Confirmed bid for Fabregas

United have confirmed a £25 million bid has been tabled to Barcelona for Spanish midfielder Cesc Fabregas.

The news comes just hours after Barcelona confirmed the sale of Thiago Alcantara to Bayern Munich which left many United fans wondering where the club would head to next to fill the much needed central midfield role at Old Trafford.

Will Barcelona relinquish Cesc? Do United honestly believe they will or is this another possible token gesture to appear as big players in the transfer market?

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  1. The only chink of light, is Barca play Fabregas further up the pitch. Neymar probably fills that void, or am I clutching onto straws?

    • yes, ur clutching onto straws. I dont think Barcelona can accept to loose two quality mid fielders especially with aging Xavi.

      • i have the slightest suspicion that United will make a big money bid for Gareth Bale

  2. i don`t believe this…is he really coming home??all these are lies…i hate this rumour but i would love to see fabregas at OLD TRRAFFORD…………. 😀

  3. United are getting down and I am sure they can’t sign any star. They are acting as Arsenal of pointing a best player and other potential clubs sign them.
    I have a big fear that Moyes is not in a position to play for trophies.

  4. Please wake up people, why would Barca sell ANOTHER midfielder just after losing Thiago. Besides it is widely accepted that Arsenal have the first option to buy him back.

    Its sad, but we just aren’t a force in the transfer market anymore and it doesn’t seem like players are queueing up to join like they did all those years ago.

    If United are to aspire to win the biggest trophies, they simply have to change the approach and compete with regards to transfer fees, else we should stick to the ‘principles we have’ and not let players demand what they want, but then should adapt our expectations as well

    • @Frustrated_Red: Exactly but let them have their fun, the harsh reality will slap them in the face come September 1st. I’ve been wasting my time on another blog trying to explain that this is all smoke and mirrors but they don’t want to hear it. Benzema, Ozil, Sanchez, Modric, Sneijder, Ronaldo, Thiago, Fabregas – always the same outcome. Will they ever learn? 🙄

      • @The Truth: It is hard not agree, it is odd that we have actually made a bid. Either this is something to show the fans we are sctually in for the best players. Rather than spunk £20m of a fullback, who is hardly any better than we have. Or, this is me hoping, there is actually a chance we can get him.

        • @Stephen: Its not very clever though when it results in the inevitable thanks but no thanks response we’re likely to hear.
          It doesn’t make the club look very good bidding, or supposedly bidding, for all these players we’ve no chance of getting, and watching them turn us down. It just makes us look weak.
          Id rather we just said nothing and went about our business quietly.
          Stop pissing around expressing interest in the likes of Fabregas, Thiago, Modric and Vidal, who we are never going to get, and instead look to the likes of Bender and Matic, who are a bit more likely and both very good players.

  5. am 5% believing that this is true, this journalist GUILLEM is the one who annouced that Thiago was going to bayern…but if this happens am sure Arsenal fans will hate us like hell but i don`t care coz i want more trophies this coming season…….GO MAN U GO MAN U…i love u more………. 😛

  6. Am rily angry at what united are doing to us we the fans after we have put our hope on top target we lost all of them to others club rily angry at man u manager

  7. Barca dont need the money to sell Cesc but we do have something else for a trade to happen – Rooney!

    How about a straight swap for the two!! Lot of problems solved for both the clubs.

  8. Fabregas is the best option but the question is will he come to Man Utd????

  9. This deal has major problems:
    1, Why would he sign for us?
    2, Why would Barca want to sell another midfield player?
    3, £26m is nt going to cut it.
    4, Catalonia or Salford, Mmmmmmm
    5, He is a midfield player and we don’t sign plyers we need, we rather spend £20m on a soon to be 29 year old fullback, when out vce captain plays in that exact spot.

  10. I already mentioned this in a previous post but does anyone with an Iq and a brain that is functioning on all cylinders honestly believe this is a sincere bid? First off, one would have to be certifiably insane to believe that Barcelona would now part with Fabregas too, having just lost Thiago. Madness!!! The sheer gall to even consider such a deal boggles the mind.

    People, this is yet another in a long list of royal con jobs by team Glazer to show to all the naive and mentally challenged who support this club that they are aggressively pursuing world class talent. Well I am one of the long list of sane and cognizant supporters who knows that there isn’t a sincere ounce of credibility behind this supposed bid or interest in Cesc Fabregas. It’s a con job to dull the pain from the disappointment of Thiago and reignite the hope bandwagon. The Glazer’s fully know they have 0.00000% chance of landing Cesc and that is exactly why they are doing it, because it’s a risk free marketing promotion to win back some fans who are fed up with the failures. They will fail again and then they will choose another impossible signing and shine the light on them for a while. ENOUGH ALREADY! Glazer’s think that all United fans are akin to Pavlov’s Dog.

    • @Grognard: Spot on mate. If Barca were reluctant to sell Fabregas a month ago, losing Thiago definitely hasn’t mellowed their stance. I’m not concerned with United fans believing we’ve made a bid, plenty of gullible people out there, what I’m really worried about is the sheer existence of the bid itself. It would have taken one colossal fuckwit to submit an offer less than a day after a Barcelona player snubbed us to join another club. Apart from the fact that Arsenal have first refusal on him, what sort of message would an offer send to Fabregas? “Look mate, we really wanted Thiago, for he’s a younger and better version of you but hey, tough luck, we have to make to with you now”.

      That’d be mind-boggling. Unfortunately, as I’ve mentioned in another article, the arrogance and sheer ineptitude that United have shown over the last few years in this kind of situation doesn’t fill me with hope. I repeat myself, what kind of colossal fuckwit is in charge behind the scenes?

    • @Grognard: And to you too, Dan.

      I think this is a genuine bid by Moyes and not a political ploy to calm the natives.
      Two factors at play here (1) We did bid what Barca paid for him, so this is not just a shot in the dark, and lets not forget that we may increase if necessary. And (2), Barca spent a fortune on Neymar and will want to regain some of that cash to spend for future young talent.
      They are clearly thinking about a refit after 2 failed CL campaigns, and Fab has not exactly been tearing up the place at the Nou Camp.

      There is hope, my friends, not just a cynical acceptance of our fate.

      • @Redrich: Sorry Red, I’ll stick to cynical because five years of this shite has left me with the dejavu feeling I am getting right now. But now United think they are smarter than the old Grog. Instead of just bidding for Fabregas they seem to be showing renewed interest in Fellaini too. Lets see now, Thiago went to Bayern because of Pep. Does that mean Fellaini will come to United because of Moyes? I think so. Fabregas is another smokescreen and Fellaini is and always has been the prime target simply because he is one of the few names that feels Moyes carries any pull. I firmly believe with every fiber of my being that there is no way in Hell that we will sign Fabregas. Even if Fabregas wanted to come, Barcelona would never let a player like that go after losing Thiago. Who would they buy to replace him now that Isco is with Madrid. Nobody out there that is available that matches up with Fab. It’s all just smoke and mirrors as they swoop for the cheap and easy solution Fellaini. I’d still be happy though because I personally love the big guy.

      • @Redrich: For the moment I’ll stick with being cynical mate. I might allow myself a shot at naivety once the cancer that cripples this club in the form of an American family will be gone.

  11. United are starting to annoy like arsenal.we couldn’t sign lowly thiago now we are bidding for highly rated cesc.wat a very annoying.

    • @demmyjim: If Thiago is lowly, why would we sign him anyway?
      Reports are that Moyes didn’t rate him because he would’ve got beaten up in the PL. Do I believe that? Prob not, but one fact is staring us in the face – UNITED DID NOT PUT IN FOR THIAGO ALCANTARA.
      Laugh all you want, but history has proven that this club is a player in the transfer market and I expect them to do the same this window.

      • @Redrich: Moyes can try to save face all he wants. United were not outbid by Bayern. Instead Thiago just plain snubbed them for Bayern. So now Thiago isn’t good enough for United. What a desperately sad and pathetic excuse and way to save face Dave……REALLY. 🙄

  12. This is madness, we will not land Fabregas……..What is the sense in this move?????????????????????

    • @Adomovic: It’s schoolboy tactics designed for schoolboy minds. Only the most easily manipulated would fall for this one. Redrich makes a few good points but even his logical and adept mind is just stuck in fantasy mode over this one. Hell, honestly we have a better shot at getting Ronaldo. Fabregas is a 1000,000,000/1 shot while Ronaldo is 1000,000,00/1. You have a better shot at the lottery.

  13. Stephen, Fabregas will be moved into central midfield when Xavi or Iniesta get too old. He is not going to give up on his dream so easily and Barcelona have zero motivation to sell as they know Xavi and Iniesta have only a few seasons left at the top.

    Moyes is clearly deluded. Part of the point of buying Moyes was that he was supposed to be able to make shrewd signings on a budget. But now he is talking to the press about his unlimited budget and desire to sign only the best.

    He needs a wake up call. Someone needs to explain to him that he needs to lower his sights or he will likely end up empty handed.

    Our method should be to go all out to sign the brightest young British prospects even allowing for the fact we will get ripped off and to round the team off with Tier 2 experienced continental players in their mid 20s who have proven themselves in a lower league and ideally have some European experience.

    For example rather than waste £20 million on Baines what about buying Luke Shaw?

    • @colver: Real Madrid apparently are willing to sell Fabio Coentrao. If so, he would be a great choice at LB.

    • There are no bright British talents to be acquired unless we want some overrated players.

  14. If I were to seriously look to sign a world class midfielder I wouldn’t try to do the impossible by going after Fabregas. Instead I would try to get one back on Bayern and try to go after Toni Kroos. As I see it, the acquisitions of Mario Goetze and Thiago have created such a gluttony of riches in Bayern’s midfield that they will have a serious time trying to keep everyone happy with playing time. Something has got to give.

    You have a plethora of riches yet only three central midfield slots. The wide positions will be manned by Muller, Ribery and Robben and Shaqiri coming off the bench. But in the middle you have Goetze, Thiago, Kroos, Martinez, Schweinsteiger and Guztavo. All of these players are world class and Guztavo isn’t too bad either. So how is Pep going to keep them happy? One suggestion is to drop Martinez back to CB due to his experience playing that position in Spain. But Bayern have Dante, Boateng and Badstuber already. I personally feel that Pep will play 4-3-3 and will use a midfield of Schweinsteiger, Thiago and Goetze with Martinez back at CB. He has to in order to fit Thiago into the team. That had to be the promise made to get the player to sign for them. Muller, Ribery and Mandzukic will play up front with rotations a plenty assured.

    So why then doesn’t United do Pep a favor and take one of his midfielders off of him? To me the most logical choice is Kroos because both Goetze and Thiago will affect his stature with the club the most.
    Kroos is an exquisite talent. There is nothing he can’t do and his only real weakness is he is not especially fast. But he can do it all and he is also adept at playing wide left in a pinch. He is also the set piece taker United have been missing since Ronaldo left. And if Bayern want to be greedy and hold on to him, I’d go after Guztavo who is a fantastic box to box player with a great long shot to boot. Hey Dave, just a suggestion.

  15. Who are the club kidding 26 million pounds? Biggest joke since the signing of Bebe, I mean if we were serious we’d have put 35 million CASH on the table, atleast Barca would perhaps consider such a bid but 26 million, not a fuck!

    • @Abubakar: In fairness to United when you are seriously bidding (which they are not), you first table a low ball bid hoping they accept it. Then after they say no you go up with an improved bit etc. You never offer the team the true value of a player up front.

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