Manchester United Takeover Close… Apparently

Reports have gathered pace over the last twenty-four hours that the Glazers are going to be bought out by the Qatar Royal family via Qatar Holdings.

A year since the Green and Gold campaign was at its height, it seems the Qataris are close to releasing the fund that will oust the current unpopular owners. Figures of £1.6 billion have been mooted and as such bonds of United have risen in value to record levels.

It is a move that has been rumoured for a while with United spending some time in the small oil rich state over the winter and Sir Alex Ferguson backing their World Cup bid, United may see new owners sooner rather than later. It must be added that both Qatar Holdings and United have denied any deal is or will take place.

But would new owners be welcome if they are just as the current ones are, or does the £40 billion worth of assets change you attitude towards the takeover assuming it goes ahead?

Some good news regarding Patrice Evra as the French full-back has reportedly agreed a new four year deal with the club, this according to French media outlet Canal+. Thus speculation regarding a move to Real Madrid can now be put to bed.

However, one man who will be a tad disappointed will be Fabio who has seen his chances limited with Evra commanding the left-back role at Old Trafford. He has had to watch his brother excel on the other flank as competition was less fierce, but Evra’s decision to stay will at least mean the young Brazilian learns from the best.

Michael Owen’s injury nightmare appears to be never ending as the former England international is once more on the treatment table, this time with a groin injury and as a result he is unlikely to play any part in this weekends F.A. Cup match.

Manchester United continue to march on in the F.A. Youth Cup as they beat Newcastle 1-0 on Wednesday night in the fifth round of the competition, thus setting up a tie against Liverpool in the quarter-final. Ravel Morrison scored the winner and also received praise from new MUTV pundit Gary Neville.

The recently retired captain also singled out Paul Pogba and Ryan Tunnicliffe for their performances in the match.

With the race for the Premier League hotting up, Paul Scholes has given his thoughts on the run in and the fact that performances haven’t been as spectacular as us United fans expect: “You plan to be top of the league and playing great football every week, but it doesn’t always happen,” Scholes told The Mirror.

“If we’re top of the league at the end of the season – when it matters – and we haven’t been blowing teams away, we won’t care. The only thing that matters is winning that league.

“The problems we’ve had have been away, where the performances haven’t been brilliant. We’ve drawn a lot of games. But at home there hasn’t been a problem.”Sentiments I certainly agree with.

Finally, look out for a full match preview of the upcoming F.A. Cup match against Crawley Town tomorrow morning.



  1. The Qatari take-over is basically just a rumour, and the bonds value react to speculation, similar to the stock market (and fans it seems). Its not going to happen, and the recent moves of the Glazers pushing the parent company into Delaware smacks of owners who are digging in their heels in preparation for a long stay.

    As for Scholes’ comments on winning the league. Well it’s fantastic if we do end up with no.19 in the bag come May, but the Manchester United way is to win it the right way, not slug and struggle our way to the finish line, with, let’s be honest, some really mediocre football at times (it hasnt been all mediocre this season, but all lot of it has). Scholes, of all Fergie’s men, should know better. Its like an admission that we are playing to a sub-standard level.

    Would be great to see Ravel Morrison and the like given a run-out against Crawley, and with Owen out it will be interesting to see who starts.

  2. @Griffin: Atleasrts he’s admitting we are playing shit, What annoy’s me most is fergie pretending we are OK and needing no fresh blood, when we have been shit for two years now.

  3. I still expect Paddy Evra to leave in the summer. the new contract suits both sides even if he is leaving.

  4. Our away form is a joke. And it is the reason we won’t get anywhere in Europe this season. And should Arsenal beat Barcelona then I would not bet against it being such a huge boost to their morale that they power ahead and steal the title from us. Dropping two points every other game just leaves us open to getting pipped to the post by a team that can start a winning streak home AND away.

    And you know what? I think we deserve it! I have never admired teams who are bad travellers. I believe it shows weak mental strength.

  5. @wes: I agree. With him signing a new deal, United are in a much better bargaining position than they would be if his deal were still set to run out in 2012.

    I don’t think we should sell this summer though, unless Real Madrid put in an offer that can’t be refused (or Inter, perhaps). I wouldn’t be averse to selling him this summer if Fabio had more experience under his belt by now, but I think we’d do well to let Fabio have another season to learn/get more games/prove his durability before proceeding with future plans (selling Evra/giving Fabio a chance/buying Coentrao, Jose Enrique, Baines, or someone who happens to burst onto the scene between now and the next year-plus).

    I feel good about Fabio’s potential to be the future at left back like Rafael is on the other side, but I’d like to see more before we turn the reins over.

    Paddy’ll be 31 when the summer of 2012 rolls around, but as one of the best of the best (and durable, at that) in a position where the pool of available top talents isn’t as rich as it is at other positions, we’ll still be able to get a solid fee for him.

    Of course, if he starts out next season with his head elsewhere like he showed earlier this season, that opinion could change.

    Whatever happens, getting the extension done right now is a good idea.

  6. @colver: Our away form is a big strike against us, and it could well be what stands between us and the title, but I’ll reserve judgment until after the next couple of weeks. Personally, I think the Wolves defeat was a necessary reality check, but we’ll see.

    I’m not particularly sold on Arsenal being able to mount said run even if they do take down Barca, given how we’ve seen them lose steam the last few seasons, a proven lack of durability among key players, and the impact that playing a number of extra matches (Carling Cup semis + the final, an FA Cup replay, and perhaps more to come with the CL and FA Cup) could have one or both of those two being a factor again.

    The one thing in their favor is that they’ve already faced Chelsea twice and have both us and Liverpool at home, so their stretch run is a fair bit less arduous than ours…though they do have a testy one at White Hart Lane, and Stoke, Bolton, and Fulham are all likely going to be tough.

  7. @colver: are you saying we deserve to not win the title? If so, please tell me which team deserves to win the title and why….

  8. @colver: That doesn’t really make sense, why should that affect our Champions League form? We have won 3 out of 3 away games in Europe this season, and except for the Bayern loss in April we have haven’t lost a Champions League game away from home since that 3-0 loss away to AC Milan in 2007… We may be shit away from home in England, but in Europe we are the best away team there is.

  9. Fun fact!!!

    Every time Hernandez has scored a goal away from home this season, we have won. And he has been the matchwinner in 4 of those 5 games. Valencia, Stoke, West Bromwich Albion, and Southampton. He also got the equaliser for the 3-2 win at Blackpool.

    Our other goalscorers in away wins have been:
    Rooney(WBA and Rangers)
    Berbatov(2 vs Blackpool)
    Owen(vs Soton)
    Fletcher, Bebe and Obertan(vs Bursaspor)

    Viva Hernandez!

  10. @RedDevilEddy:

    Berba, Rooney, Chicha, Welbeck, Macheda, King in that order….not bad for a cadre of strikers…although i can see Macheda being sold even though I wouldn’t want that to happen…and Will Keane is developing nicely at the lower levels…set at the striker/forward position for a few years!

  11. We aren’t being bought out by the Qataris. They have denied they were ever bidding for us and they have no reason to say that if they are interested. The story was fantasy from the start.

    They wouldn’t buy us having just signed a big sponsorship deal with another top club (Barcelona). And the Glazers would not pay off the PIKs prior to selling the club, that’s nuts. They would repay the PIKs later with the money they got from the sale.

    But who cares about all that nonsense. If Evra has signed a new deal I’m delighted. I never thought he was leaving anyway, it was just his agent angling for a better deal.

  12. Come to think of it you are right Eddy. But how do you make sense of it? Surely it is more difficult going to a foreign stadium with hostile foreign fans, than going to grounds we have played at year after year after year? Our away form is an abherration that I find it difficult to explain.

    All I can think of is that we cannot handle the direct style most midtable and bottom table clubs like to deploy on their home grounds and because we play cautiously away from home that invites these teams to attack us. In Europe teams do not play as direct so it is easier to handle

  13. @colver: Or maybe just the level of English football is much higher than we all think it is? I mean, if the fourth best team in England can go to the best team in Italy and win, and the second best team in England beat the so-called “Best Team in the World/Galaxy/History of football”, then maybe this League isn’t so bad as it’s made to be by some people?

  14. @Don: nice vid. wonder if we will see him in the match? pogba and ravel have some moves. men against boys indeed 😎
    I will be interested in seeing how they perform against the stiffer comp in the next stages.

  15. @RedDevilEddy: La Liga, Serie A and Bundeliga are still superior to Premier League 🙄 🙄 🙄

    It’s now Marseille’s turn to humiliate yet another English team in this season’s CL. This comes after… oh. 🙄

  16. Tomorrow will be do or die for Jonny Evans. He must have the courage and strength to shut out Crawley Town 😀

    Looking ahead to our trip to Marseille, expect a nice 4-5-1 folks, it’ll be interesting to see if a 5 man midfield can somehow be overrun.

  17. @RedDevilEddy: Bingo, people chronically underrate the EPL. Winning away in Europe is much easier than winning away in the League. The difference beside the level of play is the away goal rule. most teams set themselves up to be ultra defensive which actually plays right into the hands of the big sides. We are even guilty of that, even when he had the best team in the land.

    People always mock the “cold february night in stoke” cliche, but there is some truth to it. Its not just the one game that is so tough, its that you have 38 grueling games against physical and fast teams that are trying to kick you. I have no doubt that barca would destroy Stoke 6-0 on any given night, but stretch that over 38 games and you will see that team starting to crack and break down. We might have shitty teams down in the bottom but they still arent easy games.

  18. Tomorrow is a good game, because our youngsters should be given the chance to shine:

    —-Chicharito–King ——–
    Subs: Rafael, Owen, bunch of youth players

    Honestly, I am not well-versed in United youth (haven’t played FM with United in a loooong time) 🙂 but from gathering various tid-bits of info, I know that Morrison, Pogba, and King are the better prospects on our youth team and would like to see them in action.

    What you say? Anyone have other lineups in mind?

  19. Chelsea – who are fifth 😈 – have had next week’s home game with Birmingham postponed because Brum are in the Carling Cup final.

    AND their Stamford Bridge clash with leaders Manchester United on March 1 will be put back if Chelsea beat Everton in tomorrow’s FA Cup fourth-round replay – and book a home tie with Reading on the same day.

    They either lose to Everton (replay is a disaster!) or have to fit two games into a tight schedule…. yowzers!

  20. Josh King (41), Paul Pogba (42), Ryan Tunnicliffe (46) and Ollie Norwood (47) all given senior squad numbers.

    Hopefully they are in the squad tommorow!

  21. @David Schiavone: We can but hope.

    I think the Independent has a alliance with the Express, who have repeatedly stated that they have an inside track on the doings here. It seems like they print a bold story, only to become silent for days and weeks after.

    Myself, I trust the Guardian, the Telegraph and, of course, the Beeb. They seem to value their reputation more than their readership, and in the Goldfish Bowl that footy lives in, I like to watch what makes sense and not what I want to make sense (if you get my drift).

    Of course the Express/Independent might be on to something. 😯 😯

  22. Match preview coming shortly folks.

    Am I scurrying to get it in before I prop my feet up and watch some cricket? No comment!

    I kid, I kid…just glad to be thinking clearly and able to contribute again.

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