Liverpool vs United preview: Duel of the dross

GettyImages-495500790Apathy is a strange concept. Often an emotion that follows the understanding of inevitability. Like waking up every day to a Tory government, or the sound of your own biological clock ticking and increasingly the fact that our most beloved are dying while many continue to breathe our limited oxygen.

You know that the world continues to lose the most important people to ever grace the planet while Piers Morgan, Katie Hopkins and Donald Trump ignore the cries for petitions of a group suicide pact.

Watching United of late has evoked that exact emotion. The lack of hope, an expectation of disappointment and then the accepting of disappointment. Basically the equivalent of meeting your new cell mate who likes your feminine jaw line.

Louis Van Gaal has started to show the tactical abilities of the loaf of bread he resembles. Fans were shocked to see him leave the bench during United’s game against Newcastle midweek, there were reports that some of the eight people who saw the game showed signs of mild surprise.

Pundits are surprised that there isn’t more descent in the stands at Old Trafford when realistically it’s only because the performances are so exhausting that it’s difficult to even have the energy to boo. The games have been similar to the pies served at the stadium.

Bland, stale and probably filled with cat food.

Even the most optimistic fan would be a fool to see the performance at the Toon as an improvement. It was an atrocious performance against an equally atrocious team. That is where United are, mid-table and struggling against relegation fodder.

So Liverpool should be a perfect opponent.

Manchester United team news

Once again the treatment room is full, although it’s unclear whether United actually field footballers anymore.

Michael Carrick is the most recent addition to the injury list while Bastian Schweinsteiger will also miss out. Luke Shaw remains sidelined as do Marcos Rojo and Antonio Valencia.

The injuries to midfield will likely mean a call for Marouane Fellaini to step up, the hero that none of us deserve but the one that none of us need either.

Liverpool team news

Liverpool defender Dejan Lovren is nearing a return after a hamstring injury but will not be fit to play against Manchester United on Sunday.

None of the other players on a lengthy injury list are close to fitness, with Daniel Sturridge still sidelined

Key men

It gets harder and harder to write this section of the preview. The introduction to the articles grows longer while the mediocrity in the team continues to increase.

There are very few players that have put in a performance that can inspire the fans or honour the jersey they wear, but a bright spark remains in Anthony Martial.

The young Frenchman who was brought in to be a substitute and one for the future has found himself regularly being United’s best player. Although he has been shunted onto the left to make room for United’s prize talisman in Wayne Rooney, Martial has proven over and over why he cost United so much.

His directness and pace could cause all sorts of problems for Liverpool’s shaky and patchwork defence. Martial will allow United to stretch the Liverpool back line and hopefully expose the lack of pace the Scouse have at the back.

Predicted starting XI


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  1. Absolutely spot on, made me laugh, captures my own sentiments entirely. Praying for a miracle today, can’t see it, good luck smalling and de gea, you are going to be busy!

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