Eye infection rules Carrick out


Carrick loves UnitedMichael Carrick has withdrawn from England’s squad to face Scotland at Wembley tonight due to an apparent eye infection.

The extent of the ‘injury’ is unknown but with only 4 days until United kick their Premier Leage campaign off at The Liberty Stadium its another piece of news David Moyes would prefer not to hear (ahem).

The cynics amongst us (me included on this occasion) will suggest Carrick pulled out of tonight rather easier than he would have pulled out of a club match and the withdrawal is simply precautionary.

Carrick was however ‘due to collect his 30th cap for his country’ according to reports. How laughable is that to suggest Carrick would somehow be longing to play tonight to get his 30TH cap? If Carrick had not been so criminally ignored by a stream of England managers in the past he probably would be looking forward to tonight…..and earning his 50th cap at least!

Will the infection rule him out of United’s curtain raiser on Sunday? Hopefully not.

More to follow…..



  1. Well if he’s not fit for sat our fuckin about in the transfer market will come back to bite us on the arse.does’nt bare thinking about what our midfield line up will be.

  2. Why is Moyes in the ITV studios acting as a pundit!? Would Fergie, Wenger ect sell their souls to get themselves on television!? Maybe David you should be watching Europes best ploughing their trades in centre mid, rather than Scott Brown

  3. Unless we sign some quality midfielder(s) soon, I am terrified to contemplate the scenario of what will become of us were we to lose Carrick due to a long and serious injury? The thought of the mediocre and also often injured tandem of Anderson and Cleverley simply terrifies me. And Giggs playing a lot there too simply isn’t and shouldn’t be an option. We must buy one or two quality midfielders before September or I feel we are doomed.

    • Haha eye infection. Pull the other one. . .

      Carrick will play against Swansea.

      Just trying to get sometime off.

      I don’t blame him.

      Saturday is a much bigger game anyways

      • @The_Philosopher: are you some way related to Januzaj?? 🙂 we have seen very little of him, competing at the highest level. just hope that he does not turn out to be an anderson 😉

        • @Buggy: 😆 😆
          In fairness the Philosopher is a true lover and good judge of young talent and like my friend who does the same thing in baseball, he is just looking and hoping for that one prospect that could be our Lio Messi. Wishful thinking? Perhaps but you never know. Janusaj, Lingard and Zaha have shown me quite a bit to be enthused about. That’s a big positive for our reserves and development that generally hasn’t amounted to much over the past decade or so.

  4. Grog, the neglect of the midfield area is a constant worry. We seem to lined up as supporters to a tale of woe. I am hearing too much of the “great squad” we have ect. We are not being linked to anyone, we are in a hole witout a spade.

    • @Stephen: Oh mate we are linked with many players. We just aren’t getting any of them. Edward Woodward is going to go down as one of truly great ass clown GM’s in the history of United. Makes me positively cry out in my sleep for David Gill, which is in itself a worrying thing. Thiago, Fabregas, Fellaini, Schweinsteiger, and now Modric an Ozil are all on the list of supposed targets for the club. Seems our honey has gone bad because the bears aren’t running to our honey pot. Go out and get attainable players and fill those spots until we can truly reload and go back to Plan A on a better day. I say go get Fellaini right now and while you are at it, get Cabaye also. Solid players who can immediately fill the gap and give our midfield instant depth and an upgrade. No they are both far from world class but hey, NEWSFLASH, we aren’t signing any world class midfielders unless Madrid takes pity on us and sells us either Modric or Ozil. And that’s just wishful thinking.

    • @Stephen: Our squad isn’t awful Stephen. I’m just not sure we have enough to beat Chelsea to the title. If it was just City chasing us I would be quietly optimistic about retaining the title. Pellegrini is gonna take some time getting used to the English game.

      But with Mourinho back in the mix holding on to the title is going to be a tall order.

      But our squad does actually have a lot of positives about it. I will name a few.


      This kid has changed my opinion of him this pre-season. He is full of running and has great energy. He adds a lot to our build up play and he knows how to harass oponents when we don’t have the ball. He puts in a shift and works very hard tracking back and then running up to help with the attack. His finishing is awfull but the rest of his game is slowly heading for world class. He did a great job against Real Madrid last season and he seems to have loads more left where that came from.


      Obvious. But on top of the obvious he is also a hard worker tracking back and making assists. He is our new talisman.


      As he deputises for Valencia I believe he will get lots of chances and I tip him to be the one to play us out of a lot of tight spots this coming season.

      Phil Jones:

      I’m not sure about his current form but this kid has got the x-factor. He is bound to come in handy.


      If he can stay fit we will have a rock at the back and thats the foundation of a title winning season.

      Johny Evans:

      He is very solid at the back. Not the highest rated centre back you’ll ever find but you can trust him. Ferguson sold me on Evans. Ferguson trusted him. Therefore I trust him.


      He looks eager to prove himself again this season. He looks to have taken to Moyes. This is a player who was dog boxed by Ferguson and could find a new lease on life at United under a new manager. The important thing to note about Nani is that his HEAD looks to be back in the game. And thats all the encouragement I need because we all know what he can do. . .


      Same as Nani. He is out of the dog box and has a clean slate from which to work. Moyes is giving him the chances. If he can avoid injury and the burger bar he will have a lot to say in our defense of the title.

  5. Oi Jose, is that £25m you offered for rooney still on the table 😉 😆
    Fucking horrendous tonight, and we’ve got 6/7 matches more of this to look forward to before he hits anywhere near a decent/accepatable level of form (lets not kid ourselves he’ll be relegated to the reserves like we all want, he’ll be back in the 1st team pretty soon I’d wager, mores the bloody pity).
    Watching him when he goes into “zidane mode” trying to deliver delicate little dinks over the top of the defence, and trying to pick out exquisite eye of a needle passes that never fucking ever come off 🙄
    Its just embarrassing.
    Still atleast he looks like he enjoys it bless him. He’s one of the best players in the world, unreplacable, don’t you know 😆 🙄

    • @tonymontanna4united: I normally would enjoy ragging on Rooney but I will cut him some slack on this one. He hasn’t played competitive football in a while.

      I didn’t see the game but I was not expecting much from Rooney because he didn’t get any football under his belt this preseason. . .

      • @The_Philosopher: I know mate, and it was slightly tongue in cheek, but seriously there’s no excuse for the way he coasts through games showing the minimalist of effort, and his lack of ball control and all round shiteness outside of the box isn’t something that’s going to improve, it’s been a part of his game for years.
        For a man supposedly wanting to prove how good he is to everyone, and whose apparently turned up for training for woy an hour earlier than everyone else and is in the “best shape of his life” I just found his performance today yet again a total let down and another in what is becoming a long line of crap performances in the last 18 months.
        As I’ve said all summer and as I’ll say again, and please anyone who wants to disagree by all means bookmark this statement and get back to me in a year, wayne rooney as a player at the top level is finished. He will only decline here on in.
        I’m absolutely convinced of this because its quite clear its a mental thing with wayne. He thinks he’s the dogs bollocks, he thinks he’s at the top of his game, he thinks he has nothing to improve on and everyone should be in awe of him.
        He doesn’t have the fight, and he doesn’t have the desire to prove anything to anyone anymore. He’s just going to keep doing what he’s doing, and getting by with the minimalist effort possible.
        Fergie had him sussed last summer, and I for one agree with him 100%.

        • @tonymontanna4united: I think its more that at United he is finished as a world class player.

          I think a move to a club like Chelsea really might re-ignite his passion and ability. But we can’t sell him to Chelsea because that would be madness.

          But I think a move to Totenham or Arsenal might be good because I don’t see them challenging for the title and Rooney would definately find a second wind there I think.

          But I agree with you Tony, he has definately lost something. . .

      • @The_Philosopher: Pride alone should have elevated his game tonight. Pride to prove Fergie wrong and ego to show Mourinho that maybe upping the price might do the trick. Instead he proved Fergie right and probably shut the door on a proposed Chelsea move. Well done Wayne, you loser.

        • @Grognard: Agree 100% mate. And yet knowing wayne, he’ll walk away and be quite happy with his performance last night I’d bet.
          Probably knock him for six if he discovers he’s not in the first 11 for swansea 🙄

      • @Buggy: Yes. Great plan.

        I have never really liked Walcott but he has matured into a decent player I have to admit.

    • @tonymontanna4united: Rooney sucked donkey ass tonight, he was just awful. Get rid of him Moyes ASAP, regardless of the stance the club should take. Get something for him while you still can. You could have gotten 20 million for Nani two years ago and at least 10 for Anderson but now the two of them are worth 10 together. When is holding on and being patient too long?

      • @The_Philosopher: I’m still not so sure tbh mate.
        Yes as a number 9, in and around the box he’s still capable of scoring goals.
        But I do think the change in style he’d face at chelski would be an issue. He wouldn’t be the main man there with the squad built around him, nor would he have players like valencia, young and nani putting in crosses for him.
        At chelski, playing in front of the likes of mata, oscar and hazard, it’d be a different system and a different style, and tbh I have my doubts as to whether he’d fit in there.
        There’s also the fact that 2 years down the line he might well find himself in the same situation there as he does here.
        That lukaku comes good, starts getting more and more games, and wayne doing what he does best, throws a hissy fit and lets his performances drop again.
        So tbh, I’m not at all that bothered about the thought of seeing him at chelski and how he might improve them. The thought of seeing chelski with suarez in their team for example who they could probably realistically buy, scares me alot more than the thought of seeing rooney in it.

        @red astair: 😆 They are the graveyard for strikers mate and tbh I do see parallels between torres and rooney.
        Difference was, torres’ decline was mainly due to injury, rooney’s is down to being a lazy fucker who can’t be arsed to work hard and prove himself anymore.
        I do genuinely believe though that 2 years from now rooney will have declined in the same manner that torres has.
        I’m sure that sounds OTT but when you consider how much he’s declined the last 18 months, I do genuinely believe it’ll happen.
        The thought therefore of him worming his way back into the squad, and trying, and quite possibly succeeding knowing us, in getting a new contract for another 4/5 years is fucking terrifying.
        The likes of G Nev, Robson, Cole etc coming out and saying he’s irreplaceable and one of the best players around still who the club should be bending over backwards to keep doesn’t help matters imo.

  6. Damn! Damn! 😡 😡 PSV beat us to JS Park. I was sure Moyes would go out and get him because he is our missing link. 😉 😉 😀 😀

  7. Rooney has told Hodgson that he wants a transfer to Spain!! 😯 😯
    Apparently he is dissatisfied with England’s ambitions and the way the English fans are treating him.
    VDB has put in an initial offer of 3 bags of crisps and a meat pie. Stretford is advising Rooney to consider this as the best offer he will now receive. 😆 😆

  8. And while we all still talk about Rooney, can I just say this one final thing. The thing that fuels Rooney’s desire to actually leave and the thing that is in the forefront of that pea brain, 24-7, 365.


    Look for Rooney to find some way to return to the fold!!

  9. I think the criticism of Cleverley is misplaced. He’s a class kid, he loves the club, and he wants to succeed here. For me, that’s the biggest issue. He’ll be willing to do the things we want him to do in midfield, and he’ll mature, and get better.

    Probably he has been one of the least recognized players lately, but time again again he makes the perfect pass that creates a goal. His vision is improving very quickly, and his style of play is becoming much more team centered.

    I tend to think that United fans almost always want a midfielder that takes people on, and beats them, and scores a reasonable amount of goals. And I will even concede that Cleverley at Wigan looked more like that type of midfielder. But Carrick isn’t that type of midfielder.

    In many ways, I think that Cleverley can learn to do what Carrick does, as well as having additional facets that Carrick doesn’t, Cleverley being better offensively already.

    I also think that Carrick produces a certain problem for United tactically. With a more mobile midfielder, there wouldn’t be such an emphasis on the other CM being capable of tracking back. So that if you play Carrick, you almost can’t play a mainly attacking midfielder next to him, which is practically the only type of midfielder United have. I could imagine in a couple years Cleverly playing a similar type of role that Carrick does now, but being more involved in both offense and defense than Carrick is.

    I’d like to see some Cleverley/Adnan or Cleverley/Lingaard pairings in less meaningful games, because I really think Tom can grow into a calm tempo dictating midfielder, and I think he’s more suited to that than say Lingaard or Adnan, both of which are already better than Tom at beating players and creating opportunities. At the highest level, if Tom wants to thrive, I think he needs to take a page out of Carricks book and really learn how to control a game. Fortunately, he has time to develop, and Carrick to learn from. He’s really not built to take on the best players in the world and beat them, and blow you away with his quickness. But I still think he has plenty of quality and ability, and just needs to adapt his abilities to a style of play he can make thoroughly his own, with the starting point of Carrick, with more roaming and aggressiveness. And a midfielder like that would give us a lot more options and flexibility.

    In many ways, a calm, quiet midfielder that can dictate a game without a lot of flash is much more valuable than the mercurial, take on everyone midfielder. I am not exactly sure what they want Cleverley to do, but I really see him as a player that will grow and learn and be valuable to United in the future.

    • @Ben: Agreed mate.

      Cleverley is a realy great player and I think at this point in time he is an excellent squad player to have around while we’re suffering this crisis in midfield.

      He is a hard worker as well so that will stand him in good stead.

      I saw him play as a holding player in one of the pre-season games and I thought he was quite useful.

      I love the way he is slowly developing into a great influence at United. I count him amoung the next generation youngsters who are making things happen at United. Cleverley, Welbeck, Rafael and Jones are the next gen youngsters who are going to be very important to us this season.

      I gree with you that he has some decent passes on him and he keeps getting better. I’m very pleased with Tom Cleverley. And I’m really glad to have him in the side.

      Its true what you say about Carrick. If you play him then you can’t play an attacking player next him because that would open us up to counter’s etc. Thats why I was think Fellaini would be a great buy because he seems to have a lot of running in him.

      I agree as well about Cleverley’s utility. He can play as a no.10 and no.8 and a no.6 I think. He will be great. And this season will be yet another season where, if he can avoid injury, he will just keep getting stronger and smarter.

      I think Sir Alex has done a great job in keeping the pipeline full at United. All the way from Giggs down to Januzaj, we have players of all ages and experience levels to make some great contributions.

      This season I’m actually really looking forward to the emergence of Nick Powell and Angelo Henriquez.

    • @Ben: Yeah, I don’t get the hate towards tom clev myself.
      He’s more than a decent squad player for us. He’ll never be world class but he does a job and he keeps the ball moving for us.
      Just wish he’d be a bit more expansive at times, as I certainly think he has more in his locker (ie what we saw from him at the start of the 11-12 season where he was sensational before getting injured).

      • @tonymontanna4united:
        You look at the types of midfielders that calmly control a game, and most of those are 30 or older. It’s verrrrry rare to find a world class midfielder of that mold who is 24. So if he isn’t world class at that right now, I think it’s a matter of experience and drive, and Tom looks to me like a kid driven to succeed, who trains hard, and wants to get better, and he plays alongside the best in the world, plays for his country, I’m not quite ready to say he can’t be world class. But it probably will be a few seasons before he will have the experience and confidence to take over and control a game with that type of effectiveness. But considering what that type of midfielder can do for a club, it is well worth the wait for United, and I think right now he’s a plus for the squad when he plays.

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