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  1. Joe Rogers
    January 18, 2014

    I am Irish so I could be considered bias but KEANE,BEST,IRWIN ❓ 😕

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  2. Julian
    January 18, 2014

    You cannot exclude Edwards, Charlton and Best from any “all time best United X1″ Having seen both play I would choose Best over Giggs every time. Best was genius personified – one of the greatest players ever. As good as Giggs has been over his remarkable career he was not the player Best was. Charlton, as everyone knows, was a very great player for United and England. He must get the nod over Scholes. Edwards would be preferable ahead of Keane – or even Robson for that matter. That alone demonstrates how great he was.

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  3. redtilldead
    August 24, 2014

    beckham all day ahead off Ronaldo lets be honest Ronaldo only give us two good season he was very inconsistent b4 that and then left us beckham was world class from day one till the day he left he very consistent and keano captain captain fantastic left his soul on the pitch and made every player around him up there game we wouldn’t off won in 99 with kids if it wasn’t for keaneo shouting in there ears and putting a winners mentality into them and dennis Irwin the man was the man was one off the best left backs the world has ever seen let a loan utd he be worth 100million in 2days money and rooney 10 years in red 4th all time premer league scorer plays anywere his ask scores in big games and tracks back like a world class box 2 box plyer ..beckham ,, keane.. Irwin ,, rooney.. have to be there FACT

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