Man Utd v Stoke: Preview

Open thread again… I’ll add my two pence worth when I can. Till then, rant away.

Oh my, Rory Delap can throw, can’t he?!



  1. you know, me and welbeck share a lot of traits; the same name, both born in the same month, both great footballers who love united :mrgreen:

  2. I’m really delighted for Welbeck to at least get his name in the Premier League score- sheer. Plus the goal difference is starting to look a lot better now. Nice that the “Rooney curse” didn’t happen today and we didn’t miss Rio too.

  3. So how is the Prince of Fucking Darkness supposed to post a reaction to a game where we win 5-0? It’s not as tough as you think. At the high risk of being plagued with even more negative feedback for being negative and full of doom and gloom, I had major problems with the way we performed today. The score flatters us for numerous reasons. First off regardless of their long throw in ability, Stoke is nothing more than big physical oafs who don’t belong in the Premier League. They are total shite and an embarrassment to the British game. I’d rather watch a Bundesliga Division 2 game than be forced to watch a a bunch of uncoordinated and talentless fucks like Stoke. Is it Stoke City or Stink City?

    United once again played like shit in the first half. Fortunately they were playing an underachieving and poorly equipped pub side from Stink City. Our lack of pace and urgency and our inability to show our class, style and finishing in the last third of the pitch was getting me down. Ronaldo finally scores form a free kick and I was happy as Hell for two reasons. First, he actually cleared the wall and secondly, the goalkeeper made a meal of what should have been an easy save. But Heck, it’s nice to get a break like that. But can’t it ever be against Arsenal or fucking Chelski?

    The second goal loosened the lads up just before half time. Loved the goal by Carrick and loved the fact that he and Fletcher showed more attacking enterprise today. Yes they were playing complete muppets but they at least didn’t sit back and just defend. Carrick was very good all day. It’s nice to see him adding goal scoring to his passing and marking abilities.

    The big problem that I had in the first half besides Fergie’s lineup was the team’s lack of urgency. This team should have turned up the speed and played Samba ball from the beginning because Stoke is a physical and slow team. Anderson and Nani should have started. There is no way we should be starting Park or O’Shea against crapsters like that. Sure they have a weapon like long throw ins and so Fergie felt more comfortable with a tall O’Shea over Rafael but this is the problem that we have been dealing with all season. Fergie shows opponents far to much respect and he fields a team from a defensive perspective and not an arrogant offensive perspective. Come on, Stoke is coming to OT and we need to fear them? Fuck that noise. Give Rooney a rest and play Tevez, fine. But not playing Anderson and Nani at least against these slugs makes no sense to me.

    In the second half we turned on the charm a little more but I still feel we were slow in our buildup. We often waited until Stoke got back an into position before we attacked them. But today we actually had some finishing. Berbatov’s goal was a true strikers goal and well taken. He was unlucky not to have a few more. Ronaldo was magnificent and he was doing a great job of setting up others all day. One thing that was making me sick to the stomach was being able to hear the crowd (or one section of the crowd) loudly boo him. In fact they were very loud just before he set up Carrick for the second goal. In the first half he and Tevez were really the only players doing much but Ronaldo gets booed after a goal and an assist? Some fans are fucking hopeless. Go ahead you fucking dunce caps, boo him, make him feel unappreciated. Make him feel like playing for us is nothing more than a pain in the royal backside and a forlorn hope because many of those cunts realize that he chose us and he plays for us. Forgive and forget is a tough thing to embed in the mind of total Neanderthals. Really smart to make the best player in the world hate playing for us. Why don’t you all chip in with you Welfare money and buy him his plane ticket to Madrid? Fucking assholes. πŸ™„ 😑

    Now regarding Ronaldo’s play. He was fantastic again although sometimes he tries to do too much. He is working his heart out for us and I can only applaud him for that. Another promising aspect to his game is that he seems to be finally getting his touch and approach to free kicks down properly. Not just because he scored two goals, (the first one was lucky, the second was sublime) but he has realized that he needs to change up his approach. He actually hit a few by trying to goal around the wall today. The second of his goals was a nice low one to the right of the wall. That’s one way to prevent hitting the wall. Keep them guessing Ronny. πŸ˜€

    Now my comments on Fergie’s substitutions. Just yesterday I was claiming that Welbeck should be among the players on the subs bench. With all due respect to Tevez, he cannot be counted on to come in as a sub and get us a goal because he is not poacher. His style and skills are more general than that. We need a goal scorer to come in who not only can finish but who has a nose for the goal. Both Welbeck and Manuch have that and aren’t they a much better alternative in a game than bringing in Giggs or O’Shea?
    Welbeck’s goal was fantastic but I also want to see him in tight games control the ball with great first touches in the box and the ability to finish against top teams. Stoke are shit and Gary Neville’s grandmother could have scored tonight with half a chance. Manucho badly missed a sitter created again by the play maker Ronaldo. It’s all about handling pressure and showing composure. In that regards, Welbeck looks like he is coming around well based on his last two appearances. Hopefully Manucho will follow.

    It was nice to see Gibson play but I much prefer Possebon and I would like to see him come into a game like that. Perhaps the fact that Stoke are physical and somewhat dirty, Fergie decided it wasn’t worth the risk with such a great young talent.

    So we won comfortably but even at 5-0, I found a number of things wrong with the squad. But we still won comfortably and that should be positive enough to keep me from sicking the dogs on the team today. But I make no apologies about the fact that I expect a whole lot more, because I know and believe the team is capable of a whole lot more. And finally, when will Tevez actually score a goal from anywhere other than the penalty spot? He just wants nothing to do with the 18 yard box. I just don’t get that player’s style of play. πŸ™„

  4. @Rd: We could have sat down the entire starting best eleven and would have won by three goals. Stoke were shite.

  5. @Grognard: the thing with gibbo, everyone thinks hes a CDM because of his size, but really, he is a CAM. hence why carrick was dropping a lot deeper when he came on. possebon, is a CDM, and but people think he’s a CM, he is far more defensive minded. had it been possebon on the bench, carrick would of gone off and not fletch.

  6. The Norwegian VΓ₯lerenga striker Moa, who was their top scorer and best player in 2008, is watched closely by Manchester United. Ole Gunnar SolskjΓ¦r thinks that Moa, 23, has the skills, temperament and ambition to make it at United. In the Norwegian cup final Moa scored two goals, and set up one more in the 4-1 win over StabΓ¦k. Connections in VΓ₯lerenga that stand close to SolskjΓ¦r and Sir Alex Ferguson confirm that United have followed Moa closely during the cource of the season. They have been impressed of what they have seen and are thinking about an offer in January.
    Source: Norwegian paper Dagbladet and Ole Gunnar Solsjkær.

  7. To be honest, Ive wathed Moa in the Norwegian league. He is a left footed striker with pace, power and an unbelieveable ball control when he is running. He doesnt have the skills of Ronaldo, but his ball control when running at full speed is really impressive. Still, I dont think he is United quality. If there is any player in Norway that is even close to United quality it is Alanzinho. He is a left winger that can do everything with the ball at his feet. Not United quality yet, but can become. About Moa, he is young and has played well this season. But like I said, he is not the a player that we need. If I would try to give you an image of what kind of player he is I would compare him to Benzema. Good control, power and an eye for goal. NOt Solskjær style, but so-so.

  8. @Grognard: The Stoke fans were boing Ronaldo. During the game they yelled “Wanker, Wanker, Wanker, Give us a wave, Wanker” to Ronaldo. The United fans were singing “Viva Ronaldo” and “He plays on the left, he plays on the right”. According to my sources, the Stoke fans were singing about abusing United players more than cheering for their team. The only song that wasnt about United was “We support ou loval team”. Ronaldo is becoming as popluar as ever at United. VIVA RONALDO!!! πŸ˜›

  9. @dan(u-ol): Why… I think Gomes is doing a pretty good job at spurs. πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜†
    I cant wait until we pay them! Hopefully Ronaldo get some free kicks.. πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

  10. The score line was indeed flattering. Some selection concerns i had before the game. I agree with Grognard. Y play Oshea and not rafael..teams should worry about us…not we..especially at old trafford. Coming to the game… ronaldo and tevez were working hard .. wish tevez had scored..bugger deserves a goal… ❗ Manucho looked promising…with a few games in the carling cup and world club championship i honestly think he cant fit as 4th striker… he just hovers around the box like berbatov …. carlos querioz last jewel should shine if given the right opportunities which he surely will… Im just worried about one thing… we have a team of incredible quality…any team would be shittin their pants playing us…but i think we get it tactically wrong most time then not…. Our strengths have to be envisaged… querioz was the master at that…whose doing it now…phelan or the dutch bloke…. i thought a new assistant manager would be a breath of fresh air…but ah well ..sir alex knows best… wellbeck take a bow…what a goal….certainly provides confidence to the junior lot that they can make a mark at the highest level… with all that pre match conference about delap blah blah… he can shuv a ball where the sun dont shine… his behaviour was dispiccable… ronaldo guilty of divin once too many but credit to the boy for pickin him self up…stoke were rubbish but im glad they came to ot… their supporters might have just signalled the return of the old ronaldo… aston villa will be a good game… lookin forward to the preview… and hope we dont get any injuries over the week…with the internationals…portugal goin to brazil…wtf…. hmm peace ..

  11. I find it hard to fault the team. Grognard and Taran with players as young as Rafael there is something called nurturing, so they are slowly bled into the team. He played midweek and against arsenal so fergie felt he needed a break. Also O’shea had a good game don’t you think? is really playing well. He seems to be 5 times fitter than everyone else!Grat goal by Welbeck but now he must push on and continue learning.Great game otherwise 5-0…Cant complain!!!

  12. So Rio, Rooney, Giggs, Neville, Fletch, Hargreaves and Scholes are injured. Ronaldo, Vidic, Carrick, Evra and Anderson are hitting top form. Youngsters Welbeck, Gibson, Possebon, Evans and Rafael are proving themselves United quality. We are missin a real assistant manager. Phelan is no good.

  13. @dan(u-ol): I don’t care who comes off and I am more than aware of their positions. I just wanted to see Possebon instead of Gibbson.

  14. @Red Ranter: The broadcaster even commented on the the fact that the “home” fans were still riding him. And I find it hard to believe that few Stoke fans could be that loud. Our fans should be drowning out Stoke fans anyway. I don’t know, obviously I wasn’t there. Perhaps Craig was and he can let us know who was booing who. πŸ˜•

  15. @Grognard: Surely there were some positives in the game??? No offense but if i didn’t know the scoreline, I’d have presumed we lost or drew the game after reading that. Thats your opinion though. Yes Stoke were sh!te, but we can only play whats put in front of us, West Ham was probably just as shit and we couldn’t put 2 past them, so while you’re ranting about the negatives, I’m just pleased to see the team putting more than 2 in the net and not being as wasteful as they’ve have been recently.

    Fergie might have been expecting a physical game, maybe thats why he started O’Shea instead of Rafael, the former might be pants, but he’s still better equipped to handle Stoke’s tactics.

    @RedDevilEddy: Sarcasm, i presume?(or at least I hope it is)

  16. With Ronnie hitting good form I expect MAdrid and their bitches Marca and As to start sniffing again aroun. Funny how they were mute when Ronaldo started slowly.

    Good performance in the 2nd half but the first was actually pretty poor. We actually played much better against arsenal in both halfs than against stoke in the first half.

    Also I remain puzzled at Nani’s recent omission from games. However I must commend O’shea’s performance today. While seeing Oshea in midfield is one of the sights I hate the most iin football, he definitely showed today that he has what it takes at full back. Or at least he’s still better than Neville…

  17. NicoQB, agree i was quietly surprised yet happy with o’sheas performance. I thought he wud play crap but he actually really impressed me 2day. Keep it up sheasy.

  18. @RedDevilEddy: Thanks for that. I’d hate to think that our fans were still holding a grudge. And our fans shouldn’t be so quiet that I can hear boos that see m so loud that I was certain it was United fans. We need to be louder than the visitors 100% of the time. Jeez! πŸ™„

  19. @Rd: I think I made my comments very clear and I even commented on the fact that I did not want to be negative but that there were things about the performance that I found perplexing. Having said that I did make positive comments as well. It’s amazing how none of the positive comments are ever brought up, but if I say anything that upsets the sensibilities of fair weather fans, I receive a fire storm of rebuttal’s and rebukes. I only state the truth, whether any of you want to hear it or not. From my point of view. It was a comfortable performance against a terrible side where our effort fell down towards the opponents level and pace. Fortunately our class was too much for them because our effort was nothing to write home about. Now if we could team skill, class and effort all together for one game, then maybe we would look awesome and maybe, just maybe, I would be positive. We this gang though, I wouldn’t bet on it.

  20. @Matthew: He better bloody well be impressive against Stoke. If he can’t play well against them, then he doesn’t belong in the Prem. He played well but for me, that was just a workmanlike performance and did not light my fire. It’s fortunate though that we have a player like that who can come in and give our starters a rest. I still would have preferred Rafael against Stoke.

  21. The reason SAF went for O’Shea instead of Rafael due to the aerial attack of Delap’s long throws. As awesome as Rafael is, he would have been incredibly ineffective against those long throws. As it turns out, O’Shea nearly scored an own goal due to the very reason he was picked though πŸ˜•

  22. @ray_likethefish: Yes I realize that but then again, that’s picking players due to caution and fear. Perhaps Rafael’s offensive runs would have been more of a handful to handle for Stoke. We won and O’Shea played well but today was a good day to play a few of the youngsters because the opponents were such a pushover. O’Shea is fine but he is not the future at RB. I think it’s important to give the future playing time, not the past. Just my opinion.

  23. @Grognard : May be he was making sure we get a good win under the belt..I am sure we would have seen more youngsters if we were on last season’s form…

  24. @Grognard: grognard, o’shea was in the team simply because of his height. every one of the stoke players apart from the right-back was 6ft and over, rafael is smaller then rooney and tevez. he would get marked out easily with the long throws. i would rather us defend against their main goal threat, with one change, rather then us playing a shrimp at right back.

  25. @Grognard: I don’t have any problems with the team selection either. If Stoke are so bad, why not give a fringe player like O’Shea some playing time? We all know he’s not great on the ball but with Bebatov, Tevez, Ronaldo and Carrick playing we should have plenty of firepower to overcome Stoke…and so it proved. I agree that the 1st half was frustrating – we were trying to be too cute when it would have served us better to be more direct but we upped the tempo in the 2nd half. Overall, job done and a boost to our goal difference.

    On another note, I just can’t understand how Sorensen has been a PL goalkeeper for the past 10 years. Every time I’ve seen him play he’s made some serious gaffes and his handling is atrocious!

  26. @NicoQB: I agree with you (OF COURSE) about Nani, at least he is not always knocked over onto his arse as Park is. Park is a good name for him, because he is ALWAYS parked on said arse every time he is tackled. Lightweight πŸ™„ .

  27. WTF is this friendly game coming up in midweek?????. Anybody enlighten me please πŸ™‚ .

  28. A special mention to Vidic…we were playing against a physical team but he was utterly dominant in the air yesterday. I think he’s started slowly this season but it’s good to see him looking so sharp again.

  29. @Craig Mc: Yes, Park does goes to ground easily, but he does it very well, at least much better than Ronaldo!

    I sometimes wonder how many goals Beckham would score on free kicks if he played in the same team as Park!

    @Craig Mc: @dan(u-ol): A shrimp, yes, but make that a very good shrimp! πŸ˜€ Let’s hope that the other shrimp turns out as good as this one! πŸ™‚

  30. It’s gonna be interesting for the next game at Villa, after they put Arse in their place,
    that’ll be a better statement of our ability to take it to the end

  31. @Shyam:

    This was my point exactly. Rafa Benetiz in the past has put out weakened teams against lower quality opponents and dropped points, only to go on and win comfortably with her First XI in the Champions League later on in the week. SAF obviously doesn’t want to fall foul of that trap, especially with us so many points behind at such an early stage in the season. Hence the trustworthy and tall O’Shea playing at right back

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