Manchester United’s tough, tough April fixtures list

Behold! Squeaky bum time is approaching and approaching fast for Manchester United and if you think that I am talking about the remaining five fixtures that Fergie’s men have left in March, you are gravely mistaken. Nay, it is not March which worries me, but April… that is a different story.

Of Manchester United’s eighteen possible fixtures left, nine of them would be next month. Aside from the four Premier League fixtures, they could have an additional four Champions League games and, if they get past Portsmouth on Saturday, the FA Cup semi-final is conveniently placed between the two legs of the Champions League quarter-finals (in place of a Premier League fixture against Middlesbrough).

Oh, did I mention that they will also be taking on Arsenal and Chelsea?

So onto the actual fixtures:

  • On April 1st or 2nd, just a couple of days after facing Aston Villa in the Premier League, Manchester United will play in the Champions League quarter-finals. Against whom, I do not know yet. Hopefully no one knows yet because the draw will be made on March 14th. I am eying a draw against either Schalke or Fenerbahce, but not getting my hopes up too high.
  • April 5th is scheduled to see Middlesbrough take on United. But that could change. If Fergie’s men manage to beat Portsmouth tomorrow, they will instead play in the FA Cup semi-final. But never fear, because if that’s the case, the Premier League will find another little interval where they could fit in a match like this.
  • The second leg of the Champions League quarter-finals is due to be played on April 8th or 9th.
  • It does not get easier after that either. On the 13th, Wenger’s obnoxious pricks** will pay Old Trafford another visit and hopefully it will be very similar to the last encounter these teams had at the Theatre of Dreams. This one has title-decider written all over it.
  • After the Arsenal game, Manchester United was set to have a lengthy break (six full days!), but that will not happen if they qualify for the FA Cup semis. Remember the ‘little interval’ from above? This is it. So on April 16th, we could finally see United take on Middlesbrough.
  • On the Saturday after that, United will travel to Ewood Park, where they will face Blackburn Rovers. It has been more than a year since Manchester United won away at Blackburn, you know?
  • The Champions League semi-finals will follow for Manchester United (hopefully!) either on the 22nd or the 23rd of this very exciting month for footy fans.
  • And just because there is no reason for Rooney and co. to relax even for a moment, a mouth-watering away fixture against Chelsea comes up next. April 26th the day of that match, and if the football gods are in good spirits, we could even have an encore of last year’s FA Cup final!
  • Finally, April will finish for Manchester United with the second leg of the Champions League semi-final (if the qualify, that is). Knowing Manchester United’s luck, they might get Barcelona here, but if they make it to the semis, they will make it to the final as well methinks.

That’s all folks. That’s all that Manchester United has ahead of them in the month of April and surely they would have fitted in more matches if they could. But what am I complaining about? They are alive on three fronts and odds are that they will triumph in at least one of these competitions. On top of that Chelsea and Arsenal have very similar fixture lists.

The fixtures:

01/02-04 UEFA Champions League quarter-final
05-04 Middlesbrough v Manchester United or FA Cup semi-final*
08/09-04 UEFA Champions League quarter-final
13-04 Manchester United v Arsenal
16-04 Middlesbrough v Manchester United *
19-04 Blackburn v Manchester United
22/23-04 UEFA Champions League semi-final*
26-04 Chelsea v Manchester United
29/30-04 UEFA Champions League semi-final*

**there is nothing wrong with throwing insults at Arsenal, is there?
*there is a possibility that these matches might not be played, but let’s not go there.

How do you think Manchester United will fare in April?

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  1. this is why we have our squad, this is where the true mettle of our boys will be tested. this is what a big squad is for, now everyone gets a go. the hope is that we go on an unstopable winning streak and win all 3, i’m going to be a little more optimistic than RR and say 2/3 comps. i think that the lack of a killer striker will be evident as our collective bums gets squeakier! but we are UNITED, we can score from anywhere, when we’re in the mood! Lets hope that our boys can move up a gear or two for the run in, at least our team will keep us busy for a couple of months of glorious football, come on you red devils!

  2. These fixtures are tough i admit but apart from the champions league matches, they are all very winnable. Admitedly Chelsea away a point would be a good result, but the other matches i expect maximum points if we play anything like we can! I also feel that it was a blessing in disguise that Arsenal beat Milan because their fixture list will be as equally packed, similarly Chelsea. I still think that we will have to see Chelsea as our main contenders simply because all their players are now fit! Fergie knows what its all about though and i am sure he will win us the title!!! RED ARMY!!!

  3. Boro and Blackburn away are traditionally very tough fixtures for United…the squad is good enough and we don’t have the injury problems of last season, so we should get through, fingers crossed.

    Wonder if Saha will start any of these games?

  4. after seeing this list, I am both excited and scared.i am not expecting another treble but I will be happy with 2 trophies

  5. Well April is tough however once we capture the lead in March i don’t see us loosing it in April !
    It is all about capturing say 3 to 5 points lead in the month of March , if we do that:
    1) The Longer Arsenal stays in UCL the more their squad will be exposed
    2) If we continue in Fa Cup and UCL , EPL matches will get postponed the longer is Arse have to wait for us to drop points !
    3) Draws will have the max damage .. We either loose or win !
    4)I hope like last season the result of Chelsea vs United will have no effect all !
    March Fixtures :
    Arsenal – Wigan (A) Boro (H) Chelsea (A) Bolton (A)
    Chelsea – Derby (H) Sudnerland (A) Tottenham (A) Arsenal (H)
    Man Utd – Derby (A) Bolton (H) Liverpool (H) Villa (H)

    It is very clear that Arsenal and Chelsea have the tough fixtures in month of March! If we can beat Liverpool which we will do i guess we will lead in the month of April !
    Chelsea can challenge however i don’t see that happening . 2 Upsets and the lead will be way too far from them and they will immediately shift their focus to UCL !
    Historically Boro Away and West Ham Home have been a bad fixture for us , however if we win that we can 😉

    A man once said “Their coach hasn’t won anything for years and is still an idol.” 😛

  6. Who thinks we should just be fully focused on the next match??? We beat Arsenal in style, but it doesn’t follow we will be as majestic against Portsmouth. Remember the majesty of Roma, and then came AC Milan. I just want to get thru the next match with a win, and then I’ll look to only the next one after that. If we haven’t got our strongest midfield against Portsmouth, we could come unstuck. So hope Fergie gets it right – which he usually does.

  7. “Take every match at it is”.Okay then craig, Lets think about portsmouth
    tmorrow hopefully would like to see tevez and saha start.Scholes
    and carrick in midfield.Fergie taking a gamble and letting
    anderson play left wing would love to see how he does there and
    also if he plays well and scores a goal its a big plus.I believe
    fergie just has to put him on the path of playing attacking
    football and the goals will follow.I believe every time he is
    deployed in centre mid it hinders his attacking naus because he has
    to be cautious with his passes and his dribbling.He will never
    score until he begins to enjoy himself.

  8. I’m with you Julio, apart from I would like Hargreaves in front of our defence instead of Carrick for this game!. We need a strong defensive midfielder, because Pompey’s attack will come at us – Ole Harry Redknapp doesn’t know any other way. And Mendes is back for Pompie I believe. I didn’t notice so much during the ManU – Lyon game live, but in the MUTV replays I did notice how much running Nani did, so it would be hard to replace him with Anderson, but both are so darn good footballers. Not easy for Fergie to choose eh?.

  9. I don’t believe the champions league draw is random, we will get Roma.

  10. actually it’s the players who need to be focused on the ‘next game’…we have too much time to limit ourselves to just one game at a time 🙂

  11. Roma?! I wanted Barcelona! 🙁

    I think I am seeing a first team debut for Wellbeck in this April mess, so its not the strikers that worry me, but the defence. If they can stay fit (knock on wood) it will be all very nice, but any one injury to any of them will make the team much weaker.

    BTW, does anybody know when tomorrow’s Premier League fixture has been moved? You know, to make way for the FA Cup…

  12. This is where United’s strength in depth comes. In the CM we have 5 capable players. Left wing Nani/Giggs. Upfront Rooney/Tevez/Saha/Wellbeck. But the Defenece needs to not get injured

  13. The schedule is just as tough for Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool and who knows, they may get tougher draws in the CL than us. Middlesbrough twice and Blackburn do not scare me. If we turn up for those game emotionally and physically they will be wins. At this stage the players know they cannot afford a day off on the pitch.

  14. we have extra defensive cover in

    Hargo at rb

    Pique at cb and even

    Anderson could play lb

    i remember him saying that was his preferred position before

    and Oshey is an ironman can play anything fergi tells him to.

  15. Yea, there is Simpson as well and Brown can play in central if they want him to, but not many teams would have trouble getting past a central partnership of Brown and Pique, I don’t think, that is why I am worried. We should have Pique and Simpson play tommorow though, that will give them a nice run out and the big lads a rest.

  16. Why isn’t Neville playing in every reserve game? Is he on the come back or what?? Is he ever going to play this season or can we count him out. I think I already have…

  17. I think everybody has counted Neville out already. Brown has done such a good job that you would wonder if there is a necessity for Neville to return to the team. Now, if he would only sign a new contract, everything will be much better…

    realred, I think it will be a scrappy win. Rooney might be rested. What d’you think about it?

  18. its a shame really that neville will never play a game for us
    this season.Afterall he is our captain

  19. I got good money on us winning tonight, sure hope Wayne isn’t rested, but probably will

  20. Not to be nitpicky, but the Middlesbrough match is the 6th of April according to the Man United and the EPL official sites.

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