Lack of killer instinct upsets Moyes


Cardiff-City-v-Manchester-United-Premier-League-2847763David Moyes has admitted Manchester United can’t afford to concede late goals as the one that deprived of two points against Cardiff yesterday, or else their chances of retaining the league are going to be all but gone in the next couple of months.

United led 2-1 going into the final exchanges of the game but were pegged back by a Kim Bo-Kyung header in the first of four minutes of added time, after Chris Smalling had given away a free-kick.

It’s the second time this season United have dropped points late in the game, after Southampton secured a late draw at Old Trafford in September and had United managed to see off both games, they’d now be only three points adrift of league leaders Arsenal, rather than lying in sixth place, seven points off the pace.

Moyes was disappointed by the result, even though it extended United’s unbeaten run to 10 games in all competitions.

“I’m disappointed, we should have won it,” said Moyes.

“We were on a pretty good run and that is a blow because we can’t keep dropping points when we are winning.

“Similar to the Southampton match, when we had the game under control and conceded from a set-piece. It cost us ultimately. We lost concentration. We also gave away a stupid free-kick which led to the goal.

“I know we could have played better but we should have won it.”

Moyes refused to blame Wayne Rooney for a first half incident in which the United striker petulantly kicked out at Cardiff’s Jordon Mutch and was arguably lucky to escape only with a yellow card.

“I don’t think it is any more than a booking,” said the United manager.

“I thought Mutch runs across his path.

“He runs down the line of the ball and Wayne is half in motion.”

With trips to Leverkusen and Tottenham over the next six days, United can’t afford any more mistakes.




  1. No David we cannot keep losing games late on, maybe you should look at yourself. Taking off forward players for defenders and midfield players invites sides onto you. This is a mid table, small club mentality. What is the most annoying is he isn’t learning. I hoped after Arsenal we would kick on. But under a manager who employs safety first tactics, we will struggle to win trophies as you have to be brave. That is why Everton did Ok, but won nothing. Fergie would flood the pitch with strikers until we scored. Showing sides like Southampton and Cardiff respect by taking off forward players, gives them a lift. Ferguson who selected Moyes is going to have t have a word with him, we are not Everton, we are United and that is a big step up. You would have thought he would have known this and intertwined himself in the fabric of this club, rather going to his Everton and Preston tactics, we are nearly in December and we are 6th.

  2. I have been thoroughly disappointed with David Moyes from day 1.

    Putting out a team that played rubbish football yet again. Just like in pre-season. We have hardly looked dangerous all season.

    Moyes has no killer instinct and his team reflects his toothlessness.

    Refusing to see any value in a quality player like Kagawa.

    Not having a clue about modern day football.

    Sucking up to Wayne Rooney yet again.

    Extending Wilfred Zaha’s inexplicable shut out by another game.

    Being sooo average in everything he does.

    Nothing special about David Moyes. . .

  3. Things change,,, change is inevitable,, what was once major rivers is now a down stream,,,MUFC is/was known of getting late goals to win games, opposite is true now,, is/was known of playing attractive football and entertaining,,, cnt say its true now,, what’s going on? Someone knowledgeable about the goings on, please update me!!! Am a frustrated fan,, one day we blowing hot and the next cold,, wher is consistency? Hpefully we come out alive @ Bayer Leverkusen before Tottenham game because its gonna be a difficult month-end, by the look of things,,,.

  4. The strangest decision for me was to play Hernandez. Even though he didn’t play badly, in a team that create little and are awful in possession, there is little sense in him starting. Januzaj should have played behind Rooney, with Nani on the left. Having such a functional midfield two, you have to have a genuine link man who will drop deep, which Rooney doesn’t. He is a second striker, not a no10 in the traditional sense. The way we play the 4-4-2 is the biggest problem. There is LITERALLY no fluidity, and attacks can’t be built through the middle at all.

    • @AS: You are totally right.

      With our midfield sucking for days we needed someone like Januzaj or Kagawa to be the link man.

      Oh but David Moyes. Our problem is our manager.

      David Moyes has no clue about playing that type of forward thinking football.

      Zero clue.

  5. Not much support for DM after an appalling display of football from MUFC yesterday.



    Leave DM alone?…….. You’re welcome to him.


      • @Stephen:

        “Move on”?

        This the same ‘ships anchor’ that was ‘blowing DM’ all those weeks…..
        Not so mouthy now Mr LMA President.


        p/s cue racist, homophobic and general distasteful comments……

        • @mike_macca: You always start things, just leave it.

          I was prepared to give Moyes chance and hoped he would learn. He hasn’t, yesterdays performance was terrible, the football, the tactics. I was trying to be fair allow him time, but he simply isn’t learning.

          I was hoping for stability, but we were so blessed under Fergie we had that. Moyes seems to be trying to run United like Everton, which we aren’t.

          Mr President.

    • @mike_macca: I, for one, am I still to be convinced that our performances this season can only be blamed on Moyes. Yes, his “safety first” attitude isn’t great and has cost us at least four points so far this season. Yes, he could have operated better in the transfer window. However, those complaining about us playing dire football are wide of the mark, as we haven’t played entertaining football in years, even under Fergie who, much as I love the man, also failed to strengthen the squad in summers gone by. Those criticising Moyes for lacking adventure have ever right to do so, but I can’t see how piling pressure on him is going to improve our results/getting us to sign new players. Just a personal opinion, and probably a flawed one, but expecting us to win simply because we’re Manchester United is a bit preposterous.

      • @Dan:

        hello Dan….

        Dan you are preaching to the converted.
        I said the rot had set in seasons ago and not just since DM was made manager.

        You challenge ‘piling on the pressure’ as being unhelpful is in some aspects true….. but if we ignore what is currently happening and say nothing……. DM will take that as a sign that perhaps, just perhaps, most of us think he is on the right track…..

        One final point in DM’s favour……. SAF didn’t do him any favours in talking him up nor any with the ageing squad he left him….
        Having said that…. new contract to Carrick…. Fellaini and Baines….. sucking up to Roo and Giggs and his personal balls up whenever he opens his mouth, don’t help a bad situation one iota.


        • @mike_macca: Extending Carrick’s contract is, in many ways, a shrewd move considering he’s only 32 and considering the dross we have to put up with in midfield. Fellaini looks increasingly like an ill-advised piece of business, one made to look even worse by his inflated price-tag and deadline day arrival. Perhaps, had we signed him for less a couple of weeks earlier, he wouldn’t be judged so harshly, but that’s something we’ll never know. As much as I’d have liked to see Rooney out of the club, i think Moyes has handled the situation well and has so far been repaid on the pitch – i don’t think anyone can dispute Rooney’s been excellent so far this season.

      • @Dan: There are definitely more deep rooted issues than just Moyes here I agree.
        Our inability to play anything even remotely attractive, whilst at the same time we’re seeing teams like Southampton with vastly inferior players doing so, is something that was just as relevant last season with Fergie, Meulensteen and co in charge as it is now.
        Truth be told we’ve played with no style or identity since ronnie’s departure in 2009.
        So I don’t doubt even Klopp would have struggled to get us back to our 06-07 best right away, but atleast the signs would have been there that something was being done behind the scenes and we would be bearing the fruits of it in the near future.
        I mean Martinez at Everton, the Southampton manager, big brenda at l’pool, haven’t been at their clubs very long and yet have already atleast incorporated some sort of a style on their clubs which seems to be serving them well.
        The only style we’ve seen from Moyes so far, has been an increase in the number of hoofs and crosses we’ve attempted per match 🙄
        Even negative football shouldn’t look as bad as we’ve seen, I mean it should atleast be more coherent.
        We’re not even a good negative-football side. We don’t play negative, we just play shit.

        I actually agree with Moyes that squad is short of 3/4 top class players, and personally I found it rather refreshing that he admitted so rather than bigging up the squad as being able to compete with anyone like Fergie did, which was obviously not true.
        But then again, we can criticise Moyes for his lack of signings in the summer transfer window, and the way we went about bidding for players which was a total bloody disaster from start to finish.

        Moyes might well be getting the short end of the stick here, but personally I don’t think he’s done himself any favours so far.

        • I said it in the summer and was laughed at, but I think that our failure to get rid of our deadwood is proving to be as much of a setback as our systematic incapacity to strengthen the squad adequately. We don’t play attractive football because we have only a couple of players that are capable of doing so, while the rest of the squad is made up by veterans on their way out, players who shouldn’t have been at the club in the first place and players who probably can’t believe their luck at being still there.

          You mention Everton and Southampton, perfect examples, for both clubs have had systems in place for a while – like it or not, in Everton’s case some credit must be given to Moyes – and have bought players who fit the system, rather than hoping to develop a system around a particular player, which is a philosophy that makes sense when a manager is starting virtually from scratch, and that brings us back to the original problem.

          I suspect Moyes knows what he wants to do and which players he wants, but can you imagine the uproar had he got rid of the likes of Nani, Young, Anderson, Cleverley and so on? People would be up in arms criticising him for tearing apart Fergie’s teams, rather than acknowledging that those players had to be shipped out.

          It’s a sad state of things, but I’m more looking forward to us getting rid of players, than signing them. Until we clear the deck and develop a specific system around the quality players we have, which would then allow us to identify and sign players we require, it’s going to be a long, hard slog.

      • @Dan:

        Dan I hear what you’re saying about Moyes and systems but I still think Moyes is a weak manager for not getting more out of the squad he already has.

        He knows how to resurrect Rooney’s career why doesn’t he do the same for Nani?

        And there is no explanation for totally ignoring Zaha.

        There are other bad calls I could bring up. Moyes could have done better with the sub optimal situation he finds himself in with regards to the players in this squad.

        I blame him for not being good enough.

        Yes with a squad of his choosing we could do better. But even with the squad he has inherited he could do better. All I’m saying.

        • Rooney has made things easier for Moyes as he’s been putting a shift it, Nani looks just as uninterested as he did last season. Criticising Moyes if fine and everybody is entitled to their opinion, but trying to portray the current squad as oozing with class is ludicrous. We won the league last season thanks to Fergie’s man-management and motivational skills, a relatively lucky run as far as injuries were concerned and remarkable mental toughness. The first two ingredients have gone, the third is showing its cracks, hence this season’s difficulties.

          Truth be told, for all Moyes’ faults, at least this season people are starting to realise that the current squad is far from being world class.

  6. HE’S AT IT AGAIN……..

    “I’m disappointed, we should have won it,”…. HeeeeHeeeeee

    “I thought Mutch runs across his path……. “He runs down the line of the ball and Wayne is half in motion.”

    Let’s leave aside DM’s grammar… ‘Mutch runs across…. and he runs down the line’… but…

    ‘Half in motion’??????

    Maybe he meant the King/Goffin song :

    ‘Everybody’s doin’ a brand new dance now
    (C’mon baby do the half in-motion)’


  7. I hear a rumour that a ‘BOO MOYES’ campaign isn’t that far away….

    Wonder if the chief organiser is Nani?


      • @The_Philosopher:

        Hello Phil

        “Macca you’re a character”

        Here’s the thing. You, me and several others have been saying for months just how it is…… and we were shouted down as being disloyal and unhelpful and stirring trouble…..

        Where are those voices today?

        As for me being a character… If I didn’t poke fun at DM and his band of overpaid superstars what else could I do on a Monday afternoon? :)…
        Christmas shopping perhaps, and on my Christmas list is……. ‘Baines’…
        Wait a sec…….This isn’t my list it’s DM’s


  8. @Stephen

    See you are taking to calling yourself Mr President…..

    Holy F***…… you a**


  9. Maybe if we didn’t just give up playing after 60 minutes and decided to set up shop with 30+ minutes left to play, then we wouldn’t keep on throwing away leads so often eh Moyesy 🙄
    I mean it’s not that difficult to understand is it really.
    You set up negatively, you start dropping deeper and deeper, gifting the opposition more of the possession, hoofing it straight back to them when you do actually get it back from them, it is generally going to result in them starting to control the game more and result in them creating more chances which probably is going to ultimately result in them getting the equaliser.
    It was exactly the bloody same against Southampton and Shahktar too- a decent enough first half of football with us in control, followed by near enough a full 2nd half of sitting on what we had, inviting pressure on by sitting too deep and surprise surprise, watching as the opposition control the game and ultimately got their equaliser 🙄
    It just reeks of cowardice and a small club mentality to me.
    This clubs mantra for so long was that the best form of defence was to attack. If you keep the ball and attack, preferably with some technical players who can play a bit rather than just loading the team with big guys who will run 10 miles a game, then more often than not your going to pick up the 3 points and see out matches.
    Cardiff would have been knackered by the 70th minute if we’d have done that, and we might well have picked them off and scored a few more in doing so.
    But playing the negative way seems to be sadly engrained in Moyes, and it’s something which as time goes by, I don’t really see him shaking out of unfortunately.

    • @tonymontanna4united: Agreed, getting one up then sitting on leads is asking for trouble. After Southampton and Shahktar, you would have thought he would learn. We were aslo fortunate not to drop points against Le Arse.
      Defending a one goal lead is always hard. We missed Carrick yesterday, badly. Fellaini, is so far off the pace it is a joke. He was right to take off Hernandez, who never plays well from the start, but Welbeck should have come on and stretched their back four

  10. @Dan

    Hello Dan,

    For starters, it’s nice to read a posting that disagrees with my viewpoint but doesn’t resort to ‘BOLL**’ as the opening word.

    “Extending Carrick’s contract is, in many ways, a shrewd move considering he’s only 32 and considering the dross we have to put up with in midfield”

    I think you and I touched on the Carrick contract before. I don’t see the mileage in Carrick that you see. You see him as ‘only 32’…. whereas I see him as ’32 and going in the wrong direction’.
    The dross in midfield is squarely SAFs making apart from the ‘can’t control or pass a ball and cost us £4million extra’ dynamo from our neighbours Everton.

    On the Fellaini front:
    “Perhaps, had we signed him for less a couple of weeks earlier, he wouldn’t be judged so harshly”

    I judge him harshly because he is what he is…. a decent player in a rubbish team (Everton)… although I suppose MUFC aren’t exactly the Barca of the North West currently, so you might think he should be ok…… but isn’t.

    “As much as I’d have liked to see Rooney out of the club, i think Moyes has handled the situation well and has so far been repaid on the pitch – i don’t think anyone can dispute Rooney’s been excellent so far this season”

    Agreed on the ‘best team player’ front, but Roo is an explosion waiting to happen.
    I said a few weeks ago that his temper and frustration always lead to bookings and what happened on Sunday???

    I have a theory….. I think Rooney knew exactly what he was doing on Sunday with the kick-out. It’s cold in the NW and he fancied a holiday in a sunnier climate during his suspension period….. just an idea…. not as if a footballer would ever try that stunt 🙂


    • I normally would be rather suspicious if we gave a two-year deal to a 32-year-old and I can understand your concerns, but Carrick doesn’t strike me as the sort of midfielder who makes of being physical his main asset, hence why his age shouldn’t be too much of a concern. If he was the sort of man who throws himself into hundreds of tackles during a game, then I’d be worried about his physical conditions, but I think he can follow in the path of Lampard and, perhaps not for as long as he did, Scholes.

      As for Fellaini, well, I’m not going to try to convince anybody. I was hoping he could turn out to be a pleasant surprise and so far he clearly hasn’t, whether it’s because the system doesn’t fit him, or whether it’s because he’s simply not good enough, I don’t know but I guess we probably have to wait at least until the end of the season to fully judge him.

      I still think he can have an impact if he played alongside quality midfielders, but I don’t think that’s going to happen anytime soon.

      • @Dan:

        Hello Dan…
        Here’s my opinions for Carrick:
        Very dependable, does exactly what it says on the can… good distributor of the ball….good football brain….. makes the correct pass more often than he makes the incorrect one…. good team player…. not a show off on the ball…… and does score the occasional goal.

        Thoughts against Carrick…
        When he is having an off day, it’s really off and he has a stinker
        I would like to see him in and around the box more, but because his pace is iffy, he realises if the break is on he is never getting back and so lies deeper.
        The occasional goal isn’t good enough. We need goals coming from everyone in midfield just as much as we need the goals coming from the forwards.
        And the most damning thing about Carrick, and this isn’t his fault….. he’s the most consistent midfielder in the squad……. and that’s a disgrace given this is MUFC and given the unused talent that is currently at the club.


        • @mike_macca: Mike – while I agree with much of what you say about Carrick, I’m not sure what the ‘unused talent’ is that you’re referring to. The only contender who has not featured much under Moyes is Anderson & despite his age I’m not sure that he’s demonstrated enough consistency or fitness to be relied upon. Who else am I missing? I’d personally like to see more of Lingard and Powell but they’re both out on loan at the moment and are probably not Carrick replacements anyway.

  11. United has to support Moyes in the transfer market, starting from January. That’s the only problem United is facing now-it’s simply not enough for a club of United’s stature to have only two world class players in their prime-United needs two more. Woodward constantly talks about United being the richest club in the world, earning biggest revenues and so on, but that didn’t stop him from penny-pinching in the market and sending ridiculously low offers for Fabregas and Baines, and failing to pay Herrera’s release clause. Fergie was one of a kind, the best manager ever-that’s why he was able to win titles on a shoestring budget. Moyes is a good manager, but he’s not Fergie-and he needs to spend 50-60 million a year (like other top clubs-Real, Barcelona, Bayern, Chelsea, City, PSG…) do in order to win. Woodward talked the talk about world class midfielders/players in the summer, but didn’t walk the walk. It’s time to start walking in January.

    As for Mike Macca and his cohorts, he (they) just confirmed what has been obvious from day one-he (they) actually cheer against United, so that they can attack Moyes after the game if we lose/draw. Enjoy your moment lads, till Wednesday evening.

    • @Andrija Djuranovic: Why do you think that allowing Moyes to blow loads of cash in January will help things?
      In case you hadn’t noticed he can’t get the current league champions to string more than a pass or two together, we barely muster a handful of decent chances in a game and he’s obsessed with negative football and is so far up Rooneys arse its embarassing.
      Do you imagine he could get any new sigings to play any better? Say he buys a handful of average players, which is the best he can hope for in January, what good is that if he can’t coach or manager them into a coherant footballing side?
      If Moyes doesn’t get his head out of his arse soon, our season could be over by Christmas. And all the while he’s apparently satisfied with the way are “playing”.
      He is simply not good enough to be manager of United. He has no clue about quality, so the idea that he will go and buy quality is absurd. Have you seen Fellaini? Ambling around MF flapping his arms and kicking and nutting people? He can’t pass, he can’t tackle, he’s slower than almost every other player in the league, and he cost us £27.5million.
      Do you want Moyes bringing in an army of Fellaini’s in January?
      I don’t. Keep him away from the cheque book until he’s shown at least some ability to manage.

  12. The real problem is that we are conceding too many goals.

    It is true we lack creativity and none of our strikers are really firing on all cylinders. But we still have enough firepower to score a goal or two a game and that really should be enough to beat the vast majority of sides.

    Our midfield is utter crap. But we have been short on quality in midfield for the last several years.

    The difference then was that we had Rio and Vidic in their prime regularly playing in central defence.

    Rio is clearly past it. He was fabulous the tail end of last season but under Moyes more often than not he is a liability. Vidic is always injured. We’ve screwed up Smallings development by turning him into a right back and Jones development by turning him into a central midfielder.

    So if we want to stop conceding two goals or more a game we need to buy an experienced central defender in January. If Garay has a release clause for £17M I’d snap him up.

    Moyes is incapable of building a creative, exciting attacking team. But you’d think the least he’d be able to manage is to put together a side that is strong defensively and concedes very few goals.

  13. Our inspirational leader….

    ““It was similar to Southampton when we had the game under control with a minute to go and then we conceded from a set piece,” he said. “We can’t keep dropping two points and we could have played better, but it’s a tough place to come after international duty and I would have taken the result before the game.”

    Fooking unbelievable.

    He would have taken a point before the game. Us, Manchester United, current Premier League champions, playing a struggling, newly promoted side and he would have taken a point before the game.

    This has to be an all time low for us. Our manager is so obviously lacking the ambition needed that it’s beyond embarassing to have him in charge.

  14. If Moyes believe that away at Cardiff is a game where 1 pt is good (enough), then he thinks that 1 pt is good enough at every away game. This gives us a chance to collect a good enough 76 pts this season (win all home, draw all away). Is that even top 4? If not, then why is a draw at Cardiff a good point?

    Moyes needs to wake up. This is Manchester United Football Club. Only 3pts is good enough.

  15. I am not convinced Moyes even wanted the job in the first place. He said Ferguson told him he was the next United manager, so in awe was he of the man he would replace he took the job. He was in his comfort zone at Goodison Park. From what I here, well paid, more than any of the players. When you get a promotion or go to another company, you amass yourself in the culture of that firm. Moyes hasn’t done that. He has taken his Everton coaching staff and a player who wasn’t designed for Manchester United. He hasn’t really even tried to change his ethos. I was hoping a couple of weeks ago he was learning, but that was a false dawn.

  16. It does seem odd if Zaha was perceived to be good and mentally and strong enough for Ferguson, why not for Moyes? Nani I can understand, by why give a massive new contract if you don’t want to play him?

    • I’ve been convinced, for a long time, that the only reason we’ve given Nani a five-year deal is to ensure we don’t lose him for nothing. Moyes clearly has no time for players who turn up once every 10 games and spend the other nine as passengers and I’m sure the club are all too aware that Nani will soon want out, but did not want to run the risk of losing him for free, hence the contract. I might be completely on the wrong track here, but it seems like the only plausible explanation.

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