Jose tells Man Utd board these 4 players can leave, including first team star


Manchester United are preparing for a busy summer transfer window as several players are expected to both leave and join the club before the start of next season.

Several players have already been linked with a move to Old Trafford whilst a number of people could guess several of those that Jose Mourinho wants out.

The Daily Mail are today reporting that they know four of the players the boss wants sold over the summer, with the biggest surprise on the list being Paul Pogba.

They claim that Jose has run out of patience with the 25-year-old for his inconsistent performances and has been added to the list of those who can be sold this summer.

The French international’s performances in a United shirt have been typified in our past two games.  He was our hero scoring a brace in the come-from-behind 3-2 victory in the derby more than a week ago, and then no showed in our 1-0 loss at home to West Bromwich Albion on Sunday.

Pogba only lasted 57 minutes against West Brom before he was replaced in a game that he lacked attacking thrust and decided to shoot from ridiculous positions on more than one occasion.  He has not completed 90 minutes in seven of our last 11 games.

The Daily Mail go on to say that Anthony Martial, Daley Blind and Matteo Darmian are the other players who can leave this summer.

Martial has struggled for game time since the signing of Alexis Sanchez in January as the French forward also competes with Marcus Rashford for a place down the left wing.

Defenders Blind and Darmian have rarely seen game time since the turn of the year as the boss has been using Ashley Young at left-back with Luke Shaw as the backup.  The Italian international is often used as Antonio Valencia’s backup at right-back but the club captain rarely misses a game.



  1. can we keep martial/pogba and get rid of mourinho.. united fans have run out of patience with him and his negative tactics

    • I second this the way we play under his tactics definately shows we can’t get anything at the end of the season.

  2. It appears that Jose is doing the same as he has done everywhere he has been. It seems that he delights in tearing the team apart to just show he can and then in 4 or 5 years he is off to do it again. It also appears that he does not really know how to get along with the players . I love Man Utd and I hope that Jose proves me wrong.

  3. I do believe Manchester players are not only the players who have the skills but also those who fight for the shirt.If you cannot fight for the shirt u don’t deserve to be a united player even if u could be the best on planet.For the period i’ve watched and supported Man u,i have come to vehemently accept that the players who win trophies are not necessarily the most talented players.But rather those with the heart and head to win for MAN U.And so i don’t care whichever player it is to be axed/sold as long as he doesn’t not help the club to win trophies.Big names don’t matter as long as they cant bring success to the Team.Let Jose go ahead and do what he thinks can make the club successful,let him be supported by the board to assemble a winning team.Guys with big hearts. “Its not the size of the man that matters, but the size of his heart”

    • You sound too young fan to know football need pogbamartial,its mourihno who can’t hv 2good players playing in the same position! City has many good forward players than united unlike inthe days of fergie,

  4. United should sell pogba if offered 80m and go back to junior team for a good midfielder.

  5. I think all that Jose Morinho does is I need this player and that one while criticizing the ones. He doesn’t know how to relate to players to bring the best out of them which is what Sir Alex.
    Also Morinho cannot take criticism in good so that he can work on his mistakes but rather has chosen to be sarcasm and cheeky response. If Man. Its does not take care Morinho will spoil the team, we will loose potentially good players and then he will leave.

  6. Would not surprise me one bit .lets bring a 29 year old in stick him on the left to do nowt .and will sell a 22 year old who every top club manager will want bar the man u manager.ill leave rashford out make him unhapoy aswell because hes good so i dont wanna pick him .that luke shaw no i dont fancy him ill leave him out thats 3 top youngsters .oh and hes good fosu mensah .better sign somebody before he comes back from loan can leave him out aswell .funny i cant seem to bring out the defensive side of my players i wont have them going up trying to score goals attackng teams its not on.its my way or they go .simples

  7. C sallah see did bryune all were once sold off by mou, he doesn’t blv in younger players or building a team with them better sell him off. Soon his gonna flood united with players 30yrs and above

  8. Sincerely speaking
    The coach Could be having a relationship problem with the team…man united has the best team,pogba is fine but its morinhos work to get best out of them,martial is great,the players need motivation as well as respect… Many good players come&fail to perform why?let’s get rid of the coach the team will settle

  9. Selling players isn’t going to solve our problems &what’s surprising,seeing the same players doing better in other teams,get to understand what these players want ,they are mature,love them,be patient with them,&make them better they will respect you if you respect them.

  10. Man utd, please remember that Jose Morinho is in the constant orbit of scattering good club team and leaving at the end like what he did to Chelsea. Now Chelsea is still suffering the effect of his actions by selling Kelvin De Bryant, Jaun Cuadrao, Jaun Mata, plilipean Louis to Alentico Madrid and etc. I believe Jose is the Big problem hear. Looking at the team now we can only allow matteo Darmia and Blind to leave the club along with Fillani but not Key players like Martial and Pogba who have been rescuing us this season. We one striker like Lowandoski of Baryan munchi , one right back very good one then the captain Valencia can play right wing to make the right side strong and lastly we need one attacking midfielder who can replace Fefilani.

  11. Pogba is not in a class of Neymar and Alexes can play well without him.He take time on the ball and give it away when he ran out of ideas,let him leave.

  12. Jose must go he has failed ,if we are not careful we will remain with a team of old horses ,

  13. jose merino must go he doesnt know how to utilise n building youths……

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