Moyes ready to splash cash on two top targets

web-fabgregas-gettyLess than a day after losing out on Thiago Alcantara, Manchester United yesterday afternoon submitted a £26m offer to Barcelona for Cesc Fabregas, as David Moyes desperately seeks to bolster his terminally-ill midfield.

What had, initially, seemed a completely unconceivable option, for Barcelona would be reluctant to part ways with another midfielder and given that Arsenal have first refusal on their former captain should he leave the Camp Nou, might not be such a far-fetched story after all, as reported by virtually every newspaper today.

Not surprisingly, the Sun takes the boldest approach, claiming that United will be Fabregas’ preferred destination if Barcelona decide to sell him, with the obligatory source quoted saying that: “Cesc would only go if Barcelona agreed to sell him.

“The Barca midfield is already looking very crowded for next season and you wonder how many games Cesc will start.

“He wants to play in the World Cup next summer and needs to be playing regularly.

“Arsenal have first refusal on him but he’d prefer a switch to United.”

The Sun also claims that David Moyes is ready to trigger Marouane Fellaini’s release clause, a story which is also ran by the Guardian, with the broadsheet highlighting United’s need for two midfielders, preferably capable to find the net.

Fellaini scored 12 goals for Everton last season, while Fabregas’ goalscoring record during his spell at Arsenal speak for itself, hence David Moyes’ decision to lodge a formal offer for the 26-year-old, rather than for former Spurs’ schemer Luka Modric, continues the Guardian.

The broadsheet, however, is a lot more cautious than the Sun as far as the chances of Cesc Fabregas joining United are concerned, as “the deal hinges on whether Barcelona – who purchased the player from Arsenal for €29m (£25m) in 2011 – are willing to sell. Arsenal have a first-option clause on Fábregas should Barcelona make him available but this depends on him wanting to return there, which is unlikely.”

However, should Barcelona be ready to open talks with United, though, Fabregas could force the club’s hand as he would clearly feel that he’s no longer part of Tito Villanova’s plans even though, according to the Telegraph, the Catalans are likely to refuse United’s first £26m bid.

The broadsheet also confirms United’s interest in Fellaini, while offering the clearest indication yet that Fabregas’ former club, Arsenal, won’t stand in United’s way should Barcelona agree to part ways with the 26-year-old as Arsene Wenger is pursuing other targets this summer.

Arsenal’s £25m buy-back option is largely considered to be one of the biggest stumbling blocks United must negotiate if they’re to land the former Arsenal captain and while Arsene Wenger might be looking at different players, Arsenal fans wouldn’t be overly pleased if their former captain was to join one of their main rivals only 12 months after their best player had done so.

Elsewhere, Michael Carrick has praised David Moyes’ hands-on approach in the early days of his United career. “The tour has been really good so far and there is a great atmosphere around the place.

“The manager has brought that in. He’s enthusiastic and energetic and intense with his work, and that’s rubbed off on everyone,” Carrick told the Mirror.

“Training has been good and there is a huge focus and a good feel around the place.”

Signing a midfielder or two would go a long a way towards ensuring that good feel will last throughout the season.




  1. he would be an amazing signing, and a better option than thiago, but we really need a midfielder and singing cesc would make us a massive firce to be reckoned with. But him coming is unlikey but maybe rvp can convince him… add fellani along with cesc and then we are golden 😉

  2. I would be happy with Fellani and Fabregas. This will give us power and poise to our midfield, which we need.
    If we keep Rooney, we will be in pretty good shape for the new season. The idea of spending £20m on Baines is stupid. Yes he is good player, but we simply do not need him.
    Sell Bebe, Macheda and wait to see what happens with Bale, maybe next season.

    • @Stephen: I think more realistic signings would be Fellaini and Modric. And both would be an upgrade to everything we have in the middle. Fabregas I think is just a smokescreen!

      A middle three of Modric, Felliani and Carrick would be very solid and can hold against any midfield on earth! We can play three in the front with these three in the middle.

  3. All this apparent scrambling to bring in a big name, 30M midfielder makes the Pogba fiasco look even more bizarre. At least Moyes seems to recognize it’s a problem, even if his top targets are probably not realistic. Clearly we’re now in reactionary mode after years of failing to scout, or attract/ retain the best youngsters.

  4. Im not too sure about Fellaini if im honest. A good player without question, but for £23m I think id want something more than just good.
    He’s a physical presence, which is certainly something we’ve lacked at times the last few years, but then he does seem a bit of a dirty player, his passing isn’t anything to write home about, and most of his 5 years in the PL has been spent as an AM rather than a CM, so do we even have a lot to go by to determine hes good enough to play in CM for a prolonged spell?
    As I say im just not sure about him and for the money hes likely to cost, I think there are probably better options elsewhere.

    • @tonymontanna4united: With Fellani, we know what we are getting. He is used to the Premierhip and could be our version of Yaya Toure. With the Belgium, Moyes has said he will end up a holding midfield player, rather than further forward. My concern is I do not want us to be the new Everton, if we sign feckin Baines, then I can see up playing log ball, which Everton did.
      On the plus, Fellani can put his foot in am dicate games more. We have played on the fringes for too many seasons now and against Chelsea we were totally out played in the centre of midfield.
      I can’t see us getting Fabregas, but a player like him would be ideal. You cannot blame us making a bid, but it was a long shot.

  5. Alex Song is a more realistic target.

    Or we buy no one and play Adnan Januzaj in the middle. The boy has got skills.

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