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Manchester United 08/09 Away Kit Pics

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The Sun has put up pictures of the Manchester United away kit for the 08/09 season.

I must say that I’m not really sure what to make of them. My first impressions go something like, “Meh!”. I sort of like the collar but the blue doesn’t sit too well with me. To be sure, I suppose this is the third kit apart from the existing home and away — despite what the Sun are saying. Although feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

Thankfully we get to retain our home kit. Anyway, here are the pics if you’re interested.

Carlos Tevez 08/09 Away Kit

Manchester United 08/09 Away Kit

Patrice Evra 08/09 Away Kit

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  • 189 comments later I will explain what I meant.I meant are Nike changing the current jersey, obviously it stays red

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  • Ronaldo not in the pictures, does that tell it’s own story?

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  • These are UGLY! I agree they do look like the USA should be wearing the uniforms. But anyway, these are ugly, the blue shorts make them look like a little rec league team.

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  • I like this kit. Yer it may be unusual for utd but still i like it. So what if it has blue parts to it remember the blue away kit we had 3 years ago a classic away kit. The black kit was good but a bit plain just all black i like this as its different. We will be beating Liverpool at anfield in this kit next season lol. Champions!!!!!!!!!

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  • If Ronaldo wants 2 go then we should let him we will get about 80 million for him so we can go and buy 2 superstars. I will miss Ronaldo but its his dream to play for Madrid and one day he will so sell him now and get the most we can for him.

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  • The best kit o’ve seen so far and im an arsenal fan.This looks really amazing

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  • What are the players gonaa wear, and in India Where do they have Blue football jerseys for 8 years old,s ❓

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