Fulham v Man Utd: Preview

It’s Fulham today and United would look to put goals past the Cottagers and ensure the all important three points. Arsenal will be playing Villa at the same time.

So let’s get our preview in as soon as we can as we lead you up to the match.

Not much in the way of team news really, apart from Giggs missing out with a calf injury. However, iron-man Vidic is fit and it’s good to know that his limping around in the Newcastle game was nothing to be worried about — iron-man, that he is. While still on injuries, Easter Island Head is looking to return to the side soon. It’s a good thing that Evra has been relatively injury free and Silly has been out for a long time. He’s a decent squad player, but he’s also been a disaster waiting to happen. Anyway, we always respect our players, and we’ll do so to EIH too.

Meanwhile, there has been no mention of Neville picking up another injury. So I will knock on every splinter of wood in my house and keep my fingers crossed on this one. As an aside, would too much wood-knocking and finger-crossing cross out each other and jinx Neville? We’ll have to wait and see. So watch this space as we keep you updated with more on the Neviller’s anatomy.

On the team composition, we’d expect our ‘fab-four’ at the back with Nani and Ronaldo on the wings. I say Ronaldo because SAF may not take any games lightly from now on. He will play Ronaldo in Fulham, and he will play him against Lyon, in midweek. And Anderson and Carrick would play in central midfield. Scholes and Hargreaves (although I am uneasy about that combination) would play in midweek. Right, so that’s enough sticking-my-neck-out material penned for the day.

About our front two, I am not as certain. Rooney and Tevez is as good as any strike partnerships go but there is a possibility that a fit-looking (or fit-sounding?) Saha might be in the mix somewhere. SAF may have the temptation to play Rooney and Saha for this one. It’s just my hunch — betting people, mind, it’s rather unreliable, that hunch of mine.

About the pre-match banter forced on the managers (and on us) by the kind folk at Sky and Setanta, there has been some talk about SAF’s admiration for Roy Hodgson’s accumulated frequent flier miles and how his constant shifting from one club/country to another may have found favour with airline companies.

Oh well, it’s time for me to stick my neck out once more and give my all important prediction.

Prediction: 2-0 to United — Ronaldo and Rooney to score.

The frequent flier miles and finding favour with airline companies bit was made up by me, in case some of you hadn’t noticed.



  1. RR its really hard not to predict a high score, esp aft how the team has been playing in the last matches,,so my prediction will be 4-1, thats if fulham try really hard, they will get that 1 goal..

    saha might get the node ahead of tevez, considering the way saf has been talking bout him the whole week, have you noticed for once in a long time saha has been making headlines..

    cant wait to see nani terrorising defences again and of course,,ronnie and rooney to shine,,,anderson should get his 1st goal

  2. I see this weekend being a curcial one. United will win 2-1 today with a brace from Saha… yup you read correctly!

    Arsenal v A.Villa will be a close thought draw

    while Chelsea will beat West Ham comfortably…

  3. so strongest side today then? if we do then im sorry but i see another 5 goals for us, and wether fulham scores or not doesnt matter.

  4. the side i would play is
    fab 4
    then on wednesday/tuesday
    i would play
    fab 4
    carrick hargreaves andy
    ronny rooney nani

  5. ronny wont play fergie will save him for europe, tevez n rooney up front for me.

  6. My team for today:
    Brown Rio Vida Oshea
    Ronaldo Carrick Andy Nani
    Rooney Saha
    PIG Evra Owen Scholes Tevez
    United to win 2-0 thanks to goals from Ronaldo and Saha. I would play Sheasy cause Fulham are a great “air-team”. And Saha cause Tevez deserves a rest; he should play on tuesday.
    Dan- I doubt Welbeck will play when we have Saha, Rooney and Tevez fit. I would be shocked if he even was on the bench.

  7. Dan: Why are you so eager to play Welbeck? The lad hasn’t even appeared as a sub yet.

  8. RedDevil: Will do, should have them in an hour or so!

    Dan: Well your teams don’t have Tevez or Saha starting against Lyon, so we might as well play one of them today. I know Derby and Fulham are the easiest games left this season, but I wouldn’t count on today being enough of a walk in a park that we can blood Welbeck.

  9. thats true, and we need rooney in the team so yea ok welbeck out and saha in but im still hoping for a bench role 🙂

  10. That Moggi gut is lyin! Ronaldo wouldnt have signed for them. If he means this summer I am REALLY surpirsed, but if it was last summer(2006) it wouldnt be big news.

  11. GK: VDS

    RB: O’Shea
    CB: Ferdinand
    CB: Brown
    LB: Evra

    RM: Park
    CM: Scholes
    CM: Hargreaves
    LM: Nani

    CF: Tevez
    CF: Saha

    Subs: PIG, Pique, Anderson, Ronaldo, Rooney

  12. Given the reference to Salas and Cassano I would assume Moggi is talking about the period around 2001. This would be when Ronaldo first began to move through the ranks in the Sporting Lisbon youth/reserve teams IIRC. Talk about a quote out of context 🙂

  13. I dont know if I am pleased with the team. Its some good changes and some bad. Ronaldo and Rooney should have started, but I think Fergie is saving them for Lyon. Not pleased to see Park and Owen start, but the others are fine.
    BTW; you got Fulhams team there JB?

  14. Fulham Team:





  15. We should be able to beat them with our team! I still predict 2-0 to United; Saha and Scholes to score.

  16. I think that scholes will have to prove himself if he wants to recapture his place in the starting lineup against Lyon.

    Lets see if he has the capability of mastering the midfield

  17. apparently its a 4-3-3 with park, saha and tevez up front (according to soccernet)
    this should be interesting
    and, worst comes to worst we’ve got 3 match-killers on the bench

  18. nah, if its 4-3-3 then park will be left centre, hargo, centre and scholes right centre with saha in the middle and tevez and nani interchangeable.

  19. Who crossed the ball,no paul scholes is it?Yea who said scholes was finished?

  20. A couple of observations on the first half. After all my negative talk regarding Paul Scholes the good lord has decided to punish me and make me eat my words…..for today at least. Scholes has looked very good in the first half. Still, it is Fulham and I never said that he was a bad player. He has been a great player for 13 years and so there will be moments of brilliance from him.

    Secondly, I have to question the wisdom of Fergie to sit down both Rooney and Ronaldo during a must win away fixture. Foolish I feel but he is coming up smelling like roses right now. Sometimes you just have to show your team you have confidence in them.

    How about that Hargreaves free kick and also his dogged defending this half? I have been claiming for months ow that he should get more cracks at free kicks, especially the short range ones as he has a beautiful bending finesses free kick in his arsenal. Great to see his first goal. Finally, Fulham is just crap. The BPL should be reduced to 16 teams as there are too many teams like this that are just rubbish.

  21. 4 or 5 pls! arse loosing! oh yes! nani,scholes and saha to score. come on the reds!

  22. Grognard, it seems that all United players are especially focusing on your comments. No offence but I think it’s time for you to start ranting about Wayne Rooney, so that he starts scoring for fun…
    I repeat: no offence! Just a joke.

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