Fergie: ‘It’s up to Nani now”

72-nanicanstillhave-gtIt seems like we can’t go a day without a different transfer rumour linking players with a move to United or away from the club. Today, the papers’ speculation focus on Old Trafford’s very own Mr Marmite, otherwise known as Nani. The Portuguese’s petulance and ability to irritate people comparable only to those of flies that disrupt a summer barbecue has been well documented, as has his match-winning ability, as we witnessed on Monday night.

Nani is a player that splits opinions like few have done over the last decade at Old Trafford. The apologetic party, their colours firmly tied to the Portuguese’s ability, happily turn a blind eye on Nani’s flaws – a peculiar willingness to hit the deck, a “not too arsed” attitude  nonchalantly displayed on and off the pitch and, lest we forget, his financial demands.

On the other side of the fence, Nani’s critics would rather get rid of a petulant kid who can turn a game on its head, even if it means having to make do with Ashley Young, a sort of David Bellion 2.0 if you wish.

Sir Alex Ferguson has described  Nani as “without doubt one of the best match-winners in the whole of Europe” but, as reported by the Independent, Fergie added: “[Chief executive] David [Gill] has been speaking to [Nani’s] agent for quite a few weeks now,” Ferguson said. “It’s up to the boy himself. He’s got a year and a half left, I would prefer to keep him to the end of his contract. But I think he wants guaranteed first-team football. But he can guarantee that. His performance the other night can guarantee that. We’re trying our best because he’s such a match-winning player.”

Nani isn’t the only player that could be set to leave Old Trafford, at least according to the Daily Mirror whose eminent writers now consider De Gea good enough to replace Iker Casillas at Real Madrid.

A remarkable turnaround in fortunes, considering that the Spaniard was considered to be United’s weak link until his performance at the Bernabeu 10 days ago.

And finally, if you thought that being top of the league, in the quarter-finals of the FA Cup and with a good chance of reaching the last eight of the Champions League would be a better proposition than sitting seventh on the table, with no cups to soften to blow, you’d be completely wrong for you’re not a part of  “the world’s greatest football family”.

Which means you’ll miss out on Brendan’s Christmas card, presumably.


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  1. Why should Nani leave? He is one of Portugal’s irreplaceable starters and it pays off for them. He is a world class player who has proved himself for us and his country. This speculation is especially strange because Valencia and Young have been average all season. If we are looking at possible departures this summer I’d sell Welbeck and Anderson immediately.

    • @Moscow: Valencia is probably leaving if any winger goes out.. his form has been season long and career low. Maybe he gets another season, but a good offer for Vally could help both Nani and Zaha…

    • @Moscow: what has Portugal got to do with united? Being a sure starter for Portugal means zilch. They are not a super power like Germany or Spain.

      Nani’s problem is his own greed and his small brain. He is not commiting his future to the club (aka not signing contract extension). And he has been more cold than hot this season (and the previous one). All in all, he has had 1 and a half great seasons with us in his time here. For me, he can leave if wants to go. Manchester United does not need Nani (we’ve been doing OK without him this season).

      • @jos: Portugal have made the semi finals 3 times out of the past 5 major competitions. They are a far greater force than England.

        • @Moscow: Am not English so I dont care for England as well. I only care for Man Utd as I support them.

          The super powers in world football are Germany, Argentina, Spain, Holland and Brazil. Rest have only 1 or 2 great players.

  2. I am skeptical as usual with our negotiating tactics particularly with non British players. Its always megaphone diplomacy when it comes to this unfortunate lot. Remember Pogba last year ? The young man spent the season on the bench even enduring watching rafael play in his position against blackburn and pretenders like Jones preferred in midfield with the club dishing all kinds of abuse about how difficult his agent was. Same with Berbatov. Now after being sidelined, mindlessly blamed for capital one loss he gets a few games and its now up to him??? pleaase?? Did we not bend backwards embarassingly to keep rooney??? Did Welbeck not get what he wanted???Are we not splashing obscene amounts for unknown quantities like Zaha, Jones etc??? Give Nani a break.

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