Italian Giants express interest in move for United misfit

If reports in Italy are to be believed, United’s troubled Portuguese winger Nani could be on his way to Italian giants, AC Milan.

Nani’s Old Trafford career has taken a nose dive since an alledged training ground incident with Davide Petrucci some 3 weeks ago culminating in not even making the bench for the Reds in their last outing at St James’ Park.

Italian newspaper Gazzetta Dello Sport reports that Nani’s agent, Jorge Mendes, is exploring the options for an escape from Fergie’s clutches, and AC Milan could move to take the United midfielder in the summer with a January transfer deal being described as “more difficult”.

Nani appears to have many suitors
with Juventus thought to be particularly keen.

Nani, who is under contract at United until 2014, is believed to be resigned to the fact his time is up at a club where he’s never quite managed to entirely win over the fans or the management.

His latest troubles in training, coupled with his obtuse contract negotiations, have seemingly left Sir Alex Ferguson with little choice but to allow Nani to leave.



  1. Nani may not be everybody’s particular brand of vodka, but he is hardly a misfit…
    The only true misfit at United is the overrated Brazilian midfielder who seems to walk between the raindrops with regards to criticism. Our very own Dembele I don’t think so, oh yes he has been played out of position by the greatest manager of all time doesn’t know how to deploy him.. 🙄

    • Steve (can I call you Steve?) (and Moscow)

      You should start your own blog, it appears you’re only happy if the content matches your opinion, you have zero respect for other opinions unless they match yours.

      No comment (of praise) for my attempt to improve the anti-England feel on the site that you privately and openly complain about, but plenty about this Anderson/Nani war you’re waging as if you’re on a one-man campaign to fight for the lad!

      His potential has never been in doubt, and the interest in him isn’t simply because he’s sought after, it’s largely to do with the contract coming to an end soon….and I don’t need to tell you that.

      • @Ian: Of course you can call me Steve. I do not have the skill set to start my own blog mate, and I do respect other peoples opinions. I though this was a rant site and opinion surely is the essence of what this site stands for. We can’t all agree on the same things, if we did this site would be very dull and uninteresting. I like the fact there is varied cultures on this site with a wide rage of views.

        I think you are doing an excellent job, I am do really appreciate what you have done for this site. I have been on here for 5 years and the harmony and atmosphere recently has been at an all time high. Anderson has been a flop, sorry mate if you can’t see that. We paid nearly £20m for the lad and he has hardly been “value” We are commenting on Anderson and Nani as they have been the posts recently, I though content was king?! Good for you for standing up for Anderson, but I personally think his problems are down to his attitude which is poor.

        Thanks for your hard work.

        • Yeah fair play and thanks for the unexpected comments too.

          The Anderson post was more of a prediction than a summary of his United career, I feel he’s on the cusp of making the step up from being a peripheral squad member to becoming an important one. Nani’s had that chance (thanks to producing far better performances than Anderson) but has now imo ran out of chances.

          The difference between the two is one looks like he’s reached a plateau of which isn’t a good enough standard to remain at the club whereas Anderson hasn’t reached that yet (extenuating circumstances for both I agree, largely thanks to SAF but that unfortunately is a constant that ALL players have to operate to). When Anderson reaches that point I will be the first to hold my hands up and say ‘you know what, Anderson’s turned out to be not good enough’

          Oh, and content is king 🙂 There’s no individual users of the site who hold court anymore or think ‘they’ are the site. Still trying to improve things with the help of the decent writers we have, just need to get them more involved!

          While I’m at it, a message to all the regulars – thanks. I seriously do appreciate the manner in which we/you all engage each other now, even opposition comments are met with respect. Not many forums etc can say that, so well done.

      • @Ian: Let me echo Stephen’s thoughts and say that this is the best United blog around. People can rant about United without getting flamed because we all know they support United and ultimately we are pulling towards the same end. You’ve done a great job taking over the reins from RR, and after a couple of ‘occasions’ we are at peace.

        Anderson hasn’t been a total cataclysmic failure but he just isn’t United quality, and when you add his transfer fee into the equation he has been a massive waste of time and money. Nani has had a dreadful start to the season but you and I both know that he has the quality because he’s actually shown it for both United and Portugal. Don’t you think it’s a bit unfair that after a couple of games he’s a United misfit (the midfield have been worse), yet you don’t show the same strictness for Welbeck who has contributed nothing and Anderson who you compared to Dembele.

        Let’s just agree to disagree on who has shown the most promise for this club.

        • If Anderson doesn’t take the next step and does nothing else in his time I’ll agree, but, I just have a feeling he’s about to make the impact I think he’s capable of (but first obviously he needs to earn the right….something Nani did a looong time ago)….I guess it’s a waiting game.

          And thanks too, great to hear that mate.

    • @Stephen: He is too a misfit, mate.
      In a team that is trying find a true identity and gel with one another, he stands out like sore thumb.
      Nani is only about Nani and while there is only one “I” in Nani. there’s no “I’s” in TEAM.
      Be off with him!!

      • @Redrich: Didn’t he produce 18 assists in a season when he was given freedom on the right? Who would you rather play on the left? Young? Welbeck?!?!

        • @Moscow: It seems to me that we’ll have Rafael and Evra as wide threats, given the current central diamond idea.
          And by the way I would rather have a Nani that is focused on team successes and improving his basic skills, a Nani that doesn’t lose self control, and a Nani that would make reasonable demands at the bargaining table. Apparently we’re not getting any of that and so he can just bugger off as far as I’m concerned.

  2. I think he won over quite a lot of people when he was named club’s Player of the Year just over a year ago. It’s a shame Anderson isn’t linked to clubs like Juve or Milan, I guess Nani just didn’t have his potential 🙄

  3. I agree that Anderson should be first on the departure list. He’s been with the club for five years and still can’t seem to establish himself.

    I’d much rather we buy a top quality central midfielder to play alongside Carrick with Cleverley and Fletcher quality backup.

    Problem with letting Nani go is that we’d need to buy a replacement and wingers don’t come cheap in today’s market. We tried to line up Lucas Moura as a replacement but that fell through. If we go for James Rodriguez or Gaitan that would be £25 million at least. And I doubt we’d raise more than 10-15 million for Nani.

    • @colver: But then its not “our” money anymore! Its Glazers!

      I dont care anymore what players cost so long they come over. If Nani is replaced by Neymar tomorrow (in my dreams!) I wont care if that cost the club 30 or 40m! Would be happy to welcome him.

      Nani to AC Milan! Welcome to the new Robinho!

  4. Ian, because of these incessant comparisons between the demise of the Portuguese speaking Nani and Anderson, is it possible to dedicate a Post to the discussion of the latter.
    It’s inane to me to read that the only retort to the criticism of Nani is: Nani > Anderson 😯 . OK, it’s kind of like arguing the case against Ferguson by stating Ferguson > Phelan.
    Clearly a ridiculous position because it doesn’t confront the thesis, it just detracts attention from Ferguson.

    There is no connection between Anderson and Nani other than they are both on the peripheral of our team. I think they both deserve discussion individually, with the idea that they are valuable to United, or not.

    Best > Nani. 😀 😀

    • Would you like to write it? I’m happy with that, let me know, if not I’ll ask someone else. Great shout mate.

  5. I used to be drawn into those arguments but not any Nani’s stats with any winger,Iniesta included and you will know what you are talking about.About being inconsistent,if he was,he would be Messi or Ronaldo and we all know those are two of the best players to ever kick a ball.The British game has always been about hard work and tackles and less about individual skill on the ball.All a player has to do is run and chase every ball,cross at every opportunity if you are a winger and you are okay.this a reason many fans believe Roy Keane was one of the best and Nicky Butt was a success,but Ronaldo was a show ponny and Nani is disappointing despite the overwhelming evidence

  6. Has any one noticed in the previous matches that most defenders have figured valencia out.. he always does the same thing on & on again, i mean who would you rather have against a world class left back like marcelo, Nani or Valencia….. call me mad but i would pick nani

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