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Is Klopp the man to replace Fergie?

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Jurgen-Klopp_2870147Sir Alex Ferguson was appointed at Old Trafford 369 days before I was born, meaning that for me – and for many of my generation – the thought of United without Fergie is simply unthinkable, for he’s been in charge throughout my first quarter of a century.

However, sooner or later, even the man from Govan will step aside, leaving an unmatchable legacy behind him and United looking for a new manager. Over the years the pool of names of potential successors has shrunk considerably, with some of the candidates already retired, others no longer considered suitable options and, perhaps more importantly, Fergie’s unwavering desire to win making it really difficult for anybody to individuate a successor.

Pep Guardiola’s decision to export his tiki-taka to the Allianz Arena ruled one of the candidate out of the race, while Jose Mourinho’s “come and get me” plea to Roman Abramovich doesn’t bode well for the theory that wants the self-proclaimed Special One taking over from the real Special One.

David Moyes remains an option worth considering but, despite his proven record in developing youngsters and managing tight budgets, the Scotsman seemed to have fallen off the radar somewhat. Undoubtedly, Moyes has done really well at Everton, but he’s still to win a trophy and for all of his financial acumen when lacking funds, there’s no actual proof of how well he’d fare when given a sizeable budget.

There’s, however, a new name circulating. A manager who has developed a style for attacking football and who’s not afraid of throwing promising youngsters at the deep end of the pool. Jurgen Klopp might have surged to popularity in recent weeks thanks to Dortmund’s superb run to the Champions League final but the 45-year-old German has seen his stock rising over the last couple of years, since he took Mainz to their first appearance in the Bundesliga, and then UEFA Cup qualification in the 2005-06 season.

Fergie had tipped Dortmund as a possible dark horse for European glory this season, having been hugely impressed with the way Dortmund stormed to two consecutive league titles (and a German cup) under Klopp’s tutelage, a significant indication of how highly he regards the German manager.

Klopp would be an ideal candidate to replace Fergie. Young, committed – he stayed with Mainz even after they were relegated – and with an eye for talent and attacking football are by many considered to be quintessential qualities for a United manager, hence way some opposed the idea of Mourinho replacing Sir Alex.

Drawing comparisons between teams 20-years apart from each other is always a dangerous exercise, but Klopp’s Dortmund has a lot in common with United in the mid 90s – emphasis on attacking football, exciting young talents (Gotze, Gundogan, Hummels and the class of ’92) – and it’d be extremely naive to dismiss such similarities as a simple coincidence.

Granted, Fergie has no intentions to retire anytime soon – particularly considering that he wants at least another shot at European glory – but when day will eventually arrive, don’t bet against the prospect of Klopp becoming United’s first non-British manager.

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11 Responses to “Is Klopp the man to replace Fergie?”

  • The_Philosopher

    Attacking football is the word. Dortmund are relentless attackers. Thats what I appreciate the most about Klopp. Dortmund are not boring.

    For the work he has done at Dortmund over the past couple years and the systems that he uses there I have to say for me he is my man.

    He is a little young and lacking in experience but with an asstute assistant like Gary Neville I think he could be the perfect fit.

    Jose Mourinho is also a very good option but he looks like he’s going back to Chelsea.

    My only concern with Jurgen Klopp is his ability to not only play beautiful football but to win as well. I love the fare he is dishing up at BVB but I would hate him to go the way of Arsene Wenger who can serve up a delicious and sugary performance but not include the substance that actually wins you titles.

    Ferguson won’t retire any time soon provided his health holds up and thats just fine. It suits Klopp well because he is intent on seeing out his current contract with BVB which expires in 2014. Klopp will have to be on stand-by there after.

  • As Redrich pointed out in the previous thread, Fergie on the upcoming summer:

    “Tweak is the right word,” he said. “We maybe look at one or two bodies to come in. You have to remember we have a lot of young players we expect to improve. We have to take that into consideration. We also have to consider the ages of some players and protect that part.

    “In the main, we know where we are. We are comfortable. We have [fantastic strength in depth]. That is the area where we don’t want to confuse ourselves, otherwise you end up with too many players and trying to keep them all happy. It has happened a few times this season.”

    8-O 8-O 8-O :roll: :roll: :roll:

    • tonymontanna4united

      Is Klopp the man to replace fergie? In a word yes, I believe so.
      I’ve gone into more detail as to my feelings on this guy on the previous thread, but your absolutely right Dan/the philosopher, the football his team serves up is just top class, and I too noticed its similarity to the type of football we were once used to seeing here many years ago.
      The football is great, their team bristling with amazing young talent, their signings shrewd- but as shown with reus, and possibly this summer with gotze and lewandowski’s likely departures, they aren’t afraid to spend a few bob when necessary- he’s tactically excellent, with an amazing playing philosophy.
      There’s just so much to like about this man really.

      @Moscow: Whilst what he says is, strictly speaking, sort of true, why do I take from those quotes that its likely going to be a very underwhelming summer of activity.
      Hope not, but I did have a suspicion as to how much the rvp signing might have dented our budget for this year as well as zaha’s signing in january, leaving us with very little in the kitty.
      Also factor in fergie in all this, who seems content merely with having a team able to achieve success in the PL, regardless of how far off it is in the CL, and its not hard to see what way this is going.
      We can say we were unlucky against Madrid all we want, but the fact is as has been shown this year, the spanish teams are no longer the barometer to whom we must measure ourselves against, madrid on the whole were bloody poor all season.
      Ze germans are now the top dogs, and will likely continue to be for the foreseeable if we continue to see such underwhelming activity from us and the other English sides.
      The unfortunate thing about all this is as I said last week, looking at Bayern’s team, I wouldn’t say its a billion miles ahead of us (certainly not in defence and up top).
      It really would only take 2 more top class signings in much needed areas, for our side to be right up there.
      Unfortunately, as these quotes seem to allude to, it’ll be a quiet summer.
      Fergies comments this week seemed to imply we had our summer signings all but wrapped up months ago, so it seems all but impossible (if it wasn’t already) that it’ll be a modric, bale, gundogan, thiago, rodriguez, isco type signing were making.
      No no, our side is so obviously lacking a top class number 2 goalkeeper who’ll cost £15m quid, so better go out and bring in begovic from stoke- he’ll make the difference, and maybe another defender in too :roll:

    • The_Philosopher

      @Moscow: So Ferguson is happy with the squad that we have.

      What irks me the most about Sir Alex Ferguson is how easily he accepts second best in Europe.

      Yes dominating the premier league is great but why is he so happy to just sit back and the European clubs take the honours continentally?

      Our squad is good enough to maybe win the league next season.

      But what happens if City go out and buy 3 or 4 marquee players?

      Do we really need to lose the title to City again before we realise that this squad isn’t good enough. My goodness!

      Chelsea could be seeing the return of their prodigal special one. The return of Jose Mourinho to Chelsea coupled with the spending spree that is sure to follow at the bridge should ensure that we have adequate incentive to pull our socks up.

      But do we have to lose the title next year to either City or a Mourinho led Chlesea before Ferguson realises that the youth of Welbeck and Cleverley counts for nothing and is no match for the guile and mastery of the likes of Falcao (if he comes to the prem), Lewandowski(if City of Chelsea go for him), or any of the massive talents out there that we seem uninterested in.

      Putting aside talk of the English premier league. We have seen this season the dominance of the German clubs. We have proven ourselves equal to a lazy looking Real Madrid (led by a disinterested Mourinho) which is a great achievement, lets not forget. Because prior to that we hoping not to be humiliated by them.

      But we are still not at the pinnacle of the game. Why is Ferguson happy with our standing in Europe? Why is he not eager to dominate domestically as well as on the continent?

      • tonymontanna4united

        @The_Philosopher: Do we really need to lose the title to City again before we realise that this squad isn’t good enough. My goodness!

        Quite possibly. Im convinced, had aguero not scored “that goal” and we’d won the league, we wouldn’t have gone out and bought rvp.
        Rvp’s signing was a clear example of fergie saying “I need to do something big to make sure those bastards don’t do that again” even if it meant going against his recent transfer policy of not paying big money for players in their prime.
        It was obviously the right decision and rvp has made all the difference this year, but I really don’t think he’d have been so hell bent on signing him if not for losing that title.
        So might well be the opposite this summer- we won it, and did so pretty comfortably so no need for big changes this year because we’ll be there or thereabouts next year.
        Which is obviously totally bloody stupid, for the reasons you’ve mentioned above, but fergie has become a lot more easily pleased and content these days, so really wouldn’t surprise me.

        • @tonymontanna4united: I agree, mate. The lack of failure has given United the perennial excuse of not needing to strengthen the squad.
          Mind you, if we stick with the current motley crew, we won’t have to worry about that anymore. :(

        • @tonymontanna4united: Sadly Tony I think you’re right along with Redrich. Winning the PL is an excuse for minimal change I fear – just like Fergie saying he can’t wait for Scholes to get a game against Chelsea or Swansea. What the heck does this say about our future ambition or squad depth? What about Powell, never mind some of the promising academy players?

          Quite frankly I’m really thinking that he’s losing his marbles. This is the perfect opportunity to give some of the youngsters we crave to see a chance. Nothing to lose. Instead he thinks it a great opportunity to role out the oldies. What forward thinking! With this mentality we can forget about Europe with the zest, energy and skill shown by Bayern and Dortmund. I really fear for our ambition these days and find it amazing to be saying this about Fergie. But the evidence has been there and is growing – he’s settling for the PL at best and nothing more. Has he become so Glazerized that the ethos of entertaining the working people is now foreign to him?

  • look at bayern ,every year they make at least one great signing,last year martines ,mandzukic ,shakiri,,,before gomez kroos,,,this year goetze and for sure some more,,,and they are in 3 finals in the last four years…
    as for klopp he is a great coach and the strongest think about him they say in germany,is his motivation skills and tactical thinking and analysing the oponnent…he also has great charisma and here i mean positiv charisma ,but all the discussions about fergies successor i canot understand,fergie is the manager of utd ,and i hope he will be here the more the better…
    tough games are won in the middle of the pitch,so we have to analyse how competativ are we in that area…
    and until the european teams who are in the draw for the 1/8 finals or 1/4 finals secretly hope to avoid united like they were hoping to avoid bayern this ,and for sure next few years,and barcelona in the past,we gonna be always close but never on top of europe

  • On Klopp.
    The thing that impresses me the most is the mans staying power. As a player he played his entire career with 1 team. As a manager he has been with only 2 teams – the one he played for and now Dortmund. This history of longevity is exactly what the United board are looking for.

    In fact I thought I heard Sir Bobby whistling “Das Deutschlandlied” just the other day. :-D

  • Our esteemed new chief executive has said that with our squad depth we could roll out 2 separate teams of internationals. Maybe true, but the problem is that neither of them would win anything in European competition. Head in the sand or not, it’s quality rather than quantity that wins the big prizes – as any self respecting businessman would know.

  • The thing that impresses me the most about Klopp is not his style of play but his ability to scout and bring youngsters through the ranks.Although he is not totally responsible for finding players and producing players like Reus and Gotze,he certainly develops them into world class players.
    Given how tight United’s budget is normally(compared to your Citys and Chelseas) along with the emphasis of youth at United,I think he will fit in perfectly.

    I even like him more now that he made Ramos cry :mrgreen:

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