Liverpool v Manchester United: Preview

At long last we get to some real footballing action. United travel to Anfield with a rather good record in recent times.

In pre-match trash talk, the Spanish waiter had a little dig at our club’s spending although, for some reason, it seems to escape his attention that he himself has spent about £200m since his arrival at Anfield. He has a Champions’ League medal to show for all that (with a squad predominantly inherited from Houllier).

They have everyone fit, including Gerrard and Torres. We have everyone fit barring Ronaldo. Even Mr. Crock (or Mr. New Saha) — Owen Hargreaves — is reportedly fit, barring pre-game warm-up complications.

We won last year 1-0, courtesy a set piece and went about the rest of the game defending and putting Torres into Rio’s back pocket. This year we have a pretty strong side, with added teeth in front in the form of Berbatov. I am really excited by his very presence in our squad, although I won’t be screaming doom and gloom if he flops tomorrow. And it would be good if others wouldn’t over expect from him straight away.

In formations, if he’s fit, Carrick will start alongside Scholes in midfield. The back four is settled. The rest four positions is interesting. Will he opt for a front three of Rooney, Tevez and Berbatov (which would mean Hargreaves will be our third central midfielder)? Or will he go for a straight 4-4-2 with Nani on the left and Hargreaves on the right with Rooney alongside Berbatov? Your guess is as good as mine.

So feel free to throw around crazy formations and predictions.

Prediction: 1-1. Yes, I can’t see beyond a draw, and I do hope I’m proved wrong and United win it.



  1. Grognard, i think 15mil for veloso is too much and if we really are looking for a defenisve midfielder for that money i would much rather prefer wilson palacios who is a player i think has massive potential. Also who is this Marin player. German league player is he.
    On another note what are your opinions of jonny evans, possebon and foster. I personally think that they should be getting a number of appearnces this season. I would much rather take a risk and start evans at centre back at chelsea than play oshea who only ever performs when playing as a left back. Possebon to me just oozes class and foster looks fantastic as well. Along with the da silvas and danny wellbeck i think we have some great players coming through.

  2. Gabriel, thank God someone who agrees with me and think that evans should be given a chance. He is a regular for nothern ireland and always impresses. Yet fergie will go for experience and play a player that never plays well at centre back and looks like an accident waiting to happen and that player is john oshea. Forget experience, play players on the basis of their talent.

  3. @Grognard: You know that in my opinion the problem with Nani is that he is trying to become a Ronaldo! However he CANNOT become a Ronaldo! He cannot dribble at the speed of Ronaldo! He cannot cut inside like Ronaldo! However he can score Crackers and is the best crosser we have got by FAR! Hmmmmm! So who does that remind me of? Oh wait I forget that our Right Wingers who were No. 7 were of two kinds! First there were the dribblers and the ones who scored like hell! The were blessed by fast feet!
    And then there was another kind of No.7! Yes he was blond! He scored from the halfway line! His CROSSES made me think that God really had blessed him with his right foot! Remember his curling free kicks?
    Oh yeah that was DAVID BECKHAM!
    Thats the problem with Nani! He is trying to copy Ronaldo whereas with his areas of strength he should copy DB!
    Oh and whatever happens to unlock the defence of the opposition we seriously need the CARRICKSTER!

  4. @Matthew: mate, like the grogster said, it’s the old boys vs the new boys at United at the mo, and Fergie is backin the old skool. If I see O’Shea in CB when we play chelsea, i’ll send my first ever hate mail to fergie. Evans played successfully for a full premiership season with Sunderland and has a wealth of international experience with Northern Ireland, on that alone – nevermind his obvious ferdinand-esque talents – he deserves to start more than O’Shea.

    We have a very very strong squad of players, yet the strength is always diminished when they play out of position. Look at Rooney, what the hell is Fergie doin playing him out wide? Capello showed us how and where to play Rooney – as a SS, behind a CF, where he was playing when he first came to United – we have a CF now, yet Fergie continues to blunt his talent and confidence with his positioning out wide, hopefully, he doesn’t become another Alan Smith.

    Midfield is the same thing, Fletch is a better DMF than he is a SMF/WF, why not utilise him there and leave the wing play to Park, Nani and Giggs? Anderson was brought up playing as an AMF, yet we have succeeded in making him into a CMF; we already have three of those in scholes, carrick and Gibson, let Anderson play as an AMF with a DMF like hargo, fletch or even carrick behind him.

    We have Nani and park who have pace, can cross the ball and can beat players, why not use them instead of others who have maybe one or none of those vital skills for a wide player?

    Fergie fell in love with this unstructured formation after we trashed Roma 7-1 at trafford two years ago, but times are changing, teams are stronger, we are more reverred, we need to play our fittest, most suited and hungriest players and also find a balance in our play that is most effective and that is a 4-4-1-1 or 4-1-3-1-1.

  5. i think fergie was caught with his pants down trying to be smart. i HONESTLY think he was trying to be too smart in this instance.

    every move he made was to show off his strength but a building isnt built on steel alone. there is glass, bricks and some concrete. point being is that in a football team, u dont play all your strikers from the get go, all your CMs from the get go and then think u can win.

    i really am not fazed by the win, i am with those who are pissed off at how we were rolled over by a average team! all that quality and all that talent and fergie had to use them wrongly.

    i dont know if u noticed this but ROONEY was kept on the wing the entire time! when giggs first on the wings, then moved in for nani to be on the wings. craigmc nailed it when he said rooney thrives on being in the thick of things. we have a spectacular central midfield. only if they are played properly. i dont think we need to bring in anyone… just use them correctly

    use rooney in the middle if he wants to accomodate all three. not stick him on the side. arrrgh im so frustrated!!!!! i wanna go and smak fergie right about now… but i think he might just smack me back with his medals from all over the years and i wont have anything to say in defence.

    Rooney- Better than Ronaldo, if you use him in the middle behind a Main striker.

  6. VDS
    Brown Rio Vidic Evra
    Hargo Carrick (Fletcher Anderson Possebon)
    Ronaldo Rooney Tevez (Nani Park)

  7. Finally!

    I’m glad that many of you guys have come around on Rodrigo Possebon and see how he can be useful to the current first team- ideally I can see him as a more technically gifted and goal scoring Carrick. I’m also glad that Fletch is also mentioned as a DM/CM rather than his rather ineffective RM position.

    John Freakin’ Oshea, you asked if Possebon > Anderson, and on current form this is definiltely true, and I’m sure Fletcher would have fared better at CM.
    Also you guys remmember that Ando was bought as an AM/LM but it think its very sad that he has ever played in those positions for us. His commitment and physical play seemed to have blinded us to the fact that perhaps he is slowly losing the offensivve skills sets he was known for before he came to United.

    Oh and another note, the guys at Unitedyouth.wordpress regularly cite Matty James as their man of the match. I don’t kno how old is he, but he seems the tough type CM, and is also a regular scorer (mre than Cleverlay fo example). Perhaps even he could be considered for a run in…

  8. @Gabriel: With the present setup and Fergie’s stubbornness to continually play Giggs and Scholes I feel we are headed for a major thud this season. I’m saying we are fighting it out with Arsenal and Liverpool for 2nd and I’m guessing we’ll finish 3rd or 4th. Age in key areas is our Achilles heel and a style of play that is far to dependent on player’s contributions, Ronaldo’s. Sorry but I don’t rate Anderson as a competent AMF and Park wouldn’t even make my bench. Perhaps I’m harsh but I demand more skill from players that play the AMF or wing positions. Unlike millions of Brits, my mentality developed over the countries history through the Industrial Revolution does not put as much weight or emphasis on running hard and working your socks off. I prefer skill and finesse and turning on the jets when necessary. Park, Rooney, Anderson are all Little Engines that Could. Who cares? I want smooth engines that purr. That is why I like Possebon and why I want class and skill in those positions rather than energy and effort. At the end of it all the player has to shoot or pass and if all that effort goes to waste because he cannot do either of those things, then who cares about the effort? With what we have right now, my ideal lineup is as so;



    The battle is between Possebon and Carick and Rooney and Tevez for who starts and who players 6 and 7 are on the bench. As for Giggs, Scholes and Neville I will quote from the super bitch Sarah Palin and say “thanks but no thanks”. Those players are a highway to nowhere and we need young fresh blood to be integrated and worked. I am fine with finishing 3rd or 4th and bleeding players like Da Silva and Possebon over finishing 3rd or 4th with the Old Guard slowing there progress as well as the team’s. It’s almost like Fergie only cares about this team until he retires and he’s not concerned what his heir inherits. This team needs to go with more youth. Certain players have been legends and great servants need to be put out to pasture even if on occasion they play like their old selves. It’s what’s best for this team’s future. If Nani, Anderson, Possebon and the twins are held back for too long, songs of Spain are going to start playing in their heads. Even Ronaldo got a fairer and faster shot than any of them. Man Fergie was so patient with Ronaldo and his selfish errors early in his career. So patient and confident that he shipped off RVN. Why won’t he give Nani, Anderson and others the same long chance now? 🙄

  9. @colver: Notice how Capello utilized Rooney playing behind Heskey. It worked like a charm. And Berbatov is a thousand times the player Heskey is with the same ability of holding up the ball and being a target man.

    I do believe diamond would work fabulously but it would mean that Ronaldo would have to play more like a winger again. I think his greed for scoring goals and not setting players up anymore would make things difficult and dreams of Real Madrid would start to haunt him in his sleep.
    But all selfishness aside, diamond is the best formation for a team with width and a tremendous attacking midfielder. Man I need to see more of Possebon. I could be wrong but I see younger Scholes with elements of Fabregas in that boy and I think he may be a real diamond find for us. And although I have no real problem with Brown, I would like to see Rafael Da Silva play more. He is a fantastic talent but yes, he does need more seasoning and a better understanding of his defensive duties. But then again based on yesterday, so does Wes Brown.

  10. @Matthew: I agree that Veloso is overpriced and I personally don’t even think we need him. As for Marin. He is 19 and a revelation in German football. He is Serbian born but has German papers and is now a regular selection for the German National Team as well as the main man at Gladbach. Short in height, he is very fast has the ability to excel as a winger or attacking midfielder and has tremendous passing ability, crossing skills, set piece skill and is a good finisher. He is also capable of playing left or right as he is good with both feet. He has tremendous vision and creativity and has a great burst of speed from a static position. He has so much flair and he really terrifies opponents. Take it from me, he is the future of German football and he will be amongst the top 5 players in the world by the time he is 23. I seriously doubt if he stays with Gladbach after this season. Yet German players do possess a strong loyalty for their clubs, his potential needs to be tapped by playing for a big side. He has everything Fabregas has and more in my opinion. Last year I was going on about Toni Kroos of Bayern, another great German talent. He too will be great but he has not got the pace or the vision that Marin has. Marin is 19 and already has 4 caps for the German side. This kid will be the engine room for their World Cup team in two years time, mark my words. Ballack’s days are numbered.

    As for Possebon, read some of my other long comments today. They are full of praise for that boy. Yes the lad oozes class. Evans I am not sure about because frankly, I have not seen enough of him to get a proper perspective. How much you want a bet Fergie doesn’t have the guts to start him against Chelsea next week with Vidic out? He’ll stick old O’Shea as usual. Foster is an enigma. I need to see the boy play some games. My God he has to have healed from his leg injury by now. What bothers me is that if he is as good as some think, than why is he behind Pig in the depth chart? Perhaps he isn’t as good as they thought or he has regressed since his injury. I would love to see United go after Boruc or Neuer. Two fantastic and young keepers. But Fergie never listens to me anymore. Not since I stopped buying the drinks. 😀

  11. Today I am a man! I had my konfirmation(norwegian word), kind of a bar mizvah for christian protestants. Its been a long day but I feel very good and grown up. About the pool game, dont talk to me about it!

  12. @Red Diablo: I agree with you to a point about Nani. Yes he does try to hard to be Ronaldo but he isn’t. Nobody is. He is a good crosser but lets face it, other than Fletcher, nobody ever spends enough time in the box to benefit from crosses on this team. Now with Berbatov that will change. No the problem I see with Nani is attitude and lack of desire. For us he just strolls and hardly ever runs with the ball and tries to be Ronaldo=like. Far to often he just quits. I see him constantly hanging his head and looking disinterested or upset. His temper gets the best of him and I really think he has grown frustrated by the way he is used, or should I say misused. I think he had dreams of coming here and playing the left side to Ronaldo’s right. Sure he knew Giggs would get some action but then even when Giggs was not playing, Fergie would choose Park or Fletcher over him and move Ronaldo to the left side. The boy only gets boosts of confidence by being allowed to express himself naturally with Portugal. He is an expert at passing and creating in an almost static position yet you see very little of that with United. His shooting is precise and accurate for his country but he continually kicks rugby style field goals for us while his head is down. I don’t know what to make of him except I don’t see him getting a fair chance to grow and express himself and I see his frustration building to the point where he will be off for Spain before Ronaldo. And wouldn’t that be a kick in the head.

  13. @Gabriel: I think Fergie saw Evans rating in the FIFA 08 in the mid 60’s and sees O’Shea in the high 70’s and makes his decisions from there. Evans needs to be given a chance. What happened to experimenting and taking chances with young players. This is why Eagles and others like him failed with us. Unless they are from a foreign non English speaking country, they never get a fair chance to break in with the side.

  14. @Grognard: Mate, that is exactly what I was thinking… we depend too much on individual player contributions because we have an unstructured and unbalanced formation which only allows one or two players to perform to their maximum. Most other players don’t have the chance to contribute as much because they are usually played out of position. I like ur ideal line-up, and will place Rooney ahead of Tevez – Rooney is a much better SS.

    The AMF position is tricky, Anderson or Possebon? Anderson, if truth be told, has been playing CMF since he arrived at United. This is not his preferred position and if he continues to do so in this his developmental years, he will loose those abilities which made him a brilliant AMF prospect. I reckon with a DMF behind him, he should do alrite. Possebon will have his chance, I can’t see him not getting it.

    The DMF position depends on if Hargreaves decides to be fit. He would be first choice, then Carrick/Fletch. Carrick can fill out as any of the three, AMF/CMF/DMF and he will be a very important midfielder for us this season. Fletcher can also play CMF/DMF, so will be vital also. Scholes should play as a CMF when we want composure or want to retain possession.

    In regards to our upcoming game against Villareal, I recommend we take the game to them and attack, with a 4-1-3-1-1 formation:







    Subs: Kusczy, Vida, O’Shea, Fletch, Scholes, Giggs, Rooney

    The back four are the same, except for the inclusion of Evans which I think will be good, so he can establish some chemistry with Ferdinand before we play Chelsea away from home (Vida’s suspended). Brown and Evra will not solely have to provide width, but should still bombard up and down the wings like last season. Hargreaves position is very important as he is the anchor; he covers the space in front of Rio and Evans for when the fullbacks bomb forward. If he is not 100% fit, then Fletch can play there. He also allows Anderson to move forward and attack with freedom. Anderson’s role here is as an AMF, not a CMF, he should always be attacking and playmaking, forget about defensive duties, that is what Hargreaves is there for. This is the reason I chose him ahead of scholes, as scholes has become too defensive, with a lot of horizontal passes and not enough forward ones. He can come on as a CMF later on if we need to go on the defensive and require composure. Anderson’s performance has not been the best so far, but I reckon a stern talking to and his natural role of AMF will do him wonders.

    Nani and Park will provide the much needed width we require, with Evra and Brown providing support. Giggs can come on later for either one of them if they tire, as they will be needed against chelsea in a couple of days. Now for SS, I would like Tevez to play there instead of Rooney, solely because Rooney has played two consecutive games in a week and the last one he was utilised as a wide man, so needs some rest ahead of chelsea. Rooney is the better SS but he should come on later for Berba, so both can be fresh for chelsea, as they will be my preferred pairing in that game. Tevez will then move to CF and Rooney occupy SS – his preferred role. Berba will help push the opposition defence line backward, leaving Tevez/Rooney and Anderson the chance to create opportunities for themselves and everyone around them. What do you reckon?

  15. OK I think everyone is getting carried away with this youth thing. Possebon isnt ready at all and I’d prefer Scholes anyday . Reserves don’t mean shit in the big leagues. Ask Eagles, Martins and countless others.
    @Grognard:what do you think about Fabio and Rafael as the young wingers? They have the skill set and are too much of a liability at full back

  16. @Wink: We lost that game yesterday because we had no graft or grit in midfield. They out physicaled us at every turn. Think about it, we were out muscled by Liverpool. Unacceptable. That is why Vidic got the boot. Because he is the one player on our side that shows physical muscle and sends a message to opponents when they rough us up. God Bless him for that. At least he showed heart and refused to be bullied around. Scholes and Anderson were tippy toeing around like they were walking on glass. Even Rooney contained his famous temper and never went on the warpath on anyone. We were an embarrassment.

  17. @Gabriel: I seriously doubt very much if we see Evans. I don’t think Fergie has the guts for that kind of move against Chelsea. O’Shea perhaps but I will go out on a line and predict that the back four will be Hargreaves, Brown, Rio, Evra. We know Hargo can play RB and I think Fergie feels confident with Brown in the CB spot. This selection over placing O’Shea in the CB gives us more width and mobility and more offensive flexibility. Hargo and Evra are still able to move up and overlap. Also, it’s time to bring in Nani on one side and introduce this great prospect who has been sitting a while called Ronaldo.
    That should give us the width and linkage we need with our fullbacks. Who players the two central midfield roles will be vital. Who can nullify Lampard and possibly Ballack? Thank God Essien is not out there but I think we will be introduced the the dreaded Drogba over the useless and timid Anelka. I also think Scolari will start the irritating and dirty Obi Mikel to cheap shot our players in the middle of the park. Hopefully Carrick will be fit. Also, I’d like to see Rooney start just behind Berbatov to see how he plays the same position he did with England last week. Bring Tevez in around 65 minutes. This is a must win game. We need to send a message to Chelsea and we need to break that undefeated run at the Bridge. Somehow I have lost my faith in Fergie’s tactical ability to put out the proper eleven and use the proper tactics. Hopefully he can once again prove me wrong.

  18. @Liam: I thought you didn’t care about the young players and then you start asking about the twins??????

    I think they are great but I am not sure they are good enough to be wingers. It’s a totally different kettle of fish when you are a wingback or a fullback and you make great runs and dribbles, but wing play is different. Right now I would experiment with Fabio in that role because he has no chance with Evra as our first team LB. We also need someone to make a statement at left wing. Rafael I believe might even be our starting RB next year. I see no reason to mess with him. Just let him gather experience and work on his defensive play. Lets put it this way, I have no problem playing these two kids as they need to build confidence. The skills are all there. The reserves will only give you so much experience. We need to bleed them both at some point this season.

  19. @Grognard: I’ve said it before, If fergie plays o’shea anywhere in the team against chelsea, i will personally send him my first ever fan hate mail 👿 !! What’s the point in keeping Evans from playing consistent 1st-team premiership football at Sunderland, if he can’t fill in here when we need him? 🙄 I reckon he should play in the villareal match and our next two PL matches.

    As for our midfield, hargo should start in DMF against Villareal and Chelsea, with fletch on standby, incase of injury. Ando, Scholes, Possebon and Carrick should fight it out for the AMF/CMF position against chelsea. If Ronaldo is 100% fit, then play him instead of Park, but if not, should have little cameo’s until he is at a 100%; no need to get him injured again like Carrick got yesterday.

    If we choose a certain formation, train with it, play with it against villareal, then use it against chelsea, we will have a better chance. We have been too unbalanced and incoherent so far this season, we should choose a style or two and stick with it. Teams are stronger and more determined to beat us now we are double champions and we cannot continue to afford showing up against these teams with the intention of freestyling it.

  20. @Gabriel: You can’t expect the same formation week in and week out. Teams dictate what formation we play so playing with a specific formation against Villarreal does not mean that same formation should be utilized against Chelsea who have a completely different team makeup and set. The important thing is not formation, it’s player selection. I agree totally on Evans and O’Shea but I for one feel more secure with Brown at CB and Hargo at RB. If Carrick is healthy enough play him in DMF, if not, play Scholes. The most important thing in that game is to play both Ronaldo and Nani and give Rooney a chance to play the true second striker role just behind Berbatov. It’s time to see if he can do with Berba what he was able to do with Heskey. Especially with Terry out of the lineup. Alex is decent but he may have some communication problems playing next to Carvalho. We need to test them there big time. Also, EVDS needs to step up and play well as well as communicate with his defenders better. Too many crosses have cause far too much problems early on this season. That’s his poor judgment and poor communicating. The Brown own goal was EVDS not communicating well enough.

  21. @Grognard: I didn’t mean we shuld stick with a certain formation for the whole season, but adopt one or two and get familiar and competent with them instead of the incoherent displays we have been showing so far. Last season, we had two, 4-4-2 in the prem and a fluid 4-5-1 in europe and tough games. So far this season, we have looked out of it due to the players not knowing what their roles are or them playing out of position. That is where player selection comes in, and Fergie needs to start getting it right again.

    I appreciate your preference for Brown at CB and hargo at RB, but IMO Evans is pretty much ready for the step-up. I mean, he played a full premiership last year at Sunderland and was impressive, plus his pre-season and international showings have been above average, so why not? what’s the point in having him in the squad?

    I wouldn’t rush Ronaldo back though for two reasons; first, so he can be 100% before he gets on the pitch so as to avoid injuries and also to hit the ground running. Second, the team needs to win at least two games comfortably before he returns, not only to prove they can succeed without him, but for their individual confidence and non-reliance on ronnie. I mean, imagine what the press will print if we just happen to start winning when Ronnie returns, even if he didn’t solely contribute to it?

    On the aspect of wingers, which young wing prospect do you suggest we get in january to replace Giggs in our wing quartet? i reckon we need a speedy player, who can beat players and playmake, like walcott, but maybe a bit taller. what do you reckon?

  22. Grog, if Little Man Nani moves to Spain, I will be kicking somebody in the head, because it will be such a big feckin mistake. Nani has been in Form for Portugal, and to be honest, watching the last 3 games for Portugal, Nani was their best forward. Every feckin where, making things happen. He scored in each game too. So what does Fergie do?. Sticks him in the stiffs, splintering his arse on the bench – feckin diabolical. I will never agree, that Nani goes nowhere for us. FFS he had the 2nd most assists, 1 less than Rooney, and he didn’t start as many games. Portugal would never have been OUT of Europe if Scolari had started with Nani. Nani did more in the last 20 minutes coming on as sub, than the rest of the forwards did all game. His passes into the box were second to none, and if the Portuguese had a decent striker during the game, and Ronnie hadn’t gone missing, a few goals would have been scored from Nani crosses. As for the nonsense about him trying to be a 2nd Ronaldo, I thought some of you people were intelligent about your football 😆 😆 . Nani has just come out and said to everyone, DO NOT expect me to be like Ronaldo, or to play like he does. He said that he is an entirely different kind of player. When does Ronnie get decent balls into the box from right out on the wings, or from corners?. Answer, he doesn’t. Ronnie is a goal hungry shark, and he wants to be in the box to gobble up the balls coming in, to add to his goal tally. Whereas Nani is happy to stay and float balls in. For Portugal, he was given opportunity to try things, a bit of a free-er role, and he was bloody good. Grog you keep saying mate, that Nani is older than Ronnie was, and so should be further on than Ronnie was when he came at 18. Yet, Nani was playing in the Portuguese league, and he obviously stood out, or Fergie would not have been in for him. Ronnie was raw when he came to us, and took 2 seasons to get improvement. Nani has played his part, with fewer games, and often only as sub. I believe a player needs to play consistently in the team, to get to develop in the prem. He gets upset as you say Grog, because he does CARE, and hates it when he tries things and they don’t come off for him. That lad has admitted that he wants to be one of the best players in the world, or up their with the best. He acknowledges that he will have to work hard apart from normal training on his skills etc, and he is prepared to work his bollocks off. CQ has faith in him, played him in all 3 games for Portugal, and he responded giving a good account of himself. I love the lad, and I will support him wherever he goes, be it here or Spain. In between United games, I will try and watch spanish league games if Nani moves to a team out there. I pray he does well, and shuts you all up. Viva Little Man Nani.

  23. @Craig Mc: Yes, but if you compare the FA with the Ivory Coast board then I think you’ll see my point. The European nation FA’s a loaded, but for other national boards thats the only way they make money. One cannot even begin to compare the amount of money circulating in the Premier League with that of international football.

    Even the Brazilian and Argentinian FA’s aren’t that rich. Their economies are badly hit especially the Argentinian ones. And don’t get me started on the African FA’s. We are spoiled because we concentrate on UEFA and the English FA.

    If someone like Essien gets injured for six months while playing for Ghana, and if Chelsea demand that they pay his wages for the time he’s out injured — it’s all fair — but do you realise that it could potentially bankrupt the Ghanaian FA. We tend to see international football through the eyes of Europe and in a way it’s right. But despite my apathy for Int’l football, and hateful figures that run FIFA, I feel for the lesser countries for whom international football still holds a semblance of pride because their local leagues are not economically viable to be supported.

    If you are looking for the one thing that still has some level of soul, it is country vs country football (even though for me personally I am not too keen on it).

  24. @Grognard: I agree, i was surprised when i checked the line-up and he wasn’t even on the subs bench?

    @Gabriel: You were probably kidding, but seriously, does Fergie or United have an e-mail address that maybe Fergie or any of thee United coaches read?

    @Grognard: Big fan of the Da Silva twins, but i think Fergie should convert them to wingers or just limit them to defending alone, I’ve seen some of the youth games they’ve played, and i must admit, their attacking attributes are great, but their defending is lacking, in two games, now they’ve been responsible for conceding a goal, all because of their will to press forward. They’re just too attack minded to be relied upon solely in defence, maybe as they grow older, they’ll find a balance between the two like Evra, but right now, I’d be a little worried if they were in defence.

    @Grognard: If you haven’t watched Evans, then you should, he’s a VERY class player, emphasis on class, he’s been the MOTM for N.Ireland twice in two matches, he was impressive when he partnered with Vidic in the pre- season too, i really hope Fergie gives him a chance next week, and also since Scholes is out for Wednesday, I hope Possebon gets a game too.
    I was really looking forward to this season after the pre-season matches because of the young and up-coming players we have and i was even happier when Fergie confirmed the old guards will only play a minor role and will be phased out slowly, but that is yet to happen, and i hope the Liverpool match opens his eyes, we still need Scholes and Giggs, but not as starters anymore.

    @Craig Mc: I’m not disagreeing with you on Nani, but using his Portugal games as an example isn’t very convincing. I don’t know if you watched the games, but Nani was responsible for a goal in their last match. Besides the goals, his performance hasn’t been very convincing.

  25. RD, I did watch the Portugal games as I said in my post, and I don’t agree with your version of events – sorry Bro 😆 😆 . Nani did good. Giggsy cost us a goal at L’pool, but Fergie put him in there in front of Nani, so Fergie got what he played for.

  26. @Gabriel: In any other game I would have no problem with Evans at CB but not Chelsea. We need the experience at the back for sure.

    Also, we need Ronaldo and we cannot afford to lose to Chelsea. That would be a six point swing. 3 we lose and 3 they gain. Ronaldo is of no use to us if we are out of the running so early on. Perhaps that is a bit melodramatic but Chelsea are excellent front runners. We cannot afford to get any farther than 6 points behind them. They probably won’t lose more than 3 or 4 games all year.

    And the winger I want is Alexis Sanchez or Marko Marin who can also play in the middle.

  27. @Craig Mc: Craig mate, relax. I am not down on Nani like you think I am. I think he has been poorly handled and utilized. I agree with most of the things you say but I also think that many of my points about his attitude and temperament are valid. Yet, I don’t blame him for feeling or acting the way he does. And I have never said he was older than Ronaldo. I said that at his present age he has progressed slower than Ronaldo. No doubt CQ has faith in the boy but clearly Fergie does not. Trust me, that red card last year is stuck in Fergie’s craw and he won’t let it go. I hope he gives the boy a chance to show his skills and to once again provide a lot of assists. 😀

  28. @Grognard: I’ve seen both players’ highlights on youtube (as I have never seen them play live) and based on what I saw, Marko Marin will be the preferred player. He has more pace, can get past players, playmakes a bit more and has a wicked curve shot on him. Plus he’s german, those guys are consistent in their performances (I know, stereotyping, but it’s true). Also, he has been playing in Europe, in a faster league – similar to England’s – than Sanchez has, so that will be a plus as he might need less climatisation. Plus, Udinese already own Sanchez and he will be more expensive.

    Seriously, this lad could be a walcott in the making for us, he’s the same age, a bit shorter, but taller than tevez, lennon and phillips, so he could survive in the prem. Why hasn’t no one picked up on him yet? He looks a gem…

  29. @Gabriel: His age is the reason nobody has picked up on him as well, there is a bias by many teams in England and Spain to look for players in South America and Portugal first. Also, Mongengladbach said that he is not for sale at any price for this season. They need him to compete in the Bundesliga and regain their proud status and stay up. I think he will be looked at seriously next year by many teams. Don’t be surprised if Bayern don’t beat everyone to the punch. When it comes to most German players, they usually end up having first right of refusal. Irregardless, United will never get him because Fergie hates Germans. In 22 years not one German player has played for this club. The second most successful nation in football history and they get zero respect from the Gaffer. 🙄 😕

  30. @Grognard: Mate, i’m gonna go on the ManUtd forum and create a thread for this lad. He is the type of winger I was hoping for, precociously talented, fast, can get past players, shoot, cross.. a young ryan giggs but with the ability to play comfortably on both wings.

    We shuld start a petition or sumthin, this lad cannot pass us by. Maybe i’m gettin too excited but his qualities would complement United perfectly, especially our rapid counter-attack game. BTW, the german thing seems odd, didn’t notice it until now, but at least we have one german youngster in our squad, Ron-Robert Zieler, he’s a goal-keeper – did some research for that one. 😀

  31. @Gabriel: Good luck to you mate. You have nothing to lose. Marin is a stud and by the way, he is known more for being an attacking central midfielder. So being able to play either wing is just so sweet. United limited radar in Germany is going to force this lad to sign with Bayern or some large Spanish or Italian side. All I can do now is put him on my United team in FIFA 09 and Football Manager 09. Sad and pathetic because he is something else. Ray Hudson who does the commentary for GOL TV here in North America just raves about the boy the way he does about Riquelme. And like me he thinks Riquelme is a gift from the Gods. He thinks Marin is another potential Maradona. High praise indeed. Truthfully, I am surprised he is not on more people’s radar. But he soon will be.

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