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Ferguson Trots the Same Tired Lines

Alex Ferguson was apparently “interested” in David Villa. Of course, Villa has since moved on to Barca, and most keen observers of the game would know he was unlikely to ever leave Spain. How convenient!

He then goes on to make another outrageous remark—well not so outrageous, if you think about it.

“We’ve looked at a few options,” Ferguson told the Mail on Sunday. “We did consider David Villa but he was always going to Barcelona.

“I just don’t believe there is value out there at the moment. I’m very happy with the strength of our squad as it is.”

No value? Well, let’s translate that to we-don’t-have-money. And I’m very happy with the strength of our squad as it is? Well either he’s lying/being politically correct, in which case it’s sad, or he honestly believes that his squad is alright, which is disturbing.

I think he knows the squad is not as good as he wants it to be. But clearly if he thinks there is no value in the market then he’s either deluded or his scouting network needs an overhaul. Wesley Sneijder stands out as a shining example of how the market has value—I mean, last season, of course. Of course, if you are looking for the likes of Ozil right now, his value is going to go over the roof simply because of an amazing world cup.

At the moment I’m willing to call it a bonus if we sign anyone at all. Fabiano openly declared his interest, but due to a combination of there-is-no-value-in-the-market and oh-but-he’s-29-and-we-look-to-develop-young-kids we won’t sign him. Ozil said something to the effect of ‘he likes the way Chelsea and Manchester United play’ but no one should read much into that anyway. The Mirror reckons we are interested in Stephen Ireland because Man City have bought a gazillion midfielders, but City might rather sell him off to the likes of Everton or Villa—with whom they could work out an exchange deal with James Milner—than to us.

In conclusion, I want the remote control with the fast-forward button, once this World Cup gets over, so we could skip straight to the start of the season.

* * *

Speaking of the World Cup, it’s a shame Brazil are out. Prior to the Cup I predicted Brazil or Spain with Germany as the dark horse. My pick? The winner of Spain-Germany will win the World Cup. I loved the way Germany taught a lesson to Maradona and co, simply because the Albiceleste were outed for their flawed, stuttering defence. I found the pre-match talk—of Maradona being a managerial genius—ridiculous. Whilst I thought Germany would win, I never imagined it would have been this brutal.

Also: doesn’t anyone else find it odd that the Netherlands—who have the best chance to reach the final—have got this far by playing the most un-Dutch football ever?

I bet, if they win this tournament, Rinus Michels will be Cryuff-turning in his grave.



  1. rimi

    July 6, 2010 at 3:20 pm

    jeets post was spot on, there might be nothing worse than ferguson opposing the glaziers, it would cause massive unrest at united, especially on the media front. They would have a field day fabricating stories about the impending demise of the greatest club in england and the feuding management and owners, anything to dethrone us from our pedestal. This mass hysteria is something that is unncessary and can be avoided by ferguson simply doing what he does best? continuing to nurture talent and being the most successful manager on the planet. He doesn’t want to jeapordise his position at the club that he calls home and that he has shaped for the past 20 odd years, he does not want a sour end to his tenure, and especially to some capitalistic american tossers.

    ferguson might not be totally sincere by appearing supportive of the glaziers, but theres no guarentee this opinion is genuine either, he might simply be making light of a bad situation with the fans and the clubs interest at heart. to suggest he doesnt have the intelligence to look at the bigger picture? he’ll be looking at the bigger picture of the bigger picture and realising it could be extremely detrimental, niaive, even impossible to publicly go up against the owners that dont appear to be going anywhere.

    The situation might be far from ideal but we don’t know the precise ins and outs of whats going on, the glaziers and everything that they stand for is cancerous but they have made it through the recession maybe good times can come into fruition? maybe not but that might be part of the bigger picture.

    i wouldn’t be so quick to condemn a manager that has won 3 leagues in the last 4 seasons and a champions league, with the glaziers at the helm, limited resources, and the fans continuously questioning your ability to still manage. at least we dont have to spend £200 million every year in our quest for success.

    and on another note, benitez is hardly going to inherit and demise a trebble winning team by selling his best player to his most rivalled/hated team back in the premiership. we sure could do with some creative impetus in midfield tho, i think james milner could really grow into a great player under the management and guidance of ferguson and in a team like us. he might be over rated but you’d be a fool to suggest he doesnt have the potential.

  2. colver

    July 6, 2010 at 3:22 pm

    Owen, considering that we have received NONE of the Ronaldo money it is as though we never bought him. With the £75 million profit we made on the Ronaldo deal that should have financed three new players to help the rebuilding process. That is why everyone hates the Glazers and I sympathise completely with Grognard for criticising Fergie for staying in bed with them.

    Fergie seems to have this dream of walking off into the sunset in a blaze of glory. More likely he will leave for health reasons having overseen us fall out of the top four and see Manchester City eclipse us. If ANYONE is in the position to make demands of the Glazers it is Fergie. He has tenure and the Glazers cannot risk sacking him. And even if they did Fergie would go down as a martyr.

    I am convinced Sneider is a decoy.

    Fergie’s new tactic is to tell the fans we are bidding for Villa, Sneijder and then predictably when quoted a £50 million fee or gazumped by Barcelona he can say “Oh we had the money, we made a bid, but we are not paying stupid money”

    I fully understand we cannot afford the big stars. But it is ludicrous that we cannot even part with the £20 million or so it will take to buy a quality midfielder.

    Oh and funniest rumour yet. Carrick on loan to Stoke City!

  3. Owen

    July 6, 2010 at 3:52 pm

    Latest Rumor :

    Man Utd will match Man City bid for Inter Milan rebel Balotelli.

  4. Grognard

    July 6, 2010 at 4:31 pm

    @Stephen: Mate what can I say, Fergie has so pissed me off because of his attitude and allegiance to the glazer’s that I have turned on him as sharply as a Cruyff turn with the ball at full speed. I am just so upset and disappointed in him you just cannot imagine. At his age he should be willing to stand up and confront his employers to basically demand answers as to what’s going on. The fact he doesn’t do that not only upsets me but makes me ask very uncomfortable questions like why not and what has he got to gain by keeping his mouth shut.

    If indeed he is keeping his mouth shut because he wants nothing to upset his chance at 19 EPL titles or a third Champions League for him then I am even more pissed off and even more disappointed in him than before. Inexcusable simply because this club is quickly arriving at a crossroads where it will have to make a decision to allow the Glazer’s to continue extorting all the money the club makes without any going towards the debt or whether to ride the good ship Glazer until that fateful day we all wake up to find the Glazer crew have abandoned ship, taken all the lifeboats and let all of us stranded on the Titanic heading directly at an enormous debt ridden iceberg knowing we are going to sink with the ship.

    I just believe with all my heart and soul and with every fibre in my being that the Glazer’s are riding this debt until just before D-Day when they plan on defaulting, leaving the team saddled with it and fucking off to Florida with their fortune packed away and hidden from legal grabbing hands. Meanwhile United is well over a billion in debt and no buyers in site waiting for banks to declare it bankrupt and insolvent and having the club end up like Leeds or Pompey. Our size means nothing and our revenue stream by that time will become half of what it is now because of all the fans that stood up to Glazer and all the advertisers and such that stopped using the team due to the teams slide in the standings due to no money put back into the team’s development. I can see it as clear as day. And all through this I see a man named Ferguson staying mum about it until he gains what he wanted out of the deal and then he quickly retires and leaves leaving a carcass formerly known as United behind while saying I did my best and it’s not my fault, the owners never worked with me and I had no control or input regarding the paying back of the loan and that I am disappointed and surprised the Glazer’s defaulted on the loan. I always felt they were right for the team. I see it as easily as I see my Mac screen right now while I am writing this.

  5. Grognard

    July 6, 2010 at 4:36 pm

    @Owen: See this is what I am saying. I begged him on this blog last year to sign Scheijder. Of course he doesn’t read this blog but you know what I mean. I absolutely begged him to take one or two players from Madrid in the Ronaldo deal because Madrid was having a bargain basement fire sale. But no he wouldn’t because he couldn’t or because he wouldn’t is not clear. What is clear is the man’s lack of vision and his knowledge in foreign players in order to make a valued assessment and guess on a player. Pretty sad you have to see him play your team or be highlighted at the World Cup to finally wake up to the fact he has his head up his ass. And as for his scouts, fire the lot of them. A bunch of useless old men who inform him on the latest wines around the world. Certainly not about who are the best footballers. His assessment and evaluation of talent is just awful.

  6. Owen

    July 6, 2010 at 4:52 pm

    @Grognard: Fergie clearly lacks vision,no doubt.He has proved it by letting Pique,Rossi go.Forlan’s record has just made Fergie look like a joke. He has no idea of how to use players like Veron,Forlan,Berba,Tevez.

    And today Fergie again lied that he always knew Forlan will become a hero but he always wanted to go to Spain.But Forlan has always said that he wanted to stay at Utd.

  7. Grognard

    July 6, 2010 at 4:59 pm

    @Jeet: Sorry mate but if I am in Fergie’s shoes I resign and make a loud stink because only then will the actions to save this team really come to the fold. Right now there is an uneasiness but many like yourself are left in a false sense of safety and calm because Fergie is there to steer the ship through choppy waters. Fact is what he is doing for the club right now is only a short term fix. The club can win championship after championship the next two or three seasons and it will mean fuck all at the end of the day because the ship is headed for disaster. Sorry to be using the Titanic analogy over and over but I think it is a fitting one. You see, back in 1912, the Captain of the Titanic Edward Smith claimed and boasted to all before it’s maiden cruise and during it that the ship was unsinkable. He offered all a false sense of safety and encouragement and we all know how well that went in the end.

    Fergie is himself sitting back with a very great false sense of security and his reasons for that are the Glazer’s do not meddle with his business of running the team. They don’t give him any money to run the team but other than that, they are invisible and he loves this. How selfish, close minded and totally naive can one human being be? This false sense of personal security has led him to close his eyes to the reality of the situation and to react badly towards the many who see the problem for what it is. Why is this? There can only be a few answers. First, Fergie is selfishly trying to hang on to a position in order to have the chance to pad his legacy which is all that concerns him. Secondly, he is truly an idiot when it comes to the business end of running a business and has no idea just how dire things are. And finally, he stands to gain from this Glazer regime because he has gotten into bed with them by being offered a substantial some or share of the profits if he keeps mum about everything. What other explanation makes sense? That he is keeping everything working while this thing works itself out is only hopeful naive thinking from good fans wanting to believe the best in the man while all around us starts to shake and crumble.

    Nothing Fergie does with the team on the field is going to matter one bit in the end because this team is headed for major disaster because the Glazer’s have absolutely no intention of fully paying off this debt and once the revenue stream begin to resemble a trickle happens they will vacate this team and default on the loan and happily fuck off back to Florida where they have dozens of malls and other ventures that are all going up in smoke around them while they still live in their cushy beach mansions while having their money securely put away in offshore banks. People need to wake the fuck up mate. And Fergie needs to start giving a damn about this clubs future and ability to survive, not whether they can win more titles to pad his legacy. It’s as clear as water at the end of the day.

  8. Grognard

    July 6, 2010 at 5:04 pm

    @Traverse: That’s exactly what they are doing. They are playing the good old fashioned bluff. Go after players that are not available, not interested in moving or who are so overpriced that they can excuse themselves after a while because their was”no value” in the asking price. Fergie must think all of us are idiots like him and are easily swayed with this kind of manipulative BS. Sadly it seems many are gullible still. WAKE UP PEOPLE!

  9. Grognard

    July 6, 2010 at 5:06 pm

    @rimi: I appreciate and respect honesty and sincerity mate. Something Fergie has not shown no matter what his reason, he has made many many mistakes in this matter and for me needs to pay the piper.

  10. Red Ranter

    July 6, 2010 at 5:10 pm

    @Grognard: Fergie resigns. Then what? The Glazers will hire a yes-man. And carry on like nothing happened. It won’t matter a jot to them. If it’s a sinking ship like you say it is, then it’s bound to sink no matter what.

  11. Owen

    July 6, 2010 at 5:18 pm


  12. colver

    July 6, 2010 at 5:38 pm

    Fergie also said we sold Forlan because he didn’t play that well with Ruud. Anyway hindsight is 20/20. I dont think Forlan would have developed into the player he is in a squad rotation system at Old Trafford with Ruud and Rooney ahead of him in the pecking order and Rossi coming through. Also I do not think Fergie anticipated selling Ruud as soon as he did. Or that Saha would turn into a permanent invalid.Im just pissed we didnt get a good price for him.

    Anyway with Forlan still around would we have put together the Ronaldo, Tevez, Rooney forward line that swept all before it in 2007/8? Doubtful.

  13. tonymontanna4united

    July 6, 2010 at 5:59 pm

    @rimi: To rimi and jeet, im sorry guys but ive said it before and ill say it again. If as we know ferguson has no cash, then he knows the club is in the shits. If he knows this as i think we all agree he does, then we have every right to know, as right now it is threatening our clubs very future.
    Now im sorry, people on here will already know that right now im not a fergie fan, and i make no apologies to that. But lets just say ok i still loved the guy, i would still say it is the wrong move for him to stay quiet, and hope all our money worries will go away.
    Some will say a manager needs only worry about issues on the pitch. Well im sorry this is wrong. All the issues off the pitch will directly affect matters on the pitch. We have seen that ourselves in the last 12 months with the ronaldo money being stolen when our team is in dire need of a freshening up.
    So i ask you, is it better fergie keeps quiet, pretends its all ok. Afterall were only talking about £700m of debt directly on the club, and over a billion of debt on our owners. Its not big is it, its not going to affect our future is it.
    Horse shit. Of course it is bloody going to affect our future, its puts our club at risk, and means there is a very real chance this club may go into liquidation in the future.
    Do us fans not deserve to know our beloved club is in the shits to put it mildly. I think we bloody well do.
    This club was around long before ferguson and under normal circumstances would be here long after ferguson too. It is more than a club, it is just something you associate with football. A landmark, a religion to its millions of fans.
    If there is any chance at all this club we love so much can disappear completely in a few years everyone deserves to know. I ask you why should such information be made privy to just one person.

    So what should he do you might ask. Well imo he should bloody well take one for the team. If as he bloody well knows the club is in such a dire finacial state then he should go on air and sing to the world like johnny cash just what that inbred family are doing to us.
    And what is that going to achieve. Well we will know for sure our club is in the shits and we will do all we could to get it back.
    Will the glazers sack fergie? Well they might well do. In which case the glazers shoot themselves in the foot.
    The world would know the club had no money and would then see their manager sacked after 24 years. The fans wouldnt stand for it, there would be rioting and the stadium would be empty until the glazers were gone.
    It wouldnt matter if the glazers brought in a yes man as manager, nobody would be around to see him anyway as the stadium would be empty.
    The club would no doubt go through a very dark period until the club was sold, but i ask you honestly how long would the glazers hold out if their team played in front of half empty stadiums. I would give them a year max.
    Now i know that route is not popular but i have to say although it would be hard i think its the best option we can go down. This club is only heading down hill and is dying a slow death.
    This way we will go through a very dark patch but it wont last. I would take a season or two of crap if it meant the glazers left and we could begin a new era.
    I would still be here supporting the team and im sure many others would no matter how far we slump. Its just though the glazers will leave us up shit creek, over £1bn in debt with no way to pay it off.
    That will be 10 times worse than anything mentioned in this scenario.
    Short term pain for long term gain, thats what this is all about.

    Its not going to happen though i know, obviously we would need the manager to side with the fans and against his masters. That wont happen though with this ferguson. The fergie of 10 years ago probably but not now. Lets just sit around and wait for the inevitable destruction of our club, whilst praising our master fergie whose doing all he can. Afterall hes only pulling the wool over our eyes and taking us up shit creek with the glazers afterall, nothing much.
    They say the devil comes in many forms, they aint bloody wrong.

  14. tonymontanna4united

    July 6, 2010 at 6:06 pm

    @Red Ranter: No doubt, if fergie spoke out against the glazers they may very well sack him and replace him with a yes man. But it wouldnt matter, after fergie had been sacked for coming out and telling the truth there would be rioting on the streets of manchester. Old Trafford would be empty until they upped sticks and left. And how long could the glazers cope with the stadiums empty, a year?
    They would be gone within a year im sure of it. They would bugger off and we could rebuild again, with better owners and brighter long term future.
    Short term pain for long term gain, is what i say with this situation. Its risky but i think its a better option then just sitting there hoping everything turns out ok and after years of fucking us up, some billionaire will come along and sort out all our problems.


    July 6, 2010 at 6:44 pm

    I think its a 2 way street, if fergie speaks up he will get sacked, however if the glazers sack fergie they know there is no one one as good as him to keep the success flowing with the squad we have at the moment.

  16. tonymontanna4united

    July 6, 2010 at 7:01 pm

    @ROOOOONEY: But this is my point, if they sacked fergie they wouldnt have a leg to stand on. Do you really think anyone would attend the games anymore if fergie got sacked, and got the sack because he spoke the truth.
    I promise you mate the stadium would be totally empty and how long could the glazers go with a half empty stadium, not long i would say. They need every penny they can.
    Now as ive said it wont be popular and alot of people might say im unloyal and thats their opinion and their entitled to it. But i think we can all agree the glazers right now are like a cancer on this club, and its only going to get worse.
    Can it get so bad in say 5 years we are over £1bn in debt and they piss off and leave us with this to pay. Yes it very likely and i am sure this was their intention back in 2005, they never ever intended to pay off the debt. Just make as much as they could before leaving.
    Is that what we all want. No its not, but i dont see how fergie keeping quiet, scratch that, praising the buggers is helping us and making our future look brighter.
    Quite simply nothing will except for mass boycotting or our manager speaking out and following the scenario i mentioned. Sadly though we all know our manager is all pally with the glazers now so its not going to happen, and i still fear although fans are boycotting, there will not be enough taking part to make a difference.
    The action i mentioned seems the only thing we could do to get them out. Sadly though ferguson has sided with them and theres not much we can except boycott. So for anyone that wonders why i give fergie such a hard time, theres your answer.
    There is the very real threat this club will go into liquidation in the future and its his sucking up to the glazers and lack of speaking up against them that will harm us just as badly as the glazers.

  17. Traverse

    July 6, 2010 at 7:36 pm

    @Stephen: He passed every test we put in front of him, and then never bothered trying him at the highest level. What was the point? A waste of everyone’s time.

    If he hadn’t done it for the reserves, and then hadn’t done it on loan, then fair enough ship him out. This was pointless.

  18. Owen

    July 6, 2010 at 8:22 pm

    It is a shame that such a boring side like Holland are still in the tournament and entertaining sides like Chile are out.

  19. Traverse

    July 6, 2010 at 10:18 pm

    I will never forgive Fergie for towing the party line, which after all he he has done for us is a damn shame.

  20. gator

    July 7, 2010 at 12:56 am

    @tonymontanna4united: tony if the stadium is empty for a year and the glazers are hit in the pocket they will sell roony, vida, nani, evra… and sell Carrington. sell Old Trafford… until there is nothing left of united but the badge on the shirts. 👿

  21. tonymontanna4united

    July 7, 2010 at 2:33 am

    @gator: Im not so sure, i think they would say enough is enough, take their 30 pieces of silver and bugger off. Now of course i cant be sure of this but we cant be sure of anything when it comes to the glazers.
    But every report we read it says the same thing, they have to sell out OT to make any kind of profit. If theyre not doing that their plans are fucked. Now im not saying its risky, it would have be handles carefully but we have to make a stand and basically have 2 choices. Mass boycotting, or my scenario which unfortunately mean the glazers puppet ferguson would speak out which is unlikely.
    Both are likely to be controversial and there is the threat players would be sold etc but for how long could they run the club with empty stadiums. I would say not long.
    Obviously i dont want to see my beloved club being dismantled but there are always casualties in a war and believe me this a war. We may have to lose a few players but if its for the greater good then it has to be done.
    The alternative of course is do what ferguson is doing, and that is nothing. Keep smiling, act as if the debt doesnt exist, claim everything is ok and hope everything just turns out ok.
    And thats fine but 5/10 years down the line that £1bn of debt needs to be paid back. Im not sure even a arab billionaire would be bothered to spend over £1bn just to buy what in effect is just a football club.
    This club is literally up shit creek and it seems us fans are stuck either way we go. We can sit back and let this club destroy itself, or boycott and hurt the club short term by effecting revenue.
    Its a hard choice but we need these glazers out whichever way is possible. If there are any other ways of forcing the glazers out without hurting the club then i would love to hear it.
    Only thing i can think of is wacking them. God i would never usually even consider murder but for those bastards i say bring it on 👿

  22. Grognard

    July 7, 2010 at 5:05 am

    JEEZ, I forgot just awful working for a living is. It sucks and I haven’t even watched the football match yet. I have to rethink this business venture thing as it’s really cramping my quality time and especially my footy time. Money and security be damned. 😀 😀 😀

  23. Grognard

    July 7, 2010 at 5:08 am

    @Red Ranter: OH GOD 😯 NOT YOU TOO. Go back and read my posts. I have said over a dozen times that I don’t want Fergie out until after the Glazer’s are out and new owners with deep pockets are in place to hire either my boy Mourinho or my other boy Low. Honestly mate, I expect more from you than the others. It’s like I’m wondering whether it’s worth writing on this blog anymore when most of what I write is ignored and only the first paragraph or first few sentences are read which cause people to misquote me and jump to conclusions. Very irritating and incredibly frustrating. It really makes me question the effort.

    I may hate Fergie right now but sacking him before the Glazer’s are gone would be catastrophic and would lead to our complete demise. Despite his treachery, he is keeping the team competitive with his managerial talents.

  24. Grognard

    July 7, 2010 at 5:12 am

    @tonymontanna4united: With his mouth he could create anarchy and action. We need anarchy and action.

  25. Grognard

    July 7, 2010 at 5:13 am

    @tonymontanna4united: ANARCHY ANARCHY ANARCHY!!! 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

  26. Grognard

    July 7, 2010 at 5:17 am

    @gator: Pretty valid reasons to have the Glazer’s professionally whacked. I’m all for starting a charity fund drive called “WAG” (Whack all Glazer’s). Any contributions? I’m offering scarves that are soaked in red imitation Glazer Blood that I am hoping all will wear with pride. A real fashion item. 😉 😉 😀 😀

  27. Grognard

    July 7, 2010 at 5:18 am

    @tonymontanna4united: I love you man! No really, I do. 😀 😀 😀

  28. Redrich

    July 7, 2010 at 5:28 am

    Grognard, when you stop spinning, could you re-state all your views, so that I know which way your facing!! 🙂

  29. Redrich

    July 7, 2010 at 5:30 am

    @Owen: Brrrrrr… 😀

  30. Redrich

    July 7, 2010 at 6:02 am

    @Grognard: Wow, typical fucking German!! 😀

  31. Grognard

    July 7, 2010 at 8:21 am

    @Redrich: Mocking my efforts isn’t getting us anywhere I think. I can take a joke as long as I’m not the joke. My feelings on this matter are serious and i find nothing funny about what Fergie is or isn’t doing. Fine you don’t agree with me, you think i’m full of shit, no problem. But I’m not spinning or looking for sensationalist headlines. I’m just on a blog sharing my views with other united fans. Sometimes I wonder if I really should bother considering the abuse I get for bringing valid well thought out and heartfelt rants. Am I pissed off? You bet I am. Frankly I’m too tired and way to busy these days to be responding to anti Grognard rants.

  32. Owen

    July 7, 2010 at 8:59 am

    @Grognard: MICHAEL BALLACK has been ousted from the Germany camp after a massive rift with captain Philipp Lahm. 🙄
    The crocked ex-Chelsea star faces a bleak international future after Lahm insisted he will not give up the captain’s armband next season.

  33. Stephen

    July 7, 2010 at 11:19 am

    @Grognard: Sorry mate this is certainly not meant as an attack on you but you hate Fergie, and want him sacked but you don’t want him sacked until the Glazers have gone and the club is again under the control of another owner then you want Mourinho as manager who has money to spend and is not restricted to the constraints of the current ownership, to me that is a trifle unfair and again gives Mourinho yet another easy ride.

  34. colver

    July 7, 2010 at 11:33 am

    Obviously I have stronger feelings than Grognard. I want Fergie to have a showdown and give the Glazers an ultimatum threatening to leave if they dont give him the funds he needs to keep Manchester United competitive.

    We’ve had dry spells before. But you could always see the light at the end of the tunnel and we made the necessary signings to get back on top.

    Last season was bad enough. Having our weaknesses brutally exposed by Barcelona we sold our best player and bought Valencia, Obertan and Owen on a free.

    Predictably we missed out on the league and got knocked out in the quarters of the Champions League.

    Meanwhile Barcelona manage to sign the hottest striker in the world in David Villa and quite likely will get Fabregas as well. While Bayern are benefiting from the coming of age of Muller, Schweisteneger and co and most likely will strengthen further in the transfer market. Inter will probably self destruct under Rafa Benitez but they have the same squad that won the Champions League. Real Madrid are still signing every big name they can get their paws on. As are Manchester City.

    And it looks like we won’t sign any big names this summer at all! Unbelievable.

    Fergie knows beyond doubt that none of our midfielders (bar Fletcher) are better than Giggs and Scholes and also knows these players will retire sooner rather than later. But after seeing Anderson flop as a replacement for Scholes and seeing Carrick go backwards we still aren’t buying any quality midfielders.

    Does Fergie really want to see us drop out of the top four? Because if he lets the situation continue that will definitely happen sooner rather than later.

  35. Stephen

    July 7, 2010 at 11:42 am

    @colver: We are over £700m in debt, spending lavishly may not be the answer, if we do then the fan on the street yet again gets hit with merchandise and season tickets.
    Valencia last season was a good buy I must say but I do see where you and Grog are coming from for me the problem is not the manager it is the owners. Yes Fergie has more weight than most managers, but cannot demand they spend money, for now and for the foreseeable future the Yanks are not going anywhere. Also is Fergie does go we are certainly in the shit, no manager ideally wants to take over from Fergie, especially with no money and without him no other manager would be able to get what he does out of the side.
    In short we are fucked.

  36. colver

    July 7, 2010 at 11:48 am

    Stephen, Im not demanding the sort of pursestrings Barcelona and Real Madrid and Manchester City have.

    I want the deal the Glazers promised us. i.e. £25 million a season and occasionally £25 million for a marquee signing.

    This was the deal when they took over long before player inflation got out of control.

    Also if the Glazers had any sense they would know player signings are an investment because if we drop out of the top four and don’t make the knock out stages of the Champions League we will lose at least £100 million of revenue.

    And I consider the 25+25 a bare minimum in this day and age to keep us competitive. The last two seasons (assuming nothing happens this season) our net spending has been minus £50 million. And that is unacceptable.

  37. Stephen

    July 7, 2010 at 11:55 am

    @colver: Totally agree but the Glazers are using United as their personel piggy bank with the dividents they are drawing at the club.
    I agree we need to specultate with regards to new players as the current playing force isn’t good enough anymore, yes Fergie could demand that they spend and he probably has but if they are unwilling to what can he do?
    I do not agree with his siding with those arseholes, but without him we are in big trouble the issue is with owners but I can understand Grog’s and peoples frustration with him.

  38. Owen

    July 7, 2010 at 12:18 pm

    Today’s rumors:

    1.Man United face fight to keep Evra as Barcelona and Juventus eye defender

    2.Utd are fighting with Madrid and Chelsea for Sami Khedira

    3.Man utd may go after England Under-21 defender Dan Gosling as he is free now.

  39. Jeet

    July 7, 2010 at 1:32 pm

    @Stephen: Agree with you completely. While our blood may boil, the fact is that “the revolution is NOT just round the corner”. We are in a hole and qualities like tact, discipline, man management and dogged perseverance are going to get us further than in-your-face acts of defiance like Fergie walking out in protest. Tough as it may sound, that is reality.
    And oh, by the way, what’s the guarantee that David Villa is going to bang in 30? Werent we overjoyed when Berba joined? What’s the guarantee that signing Sneidjer will get us the PL+CL? And frankly, if we had to google Antonio Valencia, so be it. What’s wrong with unearthing little gems? If big names guaranteed big performances then Ronaldo would have had 10 goals in the WC, and Ozil wouldn’t be the star everybody seems to be salivating for.

  40. Owen

    July 7, 2010 at 2:12 pm

    @Jeet: There is no guarantee that Villa will score 10 or 30 goals but the fact is that MANCHESTER UNITED has lost to Burnley,Leeds etc. and that idiot Ferguson has said 10 times that squad is good.
    And Jeet If big names don’t guaranteed big performances ,then how Chelsea won the League when they brought some big names and Everton have not won any thing with a group of average names.

  41. Jeet

    July 7, 2010 at 2:58 pm

    @Owen: But that idiot did bring in big names didnt he? Berbatov and Veron come to mind, dont they?

  42. EduardoDaVinci4

    July 7, 2010 at 2:58 pm

    If we buy Sneijder, I’ll parade down the most public filled street in Oslo dressed like a tranny

  43. Owen

    July 7, 2010 at 3:09 pm

    @Jeet: Yes and at that time ,he never cried about value in the market.He got rid of the stars like Keano,Beck,RVN at the right time and replaced them well by spending on Ronaldo,Carrick,Rooney etc .Now we are replacing Tevez with Owen and Giggs with Obertan.This is the main worrying factor because on one hand other teams are trying to get Silva,Toure,Aguero,Torres and Fergie is busy finding Dioufs,Obertans,Owens,Smallings…

  44. Grognard

    July 7, 2010 at 3:58 pm

    @Stephen: Life isn’t fair mate. That’s exactly what I want mate. I want Mourinho but there is no way I want him showing up while the Glazer’s are around because he would want to build his team and with no money, that would be impossible.

    I am mature enough and intelligent enough to know what good Fergie brings to the situation and what is bad about his tenure. He brings stability and calm to the team and his managerial prowess is appreciated if not always agreed with. But at the end of the day, he is a bold faced liar, a traitor and a Judas for siding with the owners over the fans. I don’t think I am wrong when I say that the day a regime change happens in ownership, that sacking him would be justified for those reason I just mentioned. I care not if many think I am being unfair or disloyal to him. He has stabbed all of us in the back whether all of us want to believe that or not. I want payback for his Glazer allegiance. How can we have a regime change and allow him to get off scot free after the things he has said and done in support of the Glazer’s? Honestly, I am amazed and shocked people cannot get this.

  45. [OPTI]Madschester United

    July 7, 2010 at 4:08 pm

    @EduardoDaVinci4: Sneijder + Benzema will make you do what then 🙂

    Wake up from a dream 😀

  46. Grognard

    July 7, 2010 at 4:09 pm

    @colver: First off mate I respect your feelings on the matter but let me make a few points that I feel are important. Barcelona just announced that they are seeking a 150 million pounds from banks because they haven’t got the money for payrolls. I am shocked over this considering they just bought Villa and are about to get Fabregas. If that isn’t the height of irresponsibility in spending, I don’t know what is?

    Secondly, your feelings may be very strong but I seriously doubt they are as strong as mine and I’ll tell you why. You seem most concerned with the product on the field. You are bringing up available cash for transfers and the like which is valid and of great concern but my anger mate is far more pressing and of greater concern because i could care less about players and transfers and winning this year. I am concerned and scared to death about the future of this club long past the tenure of Ferguson and even past the period the Glazer’s will be in charge. I’m afraid that the long term damage they will create will be for the most part irreparable and that we will fall into a sinkhole like Pompey and Leeds. This kind of massive growing debt could cripple us because as it grows it could get to the point where it will make this club impossible to sell to a bright investor with deep pockets who will take over and continue to buy players and give the club the necessary funds to stay competitive and ambitious.

    This is my worry and it’s a valid one because all one has to do is look at the financials and the long term prognosis and forecasts and finally look at the present track record of the Glazer’s and how they are crumbling at the seams in America. We are headed for a disaster and yet all i get from most on here is abuse over my stance and mockery because they don’t understand my disgust and feeling of betrayal towards this club’s manager. So I respectfully admire and understand your feelings but seriously mate, putting a competitive team on the field right now is the least of our problems. With all due respect you are looking for a bandaid and an aspirin while I am looking for a preventative cure. I could care less about the top four when I am worried about the actual future existence of this club in the Premier League.

  47. Grognard

    July 7, 2010 at 4:19 pm

    @Stephen: Ferguson has enough power and pull not only within the league and the team but with the community and if he were to stand up to Glazer and threaten to quit, he would provoke rioting and rebellion against the owners that they would not be able to handle. He also might provoke civil and federal governmental action against them to force them to sell to the Red Knights right now. He needs to fall on his sword to finally force the Glazer’s into action because the threatened loss of Ferguson would so unsettle the club and situation at OT that it would in theory make everything unsettling for the Glazer’s and would force them into a quick exit strategy. And any manager in the world would think twice about taking the job under those conditions as he would be looked at as a scab and be very unpopular. Ferguson’s power is severe enough to dislodge these owners because of his great tenure and reputation. He would be the roar heard round the world but instead, he sits on his hands, chews his gum and praises Nero while Rome burns. Inexcusable and completely traitorous in my books. At his age he should be willing to make the great sacrifice for the long term good of this franchise, instead of being selfishly concerned about padding his legacy or his wallet or both.

  48. Grognard

    July 7, 2010 at 4:21 pm

    @Owen: I have no problem if we were to sell Evra and replaced him with Coentrao. He is a great young LB/LM while Evra is 29 and on his last legs when it comes to peak form.

  49. rimi

    July 7, 2010 at 4:37 pm

    he will probably retire before theres a change of ownership. so we get rid of ferguson then what? become a chelsea, a real madrid, chopping and changing of manager every year for the eventual hope we win some silverware. the stability and success that ferguson has brought us is a godsend and he should be respected for that. i cant stand the glazer’s, i cant stand capitalism, but everything is not so black and white. ferguson tries to become the modern day che guevara of football, which achieves nothing whilst the glazers laugh at his silly ass and carry on as before.

    its not that people dont get you grognard, but just because you are 20 years more mature than everybody else doesnt mean your sole judgement is the answer. id love ferguson to go up against the glazers, i love controversy, if nothing else it would be funny as hell, but i think it would also be extremely stupid and get him nowhere, so maintaining a respectable relationship seems the reality. he’s the one who still has to deal with them, he’s the one who has to request money for transfers, and last before least he has been the heart and sole of this club for over 20 years.

    the government stepping in and forcing the glazers to sell would be a viable solution that i hope happens, but at the end of the day we are still afloat, we are still being competitive and we still have a great manager.

  50. Grognard

    July 7, 2010 at 4:40 pm

    @Jeet: Completely disagree. How would your scenario possibly help the situation when it does nothing to threaten the tenure of the Glazer’s and not force them to sell and get out asap? Let them stay, let the debt go over 1 billion and let the chances of us finally moving out of the top four further tap our resources and start the teams spiral down to complete ruin and mediocrity. If you do not think revolution is the answer than all you are doing is sitting on your hands, closing your eyes and ears and ignoring all the signs of impending doom that are not being over sensationalized by me. They are there for all to see as bright as day.

    Read about the Glazer’s and what they are doing with all their business ventures. Read how they are living on debt and what spending cash Man Utd is securing for them as consulting fees. Read how they lost more than half their wealth over the past two years because of the market crash, failed malls and getting ripped off by investing in Berbie Maidoff’s Ponzi schemes. Learn how their NFL franchise has reached rock bottom and attendance there had dropped off dramatically while no good players have been bought for that team in 8 years. Look around you and see the situation Valencia, Pompey, Liverpool and Leeds are in because of their financial mismanagement and then ask yourself if a growing debt which will pass 1 billion in a short time is not something to panic over and something to get off our hands and react over with force and bitter angry revolt?

    People need to get off their asses and wake the fuck up about the realities of this situation. Before long United will cease to exist the way you know it because the massive debt will force it into receivership and no buyers will come forth because nobody just wants to buy something and then automatically throw over 1 billion in cash out the window in order to just get the accounting numbers of this team to zero. It’s amazing right now at 700 million in debt that there were people (The Red Knights) who were willing to offer 1.2 billion for the team and to take over the debt. Soon that kind of generosity and concern will be a memory but fans like you sit back and question the actions of concerned fans like me who just may know a thing or two about business and financial collapse and who feel that defiance is the only way to force the Glazer’s into actions of selling what is left of the club.

    Do you honestly think that in a few years all our advertisers and financial deals that bring in money will continue to create a positive money stream if the club continues to flounder and slip out of Champions league contention. No advertisers worth their ounce in gold will hitch their car to train that has no engine. The money that comes in that lists us as the richest club in the world will begin to run out and we will be left with very little to sustain this club as a Premier League entity. If people care about this team and if they give a damn about it’s long term future need to stop talking and acting like stupid selfish gits who’s sole concern is fielding a competitive team this season. The problems with this team are so dire and grave that we need to all collectively open our eyes and act against the owners in order to save this club from further collapse. If you and others do not get this and all you can do is point fingers at people like myself by referring to us a doom and gloomers well then i have nothing but pity for all of you. Sad you are so clueless and sad you just don’t get it. It’s wakey wakey time folks. 🙄

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