Moyes stands firm against London rivals

Manchester-United-Training-and-Press-Conference-BangkokDavid Moyes has reiterated that he has no plans to part ways with Wayne Rooney, after Jose Mourinho described the striker as a “player I like very much” as Chelsea continue to flirt – sometimes rather blatantly – with the United number 10, who has still not confirmed his intention to remain at the club.

Moyes’s second “not for sale” statement in a week, casts further doubts over Rooney’s future, particularly since the striker returned home from United’s tour in the Far East after suffering a hamstring injury.

Speaking ahead of United’s opening pre-season tour match, Moyes said: “Unless I was speaking double Dutch last week, we said Wayne Rooney is not for sale.”

“People are entitled to talk about good players. I’m getting asked plenty of questions about Wayne,” continued Moyes, “José has been asked about players as well. It’s hard to keep repeating myself but I will – Wayne is a Manchester United player and it will remain that way. I think José said, in his comments, that he doesn’t normally talk about other players. But it does happen.”

Moyes refused to analyse Rooney’s decision to not publicly commit to the club:  “I think I’ve covered all of the things on Wayne. I’ve given you everything about his injury. What you must remember is that Manchester United is a football club and I’ve got a team, and this is not about any one individual. In many ways, I’m only interested in the team. I will answer questions on Wayne, but some of them are just reverting back to things I’ve covered.”

The Independent believes that Mourinho’s words have put Moyes into a corner  he’ll struggle to come out from, for the “last thing Moyes needs now is a public row with Mourinho before the season starts”.

Away from transfer sagas, the new United manager is raring to, says the Mirror. “I’m really excited, but I’m more excited about the players I’m working with,” Moyes said ahead of United’s first pre-seasom game. “They would lift any coach and they’ve certainly lifted me. I see their ability but the biggest thing is the professionalism. It’s second to none.

“Also, their commitment to be winners, I see it in training now. I wouldn’t say I’m surprised, but I’m really pleased to see how committed they are in every training game we play.

“They want to win every time they play and I think that’s something about Manchester United. The players have that in-built attitude and long may that continue.

“When I first got the job, I was very much aware of the Asia Tour and that my first game would be here in Thailand. I didn’t think an awful lot about it, but I’m very excited now.”

United’s pre-season tour kicks off today against the Singha All Star XI.




  1. What we have heard is “Rooney isn’t for sale”
    What we havn’t heard is “Rooney wants to stay”
    These are two very different things.

    • @Stephen: What we’ve also heard is Rooney was injured before he went on the tour but was still taken. Then sent home because he was injured. Something’s not right ❓

      • @red astair: That’s a tactic called he is up for transfer. Clubs do this to hide their true intentions. Do not be surprised if he is moved. The more a club says a player is staying, the more it is true he is leaving. I remember how adamant Spurs were about Berbatov staying put as well Arsenal saying they believed they could convince RVP to stay.

  2. I don’t think Rooney will leave because he knows Moyes will play him every game and suck up to him much the same way Hodgson does.

    I am sure after years of the Ferguson cold treatment Rooney is loving the new possessive boyfriend act Moyes is putting on.

    The irony is that if Moyes succeeds in massaging Rooney’s ego enough he will probably be one of our best players next season. The sad fact is that while Rooney is half the player he used to be, he is still much better than the kind of players who are actually interested in joining this club.

    I don’t think we need a like for like replacement for Rooney. But we certainly do need another world class player and after losing out on Lewandowski and Thiago I very much doubt we can sign one.

    What really annoys me though is that we showed no interest in Strootman or Wanyama. Both of those players were attainable and would have improved our midfield. Regardless of whether or not Thiago joined us either of them would have been good additions.

  3. If Anderson plays as many games as Welbeck, I’m sure he would score more goals than Welbeck playing in the midfield.

    • @AndyCR7: 😆 😆 That was rich mate. Loved it. I could care less for those opinions of Welbeck who love his work ethic, speed and nonsense. As a striker the man is pants. Get rid of him or convert him to a midfielder.

  4. Just watched the first game of the tour which we lost 1-0 to Singha All Stars in Thailand.

    Ok – first game, don’t over analyse I say to myself. However, Moyes will realize just what a job he has ahead of him. The positives: Adnan Januzaj looked useful – played the full 90, had a pretty free role all along the front line. Looked skillful and adventurous, though missed a decent chance from close range. One for the future. Zaha came off the bench in the second half and looked lively; one curling shot that crashed off the post. Again, looks a good prospect. 2nd half run outs for Lingard & Jones in MF, but not much impact.

    Defensively we did ok, but caught out once or twice with balls over the top. Amos in goal had little to do – one great save, but beaten at the near post for the goal. Will be disappointed. Buttner went off with what looked a hamstring. Fabio looked rusty. Midfield – lots of giving the ball away, little creativity. Anderson looked as good as anyone though faded before being subbed 2nd half. Carrick – wasteful and pedestrian, though played the full 90; Cleverley – anonymous for the most part. Giggs – looked our most likely threat at carving out openings, but mixed with a large proportion of loose passes/flicks conceding possession.

    Welbeck was pretty much playing as a lone striker (Hernandez and RvP not available today)and they defended in numbers. However, he did nothing to convince that he is world class centre forward in the making. Lacked clinical finishing and composure and missed a couple of good chances.

    All in all a disappointing first game, usual problems manifesting themselves, but some encouragement in the form of Adnan and Zaha.

    • @ForeverRed: All the young lads did well out there. Januzaj was very positive, always wanting the ball and seems to have a good footballing brain, although I don’t want to get too excited about him bearing in mind the opposition. Certainly hope he gets some chances this season nonetheless.
      Fabio too I disagree looked rusty. Once he was put out onto the left, I thought he was really impressive. As I’ve said elsewhere before, whilst im maybe one of the few on here who does actually rate baines, tbh I would still like to see fabio getting a chance as I do think he can go on to be an excellent player like his brother.
      As for the game, it was your usual glorified training session, nothing really gained although it is nice to see the younger players getting game time.
      Still we’ve got another 3+ weeks of jetting half way round the world all in the name of the glazers and their money making exercises.

  5. Christ all mighty. First game in charge and we can’t even beat the Frakking Singha All Stars or score a goal? 😈 😯 Sure it’s just an exhibition game but is somebody going to tell me the Singha All Stars can be compared to anything more than a minnow from a Division 4 team in England? Seriously guys, this is embarrassing even if half the squad is sitting back at home. In my opinion Bayern played the same caliber of competition in their first game and won 15-1. We need a serous influx of talent in order to compete in Europe and for me that is all that matters.

  6. Welbeck has the composure of a Paul Gasgoigne in an off licence. He for all his effort and running as a striker is useless. If Patrice Evra can score more goals over an entire season than him then that sayes everything you need to know. Being English he would command a silly price in the transfer market, sell him and re-invest. #pleasedontsignbaines

    • @Stephen: Welbeck sucks. He is not United quality.

      If he wasn’t English he would have been sold a long time ago.

    • @Stephen: Moyes and the other Everton mugs are going to drag this club right down to their shitty level. 😡

      Moyes is one thing but why did he have to bring those other losers with him and sack off Fergie’s trusted backroom staff FFS? It was suicidal. Meulensteen and Steele were highly rated and well liked by the players and (although he used to get some flak) Phelan had experience of title run-ins and Champions League campaigns and you can bet the players respected him. He was Fergie’s right hand man FFS. I just don’t understand Moyes throwing away that kind of experience just to show he’s “his own man”. What a needless shakeup. I’ve got a bad fucking feeling about this. 🙁

      • @Stephen: @The Truth: Christ I really am starting to sound like head of the Moyes supporters club with these constant pro Moyes comments, but all im going to say is who exactly were Meulensteen, Steele and Phelan when we brought them in.
        Phelan we got from Stockport, Steele had been at the likes of Derby and Barnsley, and Rene we got from Brondy.
        Seriously im not exactly happy we seem to have gone all out in trying to create our own mini Everton coaching set up here, but seriously lets not spout utter bollocks.
        Nearly all of us were criticising the tactics and football that’s been on offer the last 4 years and whether you want to agree or not, a big reason for that is directly down to the likes of Phelan and Rene (Steele I wont include as I was genuinely a little upset over his departure, such was the good work he was doing with De Gea).
        The, on the whole, shite football, our lack of tactical nous, our leaky defence at the start of the season- do you not think that those 2 who spent most of their time being pretty hands on with the side due to fergies delegating in later years, are hugely responsible for that?
        Im not going to say that the new bunch are going to be any better, but lets not kid ourselves that everything was left in perfect shape for the new man, because it clearly wasn’t.
        Fergies presence and fergies influence and losing that is what is going to be near enough impossible to replace.
        Less so his backroom staff who id say a lot of us felt didn’t actually offer all that much, if anything positive.
        In that regard, the new guys might actually be an improvement on Rene and Phelan. Tbh, I don’t think they could be that much worse.

        • @tonymontanna4united: Point taken but, although we played some turgid football at times, Phelan and Meulensteen have championships to their name. The same can’t be said for the Everton coaches and I never saw the Toffeemen playing any beautiful football. We know for a fact that the players liked our old coaches and imo there’s a danger that the upheaval could cause resentment and disillusion among the squad. If results start to go south, things could get ugly. Although the majority of our players are the most professional you’ll find, it must be strange for them to go from arguably the greatest football manager in history to a bunch of blokes from a team that usually finishes somewhere between 5th and 8th in the league. That can’t possibly instill them with any confidence.

      • @The Truth: Not gonna dispute that mate, if I was Moyes I would have definitely kept Steele around, and if only for continuity alone (despite the fact I didn’t really rate him) tried to keep Rene at the club.
        According to Moyes though, he wanted Rene to stay as his Assistant, and it was him who said he wanted a new challenge, so not a lot you can do there really.
        As I said, im not exactly over the moon at the thought of Lumsden and co as tbh I was hoping for someone more continental with more modern tactics and philosophies, but I just find it a little frustrating how people make out its such a loss that we’re losing Phelan and Rene.
        You’d think we’d lost the modern day equivalents of Jimmy Murphy and Peter Taylor (Cloughs assistant, not the awful England U21 one).
        Yes they were championship winners, and yes they must have obviously had their qualities and done some good work behind the scenes but it wasn’t exactly hard wining championships when your working under Sir Alex is it.
        Regardless of the success though (which was mainly down to fergie) I don’t think anyone can deny we had some glaring problems over the years that were so obvious to a lot of us, that the likes of Phelan and Rene, with such hands on role, could and probably should have addressed.
        Despite their general lack of experience and the general underwhelming feeling most of us have for them, whose to say they wont actually make a better job of it than their predecessors. As I say, I genuinely don’t think they could be much worse.

  7. Andy, The big question is, will Anderson ever complete 90 mins? Also will he have yet another injury around the transfer window, after pkaying his obligatory 2 good games in a row?

  8. The Truth, You are just that mate.
    Ps Was that Grogs first Bayern\United comparison in his latest Sinatra style comback? You have also calmed down somewhat on your views with regards to Guadiola matey, not sure whay? 😆

  9. The issue is Gollum’s yes men have no winnig track record. Jimmy Lumsden for Gods sake, who on Earth is he? We needed to look beyong Glasgow, Fergies provincial outlook could well cost us badly.

    • @Stephen: Well said mate. The fact is Moyes is woefully under-qualified to manage a club of United’s stature.

      Still, I’ll give him a chance and hope for the best. He just seems so out of his depth though – even more than I thought he would. All those cringeworthy publicity shots of him grinning like a goof. Getting slapped down by Bayern in his pursuit of Thiago. Mourinho already playing him by openly tapping up Rooney via the press. Getting beat by a bunch of dickheads in his first game. What next? 🙁

      • @The Truth: Complete and utter subjecture, matey. No truth, just old-wife-nattering in what you say.
        It’s Saturday night, relax, and give it some time before you make yourself a total idiot with rash and speculative assumptions.

        • @Redrich: Eh? What’s conjecture there? Everything I wrote is fact.

          1. Moyes is underqualified to manage a team that aims to win the Premier League and Champions League every season.
          2. Moyes has posed for cringeworthy publicity shots.
          3. Thiago is going to Bayern (or staying at Barca, either way he ain’t coming to us)
          4. Mourinho has been publicly flirting with Rooney
          5. Moyes lost his first game, 0-1 to the Singha XI.

          Where’s the fish wife nattering there? Nothing but cold hard facts.

  10. Agreed pal, he certainly deserves a chance. It is easy to be negative, I have certianly walked down that ally. With United we are a massive club, with a small club mentality, we are the polar opposite of City.

  11. If Moyes is not sacked by then, we will not finish in the top 4. You heard it here first.

    Welbeck, wow 🙄

    • @Moscow: Yeah, mate. Without Rooney, Welbeck would be adequate, wouldn’t he?!! 😯 😯

      Wonder why Wazza hasn’t been sold yet?

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