Mourinho, Shut it!

There is only so much delusions of grandeur a human being can take in a day. In reference to this from the ‘Special One’:

“If you want me to rule out ever being Manchester United manager I can’t. “Special clubs need special managers so in theory it could work, but nobody knows what the future is in football.

That was the first part. Then this:

“Manchester United have won it with ease since I have gone because no manager has put a team together that can rival them. But my teams always rival Manchester United and Sir Alex knows that.

“They are a great team but if I was at a top club in England I think the title race might have been a lot closer this year. Chelsea have had no stability, Arsenal are nowhere and Liverpool threatened but I don’t think anybody really thought they were ever going to win it,” he said. “I would not allow a team of mine to be so far behind. It is embarrassing in March. Manchester United have a great squad but are their players really that much better than Chelsea’s or Liverpool’s? I don’t think so. So something else must be the problem and somebody has to take responsibility for that. I beat Manchester United with Chelsea and Porto. Now I am ready to beat them with Inter.”

Ok, let’s take a deep breath, step back for a second and think. Yes, he was really successful and he’s great with the media and the press love him. But isn’t there a fine line between playing mind games and being downright tiring?

At least I thought so.

I also found it a little concerning that Mourinho, as a manager of a big European club, would pimp himself to a rival club. What would an Inter fan think? It’s fairly obvious that someone who has the ability to play games with the media would enjoy distancing himself from the club he’s just half a season into.

Getting into the actual matter of what he said, it’s instantly repulsive to think Mourinho could be our next manager, the day Fergie retires. Speaking from the heart yes, there are very few people in the footballing world that instantly turn me off. Mourinho is clearly among them.

What really saddens me, though, is the lack of a real alternative successor to the United job. We can perhaps include Martin O’Neill, whilst others may have too little experience or are just out of their depth.

It was a topic of much heated debate yesterday in the comments, and I have to agree with one of the suggestions put forth yesterday that while, Mourinho may be a really tough pill to swallow, it’s a concession many fans may have to make if they are to expect a manager to break from the considerable shadow of Fergie. United haven’t been really great at replacing outstanding managers. One would have to hark back to the time Sir Matt Busby stepped down. It was a period of musical chairs and mostly barren years before the club stumbled upon Fergie.

Moving on I don’t know how many people have watched the Watchmen, but this is an excellent reworking of one of the scenes, featuring Dr. Merseyside, aka, Rafa Benitez.

Meanwhile, Ferguson taunts Mourinho, saying Inter will play for penalties. Now this could either get Mourinho to try to get his team play attacking football exposing his hurriedly patched up back four or, of course, he could tell his team to play like he always tells them to play — defensively. With a spate of injuries in their defence, I’d say we have the upper hand.

On our injury list is Rio Ferdinand, who could make it for Wednesday’s clash. But more on that in tomorrow’s preview.



  1. @donibrasco: Are you on drugs!??! Adebayor better than Rooney that is the most ridiculous thing I have ever read on this site.

  2. @RedDevilEddy: Intersting points, but is Torres better than Rooney with his left foot, and balance Torres goes down far too easily and Wazza has a low centre of gravity, so not sure but good point well put across.

  3. @Grognard: Oh boy, my exams arent finished in a long time! Its just that I have been having big tests 3 times a week for nearly a month now. These last 7 days have been espesially terrible! Had the final test today, had one yesterday, had to write 20 pages of litterature until Monday, and had a test on Friday. At least now I have got 2 weeks of break from tests, and I can enjoy my birthday. 😀 And thanks for wishing me the best, because these tests really stressed me. We are applying for schools now, so my results are gonna be important. So I really wanted to do well. Hopefully I did!

  4. @Shreyas: Interesting article. The one who doesn’t like Mourinho is placing a lot of the blame for Mourinho’s lackluster performance at Inter on him and I think it’s because the team is only average to begin with and because he was not able to sign the players he was promised to when he signed with them. Quaresma is a weak character, he is right. It amazes me that he signed him. The only players at Inter I would ever want on United or any team I supported are Maicon and Cambiasso. The rest are either useless, overrated or too old. Clearly he has done wonders with an aging squad that has poor back four (except for Maicon), no quality central midfielders and the most overrated gutless forwards in football in IbrahmiBitch and Adriano. How many senior citizens are on that team taking up space and money? Crespo, Figo, Zanetti and Vieira. Take those salaries out of the team and replace them with good young talent and lets see if more would not be afraid of Mourinho then. Frankly he has gotten about as much as can be expected from such a club.

    He may not be everybody’s cup of tea but like I have said over and over, he is a winner. He may not always play beautiful football, but he has learned from the best and I’m sure he is capable of adapting, especially if given a talent pool that is as great as United’s. I think of our back four right now and great they are. I think of how great he made the back four at Chelsea when he was in charge. That is important to me. I could see him really getting the most out of players like Rooney, Anderson, Carrick etc. I would worry about Ronaldo and Berbatov though. Both do things that are not Mourinho’s way of doing things and they both aren’t famous for tracking back. But then again, you never know.

  5. @Beachryan: RTooney doies so much more than Torres. Torres is a better finisher with better goal scoring instincts, but he is not as multi-dimensional as Rooney. Rooney is a much better passer, has more vision, and imagination and also tracks back and gets involved in the play away form the opposing goal. He also makes everyone around him better with his effort and his great running into space. Torres is much more rigid in his contribution. A great player but I would not rate him better than Rooney. I’d call them equal unless goals are the only thing you are judging things by. If so, then Torres is better.

  6. I’m going to be confident here, 4-0 to us, Ronaldo, Rooney (2) Giggs 😈

  7. @Beachryan: Drogba is a presence in the middle and much of what you say about him is true. But he’s also a piece of shit and a prick and that alone make me and all the others hate him and dismiss him on principle. WE HATE THE DROGBA!

  8. @Stephen: Rooney have scored very few goals with his left foot. Although almost equally good with both feet, Torres scored many goals with his left last season(and this). But of cource, most of their goals are made with the right foot. And Torres has a great balance, because the drag-feint he does enquires a great deal of body control. But Im not so sure on that, still. Because I think there are some things they are equally good at. I would take Torres over Tevez, hell, even Berbatov. Because this is what I want from the ultimate striker:

    Deadly finishing
    Fucking fast!
    Good in the air
    Great positioning
    Equally good with both feet
    Can score every type of goal
    Mentality: Wanna score on every chance in every game!

    This actually sets up well for some players. If I look away from injury troubles, mentality(wanting to play for another club) or personality, my choices as the “Ultimate striker” would be this list:

    Louis Saha
    Karim Benzema
    Fernando Torres
    David Villa
    Samul Etoo
    Didier Drogba(in his prime)
    Miroslav Klose

    These are all players I have sexual dreams of playing in United. 😕 😀 Fuck Adebayor, Van Persie, Shavechenko, Henry and Aguero. I luv Aguero, but he does not fit well with the shortlist. He is not so good in the air, fairly weak, and he just isnt one you can trust when your team REALLY NEEDS a goal. Rooney is my favorite United striker, and I love him. But even though I think Berbatov is brilliant as God himself, he does not possess some of the qualities I am looking for. I would sub Berba for every one of those mentioned above. Thats just because I want perfection for my beloved team. I especially would have liked to see Villa, Benzema or Torres at United. I can only dream…

  9. @RedDevilEddy: Well done mate. That gives it to Rooney I believe. Also, lets not forget the fact that Rooney is a man and Torres is a girl. Pretty good competition from a girl though. Torres is also cuter. 😉

  10. @donibrasco: You are stuck in the old school mentality of what a striker is. Rooney is not a Gerd Muller, a Crespo or a Drogba. He is unique and that alone makes your comparison pointless because he doesn’t play the same position. His position is more hybrid. A forward/midfielder.

  11. @phoenix red: We all need to be confident. If we worry about losing to Inter, that doesnt make us any more men than 6 year old girls with ponytails. 🙄 We are United, we are fucking winners!!! Screw Inter, we are the best. CHAMPIONS OF ENGLAND, CHAMPIONS OF EUROPE!!! Fuck them all, its United that counts. They are just a piece of shit that are more overrated than fucking Stevie Me!!!! Bloody bastards, we are gonna show them how real Champions play football. How real Champions win! How real champions seize the opportunity!!!! HOW REAL FUCKING CHAMPIONS SCORE MORE THAN THEIR OPPONENTS!!!! We are gonna beat them!!!! This is gonna be fun… 😈

    The team, the club that is Manchester United will listen to the famous words of the “Special” puppet. The players will raise to the occasion, the players will show who they really are, the TEAM are gonna show Mr. Jose Fucking Mourinho what a winning and hammering their opponents really mean. “BE CHAMPIONS!”

  12. @Grognard: I was thinking about putting the a comparison that was “Who is the most manly?”, with Rooney “Winning by a mile!” Then something else about Torres being more of a girl than Rafael Benitez herself. We all know girls only talk bullshit all the time, without any actual sense, so I thought it would fit well. 😉

  13. @RedDevilEddy: I’d take Aguero over all of them mate. The man is brilliant. My favorite forwards may surprise a lot of you but I think some of the surprises may eventually prove me correct.


    And yes I honestly believe Bendtner is going to turn into a great striker. The two Russians a re good but they need a fast supporting cast to play off of to be truly dangerous.

  14. My prediction today is United will win 3-1. A tight game but our fitness and superiority will win the game in the second half.

  15. Eddy what is Saha doing on your list? He is past it and even when he was fit and firing on all cylinders he was no better than Yorke and Cole i.e. good but a long way off world class.

    Tonight the game is ours to win. The worst thing we can do is what we’ve been doing all season: going 1-0 up and not being ruthless enough to extend our lead. I’m only going to relax when we go 2-0 up because you can never bet against Inter scoring a lucky goal (probably a dubious penalty after we’ve been denied ten legit ones).

    Score two goals and we’ll go through.

    Score one and we better pray the Gods are on our side

  16. @Grognard: Those are some really good strikers my friend. Imagine having those 11 as a team! The goalkeeper would be shooting from behind the half way line! It would concede a lot of goals, but what a game that would be like! 😛

    I can understand Aguero, Villa, Torres, Klose, Huntelaar and Podolski, but who the fuck is Pogrebnyak? And I would never rate Pavlychenko, Bendtner or Ibesevic to be in my list. I think Aguero and Podolski is too bad in the air, Huntelaar and Toni arent fast enough, Pavlychenko just isnt that deadly and Bendter is just shite. He may be a monster in the air, but he just doesnt do it for me. But hey, everyone is entitled to their opinion! I just feel that teh ultimate striker would be a combo of Drogbas aerial play, Ruuds positioning, the finishing of Villa and the speed of Agbonlahor. Villa is the best striker on the planet for me, right now at least. He has everything you can ask from a striker, and if Fergie bought him I would literally clean Villas boots and thank Ferguson in person. That would be the best day of my life, even better than the day Anderson scores his first goal. 😯 Didnt expect that, did you?! 😉 Ive had a fairly good day today, so if Anderson scored Im gonna remember 11th March 2009 forever!

  17. @colver: You wouldnt call Saha a good striker? If you look away from his injuries, he could do everything needed in an attacker. He had the third most assists for us in 2006/07, even though he missed the last 5 months. He is a deadly finisher. He is nearly perfection in the air, he is really fast, he is equally good with both feet and he could score everything from tap ins to screamers! If he could stay fit for a whole season(which will never happen because we are talking about SAHA!) he may have been a contestant for Ballon Do`R. Im not joking here, he is the ultimate striker! Just that everyone has a flaw, and his ruined his career. Why couldnt it be something like him being gay, having 11 fingers or snoring louder than my coach yells when we dont win instead?! 😛

  18. @RedDevilEddy: If you had watched a lot of Zenit play last year in the UEFA Cup and enough of Russia you would know who he is. He is a lethal striker with great presence. He would be Russia’s number one if not for Pavlyuchenko. As for Bendtner, he is young and he is learning. I see great skill in him and in time Wenger could turn him into the most feared forward in England. Either that or he ends up with a team like Bayern who fancy him. Trust me, he is not shite and I will be proven right within two years. As for the Drogba’s and RVN’s, they are too old and well past their expiry date.. Oh and mate, Saha is a piece of crap and always will be.

  19. @Rahul: I’m not sure. Look what Wenger has done with Henry and Adebayour and Kanu and others. He is patient and he knows how to mold players. I think Bendtner is going to be great under him. But he needs to sell Adebayor because the two do not get along.

  20. @Grognard: If he turns out to be the most feared forward in England I will run around the Trafford Centre naked! 😆 😆 😆
    He has no pace and can’t finnish, not ideal.

  21. @Grognard: Im not a big fan of the UEFA cup… I aim higher. 😛 Nah, didnt Pogrebnyak score against us in Monaco? 😕 If so, I remember him impressing me. But I havent watched enough of him to judge fairly, so I will believe you there.

    And Bendtner… Good in the air, okey finisher. But he is never gonna be in the same category as Villa, Torres or Podolski. Come on, look who you are setting up as the worlds best strikers! “Torres, Villa, Klose, Aguero… Bendtner” Do you honestly feel they deserve to be on the same list? At least right now?

  22. @RedDevilEddy: Bendtner will surprise all of you one day. I see a lot of skill in the lad and his finishing at times is superb. He’s young and he lets his emotions get the better of him right now but Henry was like that too. I believe Wenger will make this kid into something we will all fear. Fine, none of you believe me right now but it’s because you can’t see the potential and look forward. In two years, I will have the last laugh, and when that time comes, I want to be referred Grognard the Super Scout. 😀

  23. Do you guys realise how many goals we have lost this season because of stupid refs?! Just saw through some of our games today, and check out our wongly disallowed goals/penalties not given.

    1. Pompey away: Oshea puts Rooney clean through, he finishes between James legs. Two yards onside.

    2. Villareal home: Park gets hacked from a Villareal defender just inside the box. Ref gives a goal kick.

    3. Aalborg, away: Ronaldo free-kick gets handled inside Aalbrg area. Nothing given.

    4. West Brom, home: Rooney is one-on-one with Carson and finishes over him and into the net. But ref says Rooney pulled down Zuhverloon. Disallowed goal.

    5. Celtic, home: Rooney finishes underneath Boruc after a perfectly timed run, but is given offside. Three yards onside.

    6. Celtic, away: Berbatov finishes on volley from corner, and it gets cleared off the line. Goal not given, actually over the line.

    7. Villareal, away: A great bulid up finishes with Anderson playing Rooney in. He scores on his first touch, but is called offside. Actually on line with last defender.

    8. Tottenham, away: Ronaldo vollies the ball into the net, but is given a hand ball. Even though the ball hit his hand, it was a normal place to have the hand. Is he supposed to have his hand on his dick, or WTF?!

    9. Boro, home: Ronaldo gets strangled by Piggytits in the area. Ref gives Ronaldo yellow card for being “angry”. 🙄

    10. Chelski, home: Corner, Rooney plays it to Giggs. Ronaldo scores from his cross, but ref gives a corner kick for some reason.

    11. Chelski, home: Ronaldo is put through by Berbatov, and finishes behind Cech. Given offside, actually 4 yards onside.

    12. Bolton, away: Fletcher crosses the ball, but it hits a defender in the arm over his head. Nothing given in the area.

    13. Everton, home: Carrick is through on goal, and is felled by Lescott. Ref doesnt do anything…

    14. West Ham, away: Ronaldo tries to run down the clock, and is felled in the area. Ref doesnt do anything.

    15. Derby, away: Ronaldo is through on goal after Foster goalkick, and scores against Carroll. Linesman disallows the goal 5 minutes later. 🙄

    16. Blackburn, home: Evans scores from Nani corner. But ref says he jumped on teh Rovers defender, which he actually didnt.

    17. Spurs, CC final: King fells Ronaldo in the area, but instead of a penalty Ronaldo is given a yellow card for diving.

    18. Fulham, away: Anderson plays Rooney through and he rounds Schweinster and scores. Actually onside, ref disallows it.

    Horrendeus when you think of it! How on earth can we get so many wrongly disallowed goals?! This may be the reason we have been so “shy” in front of goal this season. We could have had 18 more goals!!! Believe my word, these are true FACTS! Rafa better take notes…

  24. @Grognard: Hopefully not!!!! 😆 😆
    I am off to the game (via the pub) lets hope we put in a performance tonight if so then we should be fine.
    COME ON BOYS!!!!!

  25. Let’s face it, he doesn’t have the Respect or Class of our Ferguson. I don’t want to imagine United in the hands of someone without such dignity.

  26. @RedDevilEddy: Rooney would have had 5 of those. He’d be on 21 goals. That’d have shut up the haters.

    Ronaldo would have had 7 more (seeing as he takes penaties, and only misses vital ones!). He’d be on 23 goals.

  27. VDS

    Missed the other midfielder. Think its Park.


  28. Scholes is the other midfielder.

    Bench: Foster, Evans, Anderson, Fletcher, Gibson, Park, Tevez

    Inter team.

    maicon cordoba samuel santon
    zanetti stankovic viera
    ibra balotelli

    toldo, maxwell, figo, someonelse, cruise, muntari, rivas

  29. @RedDevilEddy: Excellent post mate. I have been singing this song all season long and have been completely amazed by how many legit goals we have had called back. Stunning really. I appreciate you bringing up all of them with details as people really need to know just how bad the refereeing in the game truly is.

  30. I’ve not read any replies to this piece but hope they all say the same thing as mine:

    Go away Mourinho. No-one here wants you ever to manage Utd. Ever

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