La Liga ace agrees United deal

imageThiago Alcantara has agreed a five-year-deal at Old Trafford, with the move now just needing Manchester United to meet the Barcelona midfielder’s £15 million buy-out clause.

Reports in Catalan daily, Sport, suggest the 22-year-old is closing in on a move to the Premier League Champions, with United boss David Moyes admitting he is ready to spend in a bid to end his first season at the club with silverware.

While the worst kept secret of the summer looks set to end in days, inversely the ‘Wayne Rooney is not for sale’ stance looks set to be challenged by Barcelona.

The Spanish Champions will test David Moyes’ resolve with an offer which includes unwanted forward David Villa.

Villa has struggled to make a real impact since joining Barcelona from Spanish rivals Valencia. The arrival of Alexis Sanchez decreased his chances further and has since been linked with a host of clubs including Arsenal and Liverpool.



  1. I need to see him standing next to David Moyes with a United jersey in his hands before I believe it. . .

  2. Surely this is the wrong way round? I thought that it was the proper thing to make the bid first and then agree terms with the player?

    In any case like The Philosopher I need to see him in a United shirt before I believe this.

  3. Transfer businesses are so convoluted now. Since when can you sign a contract with United without having your current club sanction the trade?

    Does this mean it is a verbal contract only? Like the one we have with Moura and Hazard?

    Thiago in a United shirt, please.

    • @Opti: That’s a bingo. Well put. When it comes to transfer and front office competence, United are in the class of Wigan.

  4. Who says he has agreed a 5 year deal? Barcelona are maintaing that there has been no contact from United. I was under the impression that the buy-out clause must be activated before contact with the player could be made. I hope you’re right and he is about to become a United player, but everything I’ve read on this subject so far seems to range from wishful thinking to “let’s make it up as we go along” journalism.

      • @The_Philosopher: I’m definitely with you on that, though I suspect we might be waiting a long time. The worrying part of all this is the amount of time it’s taking Thiago to “decide” and tell Barcelona he wants to leave. The latest rumours suggest that Del Bosque has told him he doesn’t need to leave Barcelona in order to be part of the Spain squad at the next world cup. If this is true, then I think it casts further doubts on him coming.

      • @The_Philosopher: Isn’t funny how skeptical and cynical we all are? Just shows how much Manchester United has separated itself from their fans during the Glazer era. Their secluded and hierarchical corporate mentality has left us out in the cold and we have no idea what’s going on with our club. Somehow I just do not feel united with Man Utd.

      • @Grognard: But we need him to play as a central mid.

        During the negotiations I hope Moyes makes that clear that his role will be to play a box-to-box game.

        Kagawa needs to be played up front with RVP because Alcantara is probably better at central mid than Kagawa is.

        • @The_Philosopher: Well from the opinions of a few English speaking barca fans I’ve read on redcafe, apparently he’s a cross between both xavi and iniesta, with his long term future however, seen as xavi’s eventual replacement.
          He has the passing game and composure of xavi, and the dribbling ability and movement of iniesta.
          Watching his performances in the recent U21 tournament 2 weeks ago, I have no doubt the predictions are indeed correct, and he is without doubt more in the xavi mould.
          There he was sat was very deep, he didn’t make too many runs forward, kept his positioning, and perhaps most importantly, looked totally comfortable and at ease playing in a 2 man midfield next to …… (his name escapes me, apparently madrid are buying him) who was sitting deeper playing the carrick role.
          Infact later on in the tournament when he was actually pushed further forward into the number 10 role just off the striker, he gave one of his weaker performances, and constantly drifted further and further back into midfield where once again, he started to look a lot more comfortable.
          So tbh, I have no doubt of where his best position is, and luckily for us its right where we want him, directly in the centre of midfield.
          Played in there next to carrick, with kagawa further ahead, I have no doubt he’d fit like a glove.

  5. This one is a wind up in the vein of Lucas Moura get also all anxious and giddy on having a young top quality player come play for us.

    • @thatboywazza: I doubt he’ll sign for us either tbh, but if there is one positive its that apparently the reason for him considering leaving Barca is a lack of playing time, ahead of what is likely to be an important year for him ahead of next years WC.
      Now if there’s one team in world football at this moment who can practically guarantee him first team football week in week out in their midfield its us.
      The chance to likely be a starter week in week out, replacing a player like scholes who is held in very high regard at barca, whilst also doubling his wages (although I don’t think that’s his main motivation unlike lucas), has got to put us atleast close to being the main destination of choice should he choose to leave.
      I just have my doubts he actually wants to leave barca. I think hes considering it, but whether he has the will to follow through and actually go through with it, remains to be seen.
      If he does however, then I actually think he’ll see sense and pick us for the reasons above.
      Whoever would have thought our crap midfield could actually be a positive thing eh 😆

  6. I think it’s more than possible that we have more interest in Strootman than we do in Thiago. Personally I think we should get both, but then this a Glazer version of how to run the Worlds Biggest Football Club on a shoestring, after all.
    Strootman offers something we do not have at all within the squad, a ball winning enforcer type, he would be the steam in the engine, the gas in the tank. Every squad needs one of these, most of them do, but somehow, we don’t.
    Carrick is a Journeyman Mf’er that is pretty good up and down the pitch, but he is not the specialist that we so need right now.
    We have toyed with the creative CM ever since Scholes got his first grey hair (lets talk Anderson, Cleverly and now Kagawa), but all with little effect. Why??, because they are all cancelled out by the ball winning, enforcer type on the opposing team. In fact watching Kagawa being thrown to the wolves, almost each and every game last season, was embarrassingly cringeworthy.

    Spend 17m on Thiago? OK, I wouldn’t mind him on our team, but it will all end in tears if he doesn’t have some muscle behind or next to him.

    I have a feeling he knows that too.

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