Apr 09

Lost the Battle, but way ahead in the War [WALLPAPER]


United fail to beat the neighbors twice this season as City get the 3 points at Old Trafford. Fergie reassures that United are in ‘good form’. Let’s hope so.

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  • War is lost when Fergie makes the same mistake over and over and fields weak midfields and Welbeck and avoid subbing until 80 minutes.

    Fergie used to make the right decisions in big games but since Barca in 2011, it’s been down-hill with the exception being the Real Madrid ties….

    Last month: Lost to Madrid, Chelsea, and City. Lost to Chelsea in Mickey Mouse Cup.

    Important games and Fergie fumbles… this is not a good sign.

  • john Calleja Malta

    Losing to city is a bitter pill to swallow. Our 20th title will be like a cake without the cherry on top. look on the bright side, the 20th title is ours, cos we never die

  • john Calleja Malta

    Although we lost to city, members of MUSC Malta, the oldest supporters club in the world will be at OT, for the chelsea game, to cheer on United with their 20th title Win or lose maltese fans of Utd will always love the Reds .

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