Fergie needs to help Moyes

David MoyesEric Harrison, the former Manchester United Youth team coach, has called for Sir Alex Ferguson to step in to help David Moyes who, according to Harrison, has made life difficult for himself since arriving at Old Trafford.

Harrison, the man who coached David Beckham, Paul Scholes, Ryan Giggs, Phil and Gary Neville and Nicky Butt when they were plying their trade in United’s youth team, believes that the only thing that could help Moyes turn things around at Old Trafford is help from his illustrious predecessor.

United face Swansea at home on Saturday, hoping to avoid a fourth consecutive defeat in all competitions, having been knocked out of the FA Cup by Michael Laudrup’s men last weekend barely four days after losing at home against Spurs, before going on to lose 2-1 at Sunderland on Tuesday, their worst run in 13 years.

“I’m 100% for David Moyes, I really am, things are going bad for him and all that. The look on his face when he’s on TV I feel so sorry for him,” said Harrison.

“Sir Alex Ferguson will be having a word with him there’s no question about that, but he won’t be saying you’ve got to do this and that. He will do it nice and quietly.

“I think the pair should get together quite a lot and he should listen seriously to Sir Alex.”

However, asked if he thought the United manager could steady the United ship, which looks to be sinking at an increasingly alarming speed, Harrison said: “At this moment in time, no.”

Harrison believes that Moyes made life needlessly difficult for himself by replacing Sir Alex Ferguson coaching staff with his trusted lieutenants, whom he brought at the club from Everton.

“In hindsight it does look like a mistake, I don’t want to criticise anyone but I’ve got to be honest because if I’m thinking that why shouldn’t I say it, like most of the Man United supporters,” said Harrison.

“They certainly should have kept the staff that they had, they shouldn’t have brought so many in from Everton.”



  1. Moyes doesn’t take advice he thinks he knows it all. Right from the beginning of his tenure he disregarded SAF’s advice to hold onto the Man United training staff. He couldn’t even do that and sacked them all. Now he wonders why the results are going against him. His training regime so far has cost United more injuries than on the playing field. Tactically he is inept and totally clueless. He has no idea what his best team is and is constantly fiddling with different combinations which suprise suprise aren’t working. The summer window was a disaster which cost United 27.5 million for a donkey. How a huge Global Club can appoint a manager who has won nothing is beyond me. The only way to cure this malaise is to get rid of the cause Moyes and his merry band of incompetents

  2. disagree with eric Harrison leave moyes alone to do his job,ferguson left him with rubbish. we all know that it is an ageing and very poor quality squad and has been for a long time,ferguson had the abilty to scrape results due to experience but it covered the cracks. the young boy adnan and de gea are the only two worth keeping ! no value in the market was ferguson’s usual quote but other teams seemed to find value!! look at the team and ask who would get into our rivals first eleven apart fom the two I mentioned not a one. this mess is down to one man only and it is not david moyes!!!!!

      • @Dan: How people on here can crave for a new manager over new players is astonishing. I can only assume that getting a new manager might seem like a quick fix for the situation – of course it’s not, there is no quick fix!
        There is no quick solution at all. Time and money needs to be spent on new players and revamping of the youth system, that has given us virtually nothing over the last 5 years. If Moyes can’t get this done, then so be it – move on to someone that can.
        The priorities on this blog now seems to be vengeance rather than solutions.

    • @Craig Doherty:
      Spot on mate. Other than De Gea, Rooney, RVP and Adnan none of those lads will get a place on other teams. They prolly won’t even make Man City’s bench

    • @Craig Doherty: It’s an ageing and very poor quality squad?
      Perhaps in the hands of a mediocre bloke like MOyes, but they are the current league champions.
      Moyes is simply dragging United down to his level, anyone who thinks otherwise is seriously deluded.
      Every week Moyes’ managerial “style” is screaming out that he’s the wrong man for the job.
      In the hands of a decent manager, we would not be having these issues. Obviously.
      The only difference between this year and last is David Moyes, his staff and a player he bought.
      The problem is an obvious one.

  3. Hear hear Dr Graham J Smith. Bringing in his own staff and dramatically changing the coaching methods that had after all helped us win the title is the height of arrogance and stupidity.

    Not to mention he pulled the plug on all the deals that we had set up for him (EG Thiago, Garay) only to launch abortive and doomed bids for Fabregas and every other household name midfielder in Europe only to panic buy Fellaini at the last minute.

  4. I agree with you both, but something confuses me a bit.
    I thought Moyes was the humble guy and Mourinho the arrogant one?
    At least that’s what everyone stated when he got appointed?

  5. Under Moyes United Have…

    Handed Everton their first win at Old Trafford in 21 years.

    Ended Newcastles 41 year spell without a win at Old Trafford.

    Lost at Old Trafford on New Year’s Day for the first time in 20 yrs.

    Lost to five teams at Old Trafford in all comps before the month of February for the first time in 24 years.

    Gone out of the FA Cup in the 3rd round for only the 2nd time in 30 years.

    Given Swansea their first win ever at Old Trafford.

    Handed West Brom their first win at Old Trafford since 1978.

    Now lost 3 encounters in the month of January for the first time in 40 years.

    Lost 3 matches within one week for the first time in 22 seasons.

    Given Sunderland a win for the first time in 20 attempts.

    Now converted Chris Smalling into a terrorist.

    • @Stephen:
      “Handed Everton their first win at Old Trafford in 21 years”

      …and somehow figure reckoned he’s the chosen one to take United to the next level of greatness after him???
      🙄 🙄 🙄

  6. The whole thing has been botched, because what always should have happened, is that Fergie should have brought in a tame creature, and then run the team as surrogate through him for a little, maybe 2-3 seasons, letting Moyes absorb the ideas, the process everything. This way, Fergie keeps us in trophies, Moyes gets to claim he’s getting us there, Fergie can deny he’s making any decisions, and everyone is happy, and Fergie builds the manager we need next in his own image. That is what should have happened.

    You could have gone the tame creature slowing being moulded into Fergie 2.0, which I think probably could have worked fine, not as good as the original probably, but who knows.

    Or, you could have brought in an original genius. But sadly I think Sir Alex is too insecure for that. He may be ready in a few years, but he wasn’t when he made this choice. And somewhere along the line he either decided he didn’t want to babysit and teach a grown man for 3 years on a job he’s already supposed to know how to do, or he got backlash from all types of people about how that wouldn’t be right, or how it would be egotistical, or that he can’t throw his weight around etc.

    Moyes, you could do a whole lot worse than letting Fergie coach this team by surrogate. You could keep on doing what you’re doing. And in a few years, maybe we can trust you enough to take the training wheels off. That is the help from Fergie Moyes needs.

  7. November 1986 Wimbledon 1 united 0
    December 1986 united 0 Norwich 1
    march 1986 luton town 2 united 1
    march 1986 sheff Wednesday 1 united 0
    april 1986 Newcastle 2 united 1
    may 1986 united 0 Wimbledon 1
    may 1986 spurs 4 united 0
    November 1986 littlewoods cup 4th round Southampton 4 united 0
    January 1987 FA cup 4th round united 0 Coventry 1

    does the above look familiar? this was in fergies first season would he have accepted anybody’s help?? we need to remember the absolute rubbish that we watched for the first few years until we won the FA cup. remember ralph milne? clayton blackmore? liam O’Brien? terry Gibson? graham hogg? I was there home and away it was abysmal, we have no divine right to win anything it is going to be a rebuild, we have to stay behind moyes, imagine if fergie had got the bullet! and we all called long and hard for it to happen during those first few years. time and patience needed just remember wilf mcguinness and sir matt

    • @Craig Doherty: That was then. This is now.

      Fergie’s “transformation” required time to “rebuild”. What transformation is Moyes supposed to be given time for?

      Or let me post the question another way.
      In all honesty, if Fergie were to issue a statement today saying he made a mistake with the appointment. Would you still be prepared to give Moyes time?

      Football has changed. Our financial situation have changed. Our ambitions have changed. Our neighbours have changed.

      I’m sorry but I don’t share that sentiment. If that logic were still valid then Eric Cantona would have made much better sense as manager than a non-visionary like our current manager.

    • @Craig Doherty: Times have changed mate and so has soccer. No team in the world currently hands a manager a six year contract and expects him to figure it out within 2-3 seasons, alot of decent coaches get the sack even after winning trophies but failing to meet other targets. For example, Carlo got the sack at Chelsea even after winning the double the previous season. The only exception to this is Arsenal where they’ve been able to move along with Wenger without winning anything. If United is to remain on footballing par with the likes of Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern, Chelsea, City…Moyes cannot be given the whole day to figure out his left from his right. I don’t mean to go in harsh on him but the man hasn’t won anything in his career and trust me it’s not down to luck. It’s down to his mentality. He needs to change that first before he can get this team to move forward. I hold Ole in high regards and would love to see him coach at United, but DM has till the end of the season and we don’t make top 4 then he needs to be shown the door. It’s simply unacceptable. Not at this level and not at this club. The standards are higher now than they were wen SAF started and if Moyes can keep that then we need to find a manager who can.

  8. When Fergie took over we were just above the relagation zone. When Moyes took over, we were Champions, by 13 points, there is a big difference.

    • @Stephen: The team that won the league by 11 points were overachieving to the max. All it took was to atrip them of their mentor and their true values were laid bare for all to see.
      There are only 4/5 quality players in our entire squad that could sniff the heels of our rivals starting rosters – and none of those would be dead set starters. Just compare our players, position by position, man by man to those of out rivals (City, Chelsea, Arsenal, Madrid, Barca, Milan) and only a blind man could favor our boys.
      Facts is facts, despite how much you want to put Moyes in front of a firing squad.

      • @Redrich: “overachieving to the max”???
        Why do people always refer to this squad as overachieving? IMO that is very illogical, especially if they do so consistently. They actually “achieved” their potential. To me it shows what can be done…if you know how to do it.

  9. @Admin or Dan
    Perhaps someone skilled in the art of writing (like yourselvea) can write an article on “Why should Moyes be given time?”. I’m curious to see what logical reasons people can come up with as to why or why not.

    Just an idea.

    • @Karl: Apparently time is something you don’t have either. You want the situation fixed now, at double quick time. Wasting it will only lead to a failed season and a further descent into the bowels of the PL, right? Jettison Moyes and problem solved, right.
      No way mate – the situation is far more deep and dire than most here dare to think about. The team is not competitive, not in Europe and now no longer Domestically. The men in charge have taken a stance of entitlement and expectation without providing the tools to achieve it. The ownership have only one thing on their minds – and thats to spend as little as possible to fill the seats at OT and to market the brand as a team of destiny, again, without true commitment to what it takes to make it happen. The youth system that was the backbone of our DNA has produced virtually nothing over the last 5-8 years, and in this respect, no one seems to be accountable for it at all.
      In all, we are now reaping what we have sown – it will take years to make the ground fertile again. Many managers will fall, many titles will go the way of our rivals – WILL YOU STILL BE THERE FOR THEM??

      • @Redrich: I have time…not sure Manchester United PLC has.
        To answer your question on loyalty…
        If I can get served by some entertaining football (eg. Arse, Barca, etc.) then I will give whoever all the time he needs. I’m not asking for trophies because apart from the bragging rights it gives me, it does not mean much in my life. It does not quite compensate for the hours dedicated (and everything else that goes with it – like putting your life on hold for the sake of a match, upsetting the wife, family, etc.) to watching a game when what you are being served is utter dross. Moyes seem to continue where Fergie left off in that regard.
        If I could change allegiance to another team, I would; but I can’t. Therefore I will shout from the rooftops if I have to because my time and life, my money is valuable to me and I deserve to be entertained. Football is supposed to be an entertainment sport.

        This is the same thing I’ve been shouting for under the Fergie era. My agenda has not changed.
        If Moyes could show me signs of expansive football – he would have my backing. He would have all the time he needed from me.
        But, as they say “SSDD”, in this case “SSDM” (Same Shit Different Manager)

  10. so moyes is to blame for the short comings of the current squad?? last years premiership was one of the poorest on record and yes we won it at a canter but did we win it with free flowing attacking football? no we did not, and there were enough boos at O.T. after certain games to open everybody’s eyes! who do we replace moyes with? will that replacement make cleverly world class? will it make wellbeck the new denis law? will it take ten years off rio and vidic? no it won’t. it will still be the same squad. city are now unfortunately light years ahead of us and the only way to close the gap is to spend big, we cannot do that thanks to the glazers and we know who backed them to the hilt don’t we.. “if fergie were to issue a statement today to say moyes was the wrong appointment” what has it got to do with fergie now? he is more than partly to blame! felliani apart it is his squad the best since 1999 according to his own opinion. he was spared this kind of abuse because of his success but we all watched and we all knew how poor we actually were! in my opinion it has been handled very very poorly behind the scenes by the people who run the club why was there not an ex red put along side him in preparation for his retirement three years ago ie hughes,ole, brucie, but we had phelan and the four five one man quieroz,, moyes is being made a scapegoat in my opinion and of course it is all about opinions..

    • @Craig Doherty: Now this rant of yours I like. Charged with emotion. Makes it more real.

      I wholeheartedly agree with what you’re saying.

      You raise some very valid points but you don’t quite answer the question of why Moyes should be given a chance? Yes, Fergie is the main reason of why we are in this situation. And yes, we overlooked his faults because we were winning. But, now we’re not and Fergie no.2 must answer.

      Unfortunately, I don’t believe Moyes has the capacity to get us out of this situation, so why should he be given a chance? His preferential/ideal gameplay is the same as Fergie’s in his latter years…not much difference there in terms of entertainment, so why should he be given a chance? He experienced a long, secure stint at Everton and achieved jack. His club actually improved when he left – why exactly should we give him a chance here at Old Trafford (as you yourself said “we cannot spend big”)? What hope is there of him achieving anything better at United within 5 years than at Everton in 10 (in the same league)? Or is it that United is somehow more special than other clubs? (Remember we don’t have a divine right to anything).
      People say he is a good manager because he was consistent with a “useless squad”. Well, it is the squad that took HIM 10 years to assemble. And now he wants to buy those players into our squad…because he feels familiar with then? (Same argument regarding his backroom staff). Does that look like a reason to give him a chance? He has 0 record in Europe CL – not for a lack of trying – maybe its because HIS team(s) could never qualify for it? What makes us believe he can get us to qualify for it – let alone win it? (He’s currently battling to compete in a tournament that Fergie used as a development ground for his youngsters???) Nothing that inspire any reason for giving him a chance.
      He has not come up with any ideas of reform (both on and off the pitch – ok, except for training methods which in all fairness is not a bad idea, bit his does not seem to work). What reform is he coming up to justify him being given a chance?

      As Stephen mentioned, the situation where United found ourselves in during the take-overs is different. Moyes inherited a squad of champions (whether we like it or not – its a fact). The same squad practically ran away with the league last season, regardless of how bad they or the league are. This season, the top clubs underwent management changes themselves – an excellent opportunity to start with the post-Fergie era. Where do we find ourselves now? Mid-table. Staring non CL qualification in the face. With the same team.

      I agree that the transition was orchestrated extremely crap. But, just because Fergie said we must give his chosen one some time does not make him or it right. Fergie should never have been allowed the sole discretion and decision-maker in choosing his successor. Well, unfortunately he did. In my opinion he chose crap. I don’t see why we should have patience with him to come “good” because I don’t have much faith in that “good” (it certainly does not entail nice expansive football). But, as you said, at the end of the day it is all just opinions.

    • @Craig Doherty: Craig – like you I have strong memories of the eighties under Fergie, as well as Atkinson and Sexton before and there was certainly some pretty ropey stuff on show throughout. It took an established winner in Fergie over 4 years to steady the ship then. It is impossible to compare different eras and squad strengths, and clearly Moyes and Fergie were starting from very different historical baselines, but the bottom line is it will take time to turn this around.

      Your other very valid point about how the transition was prepared for (or not) is one I have made on this blog before. It was a failure of the club given the rare luxury of a stable, successful football operation not to prepare for the inevitable departure a year or more ahead of time as you suggest. The transition should have started well before Fergie finally called it a day and he should certainly not have been allowed (or for the sake of the club, wanted) to just walk out with so little notice or preparation. We had such a unique opportunity among PL clubs to make this relatively seamless, but we screwed it up royally. A complete lack of a succession planning because no-one but Fergie got to set the agenda.

    • @Craig Doherty: You make a lot of good points there, and I agree with quite a few of them, but the only thing that annoys me no end when it comes to Moyes and these calls from fans & pundits galore that they all seem to miss is that Moyes had the chance to do something about addressing the holes in the squad during the summer and he didn’t do it.
      He was given the job in early May, not the middle of September.
      He had 2+ months to write up a short list of players he wanted, and then another 2 months to try and bring them in.
      The fact that during that time, his list seemed to consist of barely more than 4 players says alot.
      Even more so when those 4 players consisted of someone that anyone with half a brain knew was never going to want to come in Fabregas and not much else other than a last day panic bid for De Rossi, a bid for Herrera that didn’t even meet his release clause, and a failed loan move for Coentrao before of course bringing in Fellaini for £4m more than his release clause had been all summer.
      Now I’m not doubting that the guy didn’t have a lot to work with money wise.
      Any claims that we’ve got £100m+ just lying around waiting to spent is the same BS news we’ve been hearing since Ronaldo left. It’s utter crap, and ain’t fooling anyone.
      But still, there was Thiago (who Moyes apparently didn’t even try for) who was available until mid July before Bayern pounced, there was Strootman available for £15m, there was De Rossi for £10m, Coentrao who we could have gotten had we not left it til the last 10 minutes, and anyone from the likes of Banega, Matic, Bender, Cabaye, Witsel, hell even Ross Barkley at Everton might have been someone we could have made a move for, and all of whom wouldn’t have come for much less than we paid for Fellaini.
      So really whose fault was it then we ended up with a £27m bog brush and nowt else.
      Who was it, who spent the summer making us look like a bunch of complete amateurs and completely desperate to boot.
      Yeah, it was Moyes, the man affectionately known as “dithering dave” by Everton fans during his time there for his yearly screw ups in the transfer windows.
      Dithering Dave who also lets not forget, described this “awful side” as being “great” just a few months ago in July.
      Who said so positively, and I quote “The squad Manchester United has, without any additions, will be tough opponents for any team this year. That is the squad that finished 11 points clear in the Premier League. I am confident in that squad”.
      Quite a U-turn then just a few months later, to “we urgently need new players”, “we are in transition” and currently struggling in 7th place I’d say.
      Are the players not as good as Moyes thought they were? Or has Moyes just been shown to not be good enough to get the best out of them?
      And will he get things right this time in the summer or just waste time bidding for the likes of Gundogan, Koke, Reus etc who we’ve got no chance of getting once again (especially if we end up outside the top 4) before the inevitable last day panic bids for Baines and Cabaye?

      Personally I just don’t have much faith in the man.
      I just don’t think he’s the right fit for the club, and I don’t think he’s what the club is after right now.
      If we are in the middle of a massive transitional period, and if as we obviously are, under financial restrictions that prevents us spending shit loads of money then personally Moyes wouldn’t be the man I’d want in charge of overseeing such a period of change at the club.
      I don’t think there’s many players that will want to play under him, I don’t think his list of targets will extend much further than the unobtainable names I’ve posted above, and I just think he’s going to struggle to get players playing in the outdated system he wants to play whilst getting the best out of them.

      • @tonymontanna4united: Moyes was not on the payroll until July 1, because, apparently some form of monetary compensation was due to Everton if we took him under contract.
        Another cheap-stake move that couldn’t foresee how it would effect the future. Typical!!

        • @Redrich: I remember saying just after he’d been appointed that it was bloody stupid waiting until July for him to officially start, rather than just paying them the £2/3m to get him in then.
          Still though point stands, he did have 2 months before starting in July to put a short list together of who he wanted to bring in, and I don’t think he needed to think too hard to get a good idea of which players were becoming past their best, weren’t good enough and needed replacing.
          He’d faced us enough times in the past, and it wasn’t like he’d been managing abroad and never seen us.

          To be fair mate, I have actually defended Moyes in some of his comments which the press have hyped up no end.
          The rooney is 2nd choice to RVP comment for example where he said nothing of the sort, and the press twisted and distorted his words to suit their agenda, I went on record many times to support the guy over.
          But that’s what you’ve got to expect, being the manager of this great club. We’re in the spotlight 24/7, and the press are always hanging around like vultures waiting for anything negative they can write about the club.
          So far Moyes has been throwing them not scraps, but entire bloody bones far too often and far too easily.
          They don’t even have to try and distort the quotes anymore for them to sound negative, as they already sound negative when they come straight from Moyes’ mouth.
          Stuff like “we’ll make it difficult for newcastle” which just sounds small time.
          Or “we did our best to bring in a really big name player in the summer” like that’s some sort of achievement.
          His comments about our style of football not mattering and of course the comments I’ve posted above about being happy with the squad.
          Maybe I am looking into these comments too much, who knows.
          But handling the media is an important part of managing this club, and really I just think it’d be better to say too little rather than too much as everything that is coming out at the minute just comes across as negative and uninspiring, and I’m not the only fan to mention that.

      • @tonymontanna4united: Sometimes, tony, I think you get caught up in the “press conference” hype that most front men have to deal with.
        It’s just talk and hyperbole and has little reflection on what a man means. You could write a bibliography of contradictions from any given Footy manager over the years and you could use it to their benefit, or as you do now, for their demise.
        Proof of pudding is success, over an extended period.

      • @tonymontanna4united: I think Moyes may have fallen for Fergie’s story that this was his best squad since 99 and therefore didn’t feel real urgency to invest over the summer. After all he is /was in awe of the man that appointed him. If so, he’s certainly had a rude awakening.

        I’m also not convinced by Moyes but am willing to give him time – there’s not much having more upheaval with a second change this season. Would take an even more dramatic turn of events for that to happen. That said, he’d be better keeping quiet than coming out with some of the pitiful excuses and embarrassing statements he’s been making.

        I just wonder whether Fergie stayed away from Mourinho (or Pep) because they would quickly discover & reveal the truth about what is really going on behind the scenes that Fergie has been so reticent to discuss or dismiss with smokescreen answers (no value in the market, owners are great, etc)… Wouldn’t exactly make him look good if a different story began to emerge.

        • @ForeverRed: That is now becoming clear. Ferguson hid the truth about the quality of this squad, and as you say, lord knows what else!

      • @tonymontanna4united: Moyes definitely cited the 11point championship as reasons why this squad is good enough and why he doesn’t need to buy anyone.

        He said that even if we didn’t get anyone in during this past summer this squad is good enough.

        I think the squad is not as good as he thought. But more than that he has DEFINITELY failed as a manager to get out of them the decent performances that are in them.

  11. Fergie should shoulder a large part of d blame for covering up the mess of the glazer family this far, imho only wenger could av stomached such rubbish and still perform. Moyes is only being made to mop the flOor he didn’t wet cause for about 3 seasons before now I have watched d quality in d squad decline, started mainly from the exit of ronaldo and teves,d misfortunes of hargraves and the ageing of scholes and d inabilities of d likes of nani and anderson to step up yet Fergie patched it trough with his mastery only to drop d mess on Moyes’ laps now and d unsuspecting David jumped @ d job thinking he was fortunate…lol, I wonder how much investment mourinho would have called for had he got d job, little wonder why they skipped him anyway…lmfao #GGMU

  12. Ferguson’s best help would be to stay the F… away.

    I actually see him as part of the problem…. not the solution!!

  13. Chelsea made some transition with some manager,but they never as bad as utd right now

  14. This old man is just loiking for relevance trying to profit from a bad situation and I dont like that.This team has been moving down the gears at the team Got older.That night when Fergie was shaken to the core by Barcelona and he made his reactionary speech of emulating them only to end up in the Europa lge was the beginning of the rot.He Shld have kept the staff? Gosh how immature are we around here?after being loyal to such a system how ‘available were these gentlemen in a practical way they would have been a hinderance more than a help.I suppose we beleive Moyes should also have persuaded the CEO to stay?Now he should have bought 6 new players to add to a club that win by a mile? And today he would have been fired like AVBfor tempering with a wwinning team.No here is my plausibile theory.THE team has been in terminal decline and has been overachieving more like a gambler on a golden run.Now if you are a gambling man as some here Maybe you know that the one certainty with luck is that it will run out.And it happened our band of pretenders was found out and as happens at the tables fortune turned to disaster.We all know how quickly it goes downhill for gamblers who are now fuelled to sono deeper because of vivid memories of the golden streak.IT only takes someone who is lucky a sustained losing stream to shake all the confidence out of them and its downhill from there.You can see how there is absolutely no guile in the team anymore, silly ffouls, pumping every ball to the ‘messianic’ adnan, stray passes.Make no mistake no one can wreck a club as big as united in half a season…even Liverpool did not fall that spectacularly this is a classic situation of the chickens coming home to roost and the manager and his Ceo saw it coming and chose to get out at the ‘top’ just before it toppled over.we CAN change the manager 7 times but as long as Rvp,rooney,Rafael,januzaj are the only world class players we have we will not compete Against truly world class teams.

  15. Being a previous supporter of Moyes,I can understand why some United supporters still give him the benefit of the doubt.However,you should wake up and smell the bullshit that surrounds us.We are halfway through the season and we are in dire straits!Yes,the players are not performing,but whose fault is that?What new tactics has Moyes brought to United?We have severely regressed in this regard.Why did he fire the previous backroom staff,only to replace them with the current group of rubbish?No my friends,the writing is on the wall.You can blame the Glazers or Ferguson all you like,but last year these same guys were being led to another title.Now its all gone to shite in a matter of months.I refuse to make any more excuses for the mediocre Moyes!he must go and he must go now!

    • @Everton: I’m with you all the way bro.

      I don’t want to give Moyes more time.

      I don’t want him to get money to buy new players.

      I just want him out.

      Because he is not an elite manager.

      And he never will be.


  16. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/25665649

    Here is a fantastic article by Robbie Savage. The essential message is that half our squad isn’t good enough. But he makes some great points about Anderson and Valencia (they haven’t been the same since their injuries) and Smalling (he gives the ball away too much) and Rio (our chances of losing double when he plays) and Cleverley (what exactly is he good at?)

    Having said that the half of the squad that is good enough forms the following team:

    De Gea, Rafael, Vidic, Evans, Evra-Januzaj, Carrick, Jones, Kagawa-Van Persie, Rooney

    That team playing to its full potential is surely good enough to finish in the top four. But through overtraining them, bad tactics, poor motivational ability or what else even our first XI isn’t good enough

  17. If Moyes needs help from Fergie that just highlights his inadequacy for me.

    I don’t want Ferguson to help Moyes because I don’t want Moyes anywhere near Manchester United.

    I hope his failure is drastic and definite.

    And his exit quick.

    Because I don’t want to sit around waiting for world class football from a manager who is incapable of such . . .

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