Giggs: “United’s future is bright”

Singha-All-Star-XI-v-Manchester-United-2050525Ryan Giggs might be about to enter his 23rd season with Manchester United, his first as part-time coach, but the Welshman has lost nothing of his energy and enthusiasm and, despite turning 40 in November, he’s every bit as excited as players 10-15 years his junior.

Speaking at United’s arrival in Sydney, Giggsy expressed his delight at the number of youngsters United have involved in the pre-season tour and has tipped them for a bright future, ahead one of United’s most challenging season over the last quarter of a century.

“I am excited. Adnan [Januzay] did well – he looks a really good prospect,” Giggs said of the 18-year-old Belgian youngster, at his first appearance with United’s senior squad. “He has trained with us quite a bit in pre-season and did well again. Now it is just about having that experience and learning from the older players and doing what he does best. You don’t want to get ahead of yourself. He is only young.”

Giggsy was also full of praise for Wilfried Zaha, as the £15m January signing showed glimpses of his potential during United’s 1-0 defeat against the Singha All Star XI: “Wilfried came on and was unlucky not to score and Jesse got some shots off as well. It was good experience for these lads to come on the tour, play in front of big crowds and get that experience. All the players I mentioned, not just Wilfried, are tremendous prospects. They are all exciting and will gain experience from games like this.”

Asked about his first week as coach, Giggs admitted that while he’s been involved in only a handful of sessions so far, the process behind the scenes has already provided invaluable information: “It has worked well so far. I am excited about it personally. It is about getting the balancing act right because I am still playing. I have enjoyed it so far,” said Giggsy.

“Regarding coaching, the manager likes to coach. There is Jim Lumsden, Steve Round, Phil Neville. There is not a big emphasis on that [for me] at the moment. It is looking behind the scenes and seeing how everything works. I am enjoying it so far.

“It is completely different from playing. Even though I have been playing for 20-odd years you are seeing the other side of it. You are seeing how you prepare for games. It is something I had not experienced as a player. Some things I knew, others I didn’t. It has been a real education.”

Now all we need is a midfielder, to let Giggsy concentrate on the coaching, rather than on slugging it out in midfield.




  1. Dan you could even say he is as excited as players 20 years his Junior. Zaha is only 20. Januzaj is 22 years his junior.

    10 years Gigg’s junior is actually still very senior. We’re talking the Carrick’s and Evra’s and RVP’s at 30 when we’re talking 10 years Gigg’s junior. . .

    I loved Tony Montana’s comment earlier on Grog’s 2 clubs different directions post. Tony gave a great description of Valencia. Reliable at best and totally out of his depth at worst.

    Thats so true. Thats why I would actually put in a lot of effort right now to get Wilfred Zaha up to speed because that kid is three times the talent Valencia is. We should not waste anytime. I say Zaha is ready for the first team.

    Look at Raheem Sterling at Liverpool. He had some raw patches but he was still given regular first team action. Thats what we need to do with Wilfred Zaha. Lets not do him like Pogba. The kid is ready to go.

    And the same goes for Adnan Januzaj. I appreciate what Gigg’s is saying about him being young. But I mean Come on! Isn’t it at United that we learnt that “if you’re good enough you’re old enough?!?”

    I really think Moyes needs to take a risk on Januzaj and Zaha. They are very good. And they need all the support we can give them.

    In the middle we still need our marquee signing to carry the squad.

    I would play Januzaj on the left because he is left footed. Put RVP up front. Play Kagawa behind RVP and put Zaha on the right wing. Although this setup lacks experience I would say that its the most exciting attacking line up at our disposal. Ok wait. An in form Nani would also be great in that front four. But we actually have a lot to look forward to up front I just hope Moyes doesn’t mess it up.

    In the middle we should try Jnauzaj if we don’t get our big name signing. Play Januzaj alongside carrick. I honestly would rather give Januzaj a chance in the middle over Cleverley. Adnan is better than Cleverley I think.

    If we don’t sign anybody then I would say that we should play Anderson and Carrick in the middle. And let Januzaj come on in the second half when Anderson runs out of steam.

    Zaha should play in every single game. He’s way better than Valencia. Way better!

    And Adnan Januzaj needs to be given the priority focus as our key development player.

    These guys are young and inexperienced and as a result they could obviously make big mistakes. But its a risk we need to take in my opinion.

  2. Adnan Januzaj had such a great game on Saturday. I was so excited to see him shine in his United first team debut.

    And I understand its thanks to Rooney’s injury that he was given a chance. Do you see why I was so happy Rooney was injured. He is a fat cow standing in the way of the progress of quality players like Adnan Januzaj and Shinji Kagawa.

    Zaha also played really well for the few minutes he was on. And he also seemed like the likeliest source of a goal toward the end. Zaha has bags of talent and he needs to take his chance now.

    I can’t wait for Saturday’s game.

    Go United!

  3. Manutd are just a World Class Central Midfielder away…reports from Sky suggest we have bid for Cesc fabregas, which for me shows that we have apes in charge of our club, mindless just wont happen after Barca lost Thiago. Why would they sell him to us? I would love to eat my words because Fabregas is fantastic but its another lost cause.

    Januzaj I watched all of last season and I tell you, this guy is ready, it may have been a Thai 11 but even then he was our best player IMO. With more opportunities he will show that Rooney should be offloaded. We need to move towards, and I think we will, a more technical attack without the likes of valencia who make us too rigid, players like Januzaj and Zaha who also looked a potential World beater will be a big part of this. Zaha looks quick and agile, full of tricks and also has that powerful steamroller aspect to his play. A great signing.

    If an attack with the likes of Januzaj, kagawa, RVP, Nani and Zaha features more often we will see a great improvement on the drab football we saw in Fergies last few years that frankly drove most fans crazy. All of those players are two footed and have technique far above the Valencias and Parks that the great man loved.

    • @Abubakar: I’m with you mate. Totally with you.

      Januzaj and Zaha need to be given first team spots NOW. Not later. right now. We will pick up the pieces as we go.

      But Zaha and Januzaj are the brightest pieces of news we have had for this squad in a while.

      Alex Song could be our missing link. He can rotate with Carrick for the defensive midfield role. And then Januzaj can partner Kagawa playing behind the striker with Nani, RVP and Zaha playing up front.

      Cf: RObin van Persie

      Lw: Nani

      CAM: Adnan Januzaj

      CAM: Shinji Kagawa

      Rw: Wilfred Zaha

      CDM: Michael Carrick

      LB: Leighton Baines

      Cb: Phil Jones

      Cb: Nemanja Vidic

      RB: Rafael

      GK: David de Gea.

      This should be the new look United first team.

        • @Abubakar: Agree, no chance with Fabregas. Seems a pretty pointless move imo as we know what the outcome is going to be.
          We should be looking more towards the likes of Lars Bender (Leverkusen), Nemanja Matic (Benfica), Geoffrey Kondogbia (Sevilla), hell even James McCarthy at Wigan (yes I know, its very easy to say, oh he plays for Wigan hes crap, but hes still a young lad and for me anyway he looks like he has a lot of potential. We’re always moaning about missing out on the likes of Jones, Rio, Rooney, Carrick, paying so much when we could have bought them dirt cheap 18 months earlier, well McCarthy is my pick. Would still want a big name signing alongside him, but as I say the potential is there, and if we don’t pick him up he’ll only end up going to Everton or Spurs and 2 years from now we’ll be looking at him, his price tag probably £20m+ and saying fuck I wish we’d have got him earlier).
          Anyway sorry for going on, I realise that none of those players have the same standing as the likes of Fabregas, Thiago, Modric etc but they are all good to excellent players in their own right, would probably all see united as a good move and a step up to their current sides, and all im sure would be improvements on what we’ve got.

          @The_Philosopher: Agree. Say what you want about Moyes, I’ve been encouraged about his recent quotes regarding giving the young players their chances. I suppose they could be empty promises but id wager they’ll both get far football then they likely would have done had Fergie still been manager.
          Hopefully they’ll both get games and take their chances. Both have all the potential in the world.

          @Opti: I don’t get the hate for Baines. Forget his likely price tag and the fact he plays for Everton. Are you really saying that Baines isn’t atleast on a par with Evra? Really?

      • @The_Philosopher: WTF are you talking about, Phil?
        On one games evidence you would reserve first team spots for Adnan and Zaha, would you?? 😯 😯
        Please don’t join the rest of the knee jerkers! 🙄

        • @Redrich: Its not one game. I have watched Zaha at palace and he out performed Giggs and Cleverley and everyone else on the pitch (except Adnan) on Saturday.

          Januzaj was the stand out performer on Saturday.

          I would reserve a place for them in the first team based on their obvious talent. They are diamonds in the rough for sure. But given the alternatives of Ashley Young and Valencia and Anderson, I would give these kids a chance.

          Don’t tell me you would rather play Anderson, Valencia or Young instead of these two. Why stunt their growth for the sake of these 3 obvious defects?

          We got nothing better. And we got nothing to lose. We can only gain from fast tracking their progress.

        • @Redrich: Yes one game is more than enough to deem Zaha and Januzaj much better than one foot Valencia and the 40 year old maestro in Giggs, not to forget Young.

        • @Redrich: Nothing knee jerk about wanting to see some of our brightest young talents get some game time during the new season.
          We just lost Pogba last season because we wanted to wait and wait and wait before giving him chances and then off he went to a team with the likes of Pirlo, Vidal and Marchisio and he looked completely at ease and was one of their best performers. According to the majority of United fans, he wasn’t ready either.
          Zaha I’ve seen for myself in the flesh many a time (I used to live just round the corner from Palace) and whilst its definitely a step up from the Championship, again he has all the potential in the world and tbh id rather we went and gave time to players like these 2, than persevere with the likes of Valencia, Giggs and Young.
          Not that anyone’s saying they have to be in the first team from day 1 each and every week I might add, but they atleast deserve a good few games over the course of the season to show what they can do.

  4. 25 million for Fabregas. LOL. Too little, too late… that ship sailed when Thiago was sold for fooking 22 million last week… Arsenal have a 25 million buy clause, so why match that?!? 🙄

    If I worked at United and David Moyes gave me a list of targets on June 1st, I am pretty sure I could have done a better job getting them. Let’s assume Fabregas was on the list and Thiago was not (which is what we are supposed to believe):
    1) Bid 30 million for Fabregas after Thiago starts to grumble about playing time. It’s a good bid and will alleviate midfield congestion for Barca by giving Thiago more time.
    2) Bid 20 million (or whatever the release clause was) for Thiago.
    3) Sell Rooney for 30-40 million outside of PL teams.

    I just checkmated Barca 🙂

  5. Yeah we need to give our youngsters opportunities to shine. We know already the limitations of our current first team squad and we are bombing in the transfer market. I still think we need an experienced central midfielder to play alongside Carrick. But the beauty of wingers is that youth is no barrier. After all Ryan Giggs and Lee Sharpe and Ronaldo all broke into the first team at a very young age. So I am definitely up for giving Zaha and Januzzi ample chances to push Valencia and Nani out of their wing slots.

    Maybe it will buck them up as well.

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