More names on United departures list

Zemanta Related Posts ThumbnailThings might have gone very much quiet on the arrival front at Old Trafford after the signing of Juan Mata, but the exit door has been incredibly busy on transfer deadline day so far, with many youngsters been given the opportunity to gain crucial first team experience on loan at other clubs.

Wilfried Zaha has finally completed his loan move to Cardiff for the remainder of the season and one can only hope the youngster will grab his chance to prove his worth between now and May.

“I said right at the start of the season that if I could get Wilf the games, I’d keep him, but if I couldn’t then I’d get him some games on loan,” said David Moyes about the former Crystal Palace man.

“There were a few clubs who wanted him on loan but in the end we felt Cardiff was the right choice for him. Hopefully he will go and get those games, show what he can do in the Premier League and be ready to come back to us at the end of the season.

“He has real potential. He did terrifically well at Crystal Palace and that’s why the club purchased him. The boy needs to keep his development going. If he can get those games at Cardiff then we can have a look at him in the Premier League and see exactly where he is,” continued the United manager.

“I couldn’t give him that at the start of the season and in the period I’ve been here so we’ll look at him now and see what he can do.”

Fabio, meanwhile, has also joined Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s team but his switch to the Welsh capital is a permanent one and he departs Old Trafford after a six-year spell.

The Brazilian left-back joined United in 2008 and went on to play 56 times for United in all competitions, scoring three goals, the last of which came in the Capital One Cup earlier this season and will be forever remembered as a surprise inclusion in the 2011 Champions League final against Barcelona.

By many thought to be even more talented than his twin brother Rafael, Fabio was expected to pick up Patrice Evra’s baton at left-back, but has had limited opportunities and a move away from United could guarantee him the regular football he’s been craving for.

Meanwhile, Charni Ekangamene and Sam Byrne have been loaned to Carlisle United for the remainder of the season, while U21 captain Tom Thorpe and Tyler Blackett have joined Birmingham on loan and will remain at St. Andrew’s until the end of the season.




  1. Am I the only one really disappointed we sold Larnell Cole and Tunnicliffe outright? I really badly wanted to see those two try to break through…

    Edit :

    Oooo, I thought this was done business. Looking now it looks like it hasn’t happened. Good.

  2. I’m disgusted we sold Fabio.
    I wonder if this means that Rafael will stay on at the end of the season?

    As I said, we will read a lot into Moyes’ roadmap by looking at who he let go during this transfer season. It says a lot about the “type” of players he fancy. He prefers “production labourers” over “skilled workers”.

    • @Karl:
      I liked Fabio quite a lot, always expected him to break through, wondered to myself what it would be like to have a squad with him and Rafael terrorizing the wings. Never got that chance. Which could have done wonders to overcome poor midfield play.

      • @Ben: wonder why he didn’t make it. When they started out I felt he was better and more mature than Rafael. Mystery.

        • @Karl: Rafael and Fabio had very different competition at the club. Fabio was up against legend Evra. Rafael was up against O’shea… there’s a big difference in outcome as can be seen by playing time.

  3. Looks like Mata is the only one we are bringing in.

    Chelsea look like they did much better business. Matic, Zouma and Salah give them three young and exciting players. Really the way they have rebuilt the tired squad which peaked way back in Mourinho’s first spell at the club is impressive. Yes they splashed the cash and hopefully we will get to do the same thing. But they’ve had very few flops and flipped Mata and De Bruyne for much more than they paid for them. Plus most of their signings cost far less than we spent on Fellaini.

    And Mourinho has continued this position putting paid to the idea that he is only interested in splashing out on big name players.

    Mata was a good signing for us. But the truth is that we are still overreliant on OAPs like Evra, Giggs, Van Persie, Carrick, Rio and Vidic and are desperately missing Scholes.

    Chelsea is the model we want to follow. Reinjecting our team with young and hungry youngsters with bags of talent.

    • @colver: Moyes has had the chance (2 transfer windows now) to recruit hungry young players but decided in his wisdom 😯 to tread a different path.Ive personally got no faith in his decision making and these two transfer windows have just basically reinforced that view.

    • Very disappointing transfer window. After the summer window, this club should have been working full time to line up minimum ONE central midfielder. Failing to do that is complete failure. The whole idea, that there weren’t any that would move is nonsense. Cabaye moved for less than 25 million…. The fact that United weren’t even in the running, that they showed no interest is awful. Really talented promising midfielders moved. The wait for ANY central midfielder now gets even more agonizing and drawn out. In which a good deal of people will say, yes, it has to happen during this window…. Does it??? Does it really? I have now almost no faith in the personnel decisions being made at the club. Another failed transfer window. Very frustrating.

      This could have been the beginning of new things, exciting things. Instead it’s the same. Mata and a good CM with upside would have signalled real change. Now, it’s back to waiting another 6 months to get some glimpse of some plan. Wow. With the summer being such a miserable failure, I told myself, it’s impossible that they will fuck up another one. They have to understand that even one more failed window, while every other club grows and strengthens will cripple this club. I find this Mata signing almost as discouraging as if we signed another striker. Okay, sure we could upgrade over welbeck or chicharito, but why??? You don’t upgrade for a better number 3 striker, and you don’t upgrade for a number 10 when at least 2 players on the team already compete for that position. Very disappointing. The business side of this club is completely dysfunctional, and the football side won’t recover until the business side does first.

      I assume United will get their billion dollar shirt deal, because although Woodward is useless at procuring players he’s a wizard at minting sponsorship income…. There is money available to buy ANYONE. That money should be made available. Moyes should spend it.

      I don’t think Moyes will succeed. But at a bare minimum, when he leaves, this club should have an embarrassment or riches in the form of players he has brought in. This coming summer window has to be absolutely massive or this club will be dead in the water for the foreseeable future, I’d guess 5 years minimum. And every sign is that it isn’t coming.

      • @Ben: It takes time to rebuild after not servicing the team with an influx of good talent every window.
        I’d say a good 3 seasons before we can be great again – yep,… that’s probably realistic.
        I will bide my time looking at the process of doing it – as long as we actually try to rebuild, that is. 😉

        • @Ben: Exactly.Moyes has convinced himself that the likes of vidal, gundgogan etc are going to come to ot to play Thursday night football.Reality is a word thats alien to moyes and the mufc board.

        • @Redrich:

          We have desperate needs as a team, which aren’t getting filled. He had 6 months after that disastrous summer to find even ONE central midfielder. With Carrick injured right now, that is even more pressing an issue. And still…. with all that incentive, with apparently 37 million to spend, we could not get a single central midfielder. Cabaye would have been terrible??? 23 million is not expensive for what Cabaye would have meant to this squad, or any number of other central midfielders. It’s complete bullshit, complete and utter failure.

          Then everyone says, the summer, the summer. What makes you think, that the best midfielders in the world, that apparently we’re waiting on…. will choose United??? There is going to be a fight for them. Why do you think we’ll win those fights? At that point, we’ll be out of Europe, with Woodward that famous procurer of talent. Midfielder had to be on the buy least, and again, we struck out.

          What reason do you have for believing that Woodward, and Moyes, can manage to land the greatest players…. when all evidence is that they cannot even manage to patch up urgent needs.

        • @Redrich: After the way this car crash of a season is going, you can’t expect miracles for the second half of the season. Just reality, whether we like it or not. As much as I’d love us to qualify for the c l, just think it’s out of our hands now. It’s going to take major slip ups by one or two teams for that to happen and us to go virtually undefeated till the end of the season for that to happen. To be honest, just think we’re clutching at straws.

    • @Moscow: I look forward to the the fight for fourth. It’ll be touch and go, and I think Liverpool will need a dip in form, but I’m excited about our chances!
      Chin up, cow, we got a chance, don’t we??

  4. Even Wenger pulled one out of the hat landing Kallstrom on a loan deal. While he’s hardly set the world alight he brings a lot of experience and proven quality.

    Meanwhile as Carrick can’t stay fit we are going endure some combination of Fletcher, Giggs, Jones and Cleverley all season.

    Summer is Moyes’ last chance. But I bet you anything he’ll try and sign a striker like Jackson Martinez or Cavani

  5. If the player revolution is finally here (meaning Moyes wants to purge the team of it’s mediocre-to-poor players), then I’m ecstatic.
    I am sick and tired of watching our regular first team players just stink up the place with performances that would redden the cheeks of a Pub team player. It’s not just this season either. Ever since the introduction of Evans, Jones, Smalling and especially Cleverly, this team has looked just like what they bring to the table – lower division Football.
    I’m not sure Moyes will get the full financial backing that our main rivals get, and I’m not sure the general caliber of our team will attract players that want to spotlight their skills on the big stage, but I do applaud his efforts to make a run at what has seemed impossible for the last 5 years.

    The general chorus of Moyes’ distractors seem to be from a militant faction of the supporters. Those that will take-to-arms at the first sign of a struggle. Portioned with the logic, that a good manager will always turn a bad player into a serviceable commodity, and hence, a mostly serviceable commodity into a Champion. In fact it sounds just like the Glazers’ thinking that has suppressed this team for over 5 years now. Fortunately for this club, they are in a minority.

    The way forward for any club in to create an environment where competition is at the very highest level. Keeping players aware that if they do not perform well on a regular basis, there is always another good player barking at the manager for playing time. It’s called DEPTH.
    For the past few years we have seen the departure of Ronaldo, Keane, Neville, Scholes, and, soon-to-be Giggs. The loss of these players without valid replacements has obviously been hard on this side – the solution of bringing in Valencia, Anderson, Cleverly, Evans, Butner and the d’Silva brothers is a clear mark of what the clubs ambitions has been. The status quo that we thought Ferguson gave us is over and we are now left standing face to face with what he left us – and it’s so ugly sometimes, you want to turn away.

    The thought of a new manager trying to simulate what SAF did was always a very faint one. The idea of someone trying to create a new dynasty is an exciting one.
    Moyes needs us to support his efforts to improve this squads personnel – I’m willing to to give him a chance, why don’t you??

  6. With the current sorry state of our CMF I don’t think Moyes has much choice other than to use a 4-4-2 or a hybrid of it.
    He almost certainly needs to field his best players and that would have to include Rooney, RVP and Mata which would leave a very hollow central area that would have to be filled by Fletcher or Carrick. Ideally one or the other could go B2B which would insure some form of defensive cover, but as we know, neither one can, that means someone from our backline has to commit to some MF duties.
    The alternative is to sacrifice Mata or Kagawa for Cleverly or both Carrick and Fletcher.
    The choice seems to be between sporting a more flexible, but more predictable formation to that of a highly risky 4-3-2-1 that would leave our middle as bare as a poledancer.
    I will have to assume that Evra will now start every game and that his flank will not be protected by a winger but by Rooney or Mata/Kagawa floating wide, but most probably Rooney, which pretty much puts us back into a 4-4-2, or more likely a 4-4-1-1.
    The options for presenting this team is limited by its personnel. Fortunately the second half of this season doesn’t give as as many challenges as we had in the first.

  7. @Redrich
    Is this the counter argument that we’ve been waiting for? I have to admit that I’m a bit dissapointed. There are lots of flaws in your argument.

    To name but a few:
    1.”player revolution is finally here (meaning Moyes wants to purge the team of it’s mediocre-to-poor players)”
    – is it wise to let players go in areas where you’re struggling? Especially if the players you let go are better than those expected to fill those positions? Why is Cleverley still here? Why did Zaha and Fabio not even feature?
    – Yes, this is a revolution, but what we are evolving to does not inspire confidence or excitement. I said it before, Moyes’ roadmap will be seen in who he let go this window more than who he brings in. Everton here we come…

    2.”sick and tired of watching our regular first team players just stink up the place with performances that would redden the cheeks of a Pub”
    – I’m never one for posting fantasy football formations and tactics. But doing so in a previous post highlighted to me the fact that our team is not that pathetic. They are just not suited to our style of play. Change the style and the team dynamics (effectiveness and efficiency) as well as the entertainment factor will change completely.
    – I agree we need reinforcements in certain areas, but:-
    A. Moyes is failing to address this as priority – instead he sees it wise to weaken those areas even more
    B. This is essentially the same mid-table team that were consistently champions before hos arrival.

    3. “Portioned with the logic, that a good manager will always turn a bad player into a serviceable commodity…”
    – You do realise that you are contradicting yourself? You stated on many occasions Fergie did this.
    – I can give you quite a few examplea of this principle being true, Mourinho and Porto being one of them.

    4. “Fortunately for this club, they are in a minority.”
    – Is it a good thing or a bad thing that the masses are being led by the nose…because of their laziness to think?

    5. “The thought of a new manager trying to simulate what SAF did was always a very faint one…”
    – Why then is Moyes trying to do exactly that?
    – More importantly, why should he get your support in trying to do exactly that?

    6. “With the current sorry state of our CMF I don’t think Moyes has much choice other than to use a 4-4-2…”
    – 442 without b2b midfielder is risky on its own
    – our hybrid of 424 with the players we have at our disposal creates a big hole in the middle (which is evident in the qay teams stroll throufh our midfield)
    – we don’t have the strikers for wide crossing
    – I’ve mentioned this before..but why on earth would you want to play a midget striker with a HEAD injury to receive crosses in a wide 442 system? This not only show a lack of tactical nous for variation, but at this level is just complete incompetence and idiocy. Why should such a manger warrant my support?

    7. “The options for presenting this team is limited by its personnel”
    – then why not strenghten the personel by addressing the areas of need first? Why indulge in luxuries where we are already covered?
    – if Mata did not become available, would there have been any other additions?

    As I said before, I am battling to see the sense in the argument for Moyes…still do.

    • @Karl:
      This team was woefully unable to win big games, or, ummm…. small games? The quality, the tactics, everything this team lacks, it lacks it in spades. Why are we supposed to believe Juan Mata can paper over all the massive shortcomings of this team? I don’t. I think this team will continue to lost against the teams currently above us in the league, I think they will continue to have the occasional embarrassing loss or draw to a far inferior team, and then the occasional big flashy win against a nothing team where people will be excited and talk about corners being turned. I don’t believe it. This is a mid table team. It will finish in the middle table. What this team needs, and needed, was immediate restructuring. Which we have now failed to get within a mile of in two separate transfer windows. It’s a very very very sad joke. Any CM would have been something, fuck, even a CM from some inferior south american league with some upside and some desire, maybe for like 10million would have been better than what we have right now, and it would have shown the desire to move in the direction we need to move in. 1 signing?! Are you fucking kidding me? The person that managed 1 signing for this team needs a fucking lobotomy. Another hopeless performance in another transfer window. What are we even supposed to hope for in the summer? 6 huge signings coming in? Not, gonna, happen. It’s always next transfer window. Next set of results is when it will all turn around. Nope. No. No. No. Not a chance. Love this team, but no way. Long, shitty, slogging years of misery ahead.

      • @Ben: Spot on.Ive said previously moyes is is obsessing about bringing the ‘Hollywood’ names to utd rather than bringing in someone who can actually strengthen our weakest areas.Two transfer windows in and what have we got? a comfort blanket for moyes from his old team and a player to add to our already loaded attacking formations, when there’s a gaping big hole in our midfield thats been in urgent nead of attention. Just sick of all the excuses . absolutely pathetic.

  8. Almost £70m later, we still sit with the exact same problems that we’ve always had. In fact, taking ageing and individual player performances into account, the team is worse than last season.

    Is this what it means to be a “good” manager used to workibg on a “tight” budget?

    If we are busy with an evolution, where are we evolving to?

    What need is Mata expected to fulllfil if the manager don’t know yet where he is going to play him? (as per his own admission)

    Why do we buy a player for £15m and send him away on loan without giving him a proper run of games? Especially since we severely lack in that particular area. Are we even interested in developing him? Is he not the type of new energy and competition for places that we wanted?

    Is Buttner really better than Fabio?

    Please don’t tell me Cleverley is a better player than Anderson?

    Is Carrick not getting old? Do we intend using him for as long as we do Giggs?

    When did Fletcher suddenly become the hero of our midfield?

    When did Young and Valencia become indispensible?

    How long will we play bitch to Rooney?

    In what world is Welbeck a better option as no10 than Kagawa?

    When are we going to start preparing Jones for CB?

    Is 40years old not to old for a high tempo game? And when did Giggs become the mainstay of our center midfield (to be played exclusively for big games).

    Just some questions I’m battling with in terms of management decisions.

    • @Karl:
      Yup. Sums it all up perfectly. Horridly, forensically precise. Like the Zapruder film in slow motion.

      I’d really like to be optimistic, but those are a hell of a lot of unanswerable questions, or questions with dismal awful answers.

      Something impossibly unsatisfying about ‘in the summer’. Excellent. In the summer we can watch all our first targets (you know, players that almost every big club will want to sign, even clubs with already strong midfields) sign to other clubs, or stay put. Then watch United management be completely and utterly shocked, and entirely unable to cope with not getting exactly the first target they went for. If you think everything will be solved in the summer, I have some magic beans I would like to sell you.

    • @Karl: Very good post. Agree entirely. Utd have the players to get an ECL spot and with the addition of a world class midfielder or two in the summer and players playing in the right position using the right tactics, we can be a footballing force again. That, of course is very much down to Moyes. As far as your questions go, the answers seem obvious to everyone but those that count. At least Zaha will get some PL football at Cardiff, probably before he’s sold for a quarter of the price he was bought for. I can understand why Moyes wants to have a clear out of the deadwood, any new manager would do the same, but what I don’t understand is why he sees the deadwood as being the young players that should’ve been Utd’s future and Utd’s future in the likes of Young and Co. I can only humbly conclude that this is why Moyes is the manager of one of the biggest football clubs in the world and we are reduced to airing our frustrations on a football blog. Sometimes there’s no justice 😀 😀

  9. City wrapped up a summer deal for Fernando-probably on a free. Arsenal got Kallstrom an experienced international. Inter signed Hernanes. Chelsea sign Matic. And despite the fact we are in far more desperate need of a central midfielder we couldn’t even wrap up an interim deal.


    • @colver: You know, this time last week I was full of optimism. Utd had signed Mata and the future was looking bright, right up until the team to play Cardiff was announced. Since then the realization has dawned that although a huge amount of money has been spent we are not really any further forward. Moyes still doesn’t know his best team and still doesn’t know how best to play them. Getting 4th spot really is going to be an uphill battle.

  10. I don’t think we should be overly concerned that Anderson has gone. He was, on the whole, a huge disappointment over the six seasons he was with us. He certainly couldn’t be relied on. Very sadly Zaha has off-field problems and possibly an attitude problem too. Hopefully a loan spell will help him mature so that he can finally launch his OT career next season. Unfortunately Fabio doesn’t appear to be making the grade. He was given every opportunity when on loan at QPR but didn’t exactly shoot the lights out. It could be argued he wasn’t given much of a chance this season but, although originally touted as being better than his brother, so far that has not been the case.

    I am sorry Powell hasn’t returned but hopefully in Carrick, Fletcher, Jones,Cleverly and Fellaini we have just about enough in midfield to see us through until the end of the season. I am disregarding Giggs but I daresay he’ll feature. I know I am in a minority (probably of 1) but I believe Giggs should have retired some time ago. In terms of looking to the future his continued presence in the team has been a mistake. As with Scholes’ return it has merely papered over the cracks and given an excuse not to invest in the midfield. Make no mistake, they were great players for United, legends both, but keeping them on whilst not thinking suffifiently about the future has been a grave error. Fergie was mostly to blame for this ploy.

    I don’t think we should down play the Mata acquisition just because we didn’t get a midfielder in this window. Mata’s arrival has given the whole club a boost and hopefully his presence will show itself in the results from now on. RVP and Rooney staying fit is vitally important too. Moyes has been given the next window plus next season, most probably, to re-build the team as he thinks it should be. He has targets who were not available now but could be in the summer. Of course the argument regarding going for loan deals to fill in until then is valid. Also that United not qualifying for the ECL could make Moyes’ ability to attract top talent more difficult is also valid.

    Nevertheless, with Mata’s arrival as well as RVP and Rooney returning, getting at least 4th place is surely not beyond this team’s capability.
    We shouldn’t be resigned to Thursday night football just yet!

    • @Julian: I agree fully with your statements about Giggs & Scholes.

      I think 4th place is a very big ask considering our track record. I think our battle will be to finish & stay in the top half.

      If the complaint was about “value” during this window, what complaint will there be during an inflated Worldcup year?

    • @Julian: We can say thousands of words for Moyes. Fact is he has no chemistry with this squad. He is not respected. It’s obvious. The guys are playing like no champs. They ‘re playing like chickens.

      Giggs, Carrick, Ferdinand and Scholes should be last resort the last 3 years. Instead they started sooooo many games that other players (CM problem anyone??? chemistry between defenders anyone???) could not develop into world class.

      Anderson had no place in CM. And Young is no fucking left winger. Nani either. Fabio wasn’t given chances. Rooney never a CM or a winger (even in Ronaldo era he was sacrificed).

      So Fergie left a fucking team that was winning only with his way. I can’t understand how the chicky Moyes can win anything with a team built like this.

  11. This is now getting laughable. Moyes is a fucking joke. Incompetent idiot, tactically in the dark ages. What other club with our staus would put up with this? No tempo, no cohesion, thew guy it totally inept. I cannot believe one of footballs super powers are managed by this buffoon. I heard he was blaming the weather!? Well David, winners do not make excuses, guess what we are not buying them, fuck off you muppet.
    Have some dignity or integrity, realise you are out of your depth and resign. Fergie thanks, we are Manchester United, not Glasgow United.

    • @Stephen:
      But can we all just agree, that January window was a complete disaster?

      We addressed none of our absolute needs. And pissed away 37 million for a player that could make a good team great, but will do nothing for this squad at all.

      So that optimism, that insistence that Mata would help us turn it all around, surely that has all evaporated? Because if we can’t beat Stoke…. we’re not going to turn anything around. The question is, is 7th place too high a position for United? What are you going to say when United FALLS after picking up Mata? You think after that Gundogan and company gonna come runnin’? After demonstrating our ability to use players we bring in.

      Welcome to Moyes country, where there is always someone to offer hope, and it vanishes immediately upon being given.

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