Have United got it horribly wrong?

Manchester United manager David MoyesSaturday was the ninth anniversary of one of Manchester United’s most spirited and inspired performances of the last decade. A side that had been stripped of some of its best performers, while others were still considered too raw and young to be relied upon, took on an Arsenal side that had won the league the previous season and dominated them in their own backyard, as Roy Keane famously saw Patrick Vieira “out there”.

Nine years on, United buckled under Stoke’s physicality, surrendering for the eight time this season without much of a fight, not a whimper of aggression bar for the frantic final ten minutes, during which United never looked like scoring anyway, their unorganised attacks reflecting the terrifying lack of confidence that has crippled the players’ minds this season.

It was, in more ways than one, a new low, with the feel good factor of Juan Mata’s arrival all but evaporated within a week and the hopes of clinching a fourth-place finish fading away as rapidly as the confidence fans have in their team and, more importantly, in David Moyes.

The United manager looked like a haunted man on Saturday, not for the first time this season either, and for a lot of Reds his admission that “we don’t know what we have to do to win games” was the final straw.

Having been one of Moyes’ staunchest advocates throughout the season, I struggled to find a way not only to defend his latest statement but, first and foremost, to understand it. Hearing the manager of the team we support and care about so deeply admitting that he’s powerless and devoid of ideas when it comes to turn United’s fortunes around is bad enough, but it would have been acceptable had United dominated the game only to be denied by an enormous amount of bad luck.

United, instead, were horribly poor. So poor, in fact, that they allowed a side that had lost five of their last six league games to win without almost breaking sweat, our midfield too aware of its own limits to try to overcome them and our defence almost resigned to the fact that, sooner rather later, another goal would go in.

What, however, hurt more than the defeat, was the predictability of it all. Having spent £37m on one of the most creative players in Europe, United prodded along in the pedestrian way we’ve become accustomed to this season, the likes of Robin Van Persie, Juan Mata and Wayne Rooney reduced to watch the game pass them by, their attacking instincts stifled by the archaic approach United insist to adopt.

I like David Moyes and I’m desperate to see him succeed at United, not only because he seems a decent enough man but also because he’s worked his way to the top in a very dignified manner, but like I did not agree with those who have been against his appointment from day one and did not even afford him the chance to prove them wrong – admittedly, he hasn’t done much to quell their fears since then – I find those who refuse to consider that some things might need to change if United are to regain their mojo, equally disturbing.

Is it incredibly easy to criticise the manager from behind a screen, when some of our “fans” have never set foot into a football a ground? Granted it is, and if there’s one positive about United’s current predicament is the numbers of glory hunters and hangers on that we’ve already parted with is only going to increase over the next couple months, but does point out this team’s deficiencies make us spoilt as some Reds suggested over the weekend, their blind faith in the manager becoming increasingly difficult to justify?

It does not, particularly as admitting that Moyes seems increasingly out of his depth and needs to ditch the archaic 4-4-2 he insists to utilise is a far cry from wanting him and his staff to pack his bags and leave asap. The transition from Fergie to whoever succeeded him was never going to be easy, even less so considering the shambles that unfolded last summer and the disgraceful lack of quality that was left behind, but Moyes hasn’t made it easy for himself.

The cracks Fergie had so brilliantly papered over have appeared all at once, but while Moyes should not be blamed for being left to deal with a mess that has been maturing for the past eight years, the United manager has come across as a man wanting to change things, but too reluctant to do so all by himself, almost as if he needed someone to confirm that the changes he wants to apply are indeed the right thing to do.

United looked to have turned a corner last week, Mata’s arrival lifting the club and the fans, but as the £37.1m man cut a forlorn figure on the wing on Saturday, it was impossible not to think that Mata was brought in to fit into a system that quite clearly doesn’t fit him, rather than to be the catalyst leading to a whole new approach being built around him.

Ironically, but perhaps not so much considering the circumstances, one of United’s best performances of the season arrived on the opening day of the campaign, when Moyes perhaps had not yet fully grasped the enormity of the task awaiting him and had not yet allowed his mind to be paralised by fear.

That fear has grown into a full-scale panic, as United continued to tumble out of competitions like dry leaves off a tree in autumn, while the management neither stuck nor twisted, the change of personnel on the pitch inversely proportional to the change we had hoped to see in the club’s footballing philosophy.

Those advocating that Moyes should be sacked, overlook the fact that were United to back him this summer, they could be faced with another rebuilding campaign in 18 months if they decided to sack Moyes. In other words, if Moyes spends this summer and results fail to arrive leading to him being sacked, would the new manager be happy with the players left behind or would the club have to endure more rebuilding?

Football, as Fergie showed more than once,  is about maximising your strengths, climbing over the wall rather than trying to take it down by banging your head against it, but United have not done so, opting instead to stagger back like a drunken man before charging again towards the wall with less energies and, crucially, a vanishing conviction.

Since he took over the club in July, I’ve been hoping to see David Moyes growing into the job, but it’s instead the job of being manager at Manchester United that has grown on him, the crushing weight of the legacy and the dismal results proving too much to handle for him.

Come on Dave, prove us wrong. We can live without trophies, but not without a team capable to look their opponents in the eyes and mutter “We’ll see you out there.”




  1. You have hit the nail bang on the head; I’ve always been a great believer of picking the eleven best players and fixing a system around them. 4-4-2 isn’t working at the minute because we lack the conviction of wingers who want to get to the byline and put in a telling threatening cross e.g. Coppell or Hill to Macari or Pearson etc. Apart from the system being wrong I don’t understand Moyes’ selection criteria at all, in fact it infuriates me. We are yet to pick a team for two matches running and we could have, certainly against Stoke. I don’t understand why Giggs was brought into midfield against Cardiff and then Cleverly against Stoke when Fletcher was sidelined for no apparent reason. I don’t understand why Januzaj has been left out all of a sudden, I don’t understand why Chic doesn’t get much playing time, I don’t undertand why Zaha was overlooked completely but most of all I’m bewildered by the fact Young gets picked because he is a waste of a shirt, sorry but he is. I too hope Moyes succeeds because I believe he’s what we need in the long term. I don’t want a foreign manager parachuting in and then out again after not even feeling or breathing our awesome history. Moyes knows about loyalty and once his team gets going the good times will come back, but he doesn’t seem to see the wood for the trees at the moment. Anyway enough of my whining, I look forward to the Fulham game with my three lads cheering ourselves hoarse while more glory-hunters leave in droves and hopefully never come back.

  2. Nice article, some well written points, particular the last two paragraphs. I agree, I was being patient, thought he might pull it around, but the last display was too shocking and he seems tactically lost. Of course we’ve been watching these players week in and week out for years, but he’s had long enough to figure out a system that works, and for all the cracks that were there, they’re not bad enough for 7th place. At least 3 of those places are down to managerial ineptitude and no sign whatsoever that he has a plan, or knows what he’s doing, or that his players know what they’re doing. His public statements are almost always a bit off and he looks overwhelmed completely, to the point that he must subconsciously hate United at this point for the humiliation he’s suffering.

    Just the last few matches. Giggs and Jones in midfield? Welbeck playing as a no 10 in behind RvP and Kagawa on the left where he has never played well. Welbeck did a job for a whole season on the left, and Kagawa has shown he’s a different player when he plays centrally. Bringing on Welbeck in the last match again to effectively play as a no.10 when we then had two world class no 10s playing out of position and a decent one that never gets a game on the bench. Fabio may be pretty crap but where’s our cover at right back now? Selling Cole who has an above average chance of an England career and Tunnicliffe who’s got the certainly got the mentality a great midfielder, if not quite the game just yet. So awful decision making for game after game.

  3. Btw I think the abuse Cleverley is receiving is a bit much. He’s a tidy player that can do a job, but a bit soft mentally I think. To blame him for Utds woes is completely unfair. He doesn’t choose to play himself, and I think he’s a tidy player to have on the bench.

  4. Moyes does not know how to change his ‘Thinking’.He has established methods that he is comfortable with.These have got him to where he is today.He has won nothing and never will.For years he was lauded as a great manager whom had kept a poor club in the premiership.Well,now he has the money and what has he produced?.
    Should we miraculously sign Messi, Ronaldo, Mangala, Kroos,Reus, Gundogan and Coentrao Moyes will produce another mid-table side.Coming soon Fulham, Arsenal, Crystal Palace, Liverpool, Everton, Hull, and City.A few thrashings are ahead.Forget about 4th place.Moyes can neither inspire or create a team.He is quite simply out of his depth.Forget the ‘He needs time’ crap.Anyone with half a brain can see that there is a big,big problem called Moyes.Regarding SAF’s backing of Moyes, he also backed Roy Keane.And they never lived ‘Happy Ever After’…….

  5. In answer to the question, “Have utd got it horribly wrong”, a big fat YES.you pay peanuts you get monkeys as is now being seen with the appointment of moyes and his second rate coaching staff.

    • @THE RED BARON: The last I heard, Moyes got quite a lucrative deal. Did we pay peanuts for our outfielders? – well that’s clearly a different question. 😉 😉

  6. Dan, I appreciate you for supporting DM. But why r u clinging onto to a man who had indirectly admitted that he is not fit for the job wen he said he didn’t know what to do. Our midfield is on par with arsenal now. Mata, Roo, Janujaz, zaha, kagawa or maybe even Valencia on his day. The midfield we have is custom made for arsene or klopp or perhaps even guss hiddink. klopp would come in probably tinker here and there and bring in a winning formula. The top managers would definitely be bolder and play players in the right positions. Most managers would salivate and try to work out a formula to make the holy trinity work (maata, roo, rvp) not play players out of position. Do u wanna support and hope for moyes to get it right and be miserable for 11 yrs jus like everton.

    If utd sack moyes, and the next manager’s rebuilding process is in the right direction, we can accept.

    Actually, our midfield had already have the creative spark in kagawa. Fergie showed us wen he played kagawa, roo, rvp in a diamond formation. Kagawa is not used intelligently by moyes. He is asked to play in the flanks. (out of position) This is the reason kagawa is not shinning. We have speed in the wings janajaz and zaha. Our problem is the roy keane role. Moyes shd hv break the bank and brought in toni kross and found a suitable replacement for evra.

    Guess where would moyes play messi if we get him in the summer. Centre back.

    Roberto Martinez has already gotten it right. Moyes is struggling to get it right with four world class players: Roo, rvp, kagawa and mata. U see the diff.

    • @Junaith: If Kagawa is a spark then please explain why he has yet to light the fuse in his 2 seasons with us.
      As far as Martinez is concerned, let’s not forget he was the one that took Wigan to the Championship. Perhaps you like those apples better, too??

      • @Redrich: Redrich, you seem to have a complete inability to analyse anything. You’re depth of analysis, when you do try, is so superficial it’s unbelievable. Kagawa has not lit the fuse because neither the system, or the position he is played suits him. Kagawa CAN play on the left…BUT ONLY as part of a fluid 3 behind one striker. He is not a man who will take people on one-on-one as a LEFT WINGER in a 4-4-2, which is essentially how he has been played. His style is classic tika-taka, short passing and moving, finding space and exploiting it at pace. We do not, and have never, set up like that. Until he is played in that system, he, and United, will fail to prove successful. SIMPLE

    • @Moscow: “Statistically we have crossed the ball more than any other side in the Premier League this season and rank 20th at attacking moves through the central channel.”

      • @Opti:

        When people panicky, and pessimistic about the preseason tour, I figured, preseason means absolutely nothing.

        But looking back, it is very interesting that against new opposition, he had no ideas whatsoever. Loss after loss, Moyes could come up with nothing.

        It takes a special manager to build a team, to have a vision, to know what pieces will fit together.

        Buying Mata screams buy a big name to quiet the fans. When all it would have taken, were a few young promising players. He could have spent half as much, and picked up young promising central midfielders we could build to a task, and fans would have been thrilled. Because it would have been clear we were building for a system.

        This is a manager with no ideas. He is completely unequal to the task. I feel sorry for him, because it must have been a dream to be a top manager. Unfortunately, contrary to what he mother told him, he cannot be anything when he grows up. And he cannot manage this club.

        • @Ben: yes, those stats scare me. I knew we were bad on many different levels, I just didn’t know how systemic our “badness” was.

          1st in crossing
          20th in central attacks
          —–> PREDICTABLE
          And 7th in the table…
          —–> We are not even good at the only thing we do…

          Moyes has one more loss before I scream the words…

  7. older reds will tell you frank ofarrell and dave sexton were really decent men but not up to the job of managing the best club in the world.i think moyse is the same and is doomed to fail

    • @s ogden: Matt Busby came out of nowhere to manage the Reds, Alex Ferguson came from Aberdeen and David Moyes came from Everton. We clearly have a history of hiring obscure managers – so far so good, wouldn’t you say?? Unless the last 6 months have you squeamish?

      • I feel i must point out that Alex Ferguson was far from obscure, he broke Glasgow Rangers / Celtic tandem grip on Scottish football and took Aberdeen a club which is a minnow beside Everton to European Success (nothing short of miracle btw)anybody in Scotland could have told you at that time he was one of the best managers in the UK let alone Scotland to me he couldn’t be more different from moyes apart from the fact there scottish lol that’s all there is.

  8. We got it horribly wrong by not bringing in Mourinho. He has past experience at Inter and Real Madrid of taking over big teams that have lost their way and raised their level. With Mourinho not only do you get the Ferguson like ability to instill a winning mentality but you also get tactical genius. Just look at the way he schooled Manchester City tonight! This is the same Chelsea side which at the start of the season could only manage a draw against us, beat us comprehensively a few weeks ago and just goes from strength to strength.

    Of course Chelsea have done a lot better job of rebuilding even beforee Mourinho arrived. But I am positive Mourinho, just like Ferguson before him, would have got the best out of our team, and I also believe he would have made far better additions to the squad drawing on his vast experience from working in four different leagues.

    All the objections against hiring Mourinho that seemed mildly persuasive back in the day now seem ridiculous:

    -He would have taken the team apart?

    Well this is exactly what is needed and what Moyes is trying to do in his own amateurish way

    -He would have attracted controversy and damaged the image of the club?

    Every press conference Moyes gives is destroying the aura of fear that lingered over the club for the past twenty years and turning us into a laughing stock.

    -He would have failed to promote youth?

    What youth? Besides Januzaj and Pogba we haven’t produced a quality youth team product since the mid 90s. And Moyes isn’t bringing in any young talent instead preferring established players like Fellaini and Mata. Whereas at Chelsea Mourinho is quite happy to bring in players like Zouma and Matic and is building his team around Oscar and Hazard.

    -He would have only stuck around for a few years?

    Even if that were true he would have left the club in a far better state than Ferguson did making the job that much easier for a mere mortal. And when you consider the average tenure of a Chelsea or Real Madrid manager you can see the criticism is ridiculous.

    -He would have played negative football

    Is anyone enjoying the football Moyes is playing?

    -He would have fallen out with the players?

    If we’ve learnt anything from Inter and Chelsea it is that Mourinho inspires great loyalty just as Ferguson did. While Mourinho has had some high profile fallings out so did Ferguson. And the way he dealt with the Mata situation just oozes class. He didn’t fancy the player so rather than letting him rot on the bench like we did with Berbatov and Tevez for the whole season gave him the chance to rebuild his career.
    And while the players are making the right noises to the press behind the scenes I am sure more than a couple are fed up with Moyes

    • @colver: On tonight’s evidence, Mourinho has given an emphatic answer to the question posed by this thread, in more ways than one. After competing the league double and ending City’s unbeaten run since 2012, he said this:

      “It means nothing for us to come here and park the bus and win 1-0 in a lucky situation. The evolution is more important.”

      Are you listening Charlton?

    • @colver:

      I think I may have been in that crowd myself….

      WRONG!!!!! How wrong is it possible to be? Well, if you said Moyes because he’s dignified, and predictable, and gosh, just a swell guy…. then completely so.

      There is no evidence Moyes can craft a top squad. From now on, I will hold that as a must have for any potential coach. Even in terms of OGS, he goes in, and makes gets his team their first championship, then repeats, and then captures a cup on a down year. OGS knows how to build squads, he knows how to make tactical changes within games. There is no evidence that Moyes can do that. And we look at OGS last year, his team start atrociously, it’s an unmitigated disaster, and by the end of the season they are running on all cylinders and win a cup. Where is the evidence that Moyes can do that?

      Mourinho would have been perfect. He might still be. I’m not sure he’s given up his United dream. I know all the talk was being in Chelsea for good… but I don’t think he can resist United. That might be one reason he sold Mata, not because he has a deal for Rooney, but because he doesn’t want any bad feeling between him and the club.

      In some ways, it feels he is almost destined to take over United.

      It’s easy to say, Abramovic would never make that mistake again….. But I think he’s got an ego that he has to have complete control, and Abramovic has the exact same mentality. I could see a bust up. And If Chelsea go a couple years with no trophies, and Abramovic decides to push on Mourinho, I could definitely see him deciding to not deal with it at all and coming to United.

      Okay, I’ll wake up now.

      • @Ben: I’ll have some of what you’re smoking Ben, because you even had me under a spell there 😆

        Historically, his ego has never forgiven rejection. He developed an intense hatred for Liverpool and Benitez (difficult not to anyway) after he was preferred despite winning the treble with Porto. When Barcelona rejected Mourinho, he took his vengeance with Inter and Real Madrid in wars of attrition. We rejected him, and now he is killing us with kindness and Moyes makes it so easy for him. In my opinion Jose’s ship has sailed. You never know though, perhaps his insistence on being in for the long-term could be a hidden message for the United hierarchy that he is willing to fill in where Moyes has failed. He would be wasting his time if that were the case, since Woodward is likely to be too busy looking for the next sponsor than trying to decipher him.

        • @Moscow: I struggle to see Mourinho coming to United now.

          Leaving Chelsea for direct rivals United would be an act akin to treason.

          Don’t see how that would happen now.

          Mourinho actually looked very sad when he joined Chelsea for the second time. He looked like he was lamenting missing out on his chance to manage United.

          I think he has cried his tears and that ship has sailed now. . .

  9. Nice writeup Dan. And to answer the question “Have United got it horribly wrong?” YES!!! YES!!! YES!!! YES!!! YES!!!

  10. United got it wrong, but not horribly, as the mistake can easily be mended.

    Simple conversation with Mr Moyes will do: Either you get us to the CL, or you are sacked. If he gets us there, give him another year-but this time he either has to win PL or CL. If he doesn’t (which I suspect will be the case)-show him the door, get a new manager with offensive tactical mindset worthy of United’s traditions.

    We can survive one bad season-happens to every club. Even without CL, if it’s just one time-it’s no big deal. I know it sounds absurd, but we’ll be able to take the hit and weather the storm. However, we need a tactically astute manager who has actually won something in his life and who is above all else NOT AFRAID.

  11. We can live wihtout trophies!!?? Wow drop in standards much?

    I wonder if we would be saying that to Mourinho or any other self-respecting elite manager?

    I can’t believe anyone can defend this man.

    If David Moyes had any kind of tactical acumen surely he would have employed it by now? The reason why he has not is because he does not have any. How can you think that if he just try’s something other than 4-4-2 he will learn to be successful?!


    The man is devoid of ideas. End of. He is at his wits end because this job is beyond him. And time won’t change that. David Moyes isn’t going to become a better manager if we just give him time. He just can’t cut it at this level. Period.

    Those advocating that Moyes should be sacked, overlook the fact that were United to back him this summer, they could be faced with another rebuilding campaign in 18 months if they decided to sack Moyes. In other words, if Moyes spends this summer and results fail to arrive leading to him being sacked, would the new manager be happy with the players left behind or would the club have to endure more rebuilding?

    So lets sack him now before he gets a chance to waste more money.

    Sacking him will only lead to another rebuilding in 18 months so lets just let him (Mr incompetent himself) rebuild and lets just accept whatever he comes up with? And stick with it for at least the next 5 years? What?! Are you insane?!

    He is not a quality manager!!!

    Having Moyes here longer only means more work for the next manager! The sooner we get rid of him the sooner we can turn our attention towards rebuilding this club because David Moyes is not the solution to our problems. And he never will be.

    You are so concerned about his career progression (oh he rose up so gracefully) that you would rather see your club burn for the sake of David Moyes comfortable CV growth? What? Are you listening to yourself?

    Who the hell cares about David MOyes’ career?

    because he’s worked his way to the top in a very dignified manner?!?!?!

    Give me a break!!!

    Is the club here for the betterment of David Moyes or is David Moyes (supposed to be) here to improve the club?

    Is this about Moyes or football? You need to get your head on straight mate.

    “but United have not done so, opting instead to stagger back like a drunken man before charging again towards the wall with less energies and, crucially, a vanishing conviction.”

    Are you insane? You’re still defending him! It is not UNITED that keeps bashing it’s head against the wall! It’s Mr no clue and no ideas David Moyes!!! He is the one mindlessly bashing his head against the wall and he is taking all the talented players at this club who deserve better with him.

    David Moyes is a decent manager for a midtable squad. He is not going to do United any favours though.

    He won’t grow into the job because he doesn’t have what it takes.

    He plays a dated football philosophy and has no place at an elite club like ours.

    I could live without trophies as well if we at least played the kind of football Jurgen Klopp’s Dortmund play. . .

    • @The_Philosopher:

      Hey Phil,

      If I were the owner, Moyes would have been long gone, believe me. He wouldn’t have been hired at the first place, and certainly the games vs Everton and Newcastle would have been the last straw.

      Still, we have to think realistically, and though I wish Moyes be sacked on the spot, right now, it’s virtually certain that he’ll get more chances and time. But everything has limits. My absolute limits are:

      -Top4 this season. If he doesn’t get us there, he MUST go.
      -If he does get us there, he’ll probably be given more time. Again, not my wish, but reality. In that case, my limits are trophies, the important ones. If he doesn’t get us PL or CL trophy next year, he MUST go.

      That’s why I said-one bad season I can stand. But prolonged cancerous influence of an incompetent manager to our club I can not.

  12. the man’s gonna come good. allow him this year and next year.
    many will eat their own words when he drives utd into a 4/5 years run of champions…

  13. Well, it’s been a while since I made my last contribution (September I think). This was due to work commitments and that I locked myself in a very dark room while Uniteds’ results went from bad to worse. I’ve just come out, but I think I may go back in again.

    As far as Anderson is concerned, it’s a shame it didn’t work out with us. I hope it works out for him in Italy and thanks for your contribution to the United’s cause. (frankly, I don’t think I can remember one. No wait a minute, I think there was one in his first season or was that someone else? – harsh, but true). Was that really a gifted midfield player we all hoped will cure our midfield ills, or a big fat seal that does tricks at ‘Sea World’ or whatever the place is called and then asks for its trainer for food when it completes them successfully.

    The problem with the call in sacking Moyes, is that he is on a six year contract, so will any compensation package damage the transfer kitty? I read recently that he was keen on signing Negredo (apparently he wanted him at Everton as well) during the Summer but with no-one at United taking responsibility for transfers, we lost him to City. Who would come in and replace Moyes? The only top class manager I can think of who would be available is Guus Hiddink –all the others are contracted to other clubs and would involve another expensive compensation package which the Americans may not be prepared to meet.

    This time last season, I couldn’t see Man U loose games but now I find it hard to see where we will pick up points. They fail to exploit slip ups by the teams above them and when we win so do the others. We appear to be effectively stranded in seventh place with no sign of moving up the table but every sign of going further down. Furthermore the call for Jones and Smalling to play in central defence is something everyone agrees on but they appear to pick up injuries and are out of the team more times than they are in. The same applies to Evans, Vidic and Ferdinand. This should have been addressed during the January transfer window – it wasn’t so no surprise there!

    When Moyes brought in his own back room staff, I wasn’t that surprised – most new managers tend to do that but whatever training programmes they are doing hasn’t worked and if Anderson’s comments are true neither do some of the players either.

    The other disappointing aspect is that I see the loanee players like Powell, the Keane brothers and Lingard playing without fear and enjoying first team football at their respective clubs. I think Moyes said recently, (but I am probably wrong), that when Powell comes back for his stint at Wigan, he will loan him out again to a Premiership club. This appears to be a bit strange to me – if he is good enough to play for another Premiership club, why isn’t he good enough for the United first team given the problems we have in central midfield? I accept that they may burn themselves out by Easter but they may just turn things around for United at what is a very difficult time.

    😯 Even more disappointing was to see Larnell Cole and Ryan Turnicliffe shown the exit door to join Fulham. What’s the betting that they will play a blinder against us if selected. These are all players who should be drafted into the first team to cover our injury problems or just freshen the team and not sold for undisclosed fees.

    Moyes has had his fair share of bad luck during his first term as manager, but now it’s time for him to accept that he has to take responsibility for the teams performance and start working towards solutions instead of excuses. 💡 Playing a 3-5-2 formation as suggested by one of the contributors to this site a while back may be one of those solutions.

    • @seanthered: 3 at the back? are you kidding. We have the very worst back line that I’ve witnessed in years and you want to plop one of them into MF, good grief mate, what 3 amazons do we have that could hold the likes of Aguero, Suarez, Nagredo. Honestly mate this is just make believe, a fantasy born out of the fact you still think we have a good squad of players, that are flexible enough to shift their skills from one position to another.
      The truth is, we are as stretched as we can possibly be at any given position. For example, moving Smalling to the center is disastrous, so is moving Valencia to full-back, so is moving Jones to MF, so is moving Rooney to MF, so it will be moving Carrick to center back. This is what we’ve been doing for 2 years now, and it’s because we have NO DEPTH at any given position. We are stick thin, mate, completely and utterly and at the end of our tether. Hanging on only until an injury or suspension completes the disaster,

  14. Come on people Moyes is doing exactly what he was hired to do. Every United supporter with half a semse knew that Moyes was the stupidest choice to replace SAF. Infact I respect SAF and his achievements too much to think he taught Moyes would be succesful. He was chosen so that we the fans, the media and all the world can remember how great SAF was to win with such a poor team and so on. He is here to perpetuate the legacy of his predesscor.
    So I must say well played to SAF. Anyone here who thinks Moyes will be sacked or a manager who can take the club to a new chapter of victories will come in, is also foolish. All this wont happen with SAF in the board. And with the rest of the board being yes men frightened and in awe of SAF in equal measure, no one in the club will stand up to this cynical final act by the old man. So be just in your comments and project your grievances toward the man who hired him rather than the patsy idiot.

    • @Dubaw: The club was “SAF”, the vacuum that was left is sucking a lot of negative air right now. I cant wait for some of the biogs that will shine a better light that what out suspicions project. Will we interesting my friend.

    • @Shadie: 2 whole years in his entire career in an European enviroment, ended in failure at a second rate Spanish side.
      Oh mate, sounds just perfect for us 🙄 🙄

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