Jobless manager criticises United’s plan

MoyesDavid Moyes believes the days of long term planning at United are long gone.

That’s quite something to say by a manager who was given a six year contract despite never winning anything. A man who was given an entire season to improve the standard of football he dragged the club into playing, but never did. A man whose long term future would have been cemented purely by showing the club and its fans just a few seeds of hope in order to continue to receive their full backing. The signs never improved, neither did Moyes’ pathetic interview skills

In just a few short months, Moyes proved he was not up to the task of managing one of the biggest clubs in football despite being given one of the most faithful, long-term contracts ever handed out by any club.

His comments come as no surprise and are merely in-line with the arrogance he displayed during his abysmal tenure as chief. United was supposed to change David, David was not supposed to change Manchester United.

In the interview, Moyes says he thought he would be given more time to revamp the club saying “It was unfortunate I wasn’t given more time to succeed. It could well be that gone are the days of long-term planning at United.”

Moyes’ time at United will go down in history as one of the lowest years the club has suffered, if not perhaps for the club, certainly for the fans. For Moyes to come out and suggest the club are no longer in the habit of long term planning is ludicrous and arrogant, a six year contract expels his theory in a flash.

If you want to talk about unfortunate, David, let’s talk about unfortunate.

It’s unfortunate that one man’s power was enough to get you the job in the first place. A man whose remarkable list of successes earned him the right to be respected and trusted enough to put you in the job despite you never winning anything in your managerial career.

How can a dressing room full of proven winners be expected to embrace a manager whose won far less than them either as a player or as a manager?

Phelan and SteeleIt’s unfortunate you chose to rid the club of vital resources such as Rene Muelensteen and Mickey Phelan, not to mention Eric Steele. These coaches knew the ins-and-outs of the club and would have helped you along the way. You knew better though, eh?

It’s unfortunate you chased the affection of Wayne Rooney and lost the rest of the players in the process, including Robin van Persie.

When you entered United and did these things I thought you were being bold, I reckoned it was a sign you were strong enough to do things your way and you had a solid plan in which to continue our clubs great traditions. Instead, you took us backwards.

You had no plan, the football you served us was dire, you didn’t do things your own way (you trierd to mirror SAF’s tactics – switching Rightbacks, centrebacks. Rotating a squad you knew only 1% about in comparison to the man you were trying to emulate) and you allowed the length of contract to fuel your complacency. Now you’re looking for a way to deflect your inefficiencies towards the club who no doubt regret placing their trust in their greatest ever manager to find his successor rather than going through due diligence to find the most suitable and qualified candidate.

You suggest you came to United to revamp but we didn’t need revamping.

The irony of that is how desperately the club now needs a revamp thanks to the mess Moyes’ short spell has left behind.

David Moyes should keep his comments about his time at United quiet and realise he only has himself to blame for the lack of ‘United’ within his United. The sooner his name is forgot at Old Trafford, the better.


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