Man Utd v West Ham: Preview

Two games left. Two wins, and the title will be ours.

But again, as they say, it’s one game at a time.

Bogey Team United visit Old Trafford today and the reds know there’s no more excuses for slip ups from this point. The gaffer will also know this fully well, and so would everyone in the footballing fraternity.

Which is why — considering it’s just the two games that needs to be played out — the boss will most likely go with his best possible XI for both these games. The Champions’ League final can wait, and it has a 10 day rest period anyway.

But even with that assumption I’d be hard pressed to name our exact starting XI. Let’s see… Rio and Brown will most certainly start at the back since Vidic is still not expected to make it. It would be tempting to rest Evra, considering he’s probably lost a lung running so much in midweek. But I think SAF might persist with him, although the temptation to play Silvestre might linger. I don’t know what shape Owen Hargreaves will be in considering he’s played a lot over the past week — keeping in mind his injury troubles. If he’s not deemed fit, O’Shea will get a game at right back. I doubt Fergie is as confident playing Neville in that position.

In central midfield, Carrick will play and, alongside him, there might be Anderson. (In my opinion that is a stronger midfield than with Scholes in it, considering he has played a lot of late.) Nani and Ronaldo will take the wings and Park will partner Tevez in attack. I know this is a rather strange suggestion, but I don’t see how else we can have a potent attacking 4-4-2 without Rooney. Oh, which reminds me, Rooney, it appears, might start on the bench; which is still good news. I don’t think starting Giggs would be a good idea, and I also don’t think 4-3-3 to be a bright one at home either.

But what I don’t want to see from Fergie is “resting players for the future”. This is the bloody future: it’s called the present. There are just two games left. So send the team out with specific instructions to take the game by the scruff of the neck and never, ever relent. West Ham are with, perhaps, the largest injury list in the league. So we must win the game today. No excuses, bogey team or not.

Enough of the stodgy displays of the past couple of weeks; at least some excuses could be dreamed up on those occasions. Today we are at home against a weakened opposition with not much to play for. Can we think up any more reasons for motivation?

Come on you reds!

Prediction: 2-0 to United — Manchester United, that is. (You know, that chant about there being only one United.)



  1. Olliey; Fergie gets a 9/10. He got the squad selection right and I think the tactics were proper for a team needing to win but also suffering from fatigue. Besides, after Wednesday, I MAY NEVER criticize the Gaffer again. He knows what he’s doing.

    One more note. It might have been the Setanta feed I got today but the crowd seemed quiet considering the situation. Perhaps they were still hung over from Wednesday.

    Conor; It’s a soap opera because others don’t know how to leave ranters alone and to let them have their say whether they agree with it or not. All I am guilty of is posting a not to complimentary critique on what Nani did today. After that, what happened is not my fault. People need to respect others views regardless of content. It is not for them to pass judgment on my personality and intelligence. Don’t you think?

  2. Nino; I second the motion. Giggs deserves a lot more respect than he has received on this blog from many of the supporters.

    Mihir; Well said, from a man with common sense, class and respect for his fellow blog members. And I was out of line with the “faggot” remark. Sorry to everyone for that comment, although it was not directed to any of you.

    Sam; That is why I immediately questioned it. Still, I let the bastard convince me that the ban crossed over to the CL. I should never have bought in to his stupid claim. Still, I doubt we will see him in the game unless he is absolutely needed late on.

  3. its fine respecting poeples views, but it is also fine to challenge peoples views, and there is nothing wrong to have a view on a view. Atleast grognard, i can admit my faults, but with you it seems as if that there right there, every one can see them apart from you. with all due respect you seem like a bit of a snake, i dont care if nani acted today, you dont call him a faggot, you seem to forget he’s human, and a boy with a lot to learn, i thought you where intelligent but after a post like that…

  4. Oh yes, one more game to tie up the league trophy. I’m still celebrating. I still love little manNani, WARTS and all lol. Like Fergie said after the game – its immaturity, and he will learn. Not good what he did I know, but he’s not the first, and won’t be the last I suspect. I enjoyed the game today, not as atmospheric as tuesday, but still lots of singing and chants. Wigan should be a stormer, and United away fans are lunatic in their support. Going to be the delirium all the way. Little man Nani didn’t do the lap of honour at the end with the other lads did he??? I didn’t see him anyway, but he should have come out, he has played his part this season. His temperament is a bit like the Roon’s, gets a bit over zealous when he makes a mistake or loses the ball. I think he will turn out goodout good, and may grow from this big mistake. I’m for giving him another chance. Man United players are not short of their street fighters are they?. Head butting is a no-no though, so think Fergie will discipline him big time behind locked doors.

  5. Yeah I like how SAF reacted to Nani’s antics. Perfectly worded..ofcourse behind the locker room door it will be a totally different scene I tell you that!
    Against Wigan, I am fairly certain we will win. But we need to put out a pacey, strong and fired up side against Chelsea now! All their 1st 11 seem to be around 6 feet and very physical. We can’t let them hustle us… Fight fire with fire and intelligence!

  6. Grognard: Two quick points, Ronaldo got sent off against Pompey at the start of the season for an attempted head butt. Secondly domestic suspensions do not carry over to Uefa competitions unless they’re something like a drugs ban etc.

    On a more general note I think the point about Portugal is a good one. That type of stuff (diving, play acting) is pretty ingrained into Portuguese football and is fairly openly accepted. We may not like it but it does take time to coach things like that out of players since they have been brought up with it and this is only Nani’s first year. If he was doing tings like this year or two I would be more worried.

  7. Nani did something stupid, humiliating for him. He made a mistake, but he will learn. Like they say; What doesnt kill you, makes you stronger! But now Nani will lose the game against Wigan and the first two games of next season. Not the CL final as some of you think! If we win the Premier League he will miss the Charity Shield and the first PL game of the 2008/2009 season. Still think he is class though! My ratings(1-10):

    VDS- 7. Didnt have much to do. Made a mistake from a corner when Evra cleared off the line, but he was helpless on the goal. Decent game.

    Owen- 8. I have to agree with Groggy, he is an exellent RB. Had it not been for Wes, he would have been my first choice for right back, even when Gaz is fit. Great crosses and good tackling. 1 assist.

    Rio- 8. Calm as you like! The greatest CB in the world right now, no doubts. I cant remember the last time he had a bad game…

    Wes- 7. Shaky start, but played better as the game went on. Good cover for Vidic.

    Evra- 8. Went forward, good tackilng and cleared off the line. A usual game from the frenchman 🙂

    Ronaldo- 9. The best game hes had since Aston Villa. Full of tricks, goals and the joke he made on the bench was funny. Showed how happy he was. I cant believe how he can get better! If he does, we will have a player that will make people say “Pele/Maradona who?”. 2 goals, 1 assist.

    Carrick- 8. Didnt have much to do. Good game and scored against his old club. Looked confident and calm next to Scholes. 1 goal.

    Scholes- 7. Just like Carrick he had a decent game. Usual self!

    Nani- 5. I know many people will blame him for what he did. I do too! But I think he had a great game until the red card. Sent off. 1 assist.

    Park- 7. Worked hard. Thats all.

    Tevez- 9. He scored a belter! Didnt show any mercy to his former team mates and played a really good game. He tried a similar shot against Arsenal in the last home game, but that one went outside the post. This one definately didnt… 1 goal.

    Fergie- 10/10. He is the gaffer and the man that knows best. I never question his ablity and decisions because I have grown up to know that he knows what he is doing!

    Lets win the Premier League at Wigan! Hopefully Newcastle will do us a favor on Monday.

  8. yea Portugal are known for diving, england is known for its aggressive no nonsense style, which is also bad and can be unacceptable.

  9. [TinManUtd]
    Stop judging people here. What Nani did was detestable today. What Grognard did was direct his ire against him and Latino players. He hasn’t attacked fellow commenters here and doesn’t deserve to do so either. His argument may be flawed or perfect depending on how you see it. But that doesn’t mean that you have to call him names. If at all I have to kick people out it would have to be you, according to how things work here. He called Nani a faggot so what? Yes it may be homophobic to the sensitive ones. But as long as he doesn’t call fellow commenters here it’s all fair game. The point is Grognard has been commenting for a while here and most of us do know that he has United at heart at the foremost. So stop being self-righteous, and leave the comment moderation to me.

    I know what’s right for the comments section and clearly he didn’t attack a fellow commenter here.

    And in future, to anyone, you don’t get to tell people what comment I must delete and what I must not. If you do have a problem you can send me an email to get your grievances through. Public attack is off limits here.

    Jesus! I just stay off the laptop for half a day and I see this thing degenerate to a circus.

    Final Note: You can call a player a cunt or anything — depending on your level of vocabulary — as long as it’s backed by some argument. In this case Grognard had a fair bit to say about Nani, right or wrong. Either tell him why you disagree or stay out of it. End of.

  10. Grognard: Having read your post/personal attack about Nani, I must agree with the others that it was pretty extreme and unnecessary. I can only imagine what your rants on this blog were like when the likes of Cantona, Keane and Rooney (earlier in his career) were assaulting spectators and opposition players galore.

    I definitely see where you are coming from, though. People, lets stop with this nonsense about Nani being a kid. He is actually a 21 year old man, and therefore he should act like one. What he did today was extremely foolish to say the least, but I’m pretty sure SAF will deal with the matter appropriately and he will be a much, much better player for it next season 😀

  11. [Dan]
    When you dive, you try to con the referee. How the hell can that be acceptable? An aggressive style of football, however, doesn’t always work because in the Champions’ League they end up conceding fouls.

    The fact is Nani acted like a school boy, and it was disgusting to see. And even Fergie did concede what he did. Now it’s the gaffer’s chance to beat some sense into him.

  12. Nino; Although I felt justified and free in saying what I did about Nani, I do agree that the words I used were unsatisfactory and inappropriate. It was beneath me to use that kind of language with that much venom behind it, but I must admit, the little bastard did get me very hot under the collar with his antics on the pitch today. He is 21 and he should know better. He also should know by now that this kind of nonsense is not tolerated by the league nor by his own club. The fact that he did it in in a situation that was not even justified was inexcusable and could have caused tremendous harm to the team’s season. Even Zidane had no excuse. With ten men we could have squandered a 2 goal lead and that may have cost us the title. With him out of the lineup next week, we lose his energy, flair and contribution in a game where he could have been very useful. Actually, to be honest, I’m surprised more of you who are known four using f-bombs more than me, didn’t go crazy over this stupid and selfish act.

    Nevertheless, lets forget about it and move forward. Sorry for the language used but not the sentiment in which it was delivered. It will take a lot for me to forgive Nani for what he did today. In my country we drop the gloves and challenge someone to a fight like a man if we have a disagreement with him. We don’t head butt him like a sniveling coward and then fall on the grass acting like we just got shot. If that happened in Canada’s national pastime hockey, the guy would get banned for life. Not buy the league, but by the fans of his own team. Different cultures have different ways of acting. Football needs to address this kind of behavior and dish out very stiff penalties to the abusers. And I couldn’t care less if one of those abusers was Ronaldo either. It must be stopped. FIFA is a useless entity. I’ll let you all guess what the initials FIFA mean to me.

    Finally; Three cheers for Fergie and Queiroz for coming out and openly condemning Nani’s actions. God knows Wenger would have backed him 100% and cried bloody murder on Neill, don’t you all think? I think by now Fergie has flayed and quartered the poor bugger. Like I said before, I doubt we will see him play another minute again this season. I’m sure Fergie will send a message to him in the CL Final when he doesn’t eve n dress for the game.

  13. [Grognard]
    “Also, Ronaldo has never head butted anyone ever. Yes he dives and believe me, I don’t like it but he has never head butted an opponent. At least not yet. On that alone I give him the benefit of the doubt.”

    Ronaldo in the second game of the season was quilty of the very same thing and got himself a 3 game ban at the very time when we had Rooney Injuried, Saha injured, Ole retired and Tevez unfit due to not having a pre season and as such we could have done with his contribution

    Actions like this are petulant and stupid, and theres not a person posting here who thinks otherwise. He should have been sent off and he should be punished further (I would be tempted if I was Fergie to leave him out of the CL final squad) especially due to his reaction afterwards (If it had been an actual headbut then I could maybe understand it as a full force headbut might potential hurt the person doing it also, but that wasnt even enough to have justified Neill going down hurt let alone nani). He realised immediately he had lost his head and dived to play up the slap he received and that was disgraceful.

    As for why people (myself included) wanted Neill sent off its simply for consistency.If I was running football then the nip, slaps and headbut we saw wouldn’t be sendings off, im not sure I would even have them as bookings alone as they arent full blown attempts at making contact (unlike Scholes last season with Alonso or Rooney a few seasons back with ben haim) and a talking to would do. However putting your head in someones face and raising your hands and striking a player no matter how petty has been deemed by football authorities to be worth a red and if thats the case there shouldnt be any decision to be made when it happens. Neills Pinch, double handed slap and dive should have been a red under the rules, just as Nani’s ‘headbut’ and dive was or as the hundreds of other players sent off for mild contact have been sent off this season

    [craig mc]
    I think Nani may have been told he wasnt getting to do the lap of honour. Players who get sent off are usually not allowed to take part celebrations when they win cups as punishment and I think Fergie may have told him he wasnt getting to do the lap of honour as part of his punishment.

  14. What joke did Ronaldo make on the bench that some have mentioned?

  15. Wakey, thanks for the info mate. Is it an honour thing then, not being able to celebrate if sent off, or is it like a world wide football law?. I bet the lad’s gutted!. He wouldn’t be normal if he wasn’t, would he?. I don’t think Fergie should keep him out of the CL final, because it might be like cutting our nose off to spite our face LOL!. But I know there are so people who will want the lad to be punished to the umpteenth. I’m not one of them – sorry!. I think Nani’s crosses into the box and his corner taking are better than Giggsy at the moment, so I would like to see him start in Moscow. I think he will learn big time through this nasty experience. I still love his skills, and will never forget them during his so called showboating against the arsenal. His temperament is very suspect, but so was Cantona’s, and is what made him a great player. I know Nani is not a Cantona yet, but I swear he will be a very good player for us in the future. I am sticking with that prediction too.

  16. Ok point taken RR, no hard feelings Grog, I apologize for callings names. I too was caught up in the moment. Wouldn’t think by reading on this forum that we were two games away from completing something historic for this club.

  17. Wakey; Perhaps you are mistaking me for one who has double standards. I don’t condone head butting by anyone but the thing that got me even more angry was Nani writhing in agony on the ground. It was disgusting and embarrassing to all of us who love and follow the team. Ronaldo deserved his ban and he would also be in my bad books if he acted like a clown after the incident took place.

    Craig mc; With all due respect, you are missing the point mate. We all want Nani’s positive contribution in the final but at what price. Sending a message that what he did gets you nothing more than slap on the wrist and shows that the team is to insecure and lacking in confidence to suspend or bench one of their finest. Not the message you want to send to the young players on this team or any other team for that matter. You wanting him to play because you are a fan and because you want victory is totally understandable. But you are not in the dressing room nor the manager and Fergie will do what he sees as best for the team regardless of the final. Nobody wants the European Cup more than Fergie. I’ll be very interested to see how he deals with Nani.

    TinMan; Apology accepted mate. No hard feelings. Like I said earlier, I too was a bit harsh with my words about Nani. I can see how hot under the collar it made others. I guess some of us are all a bit tense and reactive right now because so much is at stake and because success for United means so much to all of us. One thing we can all agree on, we want United to win the Double.

  18. Grognard

    This is completely off topic, but i read in many of your posts that you are a hockey fan as well… Just dont tell me u are a leafs fan… That would make me lose respect for you not the language u used to insult nani.. 🙂 lol

  19. B says; I hate the Leafs and all things Toronto. Truthfully, I am not the hockey fan I used to be. Since 1995 the game and the way it’s played has rapidly deteriorated to such a point, one can see more goals in a footy match. The neutral zone trap and player equipment has ruined the game I love. My favorite team as a young boy was the Boston Bruins as my hero growing up was the great Bobby Orr (the Franz Beckenbauer of hockey). I’m still a fan of the Bruins but over the years I gained a lot of love and respect for the Edmonton Oilers as that’s where I’m originally from. I had the pleasure of having season tickets throughout the 80’s and their 5 Stanley Cup championships. The highest scoring team in history with the Great Gretzky. For footy fans who can’t relate, the Oilers of the 80’s were to hockey what the early 70’s Ajax teams were to football. Ground breaking, innovative and high scoring with the five best players in the world playing for them at the same time. I was spoilt on the winning and all the goals. And people wonder why I can’t stand to watch the garbage product called the NHL anymore. So there you have it B. Curiosity satisfied I hope?

  20. [Grognard]
    From what I heard, the Americans pretty much poached hockey from Canada and reduced it to a pile of garbage. I may be wrong, but that’s what a disgruntled Canadian friend told me.

    That said I’ve heard great stories about Wayne Gretzky — who’s supposedly the Maradona/Pele of hockey — and the Oilers.

  21. Hey guys can you give me another MOD link. The one that was given is from bad website. Takes forever to download. Thanks.

  22. No RR my connection is really good it just that the website is not able to load it.

  23. Red Ranter; Yes the American’s did basically destroy the game that Canadians still love despite themselves. They never really poached it as there have been American teams in America for over 100 years. It’s just that they over did it with expansion in to non hockey markets like Florida and Arizona where snow is a four letter word and where ice is something that’s put in a drink to cool it down.

    Gretzky is a hockey God comparable with Maradona and Pele. There is the on going debate that Bobby Orr was a the greatest but either way, the two did wonders for the game. And Gretzky was a much more noticeable and vocal ambassador as he traveled the world selling the game to the masses. In Edmonton the owner of the Oilers was almost killed for selling Gretzky to LA and he literally was forced to sell the team and flee the city. His name is never uttered in the town out of fear much like theater people who never say the name of the “Scottish Play”. To us that play is known as Macbeth. Gretzky’s wedding in Edmonton was Canada’s version of Charles and Diana. It was large, extravagant and very posh. It was televised nationally. There is a twenty foot statue of the player in front of the arena where the Oilers play. And he received standing ovations every time he came to play as a member of the LA Kings. A couple of years ago they had a poll and survey done to pick the country’s greatest Canadian ever. He finished third I believe. United have icons like Best , Charlton, Law, Cantona but nothing compares to the love Edmontonians and even all Canadians have for Wayne Gretzky. It really is something very special. Only Argentina’s love for Maradona and Eva Peron can even compare to it. Gretzky put Edmonton and in fact put Canada on the world map.

  24. you know, people like to mention all the other acts of violence commited by united players over the years. but today was different…. not only did nani commit an act of violence towards another player, he further damned himself by PRETENDING it was done to him! everyone else MANNED-UP to it… cantona, scholes, so on so forth… forget neils redcard, he was a shithole to begin with, i agree he sould get a card but he isnt on my team… i would like the team i support to win, and to win as fair as possible (counting out a few lucky penaltys given to us and decisions made in our favour because every team gets them… some time or another)

    PLAY ACTING IS A PART OF FOOTBALL no matter what self-righteous people think. ronaldo does it, rooney did it, and sorry to say this but even school boys do it… EVEN VIDIC the iron man did it. and i have video proof…

    and think about it… grognards comments about the type of people who GENERALLY dive and play act…. can u disagree?

    getting back to nani, an act of violence, i would still stnad by him… and act of violence and that later masterpeice of play acting…. i just shook my head that the team i support had a man of such poor character play for it.

  25. Wink says – “And think about it, Grognard’s comments about the type of people who generally dive and playact, can you disagree?.
    (1) With Grognard’s comments and the way he sees things, YES I can and do disagree. But as RR says, we can differ in the way we see things, and we do!.
    (2) With regards to diving and play acting, No I don’t like it, and it needs to be driven out of the game!. But I’m not going to vilify a person’s character, because they had a moment of madness and gross stupidity reacting to provocation. Perhaps if it was, or becomes a continual part of Little man Nani’s future conduct, then it will become an issue for me.

  26. Hehe. Grog on form. I just love the bash-ups. Oi Ranty, don’t be such a spoilsport, let the fun carry on no? 😛
    Oh by the way, I think Nani will face a tough time getting over the incident. But it will shape him for the better. Wait and watch.

  27. craig, hope you are right about nani…. i really was disappointed because when he started flying, i got my hopes up. then this happened and my heart sank… i hope he will make it up to us…. like having a sensational season next time around…

  28. RR; my connection is also very good but the download just isn;t happening 😆 It said I needed to downloaded the component ‘xvid’ for quicktime for it to work but then it still didn’t work once I did this.

  29. Wink I understand where you are coming from mate, and I understand your disappointment with Nani’s conduct yesterday. I don’t know about how you are though Wink, I mean how do you respond to the way people respond to you when you have messed up big time. Some people respond to a good ‘bollocking’, but most people respond to pardon and encouragement. Not excusing their behaviour like it didn’t matter, it has to be dealt with of course. But I am one of the people who sees my mess ups, and responds better to a telling off but also with encouragement too. I think you see where I am coming from Wink, and we all tend to deal with others the way we like to be dealt with.

    I think Fergie is very Fatherly, and even though RR and others have said that Nani is 21 and therefore not a young person, I don’t really see it that way. To me 21 is still young, and there is still a lot of growing up to do. I think Fergie’s Fatherly approach, with his discipline also will really help sort Nani out, as it has others. I think he won’t let you down next season Wink, like you I like the lad too. I think as JB and K9 said, that he will learn and grow from this. Only time will tell Wink, but unless Fergie does the unusual and pushes him out the door, then we won’t know until we see what happens next year.

  30. Nani is not the finished article. His temperament is a bit suspect as he is cocky and selfish. That carries over into his football and explains why he can be frustrating and wasteful.

    I do not know whether I want him to play in the Champions League final. There is no doubt his running and crossing will cause Chelsea problems and he is decent defensively. My only worry is his tendency to give the ball away and make the wrong decisions. I’d start him ahead of Giggs but it is difficult to drop Park

  31. Craig; Valid points but I am not sure Nani has the capacity to learn from this. All season long I have watched a player who is so stubborn and demands to do his thing regardless of the team. He has come across to myself and others I know as a very talented player who is very selfish, not overly bright and who is seeking glory by taking impossible chances or by taking a wild shot over the more prudent pass. How many shots has he ballooned this year on fast break counters where he could have passed to a Rooney or Tevez who were running in to space? This happened early in the year and it has not changed all season long. If he does have the capacity to learn, he seems to be learning slowly.

    I don’t deny his talent. There is a lot there but he limits himself by putting his head down far to often and not looking around for every option. Many times his selfishness has upset his teammates in a very visible manner. Sure he is young at 21 but he is acting worse than Ronaldo did when he was 17. Ronaldo with all his early poor habits was always willing to listen to his coaches and work on his weaknesses.
    I’m hoping Nani will do this too but over the period of a long season, I have not seen the selfishness and poor decision making go away. And yet the lad has tremendous skill and at times can turn a game on it’s axis despite himself. Add to all this his very questionable temperament and poor judgment and you have a player with many question marks beside his name. Is he the heir to Giggs. I now have my doubts. Right now I prefer Park playing every game over him and to be honest, although Park is very good at what he does, I prefer a more skillful player on the ball than the big hearted South Korean. Simply put, Nani needs to grow up and stop thinking of himself over the team. He’s 21 but he acts like a 15 year old. Until then, I think he will be in Fergie’s doghouse. Right now he certainly is in mine for all that’s worth.

  32. Ok Colver, Grog, I accept you have a different opinion to me, but I will be one of the ones who continues to champion Nani!. I love the lad, and he does get carried away with excitement whenever he gets a scent of the goal lol, but I truly believe he has a lot of talent in him, which is very raw admittedly, and needs to be harnessed. I believe Fergie is the Bee’s Knees at doing this harnessing of talent though, and I love seeing what he can do with raw material. Nani is a rough diamond to me, and I enjoy watching him.

    Bye the way, it is worth a mention that this is his first season in the premiership, and not every body is a quick developer. Some players get a storming 1st season in the prem, others don’t though. He will not be used to what Neill did, even though he will be used to the diving and playacting back in Portugal. Neill pinched Nani’s leg muscle while he was on the ground, slapped him on the way up, and then clipped him on each side of the head when he was stood up. So 3 provocations there, and then Neill goes down like bet Davies, what a big girls blouse. Nani shouldn’t have responded, but if Neill had done that to me, I cannot swear hand on heart I wouldn’t have lost it a bit too. Still, I hold my hands up that Nani overdid the response and embarrasing play acting. Yet I want him to come good, and to fulfil the potential that Fergie and Carlos obviously saw in him. As long as he wears a red shirt, and is on the pitch, I’ll will be routing and roaring him on.

  33. Craig; I agree with you in part on Nani. The lad has loads of talent but a five cent brain. If he was 17 or 18 we would not be having this disagreement but he is 21 now. That may not be old but consider this, He is only one year younger than Ronaldo, and look how far Cris has come in 5 years. Also, Cris was never this bad when we first got him. He was always willing to learn and work on his weaknesses. He perfected his shooting and decision making and even his diving has curtailed greatly. But one thing he never was arrogantly moody and selfish to the point of taking long shots when he has open options on the break. Nani plays with his head down a lot like Anderson. This is not good. But his hunger for personal glory is destroying his potential. I think he idolizes Ronaldo and is jealous of him at the same time. He wants to be like him but he is going about it all wrong. We must come to the realization that not all players with talent are coachable. This I’m afraid may be the case with Nani. Honestly, I hope I’m wrong. He may be in mine and more importantly, Fergie’s doghouse, but he also could grow up from this debacle and learn to control his temper and emotions. Channel that energy better and he could become special. But that should have started when he was 17 or 18. Right now he is a little behind schedule age wise. Hopefully his arrogance and stubbornness doesn’t derail a bright future.

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