Falcao’s United move in Little Pea-ces

Soccer - Barclays Premier League - Bolton Wanderers v Manchester United - Reebok StadiumIt was July 28, 2010, the setting, Reliant Stadium in Houston Texas. The final fixture in the annual Manchester United North American pre-season tour, which saw the Red Devils take on M-L-S All-Star team. This was a match where he made his debut.

Coming on as a second-half substitute to the cheers and support from his country’s people, it didn’t take him long to make an impact. Missing his first chance at goal off a beautifully crossed ball from Tom Cleverley. He would not let the next opportunity pass him by.

While you read this, let these words paint a picture in your mind. Jonny Evans passes the ball to Darren Fletcher who was no more than five yards in front of him. Fletcher turns onto his right foot, at that moment “he” checks to the ball just enough to lose the defender marking him. Javier Hernandez, Wilman CondeHe turns to make a run as Fletcher delivers a sensational through ball that lands right in front of him. It’s just him and a charging Nick Rimando as he volleys the ball over the goalie and into the back of the net. He had arrived. Javier Hernandez had made the prefect debut.

The former Club Deportivo Guadalajara striker, Chicharito as he is known, has had an amazing three years since joining United on April 8, 2010 for £6m after impressing scouts on two separate occasions.

Hernandez made his competitive debut during a 3-1 win over Chelsea in the FA Community Shield as a second half substitute, scoring Uniteds second goal of the match. It was not until August 18, 2010 when Chicharito would see his first Premiere League action, once again coming on as a substitute for Wayne Rooney. Though he was held without a goal, United went on to best Newcastle United 3-0.

In his first season with the club, Chicharito had a spectacular debut, netted 13 goals and 20 in all competition.

“We did not expect this kind of return. We thought this year would be an introductory to the club, getting adapted to English football and strengthening him up. But he has done all these things and more.” – Sir Alex Ferguson on Javier Hernandez.

With his pace, cunning runs to beat offside traps, and goal scoring abilities, he caused many problems for opposing defenders. Known as a “poacher” for his knack of scoring from close range, the Mexcian international is also an aerial threat, though he stands 5 foot 9 inches.

In 109 appearances for Manchester United in all competitions, Hernandez has found the back of the net 48 times. It is undeniable his importance to Manchester United as he has displayed in his third season. Seldom used in Sir Alex Ferguson’s already attacking, star-studded lineup, Hernandez has been the go to player off the bench.

Hernandez v Braga AwayHe’s netted 16 goals in all competition this year, 4 off the mark from his debut season. His new guise as the “super sub” has been well earned, at times coming off the bench to savour Uniteds wins, noticeably the 4-3 win over Newcastle United where he scored the winning goal in the final minutes of the match, and the game winning goal in the 3-2 win against SC Braga in the Champions League.

Hernandez failed to claim his first hat trick as a United player in a 3-2 win over Aston Villa. Coming on as a substitute, Hernandez scored three times to save the Red Devils on losing 3 points to the Villans, but one goal was overturned as his strike was deflected by Ron Vlaars, making it an own goal.

With the addition of Robin van Persie during the summer transfer window, there were many speculations surrounding the Mexican striker. There were reports of Chelsea being interested in the player, but nothing came of it. A lot of pundits figure he would be the odd man out. Though true, having seen his role diminish from a lack lustre second season due to injury and international duties, the player took it with stride.

Having been dropped down the pecking order behind players like Wayne Rooney, newly acquired Robin van Persie and academy bred Danny Welbeck; it has been hard for Chicharito to get quality starting XI minutes. Most players would be frustrated at the lack of playing; he has been a professional about it.

“I am happy to be at this club. Of course I would love to start more often but I will keep the same attitude.” – Javier Hernandez

Falcao Atletico MadridRecently, it’s been widely reported that United is interest in Atletico Madrids goal scoring machine Radamel Falcao and a supposed swap with Hernandez being the main key. It was not too long ago that noise of Wayne Rooney being sold rang through the media in order to make way for Falcao, but now it seems Chicharito is the one set to leave the Theatre of Dreams.

What United will be losing is a character player; a hard working professional, who would rather focus on the team than personal accolades, and the obvious goal threat that he is. It is quite ridiculous that he gets overlooked to Danny Welbeck who is having by far his worst season, scoring just 2 goals in all competition to Hernandez’s 16.

The player, who came into the premiere league quietly, has made quite a noise in his 3 years at Manchester United. If he is set to leave comes the summer transfer window, whichever club acquires his services will be getting a gem.

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  1. Ferguson preferring Welbeck to Hernandez. How laughable is that? Is there something going on we don’t know? Hernandez is better by a mile, but it seems Ferguson does not. or chooses not to know.

    • @Chris Nicholls: With Welbeck getting more games than Chicha its not a direct reflection of Ferguson preferring him to the Mexican.

      When Welbeck plays its usually to do a job on the left or right wing. So he isn’t necessarily always being played as a striker ahead of Chicharito.

      As a striker Chicha shows Welbeck flames.

      As a winger Welbeck might be the better option.

      But it is still galling the amount of game time Welbeck got this season vs what Chicha got.

  2. It would be a real mistake to let Chicharito go.

    I don’t want Falcao if it means losing Chicha. I could swap Welbeck for Falcao. I could even swap Rooney for Falcao but not for Chicha.

    I think we need him. He is a proven goal threat and I would not understand a decision to let guaranteed goals leave the club.

    I really think that Chicharito has paid his dues now and deserves to play ahead of Welbeck and Rooney even.

    Next season Ferguson owes it to Chicha to give him a decent run of games. This season SAF has been way too reliant on RVP for goals and that just goes to show you that our squad is lacking in a lot of areas. But instead of fixing the problems Ferguson goes and buys RVP (which was a good thing) to paper over the cracks(that is a bad thing. Fix the problems Fergie! Don’t dump the team’s problems on RVP’s shoulders to carry). RVP for long parts of the season has been the difference. We should be supporting RVP’s brilliance not leveraging it.

    But there is a lot of good football in this squad yet quality players like Chicharito have to cool their heals while RVP and Carrick play week in and week out. I struggle to understand the logic behind that.

    Welbeck is a tough one. My knee jerk reaction is to sell him off. But that might be a touch premature.

    Next season Chicha needs to be given his deserved place in the starting line up.

    Also next season Ferguson must fix the midfield problems we’ve had. For too long now.

    I am not a football player and have never played football seriously but in my view the best would be to partner him with Shinji Kagawa.

    What we need to bring life into our game is to get a solid midfield general who will help feed balls to the front four players.

    All Chicha needs is decent service and he puts the ball away.

    Sell Rooney. Buy a proven midfield engine, a quality left footed left winger and Robert Lewandowski. Partner Lewandowski with RVP. And partner Chicharito with Kagawa. We have more than enough games on the calendar to rotate strike partnerships and allow people to build form and an understanding and chemistry. And they all lived happily ever after. The end.

  3. Wouldn’t blame him in the slightest if he asked for a move this summer as hes been criminally under used. And yet you don’t hear any whining or bitching, any complaining at all from him.
    The guy is just a total class act and an all round damn nice bloke.
    Should definitely be looking to start in the remaining games ahead of Welbeck and especially rooney whose been piss poor this season, and I hope to God hes not sold in the summer.

    As for all this talk about falcoa, well its absolute media BS to think we’d ever be prepared to spend £40m+ on any player during the glazer regime, but honestly with the quotes yesterday from fergie regarding lewandowski where he refused to deny we were in for him or not, why is it I wouldn’t be surprised if yet another striker is one is list of targets this summer (albeit it wont be falcoa due to his price tag).
    FFS fergie, we don’t need anymore sodding strikers, even if rooney goes were fine for strikers, its midfielders and ideally a left footed winger replacement for giggs that we’re so lacking not another striker.
    We can stock up on all the strikers in the world, and its not going to make the slightest bit of difference in Europe if we’re just going to continue lining up with anderson, giggs and fletcher in midfield.
    How a man whose won all there is to win in the game cant see this, is baffling and a total bloody joke.

      • @Opti: Even if rooney is sold, I still think it’d be a waste to bring in another striker, even one as great as falcoa, as I think were ok for strikers with rvp and hernandez (who needs more games).
        We need ATLEAST one top class CM, likely starting cost atleast £20m, and also imo a left footed winger (would love bale but gotta stop dreaming).
        That’s the likely rooney transfer fee (say £30-35m) gone right there, so with another striker on top, especially one like falcoa likely to cost £40m+, I just cant see it and tbh I don’t really want to see it.
        You know this club mate, if falcoa comes in then that’s our spending done for the summer and that’s all were gonna get. No midfielder, having to see more of valencia, young and giggs on the wing 😯 It just isn’t worth it imo.
        Would much rather see 2-3 less spectacular signings, but signings nonetheless that fill gaping holes in the squad.
        Transfer muppet in me would love to see gundogan, bale and baines brought in, but I wouldn’t be upset if we were to see rooney sold and the likes of moutinho, isco, wanyama brought in.
        Not exactly signings to take the world by storm (albeit I think isco will be up there with the best in a few years), but players who will fill holes in our squad and be a damn good improvement on what weve currently got.

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