying to wind you up, just ignore and show some class. It is more likely that you will get some bitter City and Liverpool fans on here. We know how many years have gone by for them. Their frustrations are understandable. 😉

These were the guidelines, and you can tell us if you have a problem with them. We will adhere to this policy although we may make slight deviations based on context and the subjectivity of certain comments. We reserve the ultimate right to the decision we make with regards to comment moderation. We will revise these guidelines from time to time, but they wouldn’t be major.