Fergie’s advice to Moyes


Zemanta Related Posts ThumbnailSir Alex Ferguson insists that harmony is the key success and that David Moyes must ensure his staff are singing from the same hymn sheet, regardless of how rough the sea might get during the season.

Moyes has endured a difficult start to his managerial career at United, losing three of his first seven league games, which means United lie in ninth place, six points adrift of leaders Arsenal, with the former Everton manager coming under scrutiny for his cautious approach as well as for a summer during which he failed to strengthen his squad as required.

Moyes has also been criticised for bringing his own backroom staff from Goodison Park to Old Trafford, but while Sir Alex Ferguson doesn’t see it a problem, he insisted his successor must ensure every member of his staff shares his vision for the club and all pull in the same direction.

“Three things are very important when you are working with them – work ethic, loyalty, philosophy,” said Fergie.

“You all have to be singing the same tune, no matter how bad the tune is. It’s important that your people agree with you and the way that we at United wanted to play, that was very important.

“My attitude to a game of football – never give in. At half time in a game of football, if you’re behind, never give in.”

Many considered the job of replacing Sir Alex an impossible task and the early stages of David Moyes’ reign at Old Trafford have done very little to dismiss the notion, but the former United manager believes managers should thrive in difficult environments, rather than shying away from them for fear of failing.

“I think that the more difficult you make the challenge of being a top coach, well that’s a challenge that any coach should take because if you’re successful that way then you’ll be successful anyway,” Sir Alex said.

“Sometimes it’s about inspiring to make players better than they are and the best that they could have been.

“On the football field, it’s generally a player with character who wins the match.”

Sir Alex, who yesterday had a street leading to Old Trafford named after him and was freedom of Trafford, expressed his sympathy for David Moyes, claiming that he must be difficult to manage such a cosmopolitan team and that he himself had to turn down the famous hairdryer in his last seasons at the club, as players are a lot softer nowadays.

“The human beings I’ve dealt with are far more fragile than the human beings of 30 years ago,” continued the former United manager.

“And I say that in a good sense because they’re coming from better conditions. I couldn’t lose my temper the way I did back then with people nowadays.

“Also, which has become very dominant in the English game, is the culture of players from different countries.

“At United I think there are people from 20 different nationalities and that’s a challenge because people from different cultures have to be addressed.

“You have to make sure that they are comfortable in their environment because it’s a results industry and you need to get the best out of them.”




  1. The impression I’m getting is that whatever advice fergie wants to give moyes, will fall upon deaf ears.
    Moyes’s approach so far seems to be, “il do it my way, end of”.He deemed fergie’s transfer targets not good enough or too expensive (!), cleared out tryd and trusted experienced coaching staff to replace them with unproven and inexperienced replacements and showing where man management skills are concerned, he’s got a hellava lot to learn off the great man, which was fergie’s main asset.The way he’s handled the Rooney situation sumd it up.In fergie’s eyes, no player was ever bigger than the club, In moyes eyes there is, simplee as that.
    Just don’t know what point moyes is trying to make.seems he’s just slowly dismantling everything fergie built in such a short space of time. Obviously the squad needed overhauling, that’s not my problem.Its this seemingly ‘I know best’ attitude.Just my opinion, but he’s either very clever or just completely idiotic and arrogant to dismiss the views and advice of the most successful manager of his day.Only time if his stance is correct or not.On what I’ve seen so far, seems to be the latter.

    • @THE RED BARON: Moyes is clearly out of his depth.

      Whether he will grow into the job or not is yet to be seen.

      I don’t like how he is handling Zaha and Kagawa.

      And I seriously suspect that he is only playing Januzaj because the kid has got him in a tight spot with refusing to sign a new contract.

      Otherwise Moyes would be playing Ryan Giggs instead.

      Giggs should be played with the second string side in the Capital One games. Not in a full blow first team clash against Man City or the like.

      The job is his now and he must be counting his lucky stars he got chosen.

      I would have preferred Jurgen Klopp.

      Maybe in the future Klopp will make his way to Old Trafford.

      Here’s to dreaming. . .

      • @The_Philosopher: And I also have an eye for Michael Laudrup at the minute.

        I think I like the kind of man he is and his footballing philosophy.

        He is doing a decent job at Swansea and he is gaining valuable experience in the premier league.

        I had a brief look at his playing career and he was a really good play maker for two top Spanish sides.

        Moyes on the other hand was a centre half with a brief stint at Celtic as the only highlight in his career.

        Granted, a successful playing career doesn’t translate into a successful managing career but when I look at the kind of football they both played and when I look at the quality of football they both played at the different levels of the game they were playing, I have to say that Laudrup was at the pinnacle of the game while Moyes’ playing career was played out, for the most part, in mediocrity.

        Now I don’t yet know much about Sir Alex’s playing career. And again I will say that playing good football doesn’t necessarily translate into being an excellent manager.

        I don’t think Mourinho ever played the game professionally and he is one of the best managers in the world.

        Would it be too bold of me to say that Laudrup knows a little bit more about winning than Moyes seeing as how he won 5 La Liga titles in a row with Barcelona and Real Madrid, while David Moyes won one title with Celtic before playing out the rest of his career at various lesser known clubs and finally becoming player/coach at Preston North End?

        Winning a title with Real Madrid I would say might be a more valuable experience because of the league they’re in and their standing in world football then and now.

        Laudrup was in the training sessions, the half time team talks and the whole club atmosphere and ethos of winning along with his fellow team mates who were winners.

        Michale Laudrup had a front row seat to what it takes to win. Whether he learnt anything or not is still yet to be discovered. But he had a good look in.

        I think Michael Laudrup knows a little bit more about winning than David Moyes.

        Just saying.

        • @The_Philosopher: Jurgen Klopp started his playing career as a striker and ended it as a defender.

          There is a lesson there for one Antonio Valencia me thinks. . .

  2. You cannot judge a seed too early. You gotta wait for the fruit.

    Its way too early to examine the fruits of what Moyes has done.

    It will take at least two years.

    But he certainly could be using the momentum of the Ferguson years better. He has made so many unnecessary mistakes it boggles the mind.

    I don’t like Moyes as a manager but he is Ferguson’s choice so there could be something to that. Ferguson always saw in others what everyone else could not.

    I don’t know what he saw in Moyes. But its too early to say whether Ferguson made a good call or not.

    • @The_Philosopher: Id love to know fergies true thoughts about how moyes is approaching the utd job. And I don’t mean all the bull he’ll say to the media.With both the garay and thiago deals being blocked by moyes, something fergie and his scouting team had obviously spent many hours working on to ensure a deal went through, you would think saf would privately question which direction moyes wants to take this club.
      I get your point about Laudrup.Wouldnt surprise me at all to see him in charge of one of the major clubs in Europe,sooner rather than later.He seems to have a modern and sophisticated approach to football in general, something I think, bigger clubs would of already noticed, even during his time in Spain.Think the Swansea job is just a stepping stone before he gets head hunted.Somehow if the psg or milan jobs becomes available, can’t for some reason see them coming knocking on David Moyes door.We’ve know nead to worry onthat sscore. 😥

  3. Yes Sir!only a master with experience can impart such sagely advice.David Moyes took on the toughest job in world football.For him,this will be the ultimate test of his life!so far,his not gotten of to the best start,but its too early for me to judge him.I don’t believe that Guardiola,Mourinho or Klopp would have done much better than Moyes if they took over from United.Sure,they might have been able to attract foreign players loyal to them and they sure would have brought their own philosophy,but they would have struggled as well because they still would be employed by the Glazers and they still would have worked under Woodward.David Moyes,I believe,will endure and come good.I don’t say this because of what SAF said,rather I believe that he has more to offer than what we give him credit for.Only time and patience will bring it out of him.We United fans forget that whilst we were struggling to sign players,the likes of Liverpool,Spurs,City and Chelsea were signing players by the dozen in anticipation of capitalising on United’s transition phase.Right now,we are at our weakest moment ever and this is the crux of the matter for Moyes.Get through this storm in one piece and then shift into top gear.I believe in Man United.We shall prevail.

    • @Everton: What makes me laugh with everyone saying (not utd fans) he deserved a crack at the top job because he done his apprenticeship at Preston and progressed to Everton is, How many fans of the major clubs in Europe, I mean the likes of Bayern, psg, juve……etc, would want him in charge of their club? .90% have probably never heard of him prior to the utd job.Thats not to doubt his ability as a manager, just whatever level he’d be successful at.my own view is that his level of management was at managing the likes of Everton or an Aston Villa, that level of club. Yeah, he might grow into the job and suceed, but he won’t get anything like the time fergie got to get it Wright, even though he’s got a 6year contract. Football has moved on since them days.

  4. @The Red Baron.A fair and valid point my friend.I see your vision.I’m sure that most of the top clubs in Europe’s fans have never heard of him prior to him succeeding SAF.Then again,how many coaches did Sir Alex outlive who have coached the likes of Madrid,Barca and Bayern?Let’s take Barca.There was Pep,and before him Rijkaard and if I’m not mistaken,even Louis Van Gaal.I’m sure there was more.The point I’m trying to make is that a big part of United’s success was down to the fact that we didn’t chop and change coaches every five years.We had some dry spells under SAF,but we had more good spells in the end.And that is why I believe SAF elected to appoint Moyes above the likes of Guardiola.When he saw that Barca was nearing the end of their peak,he decided to take a ‘sabatical’ to walk around the streets of New York!who does shit like that?Pep refused the Chelsea job because Abromovich is no respector of persons.And I firmly believe that if its true that Pep declined to coach United,it would be because he wasn’t going to be handed a 200 Million transfer kitty from the Glazers.In summary,I believe that Pep is overrated and only willing to take over teams that have already been built into champions league quality by other coaches.he’s a showboat and lazy.Moyes does not have any glamour to speak of,nor does he dazzle the press like Mourinho,but he does posses a strong work ethic and he is grounded and loyal.that’s all I need dude.a man who puts United first and says screw the rest.he will find his feet eventually.Sir Alex believed in him enough to pick him from the rest.That has to count for something.

  5. “On the football field, it’s generally a player with character who wins the match.”

    I think its this kind of thinking that sees players like Valencia, Giggs and Welbeck getting more games than Zaha, Nani and Kagawa.

    But the problem with that is that we as a club have lost the balance between talent and character over the years.

    We’re too obsessed with character and we’re forgetting to first field players who have talent. And then once the talent requirement has been met then to look for character.

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